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  1. Very sorry for your loss. Know she will be waiting for you across the rainbow bridge.
  2. "I thank you kindly for your assistance while you were here. Your company was appreciated as well" Calamity stated in a sad tone. "I hope you find what you're looking for". With that, J Mark tipped his hat, spun on his heels and headed out the door. Kris gently closed it behind him. She leaned against the doorframe and took a deep breath. Well, I'm on my own again. I'll have to come up with ways to be able to defend this place on my own. She slowly and deliberately walked around the shop looking for places to conceal, places to observe from and places that would make her venerable.
  3. I'm with 40. We haven't had the TV on since we moved here in 2017. Now Uno is using the TV as a 32" monitor!!! We may get another one in the future for movies but that will be all.
  4. I do things a little differently. I use the chipotle ranch or bacon ranch for a marinade.. I put a couple of chicken breasts in a zippered plastic bag, add the dressing to thoroughly coat, seal it up and put it in the fridge for the day. In the evening, I fire up the grill, remove the breasts , DISCARD THE REMAINDER IN THE BAG, and grill. The oil and spices do a wonderful job of marinading the meat and it's really tasty when I'm done. If I make sandwiches with it, I toss on a slice of Swiss or provolone to get it nice and melted. Tomatoe, lettuce, bacon on a Kaiser roll..............YUM!!!
  5. Ah yes. I'm laying in bed after turning the alarm off, Washburn lying against my thigh purring his tail off. I thought to myself, "Self, what meetings and deadlines can you get out of today so you can stay here and pet the cat?" Answer, NONE. I got up and ready for work.
  6. Mikee likes it................. The wide track..... I'm coocoo for .............................. ...................makes the very best....................... ...............has a first name, it's.........................
  7. Prayers up for successful surgery and optimal recovery.
  8. I'm not a twitter user but I thought this video spoke volumes. I hope this helps you with your feelings, BGQ. I pray you feel better. https://twitter.com/i/status/1296951407027712000
  9. I need this sign!!!! Thanks for pointing it out to me!!! 40, Etsy is a craftmakers version of ebay. People sell their handywork to the public. I've purchased a few things from the site over the years.
  10. You need to join that club, Pat. They are the best SASS club in that whole area. You will truly like it. I too miss that club and the wonderful members.
  11. Fannie became really active on FB, so they dropped their blog site. You might want to check there.
  12. I have another question. Lids. I've noticed a number of manufacturers don't make glass lids. Is that an issue? I tend to like looking into a pot without lifting the lid to see how things are going.
  13. Florida hurricane season is supposed to peak on Sept. 10. Looks like they are rushing to get in before the deadline.
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