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  1. Mushroom, black olives, tomato, cheese, chicken? Looks wonderful. You just gave me an idea for dinner tonight. Thanks!!
  2. Congrats to you both, BMC. Wishing you many more years together.
  3. Mine is low, behind me at 4:00 about 10 feet back. Mine sounds like a mild sine wave. Too many years with sinus infections and inner ear issues.
  4. You will certainly be holding your breath................or nose after it arrives.............
  5. You don't speak German, do you? In Bayern ist Bier also ein Grundnahrungsmittel.
  6. I don't have to get on a ladder to do the guest BR. A short step stool will do. The great room is another story. 18 feet off the floor is a bit high for me to go and feel steady. We're actually talking about hiring a handyman because we have some other off the ground projects that need to be done as well, like hanging a ceiling fan in the great room.
  7. Kris saw Doc sitting up from the front of the shop. "Now you lay yourself back down, Doc Ward" Kris half spoke, half yelled from the front of the shop. "I don't want you hurting anything while waiting for your wife". Reluctantly, Doc did as he was asked and lied back down on the cot. "Is there anything I can get for you, some soup or tea"? Kris asked. Doc nodded no. "Abby and I will get some supper when we get to the hotel" Doc said wearily. "Well, ok then" Kris said. At that moment, Lucas came back through the shop door, looking quite confused.
  8. I couldn't find any pictures from the previous owner. Yes it was very Magenta, bordering purple.
  9. Yes I do!!! (Hubby has to work.) The guest BR of our St Louis house was MAGENTA. No kidding. Before we moved in, I painted it the same grey as the rest of the house. It took two coats of primer and two coats of paint to cover all that MAGENTA.
  10. Thanks for the info. We're deciding on what colors to paint accent walls of our all white interior. My favorite color is a SW color. I'm also going to paint the guest BR. I received a coupon for signing up for their paint club. Guess what I'm doing TG weekend?
  11. Every Thanksgiving, SXM channel 27 has "several seating's" at Alice's Restaurant throughout the day.
  12. As soon as the dust cleared, Lucas popped his head over the counter to look out the windows. That is when he saw Doc laying on the boardwalk outside the shop. He shouted to Abby and Kris to come quick, and bring some bandages. Abby ran for the door, nearly knocking Lucas off his feet. Kris ran for the back of the shop, retrieving the makeshift bandages she had there. When Kris got out the door, Lucas and Abby were on their knees, tending to Doc. Abby brushed his face gently. "Ben, I'm here and we'll take care of you." Doc tried to speak but was having difficulty forming the words. Abby put her hand over his lips and said "Hush now." Slim has Doc on the way and we'll make sure you're well taken care of." Doc continued to try to form words, finally giving up and exhaling forcefully, was content to hold Abby's hands. Kris was handing Lucas strips of clean cloth that he was trying to stuff in the wound on Doc's back to stem the bleeding. The doctor finally arrived, after having tended to Linn, and saw the wound on Doc's back. "I wish you fellas would quit getting yourself hurt" the doctor stated flatly. "I don't need business that badly". Lucas bristled at the comment, asking the doctor "Do you think you could get to business now?" All present were taken aback by such boldness out of Lucas. Even he was quite surprised. He smiled at himself a little and glared at the doctor waiting for an answer. Instead, the doctor got to work on the wound on Ben's back.
  13. Looks REALLY heavy. I hope they aren't expecting descent fuel mileage.
  14. OMG!! Is that supposed to be a load bearing roof peak or something?
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