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  1. this should not last long and surprised it is still there. One of the best for CCW for size. Love mine.
  2. Please do keep in mind the 400 fps and power factor of 60 in any loads you work up. the load at 437 fps might not make it there on a cold day shoot. Not that you have any such things in MN See page 26 shooters handbook.
  3. anyone out there have one laying around? Want one with the loading lever on the gun.
  4. Did go the same path. Recoil from the 45/70 hurt for a week or so after shooting a match.
  5. I have a Marlin lever and a H&R single shot and have a hard time entertaining such an idea.
  6. May need to go in a and polish the internal parts before installing the new springs. Not that hard to do if you like to tinker with your guns. Plenty of links out there for reference
  7. 38/40 = recoil management. I believe this is a sleeper round in our game. It has been said that it hits harder and shoots flatter. Had some pictures shooting 155 bullets and muzzle rise was less than some of the 38 loads used by my son.
  8. shotgun when oiled up make for better rain pants, or snow. Seems like the batwings would always move just enough when ridding to get wet or cold legs. You can wear a pair of blue jean shorts under a pair of shotgun and the fashion police will not even know the difference.... Did so at Utah Wars one year, not by choice but forgot to pack the jeans.
  9. Given the date of mfg. a case full of BP. Pressure spike curve of even low pressure smokeless is different than BP.
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