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  1. the wad height and where it ends up in relationship to the end of the shell is less critical with the rolled crimp. You just end up melting the crimp down until it fits. Also you can take the cheap shells and make a very firm and well formed crimp that will go through most actions.
  2. Not sure, but I think he is related to that Nigerian Prince...
  3. are you taking I-80 to get there? If so I believe there is a Goex dealer in Evanston Wy
  4. Paco Kelly has some +P loads that will make your eyes water. Used the H110 load in my Rugers but had to back off a little to hold it in the Rossi. I know this is not exactly what you requested, but he goes into why the 45 kills the way it does on game animals. Taylor Knock Down out of Africa concept is good info and why the 45 will out perform 44 Mag with proper handloads. Loads he is working with should only be used in the full sized RV or the Redhawk. Good read anyway you look at it... http://www.leverguns.com/articles/paco/45coltlevergun.htm r =
  5. This is not long range target shooting. Go with the cheapest straight from the can.
  6. before we had the C45S brass, I use to seat the bullet very deep with just enough bullet showing to make them legal and Goex. Worked fine in all my Rugers.
  7. since it is open carry here, I also had an IWB handgun visible if you looked. No comments or second looks as far as I know.
  8. It seems that more than a few of us are make a smooth transition into senility... Uh, don't feel like you are alone, The only room I can walk into and remember why is the bathroom!
  9. I also experience almost the same, but had the SG barrel sticking out of the box.
  10. actually only need two. 44 can be made to go into the 45, U don't need to ask how I know this...
  11. life is to short to be using different bullets in rifle and pistols. Used the 200 in both and did not have trouble with blow back and a full case of BP.
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