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  1. So sorry to see that. It's really gut wrenching. I hope "The Kid" is able to get some compensation for his losses.
  2. Sorry to hear that. Hope he's able to salvage most of them. Hope they catch the perp as well.
  3. The automated narrator is interesting but difficult to follow at times. That being said, interesting clip. Thanks for sharing.
  4. I'm sure your tongue was firmly planted in your cheek while you typed this....... However, I do agree. Don't get clocked!!!
  5. None of my cats would hold still long enough for me to sight in the pistol, let along get the shot off. Additionally, I don't need to bleed that badly......
  6. 'Lizzie McGuire' actress Carly Schroeder ditching Hollywood for the Army She continued, "That’s exciting and all, but in January I decided to raise my right hand and swear into the United States Army. With a college degree from @callutheran in Criminal Justice, an ASVAB score of 92, and qualifying PFTs... I was accepted into Army #OCS (Officer Candidate School)." https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/lizzie-mcguire-actress-carly-schroeder-ditching-hollywood-for-the-army Go forth and conquer young lady!!!
  7. Send me a PM with your info and I'll calculate shipping for you. Thanks, CK
  8. I remember days like that..........
  9. Very sorry to hear of your friends murder. She sounds like a wonderful person. Prayers up for peace to you and all that knew her.
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