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  1. The other problem was that the structural design had no "rip stop" in the design, which the B707/KC135 and all subsequent jet liners have. This stops a crack from propagating.
  2. Putin just declared the Ukrainian territory he invaded as part of Russia. Hey, history buffs does that sound familiar? Same reasoning Herr Schickelgrubber used about the Sudetenland! I bet that if the Ukrainians attack to get their territory back, Vlad will claim they are attacking Russia. He might even go nuclear. Best would be if he sent in those conscripts to occupy those areas...and they all threw down their arms and surrendered! Oh, wait, we are imposing more sanctions against Russia. Right! That'll do it. Just like the current sanctions have deterred him. Interestingly, Ukraine may apply for membership in NATO. If that happened (and I doubt that it will...at least for a while), that would put a whole new factor, given Article 5 in the NATO charter!
  3. According to our illustrious VP, who was visiting the DMZ in Korea, she praised our ally North Korea! Meanwhile, the Pres was searching for the congresswoman who was tragically killed in an automobile accident several weeks ago. He and the First Lady had already sent a card of condolence to the family! Questioned about this the White House press secretary said it was "Simply a top-of-the-head thing."
  4. According to an article I read somewhere recently, the problem is the infrastructure ain't there yet to support all those electric cars.
  5. OTOH, I could name hundreds of people, especially politicians whose legitimacy I would question regardless of their parents' marital status! Iligimae non carborundum!
  6. Often called an "Armstrong" turntable...because it takes strong arms!
  7. In some states, including Colorado, if John and Mary hold themselves to be husband and wife, they are married by common law. Some of these other questions would depend on state laws.
  8. Dracula II has threatened to go nuclear. If he should do that, what would the present administration do to respond. I have heard one possibility might be to hit the launchers with conventional precision weapons. That would avoid escalation that could go strategic...i.e. WWIII! Don't know if that would work, or if some of his own people might decide enough is enough and "retire" him???? I think if another CINC was in the White House, he might have called Putin and said, "Hey, Vlad, what do you want me to do? Go to DEFCON 2?" Oh, well. Let's pray Putin comes to his senses.
  9. Don't knock the women at the academies, or in the services. Some of the hottest fighter pilots, some USAFA grads, some not, have been women. I don't know about the ground forces or the submariners, but gender doesn't have much to do with how they perform. If you want my honest opinion, I think that ROTC grads, having been exposed to the world, as well as their military training, then those "locked up" in the service academies for four years. Of course, I'm not prejudiced on that account...much! The service grads now get the same reserve commissions on graduation as the ROTC troops...at least until the selection boards for regular commissions meet. I can still recall wearing my uniform trousers, light blue shirt and dark blue tie under my gown. As soon as the ceremony was over, I ran to my car, grabbed my blouse and headed for the AFROTC building, and the regular Air Force colonel swore me and a couple of other guys in.
  10. Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year to all our Jewish pards!
  11. NASA to make a decision today whether to roll back Artemis I to the VAB or not. NO launch on Tuesday! Problem is, if they wait too long, they will have to try to ride out the storm on the pad. OTOH, if they roll back, they might not be able to launch on October 2nd. If they don't get it off by then, it may be late November due to "traffic" at the Cape. IMHO, even though they say they can handle up to 74 mph wind, I'd be concerned about flying debris damaging the bird. Maybe what they ought to do is roll it back and leave it there, and just wait until SpaceX is ready to launch the Booster 7/Spaceship 24, and the next few from Texas. BTW, there is a Delta IV Heavy launch at Vandenberg SFB and a SpaceX Starlink/Falcon 9 launch from the Cape this afternoon.
  12. My point was if it is salty there is some possibility that the land is sinking into the ocean! Just read that one of the faults shows potential for a 7.8 temblor! Might be time to move to the East, provided they don't land here in Colorado. Have too much of that already!
  13. The only thing they should be teaching is, "It's what's between your ears, not what's between other body parts!"
  14. Or he buys a quick plane ticket to Latvia!
  15. Now you've done it! I've got "Fernando" buzzing around in my head all day!
  16. Have they checked to see if the water is salty?
  17. If you call what the Rocks are doing is playing ball... Oh, well. Wait 'til next year!
  18. Those girls were a couple of cuties! However, I wonder what that "something in the air that night" might have been? Mary Jane's perfume? Oh, well, if they were headed for Colorado, they wouldn't have had anything illegal.
  19. When they cross the Rio Grande, which way were they going?
  20. Assuming you order it online, it is delivered and there are problems with it...broken/missing part, etc. Do you take it to the local store, or send it back to where it was shipped from? Suppose you don't have the capability to bring it to the store. Will they pick it up? If you have to ship it back to where it was sent from, do you pay the freight? Have you checked elsewhere as a source?
  21. More like the Martin Mars flying boats maybe? The concept would be a real help to a flyer who had to ditch in the Pacific. Sort of the "Dumbo" aircraft used in WWII.
  22. Don't guess they'd want 80 year old former Minuteman I Missile Maintenance Officers.
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