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  1. Dr told me You've got two choices either we amputate or you remain crippled for life. FYI I chose secret option 3 and got to keep my leg and I'm not entirely crippled.
  2. At my local. We scram. If you're out there when it gets muddy, you're gonna be there when it drys up a week or so later.
  3. Problem is all the ranches and large farms took up most of the good hunting lands. I found a couple of WMA's that I can hunt for little more than the cost of a permit. Public lands are probably going to be my best bet but it's always worth asking. Last year I tried going door to door to some local land owners but I struck out. I'll keep looking. I'm planning a scouting trip to a public land east of here that allows rifles. I'll also look into hunting in Oklahoma. It's $300 for an out of state license but if I can find a good place then it might be worth it.
  4. I'll have to mention that one next I see him.
  5. Need some help pards. I've been itching to do some deer or hog hunting. Problem is that I can't seem to find a decent place that either isn't packed shoulder to shoulder with other hunters, doesn't break the bank, or have some strange rule such as "Can't hunt on the weekends 'cause that's when I hunt". True story about that last one. Looked into public hunting but the nearest place that I can find that would allow me to hunt deer or hog with a rifle seems packed with every would-be hunter. I'd only be able to get in late season hunts. Which doesn't bother me except that I don't have much time around the new year season. May give it a go anyways. If y'all know a landowner who's friendly towards hunters or if y'all got any leads on a good bit a land to hunt. I'd much appreciate it. I've got a couple of people interested in hunting but I just can't seem to find a good place. I'm in Wichita Falls, Tx. About an hour and a half northwest of Dallas. I'd like to stay within Tx if possible 3 hour drive would be about max as I'd have to be able to make it back for work.. I really miss my old lease, that place was like home...
  6. Y'all got one that works with osage? We got a new shooter from Osage country and he'd like to come up with something incorporating that. I'm not too good at naming things.
  7. Here in where I'm from we have Austin st, Galveston, Boston, and many others. Sounds like your Superman comic just couldn't think up something better. Or didn't care to.
  8. Watched! I think I went to school with the hat creasing girl's sister.....
  9. Ha! I was hoping you uploaded a new video. I've watched them all. And I really like your format. Been subscribed for a while. I'll remain subbed for a while longer.
  10. Hey Dorado,


    I would like to buy a half dozen of the pistolero pins for some pards in our local club.


    Can you email me a price and how I can send funds. Paypal OK or I can send you a check.




  11. I'm not real good at computer stuff. Sorry! but could you let me know the paypal account so I can send money for 2 pins?   Thank you so much, Iron Maiden

  12. Howdy ;

    I will be happy to help as I said , I Shoot in  Alberta, Sask. And B. C.  I have Shot every SASS Canadian National since they started ...


    Let Me know


    Jabez Cowboy

    1. Dorado


      I did a quick estimate on the USPS website. For a small package we'd be looking at around $15 shipping to some random town in Alberta. I'd like to keep the $5 each price. With that, 15 pins would be $75 and with shipping that'd be $90 U.S. roughly speaking.

      What I'd be sending is the pins, welcome cards, and bubble mailers if you need them.

      Since it looks like you're willing to purchase them up front then all you'd have to do is collect their payment for yourself at whatever $5 is in Canadian monopoly money.

      Y'all use paper money or beaver pelts? lol


      I've set up a Pistoleros gmail account that's also the paypal account the address is  PistolerosCAS@gmail.com

      I'll need your name, mailing address, PayPal (if you'd like me to send you an invoice), and number of pins desired.

  13. One question....What's the Coke for? I understand the whiskey but Coke? Y'all are butchering yer liquor, that or you need better liquor.
  14. Test fired. It still works! Thanks again OLG, that was a great tip. I'm gonna keep playing with this and see how good I can get it.
  15. I know! Right?! Kill you with cuteness! I view the bend as more of a slide. Perhaps I should stop cutting in line....
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