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  1. If my memory is working, not possible on the New models because of rim diameter prevent the throats to align up true.
  2. second the 10g Rem plastic wads. Life is to short to mess with anything else...
  3. https://goexpowder.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/mlss.pdf
  4. For me they do get a little thin or brittle. The cheap hulls best to just throw away. The Green Rem maybe two or three times.
  5. Do crimp all your shells in one setting. The roll crimper needs to warm up and stay warm for best results. About every 5 shell touch the metal or smear a little bees wax on the shell and it seems to make a neater crimp.
  6. As others have stated equal volumes of shot and powder works with BP. If you want to tighten the pattern up a little bit go with the next volume up on shot. The load that I have settled on is 1 oz volume BP and 1 1/8 of shot. Not at all hard on the shoulder and works with authority on knock downs. To get around the problem with wad heights and various interior dimensions of shotgun shell take a look at roll crimping your shells using a drill press. Enough shells can be had by dumpster diving to keep you well supplied. Use them once and throw away without worrying about burn thr
  7. bought a new AR in a different and new caliber. Would only sell me 3 boxes of bullets to go with the gun. Utah also will accept a CCW for a background check. PS actually bought two AR but don't tell my wife. She may claim one of them...
  8. 1860 but do not recall how much powder. Thinking maybe around 25??? Many years back on a doe mule deer.
  9. Not exactly answering your question but a round ball and a full charge of H777 should more than meet your needs. I have shot two does and had complete penetration on the lung shot. Other one did brake the shoulder bone and stopped. Took another shot to put it down. Seem to me you maybe looking for an answer to a problem that does not need to be addressed.
  10. I use pork lard in all my lubes as a sub for the sheep tallow without any troubles with BP. Add about a Tablespoon of STP and it also works very well in your cast bullets to 1500+ fps. seems to also work with BP. Really nice to have one lube only on the shelf.
  11. I It might be better to add 10 more pages to the rule book to further clarify the event...
  12. Your house is over designed for the most part. I really doubt that a large deep freeze full of meat would be any less of a load per square foot then your gun safe.
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