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  1. Use Mag Cap when the rain started during hunting season. Stopped the misfires.
  2. Let me know if you’re still interested in a 76 50//95

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    2. Cusz M. Dutch SASS Life 55326
    3. Cusz M. Dutch SASS Life 55326

      Cusz M. Dutch SASS Life 55326

      Going after a buffalo was a dream my wife had when she was alive.  I went along and had a good chance to draw this year but did not.  As such, really do not think I will put in for a tag next year or ever again.  Really do not have any pressing need for a new rifle in that caliber.   

      Might change 2-3 years from now but who really knows



    4. Smokie, SASS # 6061
  3. There was some loaded rounds offered. Pricey but did not mark the site after not drawing.
  4. You are not looking at this correctly. Instead of buying a new gun, buy two new SG. That way you can save money three times faster...
  5. on pistols, if you fill the hole up with BP lube like a cap and ball, usually no problem. Not needed on every bullet if the first one down the tube has the C&B treatment.
  6. All males front and center. Females about face. Actually happened at a state meet in Rifle Colo when we shot through a shed and started some bales of straw stored in the building.
  7. Did not draw my buffalo tag, but looks like it might take a year + to get every thing put together.
  8. Howdy  Cusz M. Dutch. Jericho {SASS64430} here. There is a 50-95 at a Guns & Ammo store that I visit frequently. I called earlier to see if they still have it, Did. It's Zanchas Guns & Ammo. www.ZanchasGuns.com.Phone # 1-217-873-6567. Open 10:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. 108East State St. Lovington,IL. 61937. Jerry F,Moore

    1. Cusz M. Dutch SASS Life 55326

      Cusz M. Dutch SASS Life 55326

      Thank you  Will give them a call later on today.

  9. Maybe so, but the timing could not be better for a trip to the Supreme Court with the 6-3 mix. Also the court could pick it up on it own accord. The 9th is the most overturned court in US.
  10. Any out there with a lever action that you are willing part with?
  11. 300 grain hard cast lead and a stout load of H110 will amaze any and all scoffers when they see the results of the 45 LC on game, even at longer distances. I know, I have seen the light...
  12. 50 Sharps 3-1/4 Bell Brass 20 Total New Brass - Reloading Supplies at GunBroker.com : 899964685
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