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  1. May need to go in a and polish the internal parts before installing the new springs. Not that hard to do if you like to tinker with your guns. Plenty of links out there for reference
  2. 38/40 = recoil management. I believe this is a sleeper round in our game. It has been said that it hits harder and shoots flatter. Had some pictures shooting 155 bullets and muzzle rise was less than some of the 38 loads used by my son.
  3. shotgun when oiled up make for better rain pants, or snow. Seems like the batwings would always move just enough when ridding to get wet or cold legs. You can wear a pair of blue jean shorts under a pair of shotgun and the fashion police will not even know the difference.... Did so at Utah Wars one year, not by choice but forgot to pack the jeans.
  4. Given the date of mfg. a case full of BP. Pressure spike curve of even low pressure smokeless is different than BP.
  5. rossi 92 did not like them
  6. This bunch always exceed my expectations. If you have never shot here, believe me it is well worth your time and effort. Hope to make it next year...
  7. Real happy with the 4198 loads and cast lead in my rifles. Use to be you could call the powder company and get real personal help with load development. Might still be possible...
  8. That is why I did back off one grain of powder
  9. The 44 Mag case will fit inside the 45 Colt case with room left over. Fill that case full of H110 and you will get up into the 45/70 factory loads. Look at the Buffalo Bore loads. 300 grain bullet gives you ➤ 1,480 fps -- Marlin 1894, 20-inch barrel https://www.buffalobore.com/index.php?l=product_detail&p=550 300 WFN 27/H110 46,000 CUP/for 92s 2180 fps Paco Kelly list this load on his page http://www.leverguns.com/articles/paco/45coltlevergun.htm My ORV will handle this load but I did have to back off 1 grain in my Rossi 92 because of cratering of the primers. Not fun to shoot the above load. Remington list a 405 at 1590fps in the 45/70 and the 300 at 2182.
  10. For what it is worth the 45 Colt will out perform the 44 mag if hunting is your primary concern. In the 92 it can bump right up to the 45/70 with the right loads.
  11. Just a hole bunch off topic, but do hope you know that a hog is built different than a deer as far as the vitals go.
  12. Using a Mec and I just start pushing it up until I can see the ends curving in a little. Does not seem to interfere with the 10g plastic wads. Seems like it should help with the loading or think so at least....
  13. I use about 1/2 of a crimp and it still does not interfere with loading the wads. Or just enough crimp to start the end turning inward if that makes any sense.
  14. Look where they keep caulk . It is used to take up space in gaps to big around windows or doors for the caulk. Any lumber store should carry it or even WalMart.
  15. I duck taped a paint stir stick on the right side of the blade on my band saw. This is almost the right height for the rim. Then I just trim off where the fold starts and call it good. I have an old crimp roller but the one from BPI works much better especially if you add a little bit of wax or lube to every 5 shell. Need to get it hot and do all your shells in one batch.
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