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  1. The difference in felt recoil in handguns definitely depends on grip design. At a gunwriter's convention, I was invited to shoot a Freedom Arms .454 Casull, with grips by a noted gripmaker. These had a knuckle on the back like a DA revolver. I fired one shot with fullpower loads. It was painful! The president of FA, said, "Try one of mine." He handed me the gun which had the regular SA grips like a Colt's or Ruger. While stout, and I had to be careful not to have the barrel hit me in the forehead, I was able to fire five rounds with no particular pain. The gun would roll up in the hand
  2. Actual recoil is...actual recoil...and depends on the mass of the rifle, the mass of the projectile and the mass of the powder gases generated. But felt recoil depends on a number of factors. The shape of the stock, especially the amount of drop from the line of the bore. The length of pull, including the length of the shooter's arm can be the difference between getting kicked like a mule or something more pleasant. I have almost always had to add a recoil pad to my rifles. Not because the pad softens the blow, but because I need a 14-1/4" LOP instead of the 13-3/4" most factory stock are
  3. Been reading about Thomas Edison. The number of things besides the incandescent light bulb that he invented is astounding! One thing he was working on in the 1910-1912 period was rechargable batteries that were better than lead-acid, for cars, submarines, etc. Not sure what we have today that is based on some of his designs. His portland cement process is apparently still considered the best. Wonder how today's car batteries relate to his designs???
  4. Would depend on the relative sizes, wouldn't it? Round nose preferrable!
  5. A Minneapolis-area female police officer stopped a 20-year old Black man for a traffic stop. Not sure what happened, but the victim was in the driver's seat with the door open. Body cam hears officer shout, "Tazer", but pulls gun instead. Gun fires, man dead! Officer cries, "I shot him!" Police chief says it was an AD! According to reports on Fox, officer had been on force for some time. If this scenario is correct, sounds like poor training. At least one police station is being heavily guarded and national guard on scene. Pray there is no rioting and burning tonight! Pray for young m
  6. Suburban Denver CONOCO-Phillips 66 $2.78.9 for regular; $3.19.9 for 87 octane (mid-grade). Old-timers remember 23.9 cents a gallon for Ethyl?
  7. Just think how many Indian people are employed by these scammers! I'm surprised the captain didn't identify herself as a police officer. Bet that would have resulted in a rapid "click".
  8. Wouldn't that depend on what kind of nail polish you use?
  9. Sorry, can't help you there. The only "batteries" I had anything to do with were all fixed in place, and all I and my team did was aim them, and make sure the capsule drivers had a green light on their launch panels! Thankfully, we never had to fire any, except from California into the ocean.
  10. Congrats, Colonel! How would you feel about AG for Colorado? Stay well and safe!
  11. Nickle plating was originally used as it was more resistant to rusting than blued or browned guns back in the day. Originally, guns to be nickled were first copper-plated, with the nickle being applied over the copper. As to durability of more recently nickled guns, I haven't seen any studies, but I would think that the kind of use to which we put guns in CAS. If you like the shiny finish, why not go with stainless steel? Stay well and safe, Pard!
  12. When I was in the Air Force we did have a WO (don't recall his actual rank). He was addressed as "Mr. Nugebaur", a finance expert.
  13. Yeah, but who dunnit? If the Rockies owner wasn't such a... oh, never mind! Whose next on the trading block? Trevor Story at SS, and John Gray, P. Monfort makes Jack Benny's character look like a spendthrift!
  14. When my father returned from WWII, he told my mother that if she ever served Spam, it would mean instant divorce! They were married 67 years! I have never eaten Spam. I do get a lot of it on my computer by email!
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