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  1. Glad to hear he was found & is receiving medical treatment for his stroke. Best wishes for a complete recovery. May God Bless
  2. Well, heck! I sure get tired of the folks that are so darn worried about getting their moneys worth for a measly $65 a year membership fee. Good grief! I don't understand how SASS maintains operations with such a small individual fee. My thanks to SASS and the staff.
  3. Is it true that the Rossi hammered SxS isn't permitted in Classic Cowboy because the hammers are merely cocking the internal hammers and thus aren't true functioning hammers?
  4. Yesterday at 10am it was 74' but a cold front was passing through Knoxville and by noon the temps had dropped to 54'. Then by 5pm the temps were in the mid 40's and this morning its 30'.
  5. Well, Several folks with alternative ideas but a definite lack of concrete figures as to whether or not they are viable options. I'll wager that the SASS Board of Directors & SASS Staff have looked at various options before making their decision. I can live with the digital versions and two published editions. Thanks to those who keep the ship afloat. Muchas Gracias, Keystone
  6. Sorry you weren't able to meet your goal of 14.36 but darn, you came mighty close & with a short training regime. Best wishes for the Jefferson County test.
  7. Best wishes for your test on Saturday! Hope all goes well and you have a successful day.
  8. Howdy & welcome to the Jedi Gunfighter Posse, may the force be with y'all.
  9. Well, reading comprehension was one of my lesser acquired skills.
  10. I reload on a Mec 650 and do my resizing on a Mec Super Sizer prior to placing in the 650. Since I'm using once fired AA shells, I inspect and wipe each shotshell with an older silicone gun cloth prior to beginning my reloading session.
  11. Dang, and here I thought it was the receding of glaciers that once covered most of North America thus ending the last Ice Age. Dumb me. Thanks for the education.
  12. Or, Gunfighter, shoot first five shots & stage pistols on pine box with hammers down on fired cases. Shoot four shotgun targets, discard shotgun O & E, then shoot 2nd string of five shots.
  13. Kind of like seeing a cowboy shooter at Walmart without their hat.
  14. Howdy, Which was more difficult, choosing what you would keep/discard, moving kept items, discarding castoffs, or setting up your new shop? I wish you much happiness in your new abode.
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