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  1. Curly Liver Lee............ I don't think so.
  2. This was for a department "Flag Day" gathering at work. I had to take these and show them to my co-workers, and hope they were consumed....... I tried my hand at baking cakes and primarily cupcakes. I have the actual baking part down but the decorating is a whole new dimension. I watched a bunch of videos on the web and decided to try it. I made a nice batch of cream cheese frosting and it went downhill from there. I was able to add some food coloring to the frosting but the putting it in the piping bag was a whole different animal. I ended up with blue frosting all over me, the stove, the counter, the piping bag and the cooling rack for the cupcakes. I finally washed my hands, wiped the outside of the bag down and tried it again. I found out really quickly Russian tips aren't for me. My "flowers" were far less floral shaped and more closely resembled turbine fan blades. I put together another piping bag and used a standard tip this time, or at least I tried to.... My icing came out more like stripes, with more decorating myself and the rest of the kitchen than the cupcakes. There has to be an easier way than piping bags. Please enlighten me. P.S. The pièce de résistance was I decided to sprinkle a little iridescent glitter on top of the cupcakes to make them look a little more appealing. That was going really well, until the air conditioning kicked in and blew the glitter EVERYWHERE. My co-workers were less than impressed. I ended up taking plates of cupcakes to the community break room in hopes that other departments would descend on them and take them away........
  3. Warning, the video is graphic. https://www.foxnews.com/us/florida-sniper-shoots-kills-bank-robber-holding-hostages-through-computer-monitor-video
  4. The only thing this little one loves more than boxes, are boxes with paper in them.
  5. I received your message. I have to look at my supply levels and let you know. Send me a message with ideas for dimensions, etc.
  6. If you're really serious about this, get in touch with me. I would love to do it for you. Some examples of my work.........
  7. Even though I leave for work in the dark, I always make sure I have plenty of lights around my car when I go out. I'm real careful to make sure the area is clear. More than one neighbor had gotten to their vehicle and been hissed at by a gator snoozing under their car. Ain't gonna be me.......
  8. Please pardon my ignorance. In the second half of the video, he is seen chopping up something and preparing it to boil. What is 0he chopping up?
  9. I have a possible solution. Uno received a notice that the mesh system needed a firmware update. He did it remotely through his phone app while we were out. We're guessing the mesh system sent a signal to the receiver as a test once the update completed. Both the TV and receiver are web enabled so we can stream music and movies. NO. Will not either. The dog is too lazy to be mischievous. The cats, however............... I wouldn't put anything past my little one. She's too smart and curious for her own good.
  10. Interesting thought. All the electronics in the house (outside of appliances) are on APU surge protectors so any surges would be mitigated or eliminated. We don't have an automatic back up generator. Also, we have a china cabinet where the lights come on with the slightest flicker. They were not on.
  11. Uno and I ran some errands earlier today. When we returned to the house, the stereo was blaring. The interesting facts are: 1) The house was completely locked up as well as the alarm set. 2) We had watched a movie the night before but I made sure all the electronics were turned off before going to bed. 3) The remotes for the audio system and DVD player were closed in a drawer, so no errant paws could step on them or knock them onto the floor. 4) The TV remote was laying on it's side, plugged into a power strip charging. (The music was a TV streaming channel. However, the TV was off when I checked it.) 5) I set up all the AV equipment and have not set any timers of any kind. (I checked to be sure.) 6) The AV equipment are behind closed glass doors, which were closed when we arrived. Any thoughts?
  12. Fabulous. My hands hurt just looking at those..
  13. Many moons ago, Uno and I participated in a neighborhood yard sale. I had recently moved into his house so I had some furniture to sell that he didn't like, a floral settee, a matching chair, etc. A couple showed up in a Chrysler Cordoba and purchased the settee and chair. They managed to barely get the chair and settee cushions in the back seat of the car but the settee was another story. They ended up getting some rope from Uno and tying it perpendicular and upside down across the back of the car so the seat was resting on the roof and the top of the back was resting on the trunk, completely obscuring the back window. We watched as they slowly drove down the street. We never saw or heard from them again but we did watch for traffic reports of a settee in the roadway.......
  14. Yes we keep prepared, as we did for earthquakes in Cali. There are a few last minute things we're going to pick up like additional propane cylinders etc. Other than that, we're good to go and are as ready as we can be for a busy season. I pray all of our prep is for naught.
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