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  1. Not really. Have the 45 already, but thanks for the offer.
  2. I have a 32 H&R mag barrel. Did not like it because not enough shell to grab and hole to small for stiff old hands. Would be ok if only two shots on the side match.
  3. Try a little lube in front of the bullet on that first shot or so. Tends to deposit lube in the nooks and crannies instead of fouling. I usually smear a little bore butter inside the cylinder before the first stage and can make 4-5 stages easily,
  4. A rolled crimp is what I finally settled on after your problem and a few others. Set it up on a drill press and do all your reloads at the same time. Will agree that the BP is not the cause just a symptom of wad column height not matching up with the components. The roll crimp tends to handle the difference in shot shells interior dimensions and puts a little bit more of a taper to the end of the shell.
  5. Me too! A guy I use to shoot with found one in his grandma's attic. Mint new and wrapped in oiled newsprint. A few bird droppings on the outside layer of newsprint. He asked everyone if they wanted to shoot it. (Trick Question) After shooting it one time, he would offer you another shell. Everyone smiled. thanked him and handed him back his rifle.
  6. Faster on this end also! What is sort of cool, after a few stages with real BP, after a 6 shot string and SG still on your shoulder, you can look down the barrel and see it glowing on the inside.
  7. Never could get a SXS to work for me. Old dog and new tricks. Love the 87 and they can be set up to run with a bunch of different options.
  8. a roll crimper, even on factory shells helps put a tapper on the end $30 Ballistic Products
  9. Always thought I needed one just in case a T-Rex crossed my path...
  10. I have used it in Rifle shotgun and pistol. Still have all my fingers. I do believe the Goex dealer told me it is not screened or coated but still real BP. Seemed like it maybe a little louder??? At the distance that we shoot, no need to worry about accuracy. Buddy used it every year for his annual venture into the darkside.
  11. try adding more Goex. Think your load might be a little on the light side to reset the primers.
  12. By chance do you have your old dies? Sounds like you might have two issues going on at the same time.
  13. Do like the HH Packers. Have a plain pair and one insulated. Very hard to get real cowboy boots to fit when one foot is a sizer larger. Good wear out of them.
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