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  1. Somewhere above you mentioned that leather rigs have to be tooled. Unless SASS has changed things, that is NOT true. Personally, I have been shooting military style rigs for years now. Although I sewed cartridge loops on my belt, I wear a M1874 Dyer Pouch on the prairie belt, and drop my shotshells and if necessary, enough cartridges if a stage happens to require a reload. At the loading bench, I simply take the ammo boxes and load from them, leaving them until after the stage. I happen to shoot "Duelist" style, and shoot loads that are somewhat stiffer than you will want to. Why? Because I allow the recoil to roll the gun in my hand, allowing me to hook the standard hammer spur and come down onto the next target. I AM NOT FAST, however. I only compete with myself. Two-handed shooting is much more common, and I have seen some of the top shooters who shoot two-handed who can out-cycle a M1911 semi-auto! They grip with both hands, but thumb the hammer with the "off" hand. Regarding the remark about soft holsters causing problems, I agree 10000%! A properly fitted holster should be wet-fit to the gun and stiff enough to hold its shape for years! You will probably have to do the fitting yourself, no matter how high the quality of the leather maker. You will want to do the final fitting to your liking. This isn't difficult. I include detailed instructions on how to do this with holsters I send to my customers. I am sure others can detail how to do it right here on the Wire..
  2. Sounds like the law needs clarification, one way or the other. The fact that Roh was selling completed guns to people prohibited from legally purchasing guns is bad news. As far as I am concerned I don't care whether the AR-15 lower receiver is a firearm or not. I don't own one and have no desire to own one. It does sound like BATF is exceeding its authority in what it is doing by changing definitions without following the legal procedires, but then what else is new?
  3. Why? Fuzing depends on the intended target. Air burst for relatively soft targets...military bases above ground; city busting, etc. Surface burst for more hardened targets. Subsurface burst for deeply buried targets (presuming the casing is built for bunker-busting)! But I seriously doubt the BUFF could drop directly on a defended target. With the Russian-made S-400, the range of the thing is about 400 miles, so the bomber would have to rely on some sort of standoff weapon.
  4. I definitely agree that you should go to a few shoots and see what folks are wearing, their style, how they wear their guns, do they use cartridge loops sewn on the belt or cartridge slides. How do they carry their shotshells? Once you have decided on the configuration, then ask about the makers of the rigs worn by various shooters. One thing I always recommend is to buy the best quality you can afford. In the longrun it will save you money. I am NOT trying to solicit business, but I must state that I have made rigs that have lasted their owners for over four decades of hard use, and my own personal rigs have also. Welcome to the campfire, Pard!
  5. Incoming...weather, that is! Windy as all getout in suburban Denver and the temp dropped about 30 degrees! Went out to help the wife cover the roses and other flowers, pending the start of snow. Wind has died down indicating the front has passed. Now just waiting to see if and how much of the white stuff we get. Supposed to snow tonight and most of Thursday. Forecast for the weekend...60's and 70's! Roads will probably just be wet...until morning. Then watch out for black ice!
  6. Ouch! Tons of fun for the AF missile maintainers! At least they don't have to go up North with the old 564th no longer in business, like we did a half-century ago! We don't need anything like that WX along Colorado's Front Range, but a little moisture would be welcome.
  7. The worst-tasting meat from any animal is from one that is not killed quickly before the critter has run scared over all creation. That adrenalin is what does it..among improper dressing, cooling and aging!
  8. Since I already load .44-40...
  9. Bofors it! How about 30mm. Only problem with that one is you need a runway long enough for the A-10 to get airborne!
  10. Hey, Three Foot... Did they get the two or three feet of snow up to Great Falls and the Judith Basin country, like they were forecasting in the Denver papers?
  11. Try a 6mm x 17mm kidney stone!
  12. The three most useless things to a pilot: The altitude above you; the airspeed you had; and two seconds ago!
  13. I guess I suffer from acute paranoia, but I generally won't mail out any bill-paying checks in an exterior mail box! The only exception is sometimes if I can drop it in a box outside the major chain grocery store within a couple of hours of the scheduled pickup time. I won't even drop in the drive-up boxes outside the main post office. Instead, I'll park, go inside and drop it in the slot in the lobby. Oh, BTW, I'm liable to be arrested any minute now by federal police. Why? Because I haven't returned the call made to me by somebody from Social Security. Also, my computer may be shut down any time now unless I return the call from Microsoft's "office" (somewhere in India, I presume)! While you probably can't classify it as a scam, the one that really irrigates me is the guy that keeps calling on all my phone lines plus my cell phone, trying to get me to let him clean my furnace ducts! I never go with unsolicited home maintenance calls, so this is a real annoyance! I'd really like to clean his ducts! With a high pressure fire hose!
