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  1. Congrats 4T. You have every right to be proud.
  2. I would seriously get some more estimates. The highest we had was $45K for a premium metal roof on a large house.
  3. I will say it's been a REAL learning experience. Here in Florida, metal is close to double what an asphalt shingle roof is BUT it has much better hurricane rating than shingles and will get us reduced insurance rates. Cry now or cry later..... Then there are different types of metal, different thicknesses, painted or sealed then the formed, like in my picture at the top.
  4. Joe, if you get the chance, can you please give us another link or post the text. I don't get Faced so I can't read it. Thank you!!
  5. If the "Villa Tile" as it's called turns out to be ridiculously expensive, your roof is the style we'll be going with. We have several neighbors who have it and they love it. Thanks for the review.
  6. I live in Florida. Yes metal roofs are quite common here, especially near the coast. The picture is of a metal roof designed to look like a clay tile roof. They do have clay tile roofs in Florida but they aren't very common, for some pretty obvious reasons, like hurricanes.
  7. Uno and I went to dinner this evening and passed a house with this type of roof on it. It's metal textured to look like clay tile. Does anyone here have any experience with this kind of roof? We're trying to gather more info on it to determine if it would work for us. Thank you for your time.
  8. Prayers up for you and your wife. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you.
  9. Agreed. In my book, they have created an even bigger uphill battle for themselves. He was supposed to arrive at 12:00 noon. At 12:15, I walked into Uno's office and told him that I will call their office at 1:00pm and tell them to call him off. He arrived at 12:30. He did say the office had sent him the text for the previous day's appointment after he had gone home for the day so he didn't see it. He did apologize for that. {Something is fishy with that because she would have sent him the message on Wednesday evening for a Thursday appointment......} He worked re
  10. Good on them for re-uniting the family. Happy ending for all.
  11. Well said. That is a position I hadn't considered. I agree with your point if they didn't do after hours estimates, they should have let us know. I received an email from the office this morning apologizing for not showing. Since Uno and I are off today, I told them we would be available to have someone come by. Uno wants to give them another chance, since they were so highly recommended by the neighbors. We'll see what happens.
  12. No there was no contact from them at all. We will see what tomorrow holds. My telling them I would be in touch was my version of "Don't call us, we'll call you".
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