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  1. Think they should fit. Did it in the past when I could not find any 10 belts. Usually hard to go back from the stretching.
  2. If shooting only in a pistol, you can also deep seat the bullet in the case. Just leave enough sticking out of the case so that it is not flush.
  3. Reading this way to early in the morning - Think I need another cup... before processing.
  4. 338 now you are talking about an elk stomper
  5. Sorry little slow but on the road and still trying to heal up from the driving NW corner of the state on HWY 40
  6. wished you posted this a little earlier. just back from Aurora I have a 12 with chokes and I think 26 barrels. Will try and get the camera working if you are interested. auto safety disconnected but have the parts.
  7. will try and get some pictures posted. Barrel not cut but has pitting
  8. Just looked at Gunbroker and did not see any listed for a price range. What price range are they going around? I have one that I purchased several years back and shot it after getting home and has sat in the safe for years since then
  9. will somebody buy this soon - I am so tempted and not sure I can sneak it in the house
  10. +++ Had the same problems with Moose Milk and or Murphy. Hot soapy water stills seems like the best way to go and use the residual heat to help dry out the water. Get the barrel hot enough so it is uncomfortable to the touch to help drive out the moisture. I do keep it in the gun cart to help rinse crud out during a shoot. Comes in to use a lot on those BP only shoots and you find a smokeless shooter giving it a try.
  11. once adjusted not a problem. Lock it down good and tight. Figure on going half the speed of straight walled cases
  12. Math indicates you are around 1 1/8 oz. I use 65 grains in my SG and it makes a pleasant load.
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