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  1. Uno and I visited a sporting goods store today. While Uno was talking with a gentleman about a gun safe, a woman asked my advise on which ladies CC purse didn't look like a CC purse. She didn't want to be too obvious. I told her they all looked like CC purses. If you don't want to look like you were carrying a CC purse, I suggest purchasing a run of the mill shoulder bag with a pocket dedicated to safely carrying your firearm. She looked at my run of the mill purse, looked at me, smiled and walked away.
  2. @John Kloehr great article. It clearly states what I'm talking about. As I stated above, my shirts are very plain. No ruffles, lace or other items that would cause a dry cleaner to expend any extra effort, time or cost in processing them. @Blackwater 53393 I might have to find an enterprising, hungry attorney willing to take this on.
  3. Most of the cotton shirts I wear I can wash myself. However, in order to get that nice, crisp professional look, they should be pressed. If I had enough time in a week, I would do it myself. I don't so it's easier to take them to the cleaners and let them do it.
  4. The three primary reasons I receive are: 1) Women's shirts don't fit on their pressing form so they have to be pressed by hand. {Malarkey!!!! If I were a size zero, I might buy that but I'm sure they clean and press men's shirts that are smaller than mine, especially with the current men's fashion trend of wearing much more fitted shirts.} 2) Women's shirts are more delicate so they must be finished by hand. {Malarkey again. Same weight fabric as men's shirts, only buttons on other side.} 3) All the ruffles and lace make them more difficult to handle so they must be done by hand. {Malarkey also. 99 % of my shirts have no lace or ruffles. I have a couple of company logo shirts I wear that are made of EXACTLY the same fabric and cut as the men's but button on the other side.} I complained to one store manager and she told me that's what management told her she has to charge. It seems to be a systemic problem here. I have visited or contacted at least a dozen cleaners and all of them tell me the same story. Simply put, they are making money off the backs (literally) of women. There aren't enough hours in a day for me to iron them myself. If synthetic fabric didn't bother me so much, especially in the humidity we have here, I would buy synthetic shirts and be done with the cleaners. Unfortunately, when I wear synthetic shits, I'm scratching like a crazy person by noon. I would love to tell them I'm cross dressing, however, I don't think they would care..........
  5. Now you're getting close....... Another pound should do it.......
  6. As more people will be coming back to campus, my company has started to ask us to go back to "Business Casual" attire. I imagine customer visits will be returning soon as well. Considering that, I took a number of my cotton dress shirts to the cleaners this morning. WELL, between CV-19 and all the other things going on, prices have risen dramatically. It now costs me $5.00 each to have a woman's cotton shirt cleaned. {If it were a men's shirt, it would only be $2.50 however they do check which side the buttons are on so I'm screwed.} I've called all the local cleaners and they all use the same charging practices so either I pay it or don't wear cotton shirts. It really chaps me to get screwed like this. Does anyone else have to deal with this? Rant off....
  7. My father was in China. I'm not sure what he was doing for the Army but I have a guess...........
  8. Excellent and well said. The country needs more people like her, regardless of color.
  9. Very sad indeed, Yul. I pray it doesn't happen.
  10. We have quite a few running around the neighborhood. We have to be vigilant about the poachers though.
  11. We were eating dinner this evening and a couple of ladies dropped by with their twins.
  12. I'm with you, LL. I keep hoping I will wake up and things will be back to normal. Unfortunately, I don't think that's going to happen.
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