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  1. Dave, The only problem I see with what you're suggesting is that I won't be able to disconnect the wire. That's a big thing for me. The mast itself will unhook from the deck and attach at the bow pulpit and lay across the boat into a crutch at the stern of the boat for storage and transport. It's going to spend more time like this than up. I must have the antenna cable where I can disconnect it. Although I may have come across a better solution. It's not as great as having the antenna at the top of the mast but it'll work just fine for most of what I'm wanting. No thru-hull fittings either. Although I did like the idea of using the mast as an antenna. I may use that if nothing else as I know I can make that work. I really appreciate the help and ideas. Spent this weekend working on the boat and took it for my first sail yesterday. Perfect day for it. No hiccups except for someone in a new fancy boat crowding the docks making it difficult to maneuver.
  2. I would have to disconnect the cables. The aluminium mast comes off for trailering. I would be mounting the radio within 3 feet of the connector. Wherever I can find a good location. Everything is fairly easy to get to. Thinking about it I could probably mount the antenna inside the boat. I was just thinking that higher is better. The mast is about 24' up.
  3. I figured I could run a shielded coax down the mast and connect it to that connector then come off the other side with more coax to the head unit itself. If I run the antenna on the top of the mast then I need a way to disconnect the wire through the deck hence that connector. Really couldn't find a better way. My only other thought is to mount the antenna to the side of the cockpit but then I'd be getting the various lines caught up in it. I may be able to run it off the transom, but it'd be right down near the water. I really don't want to pay for a radio that only gets used on the weekends. If I had it in my truck then I'd be okay with it but I'm not going to pay for a service that I can get "free" when I only need it for a weekend at a time. Masts make great lightening rods.
  4. Got a question for the great hive mind that is the Wire. For car stereo antenna, can the signal be run down a standard wire? I'm asking because of my boat. I've recently purchased a small sailboat. I'm looking at adding a stereo to it for music and weather updates. I'd like to attach the antenna as high as I can which means running it up the mast. Would it be possible for me to hook it up to a standard wire and then back to a coax? I'm asking because of this: https://smile.amazon.com/Quality-Waterproof-Terminal-Connector-Marine/dp/B07G6HCYML/ref=pd_ybh_a_14?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=191SG4QSP7KWAQ2D8QSQ If I can use this plug then I could wire my two lights and the antenna that are up on top of the mast as well as the radio antenna. Or is 20-25' a bit much for an antenna? I don't have many other options other than just hooking it to the side of the cabin and using it there.
  5. I've tried several. clubman is nice, smells like froot loops iirc. Tiger brand isn't bad. My current favorite is Firehouse Wacky Tacky. Been swimming with that and my stache holds tight. Then again I waxed the crap out of it too when I did. Clubman never seemed to last for more than a couple of hours. Wacky Tacky lasts. It's a hard wax that you have to work a bit to get going but if I do my part it'll hold all day and into the next.
  6. Heard back from a machine shop that's done some good work for me in the past. He'll order the metal, cut it out to my specs and will weld it on for $35. Gonna take him up on his offer as that's a lot better that what I was going to do.
  7. Getting to talk to the local supplier is a pain. I'm at work before and after their hours and they're on the opposite side of town so there's no rushing down to pick it up during lunch....I'll try to order some. I figured 316 would be best. Just need to order it in.
  8. So I'm in need of a strip of stainless steel. I need 3/16" or there abouts, 1x10" flat bar. Any good suppliers that you'd recommend or anyone just happen to have a strip like that laying about? Must be stainless steel, making something for my boat that'll be welded onto a stainless bar.
  9. historical emporium. I've bought quite a bit and they've always done right by me.
  10. That's what I was thinking. I haven't flown anywhere since.....2005ish. Got to laugh at some crazy germaphobe lady. That was the only thing I actually enjoyed on that trip. I've got lots of time off and I may be able to squeeze out another day or two by then as well. I'll enjoy the time off to relax and get away from people. It'd be great not to hear that phone ring for a while. I've never rented a car before. I didn't know about all the rules with them. Hmm.....it just may be better for me to drive. Thanks for letting me know all that. I didn't know that some places won't allow interstate travel. Good to know. I have it planned for the last week of May, first week of June. I was able to fudge it a bit and get a little extra time off by doing that.
  11. Ok, so I've decided that I'm taking a trip to Utah to see my brother as well as going to Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks as well as hitting up some other nearby attractions. I have two choices facing me now. Do I fly and rent a car to get around or do I drive? I have a truck camper that I can stay in while on my trip. I'll be coming up from Texas. Flying and renting a car is the more expensive of the options while driving...well I'd be doing 2-3 days there 2-3 back. I can only take off for two weeks so that really cuts into my time. I'd rather drive my camper up there as it'd be more comfortable. I just can't seem to make up my mind. Any advice from those that have do this trip? Also, any advice on a good cheap car rental would be wonderful. I can't seem to find anything that doesn't break the bank.
  12. gun liaison officers ... didn't the Nazi party do something similar? And the USSR, and North Korea, and China,.......something about government officials ordering around police against citizens just doesn't seem right.
  13. Sounds like a story is lurking there if you ask me.
  14. I shot my Bond at ONE side match and out on the back of my property. That's it. Been thinking of doing a side match at one of my club's annual matches. Not really something I shoot all that often. Then again I can mousefart the crap out of it and it'd still work.
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