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  1. Regardless of all else, I hope all those dedicated sunbathers have good dermatologists to check them for skin cancers of various sorts, especially those who live at higher altitudes! Stay well, Pards!
  2. When you point a gun at someone inside a gun shop, you should NOT expect that individual to quiver and quake, especially if he/she is armed! "Speed's fine. Accuracy is final. There's no second place winner in a gunfight!" - Bill Jordan, possibly paraphrasing Wyatt Earp.
  3. Have you slugged the barrels and checked the throat diameters of the two guns? If the throat diameters on all six chambers of each cylinder are off by several thousandths of an inch, that could account for it. So could differences in barrel dimensions. If both guns shoot where you point 'em then don't worry about it. Stay well, Pard!
  4. I'm not sure I can give you a direct link, but SpaceX's website or Space.com or even NASA.gov may give that information. I only know that that is what NASA is calling for. Not to say that SpaceX might revert to the original concept when flying non-NASA people. The Crew Dragon (Endeavor-class now) could be easily configured to do so because the SuperDraco engines built into its base are the emergency escape rocket engines for the spacecraft. I don't know if they are throttleable or not, but if the propellants on board are not needed for emergency use or for retro-fire to deorbit the spacecraft, they could no doubt be used for terminal cushioning after the craft comes down to low altitude under the parachutes. Stay well, Pard! Ad LEO! AD LUNA! Ad Ares! AD ASTRA!
  5. I was down and someone said, "Cheer up, things could be worse." So, I cheered up and sure enough...things got worse!
  6. This whole thing is a tragedy! There is absolutely no excuse for either what the former-cop did to the victim, and he should be charged and tried, and hopefully will have to pay for his actions. Those officers who stood by and did nothing could be charged with felony murder, depending on Minnesota law. Protesting peaceably is one thing. Rioting, looting and burning is NO EXCUSE! One thing that is concerning, is how many well-trained, upstanding officers may be reluctant to use whatever force is necessary to protect themselves and the public for fear of being put in jeopardy for their own lives, their careers and their freedom. My respect and thanks for those officers who do their jobs in an outstanding manner and put themselves in harm's way for us on a daily basis! God Bless them all! Stay well, Pards!
  7. I have a friend who does gunsmithing on antique firearms, especially Remington O/U Double Derringers and others. But when I want to kid him, I just threaten to send him a boxcar load of M1877's "that just need a little work"! He generally lets out a shriek!
  8. Fortunately, there have been no incidents near me and mine! Should there be, however, I will turn my two dogs loose on them. One is a chichi-terrier mix and the other a cockapoo! The latter one runs very fast for a ten-year-old "puppy", but I in the event someone can run faster, I bet they can't exceed 830 ft/sec! Nor 1200 ft/sec worth of shot. And if that isn't enough, how about 2700 ft/sec times eight ("Ping!' my a$$!)! What is scary about these rioters is the number NOT wearing masks or maintaining "social distancing"! Our governor has suggested they all be tested for COVID-19 virus. Now, I can just see a participant saying to the person at the testing station, "Oh, I was just out with some friends the other night, and please disregard the tear gas residue on my clothing!" Stay well and off the streets, Pards!
  9. The original concept for Crew Dragon was to land on land, like Soyuz and Boeing Starliner. NASA INSISTED that SpaceX go for water landing. I suppose it may be possible for SpaceX to go back to surface landing, if given permission, or if they go with their own astronauts/passengers. Obviously, Boeing got a special permission, but they haven't qualified for passengers yet. They will have to refly their first attempt, including docking and recovery, unmanned, before carrying passengers for NASA. I do NOT want to sound like the eternal pessimist, but how well SpaceX does depends on "cold soaking" the spacecraft attached to the space station, undocking and reentering and landing successfully sometime between a month and three months from now. (How long the crew will be on board the ISS will, undoubtedly depend on periodic checking of the Crew Dragon systems during exposure to the ambient conditions attached to the station.) As an old acid-on-the-hands rocket engineer I wish them and SpaceX all the best and Godspeed! But I am a devout follower of Capt. Murphy, USAF. Hopefully, his spirit is NOWHERE in the vicinity! Stay well, Pards!
  10. Air Force fatigues had them in the later 1960's.
  11. One thing I learned about Grant was his consumption of up to 20 cigars a day! No wonder he succumbed to throat cancer! I thought the reenactors were quite well done, though I suspect a lot of you reenactors will probably disagree. The one scene that sticks in my mind is where one soldier cocks his musket and you can actually see the percussion cap on the cone before he fires! Stay well, Pards!
  12. Some riots in downtown Denver, protesting the murder of George Floyd. Stupid, stupid people. How this will help prevent further outrageous behavior by a small minority of "public servants", I don't know. There is certainly ample evidence to charge the individuals involved. But there also has to be better screening and training of police officers to hopefully eliminate these situations! This is all we need on top of the COVID-19 virus! Stay well, Pards!
  13. I haven't done any casting in years, mainly because I've bought all my pistol bullets commercially. For some special stuff, like .45-70, .50-70, .56-56 Spencer Centerfire, and some other oddball, I used a Lyman bottom pour furnace. Most of my casting alloy was the equivalent of Lyman #2, using wheel weights and fifty-fifty lead/tin bar solder (about 1 lb of solder to 9 lbs of wheel weights). Don't shoot much of anything anymore, but that's what I used, and could again, if needed. Stay well, Pards!
  14. According to the Denver Post, the sponsors/directors of Cheyenne Frontier Days have decided to cancel the event. The first time in over a century that this has happened! Although the Post didn't say so, I would imagine the train from Denver to Cheyenne won't be running either. Too bad, because I think they were planning to use Union Pacific Big Boy 4014. Stay well, Pards!
  15. Aside from the embroidery, didn't Buffalo Bill wear thigh-high boots at some point?
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