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  1. Still around, last I heard! I also proudly served. "Here's a toast to the host of those who love the vastness of the sky, To them we send a message from their brother men who fly. A toast to those who boast the U.S. Air Force" (Followed by Off We Go into the Wild Blue Yonder"
  2. Benjamin Franklin was confronted by a women as he left the Congress. Asked what kind of government had been created, he replied, "A republic, madam...if you can keep it!" But eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty!
  3. Trump just ordered additional sanctions imposed on Iran. NFI what that will do for the price of gas at the pump. IMHO cyber war is the way for us to go...UNLESS they start some action directed at our troops or us directly. Should that happen, we might consider the fact that they want to develop nuclear weapons...and export to them a quantity of fissionable/fusionable materials....all in one package! That would help with their "urban renewal"....if they need some new trinitite parking lots! Doubt it will happen, however.
  4. Recoil pad? Perhaps standing on a skateboard with a large spring behind your back, backed up to a stout tree! You know, to shove you back into battery!
  5. Original Sharps Carbine, cal. .50-70 Spencer Carbine, cal. .56-56 M1886 Winchesters, cal. .45-70, .40-65 WCF, .33 WCF Various M-1 Rifles
  6. I say hit 'em where it counts...right in their Command and Control software network! (We did it when they shot down our drone, rather than risk aircrews and aircraft to take out one S-400 battery which could be replaced in less than an hour! ) Of course, if they attempt any sort of counter hack, or a direct attack against U.S. service people or civilians, then I would sat all bets are off!
  7. Not sure if this will get by, but there is a lot of talk in the media and in Washington about whether America should take direct action against Iran in response to the Iranian-backed Yemeni drone attacks against Saudi Arabia. Some people criticized President Trump when he called off air strikes against Iranian S-400 anti-aircraft batteries that shot down one of our drones. What they didn't realize is that the truck-mounted S-400 could be replaced within an hour. But what happened was Cybercommand hit the Iranian C3I with a cyber attack that they probably haven't recovered from yet. In this day and age, you don't have to do a "kinetic" strike, when a cyber attack can accomplish much more without risking aircrews and planes, etc! Maybe we don't have to be involved ourselves. Maybe others, with sophisticated cyber capabilities can do the job!
  8. +1 I have my strong side gun butt rear, and the "off side" gun in a crossdraw holster on my left side. Occasionally, I will twist draw the lefthand gun and sot it left handed. "Speed's fine. Accuracy's final! There's no second place winner in a gunfight!" - Bill Jordan, maybe paraphrasing Wyatt Earp!
  9. Regardless of whether the actual cost of gasoline rises as a result, you can bet your bippy they will use it as an excuse to raise the prices at the pump. Gotta fill up my tank today before the increases kick in...if they haven't already!
  10. At least he received the Navy Cross while still alive. I don't know why they refuse to award him the MOH posthumously. Perhaps, if President Trump is advised of the history, he could see fit to award a Presidential Medal of Freedom.
  11. There is NO QUESTION that the '86 was one of John Moses' best designs (with the M1911 and the M2 MaDeuce the best in their category)! If you want a real treat, find one in .33 WCF. The main problem with the .33 is finding flatnose jacketed bullets for it. Hornady used to make a great 200 gr., but discontinued it some years back. Brass isn't much of a problem as the case is based on the .45-70, necked down and tapered. We used to have a competition on steel plate pigs, chickens, turkeys and rams. Most of the competition used M94's in .30-30, but couldn't match the knockdown power of the .33 WCF. I think Winchester made a mistake when they brought out the M71 in .348 WCF, when they could have kept the .338" barrel. An improved version would have been even better. The M71 is simply a modified '86, with angled surfaces on the locking lugs and the firing pin completely surrounded by metal instead of the ejector forming the lower half of the firing pin channel as on the '86. For some hot loads in a couple of mine, I had the parts for a 71 installed in the '86 action. Got them from Numrich years ago, and it took only a little fitting. Enjoy that '86!
  12. Warning! We have a half-Chihuahua-half-terrier female. We know her mama was a chichi, but never saw the daddy. I don't know if it's the chichi or the terrier, but she will lick you to death! Enjoy!
  13. Grossen targeten fur Jabos oder Russian Aerocobras!
  14. Over the years I've had fewer maintenance problems with Ford Motor Company products (Ford, Mercury, Lincoln). However, I refuse to take my vehicles to my local Ford dealers for maintenance. We have a Lincoln dealer not far away, and they have serviced our Fords, a Merc and Lincolns, and go out of their way to be helpful...even though we've never actually bought a vehicle from them! (Just didn't have what we wanted in stock when we needed it.)
  15. At one point during the debates there was a lot of yelling and screaming from the back of the hall. I couldn't understand what they were shouting, and ABC didn't comment on it at all! Anybody know what that was about? As with ALL the debates now and three plus years ago, if civics/American government was being taught in the schools anymore, ALL the candidates, regardless of party would have been laughed off the stage! "As president, I'm going to (fill in the blank on the issue), "raise/lower taxes", etc. No they aren't! A president can do certain things (yes, by executive order), but most of those things are supposed to be Congress's job, the president either signing or vetoing legislation. Of course that presupposes Congress can compromise between the parties to get anything done at all! The sad thing is that people who want a "free lunch" or free college tuition don't understand that somebody pays for it...mostly you and me! I watch the debates because I want to know what these people are trying to put over on the ignorant/uneducated. The big, bad corporations do make money. That's so they can pay out something to their investors, of whom 72% are middle-class people...NOT billionaires! But, as Riley used to say, "Don't bother me with facts, my head is made up!"
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