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  1. Without getting political, with that beard he looks like President Grant! And he was a Marine! Might have to get his book.
  2. Without getting into any political aspect at all! Trump's pick for his VP wears a beard, the only one of the possible candidates! Kinda looks like President Grant!
  3. Some radio guy last night said he thought he saw a bullet hole on Trump's chest, probably stopped by body armor. Seems to me that even with a "chicken plate", at that range there would have been penetration unless the angle was severely oblique. The main question is not when and if the counter-sniper shooter could engage the shooter on the rooftop of the adjacent building. The real question is WHY IN HELL WAS THE BUILDING NOT "STERILIZED" (cleared and occupied by security personnel) TO BEGIN WITH! I believe there are a lot of questions to be answered by Secret Service, local law enforcement and others! Were it not for the Grace of God, Trump would be dead!
  4. The cavalry draw, properly done, with practice, can be done without sweeping yourself. Unitil I started CAS, I wore my hunting single-action on my right side, butt forward, as I could get at it with either hand...useful in case you were lying down partially on your right side with Ol' Eph after you! The reason I have not used it in SASS matches is I could not quite convince the RO's that it was safe to draw that way, in spite of demonstrating it repeatedly! The reason the Army persisted in using the right-side twist draw was for the same reason, even after they stopped using the saber except for ceremonial purposes, was accessibility with either hand. It wasn't until the semi-auto pistols were adopted that the holsters were made butt-rear.
  5. A millimeter or two or if Trump had turned his head to the left... Why in hell there weren't security personnel on top of that building is unbelievable! Of course, the conspiracy theorists are already going apes#i+, but the tone of this election campaign has got to come down to discussing issues and proposed actions, NOT calling each other names! Of course there will be a call to outlaw "assault rifles", etc., etc., but the real problem is mental health care or lack of it, combined with radicalization of individuals and even groups.
  6. Would make an excellent target for low-flying Spitfires or Hurricanes!
  7. My mother had a natural gas dryer that lasted 45 years. By the time it was gone, so was she! And she was 98 years. Our home air conditioner is 8 years old, and we had it checked out this morning. Technician said it might last a few more years!
  8. I remember Joe Blt#lk, the guy with the cloud of rain, thunder and lightning always over his head!
  9. Prosecution withheld evidence consisting of a box of bullets. Judge dismissed the case "with prejudice", meaning it cannot be retried. Now my question is what does that do to the case against Thell Reid's daughter? If I were her attorneys I'd be moving to clear her for the same reason. OTOH, I wonder if the family of the victim can still sue Baldwin for negligent homicide or whatever?
  10. Actually the engines were turbo-ramjets. They operated as pure turbojets until the plane had built up enough speed to operate at high bypass ramjets. The inlets were adjustable to slow the incoming air to subsonic ramjet velocity. (These were NOT "Sramjets"...i.e., Supersonic combustion ramjets.)
  11. In the summer of 1961, I was a summer intern with the Navy's Polaris Projects Office. We went out off Cape Canaveral with an A2X Polaris missile aboard the EAG-154 USNS Observation Island. We got far enough in the countdown that the squib-activated telemetry batteries had fired, when a hold was called. Smart-a$$ 19-year old that I was, I jokingly said we probably had to wait until the Russian "fishing trawler" had to get in position to monitor the flight. It turned out the trawler had actually moved into the "fallback" area, where there was a chance the missile could hit it if the bird failed to fire when launched by compressed air! The coastguard went out to herd the trawler out of that area, by which time the telemetry batteries had run out and we had to go back to Port Canaveral so they could be changed. We went out the next day and successfully launched the bird from the surface ship's tube, but the second stage failed to ignite so the test was not a success.
  12. I hated that movie because I "knew" it was probably Duke's last!
  13. I heard somewhere that actors were told to "aim off" slightly when "shooting" in Westerns at least, and let the camera angles make it look like they were pointing at each other.
  14. My only point is that there might be a failure mode in addition to a perfectly functioning gun. That does NOT excuse violating the rules of gun safety, which I was taught as soon as I was given a cap (NOT cap-and-ball) gun: NEVER POINT A GUN AT SOMETHING YOU DON'T INTEND TO KILL! I can still "hear" Roy Rogers on a record I had as a kid, where he sang, "Did you ever see a cowboy how he handles a gun? He never, no never points it at anyone!" If found guilty, the maximum time he could spend in jail is 18 months! Eighteen months! For causing the death of someone? That's as bad as the penalty for running a red light in a car and killing a 13-year old boy who was crossing the street on his scooter: a year in jail and $5,000 fine! Dadgummit! There are light poles with crossarms all over the place!
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