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  1. I always (except in prohibited areas like airports, some hospitals, etc.) a Victorinox Swiss Army knife with almost every conceivable blade, screw drivers, etc. If I were ever attacked by somebody with a wooden leg, I could saw it off with the crosscut saw! If the leg was metal, I could cut it in half with the combination mini-hacksaw/file. And, of course, there is the tweezers for removing splinters, etc. Great tool! Stay well and safe, Pards!
  2. Your mother was lucky! Today, you never know when someone could respond to that by 1) accusing her of assault; or b) pulling a knife or gun and doing much worse! Same thing with road rage! Sadly, there is almost no such thing as courtesy nowadays! You were safer in Dodge City or Tombstone on a Saturday night than in most cities in this country! Whole world's gone nucking futs! Stay well and safe, Pards! Wife gets "95% immunity Tuesday. I get 95.2-1/2 on Thursday! Still gonna wear masks in public.
  3. The Air Force has been trying to get rid of them for years. Thankfully, Congress has not let them! Of course, what might be a good idea is to transfer them to the Army's Armour branch. After all, it is really a flying tank!
  4. I don't suppose these would be SASS-legal...unless, of course the match took place in someplace around Lake Michigan or Superior! But I guess whatever floats yer boat!
  5. I think I saw something on TV that a gub'mint or quasi-gub official said, "Printing money doesn't lead to inflation."
  6. Yup, pure Hollyweird! Even when the train was stopped and the brakeman went between the cars to "pull the pin", he might either get crushed or lose a hand or finger(s) if not careful...and lucky! The only way you could pull the pin with the train moving would be if it was going downhill and the trailing cars had run the slack out. And, if the movie is about pre-1900 or so, there wouldn't be any Janney (knuckle) couplers, as they weren't required until around 1901, and some branchline outfits might not have had them then! Even with knuckle couplers, with tension on them, it would be much ha
  7. "The .45-70 was still relatively new and the major draw to it was that you could be sure that Army posts would have ammo- unlike so many of the more esoteric cartridges out at the time- in a pinch." But how would you acquire the .45-70 ammo? In the first place, most cavalry outfits' ammo was actually .45-55-405, and was not available to citizens (civilians in the parlance of the day). You might be better off with something in .50-70... the three cavalry companies at Sidney Barracks, while armed with M1873 Trapdoor Carbines, were restricted in how much .45-55 ammo could be used ex
  8. Is there a new category for Wild Bunch Glock shooters? Far as I'm concerned, if it weren't invented by JMB, it ain't a gun!
  9. Yup! A nickle would also work, but might take a sight more filing to get the right fit. Flat brass comes in a number of thicknesses. Between front sights on a rifle and model railroading, I keep a bunch of brass stock around. Stay well and safe!
  10. I have been shooting in SASS matches for a while now, as you can tell by my SASS #. Although I shot a Navy Arms (Uberti) M1860 Henry Repeating Rifle in .44-40 for a while, because of back problems, its balance (24" barrel plus the magazine) was too muzzle-heavy, so I switched to the older Rossi's. One is a Rossi Model 65 (a Winchester M1892, probably built on the original tooling), in .44 Magnum, and the other an old Puma in .44-40. Both have 20" barrels, and are light and handy. I load both cartridges to the same muzzle velocities with a 213 gr. bullet. Yes, the '92 is somewhat overall c
  11. According to my nephrolagist (kidney specialist) dark colas of any kind plus spinach, kale and a few other things can contribute to the formation of kidney stones! I used to drink a LOT of Coca Cola or Diet Coke. Also dark tea ain't good for you either! Used to drink a lot of Coke. No more! Stay well and safe, Pards!
  12. Beautiful rig. The only thing I have to say is I would prefer the seam area of the crossdraw come up so the trigger guard is supported. That way there is less likelihood of the gun falling out if you bend over. The trigger can remain exposed or not, as with a single action revolver you can't fire the gun by pulling the trigger unless the gun is cocked in the holster...which is a definite NO-NO! Double-action revolvers should have the trigger and guard completely covered to prevent an AD if the wearer is in heavy brush. Stay well and safe, Pards!
  13. Wife and I are scheduled to take a flight in the MidWest the end of March. She doesn't like flying very much anyway. Although she watches the local news, I don't think she has seen this...I hope. I really don't want to have to drive from Colorado to Minnesota! Wonder who pays for repairs to the roof of the house that got hit? United Airlines? Boeing? Their homeowner's insurance (doubtful). Better get some plastic over that hole before the next snow! Was that pickup truck dinged? Who pays the cleaning bills for the passenger's clothing? Congrats to the aircrew that got things under
  14. "Waiting For a Chinook" or "The Last of the 5000" by C. M. Russell, Judith Basin, Montana 1886!
  15. One thing about getting a drive-in shot versus in a hospital or clinic facility is, IMHO, that if a person does develop severe (anaphalactic shock) reaction, the medical facility would have the capability of treating the reaction more quickly than having to call 9-1-1 to get paramedics to the site.
  16. Wow! Chocolate craving following the shot? I got my second shot at the VA. Upon returning home, I found that my wife had found some chocolate chip, sugar-free (Type 2 diabetes, ya know). There were six large ones in the package. I'm down to the last one, and will soon have to finish it! Must be something to this. After my shot yesterday, the tech told me I only had to wait about 10 minutes in the designated room. Just to be safe, I waited the full 15. Felt a little tired the rest of the day, but the only effect this morning was waking up with a sinus headache, which is NOT unusual fo
  17. Is there high order life on Mars? According to Bill Dana's "Jose Jimenez", "Well...maybe a little bit on a Saturday night!"
  18. And they just did! First pictures coming back. Just the start. If all goes well, there is a little helicopter on board that will see how it is to fly through the Martian air!
  19. I went to the VA Regional Medical Center today and all the lady did was stick me in the arm! That's the second time! So far so good. Arm doesn't hurt...yet. Feel okay...but it's only been three hours, and some say the next day could be a little reaction. We'll see... Meantime, Perserverance, the Mars rover has successfully landed on the surface of Mars! Congratulations JPL! Stay well and safe, Pards!
  20. With that .50-140 have you had or are you scheduled for shoulder surgery? Shoot it offhand while standing on a skateboard, with you back to a tree or other solid surface and a large coil spring between you and the tree! The spring should send you back into battery! Montana can be great! If you are really into Western history and want to see some great country, it is the place to go. Between September 1st and June 30, you might want to take some warm clothing and survival gear (MRE's etc.) and a shovel in your vehicle. It can get a little chilly once in a while. (1 Jan 1969 it was -52
  21. "It was my wife's shoes, not a holster, but I never used it again." I bet! For those who use wooden dowels often enough in forming holsters, etc., I'd recommend buying 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" x 2 ft or so at you local hardware store. Round one end with a rasp and or sandpaper. When running water on the leather, smooth out drops so they don't watermark the leather. I've never had a problem using heavy-duty plastic bags leaking if wrapped snugly around the gun. Do it all the time for holsters made for customers. Lexol Leather Conditioner is usually available from Tandy/Leather Fa
  22. Haven't shot one in quite a while, but when I did...Remington-Rand M1911A1 with GI ball?
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