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  1. (Spewww!) Some things just set me to laughing! Like Steve Martin's "Inspector Cluseau" being shown Rorshach blobs, and saying it reminded him of a French Army officer driving a septic tank!
  2. If you believe in reincarnation, maybe Solo was what happened to Lee in the Magnificent Seven!
  3. If you are NOT concerned about any fish in the pond, a stick of dynamite might do the trick on the beaver (water hammer concussion). I don't think you could legally obtain any WWII depth charges... Wonder what the effect of a .45-70 hit near the head of a swimming beaver would be... Again, water concussion????
  4. Use to use a 3-screw Flat Top Blackhawk in .44 Mangle-em (with reduced loads) back when only one sixgun was required. Somewhere in there, when 2 guns became required, I added a well-used old 1st-gen Colt's in .45. When Ruger introduced the Old Model Vaqueros, I went to a pair, that I had fitted out with interchangeable cylinders for .44 Maggie and .44-40.
  5. Eventually, Herman Heiser's company became H. H. Heiser, which operated out of Denver until sometime in the mid-1970's. I think they were on 13th & Curtiss or nearby. Sometime in the mid-70's or so I heard they moved to Utah somewhere, but I never found out where, and my main reason for going in there was to buy hardware for my own leather items.
  6. I often shout into the phone with as obscene words I can muster. Sadly, these are all recordings and it is a useless exercise to cuss at them!
  7. Did you include the cost and pain of getting a hernia repaired and/or repairing a slipped disk? I figure sometimes the cost of having a professional do it is well worth it!
  8. Having traced the history and examined the innards of the Remington Over/Under Double Deringer for about 20 years, and co-authored a book on the subject, there is one thing I never quite understood...how in blazes did/do you pack one with both barrel loaded and the hammer on the delicate half-cock notch? A deputy sheriff in Arizona once dropped one and it went off and hit him in the leg. The leg had to be amputated! True, the .41 Short Rim Fire cartridge is about as puny as can be, but before the advent of antibiotics, they were almost to be feared more than a .45 Colt's or .44-40!
  9. Then there was Ed Ames' throw on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson...
  10. Lt. Col. Richard "Dick" Cole, who was Jimmy Doolittle's co-pilot on the Raid passed away at age 103. RIP, sir!
  11. You also might try Winchester brass if you can find some. The necks are usually the thinnest of all, which may help the problem.
  12. When we visited Charleston, SC, a few years ago, there was an explosion out in the bay. Nobody hurt, no one near the thing when it went off. Maybe it was some CW artillery shell that finally decayed enough to go off. Never did hear an explanation. BTW, Marine Corps tradition has it that it was a Marine in the fighting tops of the Bon Homme Richard who threw the grenade or a larger bomb down the hatch of the Serapis, causing the magazine to blow.
  13. My custom leather business is Trailrider Products. The alias came from that trademark.
  14. Kid Russel- The first time I heard this song, by Jack Gladstone, was at an Indian Pow Wow in Denver. Having spent 3-1/2 years driving around the Judith Basin country in a blue truck, and having hung around the C. M. Russell museum in Great Falls, I have the computer screen fog up every time I see the lyrics or play Jack's tape. I have often said that only God and Charlie Russell can paint a western sunset! Thanks for posting this. In old St. Louis over in Missouri The mighty Mississippi, well, it rolls and flows. A son was born to Mary Russell And it starts the legend every cowboy knows. Young kid Russell was born to wander. Ever westward he was bound to roam, Just a kid of sixteen in 1880. Up in wild Montana he found his home. God made Montana for the wild man, For the Piegan and the Sioux and Crow, Saved His greatest gift for Charlie, Said, “Get her all down before she goes. You gotta get her all down ‘cause she's bound to go.” God hung the stars over Judith Basin. God put the magic in young Charlie's hands. And all was seen and all remembered, Every shining mountain, every longhorn brand. He could paint the light on horsehide shining, The great passing herds of the buffalo, And the twisting wrist of the Houlihan throw. God made Montana for the wild man, For the Piegan and the Sioux and Crow, Saved His greatest gift for Charlie, Said, “Get her all down before she goes. You gotta get her all down ‘cause she's bound to go.” When the Lord called Charlie to his home up yonder He said, “Kid Russell, I got a job for you. You're in charge of sunsets up in old Montana Cause I can't paint them quite as good as you, And when you're done, we'll go out and have a few, And Nancy Russell will make sure it's just two.” God made Montana for the wild man, For the Piegan and the Sioux and Crow, Saved His greatest gift for Charlie, Said, “Get her all down before she goes. You gotta get her all down ‘cause she's bound to go.”
