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  1. ID by dental records. Too bad there will be no determination of whodunnit, but likely...well, draw your own conclusions.
  2. According to Space.com, if you look near the full "Hunter's Moon", you can see Uranus. Does this require a mirror?
  3. Regardless... illegitimae non carborundum! Just don't let 'em grind you down!
  4. Anybody seen any steel 1943 pennies lately?
  5. I personally use "a", treating the rear sight like a open-top peep (aperture). The main thing is consistency! Whatever sight picture you choose, once you get the elevator adjusted the way you want it, use the same picture always, except if you need to adjust for range (not usual in CAS).
  6. Fully vaccinated, but suffering from multiple-myeloma a blood cancer that depresses the immune system. (My uncle died of the same malady, albeit many years prior to the pandemic. Colin Powell was not only a warrior (wounded in Viet Nam), but a true statesman. RIP, sir. | | |
  7. As far as I am concerned, RCBS is the gold standard for reloading equipment!
  8. I know the voice of that school teacher... He calls me quite often telling me there is a problem with my computer; or from the credit card company (the card of which I don't own), and many more!
  9. I've been tire before, and I'm tired now, but that don't make me re-tired!
  10. We've had our cockapoo sit down on the remote a time or two, when my wife was laying on the couch and the dog jumped up to be next to her. Sometimes she will sit on the channel selector!
  11. William Shattner says he's scared about his upcoming flight on Blue Origin's New Shepard suborbital launch vehicle. He can contact me to sub for him...IF he pays for the seat!
  12. The only way six pounds of smokeless powder could cause an explosion like that, would be if he stored it in a strong closed container. Most containers of smokeless powder would pop before sufficient pressure could build up to do that kind of damage! Be interesting to see what ATF comes up with...if, indeed, they will publish the "probable cause"!
  13. Been using the same Redding balance beam for the last 60 years! Works good for me.
  14. I would hope that when they start making 444 Marlin's that they use a rifling twist fast enough to stabilize heavier bullets, at least 260 grains. The originals used twists more suited to 240 gr .44 Magnum bullets. As I have enough .45-70's which I will probably never shoot again...at least for hunting...I don't really care. But it would be nice for those that like the .444.
  15. If you really mean that, you are way behind the times. The "Old Guard" would not have picked them if they weren't qualified and trained. They undoubtedly take the oath that means they will act properly their entire lives, including not consuming alcohol or drugs, and their behavior otherwise is worthy of having served this tour of duty, just at their male counterparts do. There have been too many soldiers of both genders who have given their lives in defense of our country. While modern technology pretty well insures there will be no more "unknowns", including women, honor goes with them all, including the one KIA in Afghanistan most recently!
  16. Used to have one made by Saur, with a crossbolt safety, in .357 Magnum. Packed it around in Montana with the top barrel loaded with shot loads for snakes, and the bottom one with .38 Spl 200 gr. for skunks or other critters.
  17. Sputniks I and II were actually too small to see even with binoculars. I remember watching what I thought was Sputnik blinking on and off as it went over. What it actually was, was the booster trailing it and tumbling over and over. What I really remember was four years later, when I was hanging around the Holiday Inn's pool at Coca Beach one night when Gherman Titov flew over. There were a bunch of engineers from NASA, McDonnell-Douglas, et al, (I was working as a summer hire for the Navy's Polaris SLBM program, at the time.) Yuri Gagarin had flow in April, and only Alan Shepard had flow on his sub-orbital flight. And here was the second Russian in orbit! You never saw such an angry bunch of guys that night!
  18. I attended one of his shows in Denver several years ago. One of the "questions" the "interviewer" asked was, "Boxers or briefs?" To which Shatner replied, "Depends!" I do envy him the ride, and would take one if offered...free! But, to me, going into space would mean on orbit. Now, if Elon would call me... I told my wife when we first met 55 years ago, that if the chance ever came, there would be no discussion. She said, she'd wave! Maybe by the time I'm 90, the price of a seat on a Crew Dragon will have come down to where I could afford it...if I could pass the physical. Live long and prosper, Capt. Kirk! Ad Astra!
  19. I was 15 years old and had just come home from my boarding prep school, when my grandmother called me on the phone to tell me that the Russians had launched an earth satellite! I had long been interested in space and missiles. My first thought was that if they could do that, they had ICBM's! It later turned out that wasn't correct. They had the launch capability, but hadn't solved the reentry problem yet. Russian "Chief Designer" Korelev needed more time and funds, so he persuaded Nikita Khrushev to allow him to launch Sputnik I to scare the "goose grief" out of America....which it did. Not only did Wernher von Braun get the go ahead to launch Explorer I the following January, but America's science and engineering education get a big boost. My high school got the physics course from the Physical Science Study Committee at MIT...delivered weekly to our instructor in the form of mimeographed sheets! Been quite an adventure on all fronts since then! If only I was fifty years younger, I'd be down in Texas beating on Elon's door!
  20. The broken hinges, especially the left hand one were due to people flipping the barrels open hard repeatedly. The left-hand hinge is weaker due to the hinge being counterbored to accept the head of he screw. IF you want an original and intend to shoot it, I strongly recommend you buy one with, 1) the address on the top of the barrels is: "Remington Arms - UMC, Illion, N.Y." ; 2) with hinges that are NOT undercut even partially on the underside of the hinge (so-called "monobloc"; which 3) will have a serial number beginning with an L prefix (probably L9XXXX. I would recommend against shooting the Dixie Gun Works .41 RF ammo, as that ammo chronographed against some original Remington smokeless loads was significantly higher velocity. Good luck. Stay well and safe!
  21. I have seen it used in demonstrations for kids as to the effect on the vocal cords. The problem, which is too lightly regarded is that it could result in a pulmonary embolism! Yeah, I know it is used as part of gas mixtures for deep submergance diving, but that is for experts!
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