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  1. Maybe it was used as a tomato stake, as was recommended by some folks here on the wire.
  2. I believe Johnny Morris moved from Texas to NC and opened his shop. His email: johnny@jm-leather.com
  3. Well, my idea is run what you brung. Whether it's using a handful of irons, one wood and a putter for a round of golf; dads old bait caster a few hooks & worms for a day fishing; or Saturday night at the local race track with an old junker. If you really enjoy yourself then you can invest in better equipment and practice to get better. The games aren't changed, your level of commitment changes. Hasta Luego, Keystone PS It took me several months to get equipped. I participated with match setup, attended matches to shag brass, spot and put away targets/props prior to
  4. How do the scoring programs work for the categories with reduced number of firearms and 22 caliber ammo that are excluded from contention for overall? It appears to be a scoring nightmare or do you not score these non-compliant categories and the participants just shoot for the enjoyment.
  5. The family will plan a memorial service later in the year when warmer weather and the Covid virus may not be an issue. Thanks for your thoughts, prayers and cards of support to the family. Vaya con Dios, Keystone
  6. It is with great sorrow I let y'all know that yesterday my good pard Lightning McCoy passed away. If you shot in the Southeast you probably had an occasion to meet him. Especially the cowboys and cowgirls from Tennessee, Georgia & Kentucky. Lightning was a friend to all with an optimistic outlook and a cheerful spirit. He was a Boy Scout in his youth and embodied the Boy Scout Law: Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean & Reverent. He was as a big brother to me and I miss him so. Vaya con Dios Amigo, Keystone
  7. Was thinking of Velvet Glove & Headstone this morning. I check daily for updates and it has been several days since the last report. I do hope she is progressing with her recovery. May God bless them both.
  8. Glad to learn that the lady is exceeding expectations in her recovery. Unbuckling the seat belt or transferring from/to the wheelchair without assistance will bring the wrath of Kahn upon you. As it was explained to me, "you don't want to be recovering from an injury & stroke at the same time". Best wishes to Velvet Glove. Vaya con Dios, Keystone
  9. Happy Birthday Michele & may God continue his blessing upon your recovery. Vaya con Dios, Keystone
  10. Tex doesn't like me posting prayer requests for him on the SASS Wire so please keep this one private.


    A message from Cat:


    "Tex in hospital with very bad infection-sepsis. Is in critical care unit in Pres downtown. Thought u should no. Cat"

    1. Keystone, SASS # 47578

      Keystone, SASS # 47578

      Oh Lord, so sorry to learn of Tex's extreme medical condition. Thanks for contacting me. May God's healing touch reach out to him  and the Holy spirit give comfort. Amen

  11. HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY SASS! It sure has been great being a part of SASS since 2002. Hope I'm still shooting when we celebrate the 40th year of SASS. Yeehaa, Keystone
  12. Dang Cat, that was great. Only next time gives us a "Spew Alert" or something. So, I'm not eating and reading these kind of posts when no one is home to to give me the "Hiemlich Manuver". Could've killed me dead. Hasta Luego, Keystone
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