  15. When I was about 42, I started seeing floaters in my eyes that had never been there before! Went to a retinalogist (MD) who checks me annually due to diabetes. So far, so good at 76+. But he did advise me NOT to shoot a 375 H&H. Again, CHECK WITH YOUR EYE SPECIALIST! Yes, the .45-70 can be down-loaded quite a bit. Lighter bullets and reduced powder charges will reduce recoil quite a lot, but CHECK WITH THE DOC!
  16. I have often asked that question. You'd think there would be at least a Miss Vulcan or Miss Klingon. Except for the fact that they are all married (I don't track that), there ought to be at least a Miss Kardashian (Star Trek Deep Space Nine)! Live long and prosper!
  17. Been a while, but I remember the Chicago area went from one area code to at least three. Colorado has, I believe, at least four, and, metro-Denver is divided between 303 and 720, with 970 covering some of the rural areas and 719, the southern part of the state. In the 303 and 720 numbers you simply have to dial the ten digit number for 303 to 303 and 720 to 720, and also from one AC to the other. From those two to the others, you have to use the 1-AC-XXX-XXXX combo. Some of my family lived for 10 years in Arizona. They have cell phones, and a call to them requires the 1-XXX-XXX-XXXX prefix, and is a long-distance call, even if they are in the next room!! When we finally have a colony on the Moon or Mars, who knows what the combo will be!
  18. Air Force apparently considers them fighter aircraft. They are part of Air Combat Command, which has all the fighters. B-1 bombers used to be in ACC, but were transferred over to Global Strike Command along with all bombers, conventional, nuke or dual capability several years ago. BTW, USAF apparently does NOT designate the A-10's in the 74th as "OA-10's". You can't tell the players without an official scorecard.
  19. Speaking of A-10's and CAS, (that's Close Air Support) the 74th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron has been awarded the Air Force's Gallant Unit Citation, only the fifth one awarded, and the first to a fighter squadron! This was for "work" done in Syria, which the pilots said was unlike anything they did in Afghanistan! In one instance, they were chasing snipers inside a building, and used a Maverick missile to take down the 4-story structure along with the bad guys inside! For a bird that was scheduled to be completely removed from inventory, the A-10 is now undergoing a "re-winging" program to strengthen and lengthen the life of the aircraft.
  20. All hail to those airborne FAC's! I don't believe they use them anymore. Lot of articles in Air Force magazine about tactical AF troops on the ground right there in the mud with the Marines and Army troops. They can call in all sorts of tacair, from F-16's, to B-1's, B-2's and B-52's! Oh, yes, they can also call in a flying tank or two...you know, the ones that sound like the aircraft consumed ten cans of beans each time they shoot....brrrrrrrrp! (You know...30 mike-mike beans!
  21. A VERY useful tool. I've used them for everything from trimming my fingernails (scissors), cutting small pieces of wood (crosscut saw), to tightening the screws holding the cover plates on 110v outlets in missile sites! I just have to remember, when going to an airport, to put mine in the checked luggage (forgot once and lost one!)
  22. When I was in a Chicago public school in the early 1950's, I walked about a half-mile (four blocks) back and forth, including home for lunch, except when the weather was very bad! When we moved to the suburbs for 7th and 8th grade, I walked a couple of blocks to the bus stop. We never worried about abductions. By the time my daughters were in elementary and middle school in the 70's, in a suburban Western city, it wasn't considered safe to allow them to walk by themselves to school! School shootings? When I was in middle school in the mid-'50's, I used to take my .22 with a box of ammo to a school...where a local police officer ushered me and a friend, also armed (bolts out, of course) into the gym where he conducted the NRA hunter safety course! Times have definitely changed! There is no respect for anything or anybody, and the South Side of Chicago is a free-fire zone!
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