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  1. 50 Sharps 3-1/4 Bell Brass 20 Total New Brass - Reloading Supplies at GunBroker.com : 899964685
  2. load the first round like a C&B. Blasting all that lube into the nooks and crannies before the BP gunk gets a chance to work into the various spots.
  3. If you are getting long on tooth, recoil can and will take it's toll. While the 45/70 and larger can and have done the job for 100+ years, do look at the 38/55. It will take them FA hogs and at one time it was a target round. Given the fact that 3-400 yards is now usually called long range, this round will exceed your needs for the long haul.
  4. you can also fill that case up with lead to reduce the amount of BP. Going on memory and Schofield case, I think you only need about 25 or so grains of BP if you seat your bullet deep down into the case. Rules state that you can not seat the bullet flush with case so leave it just a little bit proud. You might also want to seat the bullet in back words and crimp in the bottom grease grove. 40 grains and 250 bullet is not a wimpy load...
  5. Will have to ask you if it isn't broke.... If the accuracy is still there and you can barely see it, why not shoot it and forget it? Does not seem to be a safety issue at this point in time.
  6. Still have the scars from another persons FU in lab. As others have stated, far safer to buy it and maybe cheaper in the long run.
  7. have him check about left over tags. You missed the deadline for the main draw.
  8. I drilled out a smaller bushing on my Mec to be able to load BP. Not sure about your set up but it might work.
  9. Could not get a sxs to work, but then I do have trouble walking and chewing gum. Love my C Cap 87 and original Winchester. Do use the 10g with BP when I need to clear the skeeters from the bay. Sort of neat once you get the thing figured out but it does make some interesting wrecks along the way. Needed one to shoot CC and sort of cool while shooting a long string, you can look down the barrel and it glows from the BP fouling left behind. Brass shells - instead of straight walls, start the into the crimp stage a little bit at a time and start to roll the crimp in a little b
  10. use to shoot with the cowpokes in GJct CO. At the time you could shoot two days back to back and the same stages. I always had a better overall time on the second day and think the same happened across the field.
  11. If my memory is working, not possible on the New models because of rim diameter prevent the throats to align up true.
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