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  1. Well, according to the FAA these four are NOT ASTRONAUTS! And the FAA refuses to award them civilian astronaut wings! Why? Because there was no pilot on board...the flight was all automatic. Talk about bureaucratic idiocy. They flew above the internationally-recognized Karman line (100km = 62.5 miles). By that criteria, the Federation Aeronautic Internationale, should revoke the status of Yuri Gagarin and Gherman Titov as having orbited the Earth, because they did not land in their spacecraft. (They both did planned ejections from their capsules because the Soviets hadn't perfected their
  2. No, he forgot his violin! As to being 39, I'm gonna be 39 tomorrow...plus 40!
  3. That applies to Army and Air Force and, I suppose, Space Force service personnel and vets. Congress allows me, as an Air Force veteran, to salute during the Pledge of Allegiance and playing of the National Anthem, and I DO! The Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard have their own regs and traditions.
  4. At age 82, Wally Funk gives me the hope that, if I could pass the physical...and could afford the price of a ticket, at age 79, I might get to fly into space...although I would rather go into orbit!
  5. Original U.S. Army rifles and carbines generally shoot about 12-18" high at 100 yds. If the front sight blade is held in with a pin, change out the blade for a higher one made of brass. If not, you might consider silver-soldering an extension to the top of the existing blade. If you are shooting at paper targets, just place a second target under the main one, and aim at the lower edge of the bottom target.
  6. I went aboard the Ferdinand Magellan with my family a number of years ago, when it was in a different rail museum. Quite interesting. I also saw President Truman on the rear platform in either 1948 or 1950 (some debate among the members of the Burlington Route Historical Society).
  7. I guess we have become jaded by past accomplishments in space. However, history has shown that governments cannot sustain exploration; the commercial side must be brought up as quickly as possible. That is what we are seeing with the sub-orbital "tourist" flights of Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin. The cost for a seat? Way too high, of course. But that will change, and probably quicker than we imagine right now. With SpaceX advancing the technology for exploration and development, things will progress quite rapidly. Will there be setbacks? Yes. But we will fix the problems and press on!
  8. The early model B-17's had the belly gun in a "bathtub", where, I think, the gunner lay on his stomach. Those -17's also had NO tail gun. The "bathtub" was replaced by the ball turret, and a pair of M2 Brownings and a tailgunner's position added. The G-model also got the twin .50 chin turret in the nose.
  9. Temperature will affect pressures and velocities, especially with smokeless powders. Some smokeless powders can be low-temp sensitive, especially if you are loading at the minimum recommended for a particular powder, at room temperature. (Sorry, I don't know which ones. Check with Hodgdon's.) Conversely, if you are normally loading near the maximum listed load at room temperature and go shoot at 100+ degrees F., you may exceed the SASS maximum for velocity. Pressures may go up to a dangerous level. Worse then just the Outside Air Temperature (OAT) is if you leave your ammo in the unaircon
  10. Before Pearl Harbor, those Americans who went North to Canada were doing so illegally. If caught, they were just sent back Sooth! Canadian officers used to ask the prospects to say the alphabet. The trick was the last letter. If the questionee said the last letter was "zee", back to the States. If he said, "zed", he was presumed to be Canadian, and was accepted into the Canadian armed forces. I guess my cousin got it "right".
  11. Not a good idea to watch when the wife can see the broom...especially if the floor or front walk needs sweeping!
  12. Sounds like the same thing as the cowboy whose hoss got caught up in the war. In the war? Ya know...the bob war!
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