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  1. since it is open carry here, I also had an IWB handgun visible if you looked. No comments or second looks as far as I know.
  2. You can take the cheap shells or wore out shells that will not hold a crimp and make them work. Rolling the crimp does tend to taper the tip a little and makes starting them down a SXS easier.
  3. It seems that more than a few of us are make a smooth transition into senility... Uh, don't feel like you are alone, The only room I can walk into and remember why is the bathroom!
  4. A case full of H777 will put you over 1000 fps in a 45 LC and a Ruger. While we did not run 60 grains in the 460 over the screens, I feel that 3F Goex would also get you way over 1000fps going on the perceived recoil. Felt like a heavy 44 Mag going down range.
  5. Family jewels are untouchable and please do not remove...
  6. BP works just great on deer today. Deer have not gotten any tougher. Mine did not know the difference and complete pass through.
  7. I have used Red Dot in other rounds with good results.
  8. Mole? now I have to go back and look
  9. Backed out primers are only a problem with revolvers. Should not be needed with the Bond.
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