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  2. that's why people like living here--it is a big state, and we have all four seasons, all year, every week, somewhere. hey, even Hawai'i has snow.
  3. Mom's birthday was yesterday--87! She always says she was born on the 13th day of the 13th month
  4. yes, and some committed suicide because of it, including his own son
  5. SOLD--THANX FOR LOOKING! You women shooters know all about these culottes. FABRIC IS A PECAN COLOR and still has sizing [stiffness]. They are like trousers with wide straight legs and an A-line shape. There is a double row button down apron in the front, so they appear to be a skirt. The waist band comes to a point in the front and back with one belt loop center back. There are two long side-slit pockets. The length is to mid-calf or ankle depending on how tall you are. They have a lovely tight pleat at the back seam, and hug the rear-end nicely. The star buttons are bronze color. I replac
  6. Happy New Year Pards! I began SS benefits last May at 65. I needed some added income now, and glad I did it. I've had 8 careers, but never worked in the system long enough to accumulate any real retirement nest-egg. Even after delivering the mail for 6 yrs, I took out what I earned the last year they let us, and bought the kids braces! Not even teaching school for 15 yrs, or working in beauty salons 20 yrs, it just didn't pay off to wait any longer, you need 30 yrs for many participation plans. I still tutor 6 mos a year for a nat'l company 8 yrs, and teach swim lessons the other 6 mos. fo
  7. hi

    1. Major Pain

      Major Pain

      Cupcakes, pie, donuts, turnovers, cookies, Ding Dongs, Twinkies, cakes, brownies, strudel, crime puffs, tarts, bear claws, cannolis, Danish ad infinitum! Soooooo many, so little time!

      Will you bring me some cupcakes to EOT? It's vital I keep my blood sugar at a high level. I shoot faster when it is. I don't want to be a "pain."

      Major Pain

      SASS #86,012

      Dixie Desperados

      St. George, UT.


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