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  1. Backed out primers are only a problem with revolvers. Should not be needed with the Bond.
  2. Dirt has been the biggest factor for me on primer feed failures. It does not take much of it. First thing I do is clean every thing when priming becomes an issue.
  3. Going to hold you on that one. Really does get your attention the first time if you are not expecting that snake.
  4. Do believe that loading BP is not even close to rocket science as some would have you believe providing you follow a few basic guide lines. I have notice that through the years we all seem to end up about the same place on loads used no matter where we started or region of the country. Like I stated not rocket science.
  5. I pushed my shells into a Mec reloader just far enough to start the roll or taper crimp. Only had to do it once. Do not think there is enough pressure to straighten the slight roll out and it does not interfere with reloading new wads. Sure does make loading the SG easier however
  6. Never found a pink snake but plenty of black ones when cleaning. Must be doing something wrong on this end
  7. The story that I heard was Colt did not name it the 40-40 because they were afraid it might be mixed up with the 44-40 when buying new ammo etc. Hence the change in the standard of the day for naming cartridges.
  8. Just about what I use but with 2F Goex. Should work just fine. A rolled crimp makes getting the right wad height a non issue as interior space does vary with different brand of shotgun shells. This will affect your crimp height. You almost need to stick with one brand of SG cases to get a good star crimp.
  9. Once shut down the indoor range at Hogdon Powder for about the same reason. They did ask me nicely to please shoot something else. This was way back when Bruce worked the counter. Something about the smell of BP in the morning...
  10. Some use our RV for hunting. A 45 LC makes a far better hunting round with proper hand loads than the 44 Mag.
  11. The base of the wad does not melt and coat the bore contrary to what one might think. It is the side walls of the wad in contact with the hot glowing BP residue on the barrel. Fire 6 or so rapid shots out of a 1887 and then look down the barrel will confirm this. If you check the base of the wad, it will be smooth and no indication of plastic being melted
  12. Might want to try wrapping dry wall tape around a wooden dowel. Fold the ends over and hold in place with some fast setting glue. I stopped using it because I could not see any difference in performance although I never got around to patterning the load.
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