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  1. Think about the roll crimp... Actually easy once the thing warms up. Use a little beeswax every third shell and do a box or so on the drill press all at the same time.
  2. This is a big consideration with BP loads and the main reason I stopped using 32 H&R Mag with black powder. Did not ring or move the target enough for spotters not doing/understanding their job. I would get 1 or 2 misses called and knew better.
  3. Getting the wad column height just right for a good crimp can be problematic. However by using a rolled crimp you can sort of by pass all the gymnastics getting the right spacing. https://www.ballisticproducts.com/Roll-Crimping-Tools/products/128/ This product works great and even makes a good firm crimp on the cheaper shells that will work through almost any action. Use them once and pitch them. Best thing going if you are reloading your own BP shotshells. It actually melts the crimp down and beefs up or thickens the amount of plastic around the crimp.
  4. Sure you already know but men's boots are wider. I have to go with the lace up or packers style because my left foot is one size larger than the right.
  5. Easy on an '87... RO had to do a little explaining to the spotters when it happened to me and they started to whine.
  6. If shooting real BP, a Big Lube type bullet will eliminate almost all your problems associated with fouling.
  7. Most play this game to socialize and do not care about finishing in the top 3 spots. If you are of the competitive nature, 38 might be a better choice based on recoil management. And then there is the extra cost to reload the 44. This is not to say that you cannot be competitive shooting your choice but it will take more time, $$ and effort to get there.
  8. Always can use a 45 acp die to seat and crimp. 45 Colt shell holder on the Dillon 550 worked without any modifications
  9. I was really surprised at the recoil of the 32 in the smaller light weight guns. Something to consider...
  10. Depending on the amount of crimp you want, I used the final stage of my Mec loader and started the crimp.
  11. What maybe more important, they hate themselves ...
  12. Thank you Had in my mind a single projectile like a C&B
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