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  1. Even if you didn't get his tail number, you might have contacted the National Guard base and asked who was flying at that time and place. They might not have been able to determine who it was, but I bet there would have been a loud briefing to all helo pilots to avoid the area...period! You were responsible, but somebody else might have done a much stupider thing and taken a shot at him!
  2. There are amazing sounds in this wonderful world...there's the first cry of a newborn...there's the cheer of the fans when their team is winning. But there is almost no sound that gives one pause...like the sound of a Model 97 being racked in the darkness...unless it's the sound of the slide going home on a 1911A1!
  3. It could happen, given the current climate in Washington and elsewhere. If proposed, the question that must be brought up is how much would it cost to set up administration of such a program. And don't tell me or let them tell you that the $200 fee would cover the costs! That would be the way to attack such a proposal in the event that SCOTUS refused to take up the case, which they might well do on the basis that such a law would simply limit the right to keep and bear arms, not prohibit it! Stay well and safe, Pards! Iligitimae non carburundom!
  4. Hey, Pard, could you send a little of that stuff over on the East side of the Divide? I'm getting tired of paying $340 a session to have an outfit deep water our evergreen trees! Weather people keep saying we are gonna get snow, but I woke up this morning and the sun was shining and high is supposed to be in the upper 40's. I don't mean a blizzard, just enough to avoid deep watering. Stay well and safe, Pards!
  5. While it is true that the 3-screw Rugers have the XRED-3 frame, whether a particular pair of grips will fit properly is a matter of chance...there could be some gaposis. You may get lucky and any pair may fit, or not. Are you planning to get regular Ruger grips or aftermarket? Check Eagle grips and Altamont Grips. Stay well and safe, Pard!
  6. How about a 21-gun salute? Maybe 21 rounds from a Ma Deuce? Or a combination of 21 rounds from everything he designed. No, wait, he designed a LOT more than 21 guns!
  7. We are going to have UNITY! I guess that is what those characters in Downtown Denver around the State Capitol, and those in Seattle or wherever were doing burning stuff last night. They were unified in their anarchic activities! People say to cheer up, it could be worse. I'm afraid if I do cheer up it'll get worse!
  8. The hole down the middle of the barrel ain't big enough to suit me. Something like .44 Special would be good. Stay well and safe, Pards!
  9. According to a number of far left types, Trump-supporters are "a cult" and "need to be deprogrammed"!!! Guess some of us (maybe 78M+) need to pack our bags before they haul us off to re-education camps! I didn't see the movie, but wasn't there one titled "The Manchurian Candidate"? Question: if a lot of aerospace/defense workers are cultists, who is going to build enough black helicopters? Oh, that's right, no problem, just do what the Egyptians did to build the pyramids and Hitler did to build the V-2's!
  10. What if "they" scheduled a riot..and no one came?
  11. That's if your confuser will still work!
  12. When I heard the first part, I was waitin' to see Count Dracula rising up from his coffin! "Is that 'Old Dog Tray' You know, Stephen Stinkin' Foster?" or is that a nocturn, "You know, Frederick XXXXX Chopin!"
  13. Well, get the ropes and tractors, etc., and locate every statue of Houston, Austin, Crockett, Bowie and Travis, and get ready to pull them down! If I could pass the physical and SpaceX could hurry up with the Spaceship to Mars, I'd sign up instanter! Stop the world...I wanna get off!
  14. Although they didn't use the phonetic alphabet back then, I think the modern equivalent would have been, "Hotel Sierra!" or "Oscar Sierra!" Stay well and safe, Pards!
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