  14. Any one you walk away from is a "good" landing! Hope they had hull insurance and it wasn't pilot error!
  15. Yes, and when the M-1 finally got the 20 rd. magazine, White gas system and (at the option of the officers) full-auto capability, it only lasted a few years as the M-14. So then they went to another selective-fire with 20 rd mag at a smaller cartridge, etc. You are probably right, though...the Brits wouldn't have gone for the Ferguson, except maybe in limited quantities issued one or two to a squad, like a SAW, if that. OTOH, the Fergie did good for one of Louis L'amour's characters!
  16. We are probably all lucky that Maj. Ferguson, inventor of the breechloading Ferguson rifle was killed at the Battle of King's Mountain. Had he lived, and been able to convince the British army to adopt his rifle design, when the Revolution started, George Washington might have been in more trouble than his ill-equipped troops could have handled!
  17. I may be wrong but I believe the B-50's also had a taller vertical stabilizer (tail) than the -29's. When I was a kid, I saw a B-36 flying over Chicago! Wasn't really close enough to hear much.
  18. Washte, washichu! Also, our native pronghorn antelope ain't no antelope, neither! Pronghorns is a species of its own, and no relation to African antelope! More like a prairie goat, but ain't no goat nuther! But, of course, there is the jackalope! Whatever you call Ol' Grandfather Pte, it don't pay to get too close. Seems like a girl jogger was tossed by a bull buff a day or so ago out Utah way. Broke her ankle when she landed and got a gash on her leg. Originally, the bull was a ways away from her. Had a bull ellick (ain't no elk neither...wapiti according to IIRC the Chipaway...go after a bunch of tourists up to Estes Park, Colorado the other day! Them things run loose right in town and in the park along the lake. Danged tourists git too close an' wonder why a bull elk gets feisty. Gettin' near the rut, I reckon! Dang pilgrims!
  19. I have seen Fifi, but not Doc. As to the B-17's, the crash of 909 was, indeed a real tragedy. particularly the loss of life! I have seen the "Aluminum Overcast", another B-17, when it was at Centennial Airport near Denver. Much as I was tempted to go for a ride, I was taken aback by the fact that they had taken the tubo-superchargers out of the engines. Granted they were not carrying a bomb load, nor "Tokyo tanks", so their max-gross was probably pretty low, but at around 5800 ft. MSL, plus a warm day, increasing the density altitude, I just didn't feel comfortable with the idea. Of course, the $350 ticket price also was a large factor in my decision to merely take a tour on the ground.
  20. The thing I hate is when they don't have any paper towels so you can use them to open the door to exit the restroom! Not everybody washes their hands before grabbing the door handle! If I can't use something so I don't have to touch the bare metal, I am possibly exposing myself to someone else's germs. Sometime have to use some toilet paper instead. Same thing with touching the faucet handles where they have them.
  21. You will undoubtedly experience some discomfort when the Novocain wears off. Follow the doc's advice. I had an implant done about a month ago, but have to wear a temporary bridge until the bone grows in ... about January...when they can install a permanent "tooth". Prayers up for your complete and speedy recovery. BTW, aside from the discomfort, the most painful part of oral surgery is....when the receptionist says, "Will that be cash, check or credit card?" The scream of agony was from the piece of plastic from my wallet when she told me the charges might have been "audible" clear to my bank account!
  22. While the Denver Post still publishes print editions seven days-a-week, the size of the paper has shrunk considerably. Worse for me, home delivery, in a major suburb, became so spotty, finally reducing altogether in spite of repeated calls to their customer service department, and repeated promises that the problem would be fixed. I like to read the paper at breakfast. But after five contacts and no results, I finally threw in the towel and cancelled my subscription. I can pick up the paper at a local grocery store, for $2 a copy on weekdays and $3 on the weekends, but that means driving up and back a mile before breakfast, or just forgetting the whole thing that day if I get busy! Yes, I can subscribe to an on-line version which shows the complete image of the paper. But my confuser is not located anywhere near the breakfast table! I rather suspect, the print edition will go the way of the pterosaur. That would be really bad, as our dogs use the paper for their business when the weather is too nasty for them to go out!
  23. The Ballad of Charlie Russell (lyrics shown in the above post by our own Kid Russell Original song by IIRC Jack Gladstone Don't think it was in a movie though. The Magnificent Seven High Noon How the West Was Won
  24. When I make a holster(s) for a customer I always enclose instructions similar to Cypress Sam's on how to wet-fit the holster. Get the inside too slick and you will have the gun come flying out when you do much of anything but stand there!
  25. Ditto, twice, plus three grandkids! Two days after 9/11, when the skies were empty of all other aircraft, the sound of a pair of ANG F-16's, flying in a combat spread, flying low over my house, so low you could almost read the lettering on their AIM-9M's!
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