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  1. Yup, Friday afternoon. I thanked the little girl at the gas station for doing it, too.
  2. I get it. I worked in a haunted house 3 times when I was in high school. It took all of the fun out of going to them. While everybody else is reacting to what is happening, I'm standing there with a smirk on my face working out how they are doing the gag.
  3. He's retired, remember? It ain't like he's got anything better to do.
  4. I skipped lunch and had a good supper. Carnitas at one of my favorite taquerias. It's the kind of place that you have to go in through the little Latin supermarket, the menu board is in Spanish, there's always landscaping or mason company trucks in the lot and I'm routinely (like today) the only Anglo in the whole place.
  5. Her sentence will make the hand wringers, wring their hands and the bed wetters wet their beds. It'll also stir up all kinds of niche groups that demand and expect special treatment. Just like it's supposed to. The Russians are playing mind games with the American Left by making sure to stir up the 'special interest groups' while making sure the world- and the Russian people- see Putin standing up to the West. A black, lesbian woman professional basketball playing athlete? How many more 'special' privilege categories do you need to check off? It's amazing that she bothered carrying a passport! Of course, she thought that Russian immigration laws didn't apply to her! Don't the Russians realize who- and what- she is?
  6. Yeah! When was the last time they were in Bugtussle- either one of them?
  7. Driving through it ain't exactly fun, that's for sure. I've been to several on the list, like so many others here. They ain't that far off, in my experience. Savannah and Charlotte, for example, both earned their spots for sure.
  8. Don't forget the double knit polyester and disco, too.
  9. How do you think they got him to stand up and man the rear facing Lewis Gun?
  10. Paratroopers sliding down the wing? I see your paratroopers and raise you with parasite fighters. They'd put one under each wing AND dock another one under the fuselage, too.
  11. Thank you, but NO! That's even worse than the retractable bathtub turrets that were in the wings of the Russian TB3 heavy bomber. Then again, the TB3 had an open cockpit, nose and waist gun positions, too, so I expect frostbite was mandatory for Russian Air Force personnel back in the day.
  12. There are numerous college football stadiums in the US that have an official capacity of over 90,000 and 8 that are over 100,000 (4 of which are currently in the SEC with a 5th scheduled to join in a couple of years). Quite a few colleges with such stadiums are in small towns that see their population double or triple on the day a home game is played. Auburn University has a stadium that seats over 90K- the population of the entire town is just over 80,000- for example. It would have topped 100K except the Powers That Be decided to put luxury boxes up instead of seats in the last end zone expansion.
  13. WE were overrun with the things a few years ago. The ruined almost 200 pears in less than 72 hours and one particularly cheeky one, was throwing the nibbled on pears at my American Bulldog from a limb that was over the dog run. Rascal barked himself hoarse. It was so bad that I had the old Crosman 180 (CO2 powered .22 pellet rifle) reburb'd by Precision Pellet just to shoot tree rats. We took out half a dozen in about 3 days and that toned them down for a while but what really took care of the problem was my new neighbors. A family of hawks set up residence on the edge of the swamp and, suddenly, there was no more tree rat issues.
  14. Whatever you do, don't go to a match and then go to the gun shop. Take Your Time You will change your mind about what to get at least 3 times on the way home from your first match. And you will continue changing your mind like that for quite a while. Second, shoot anything and everything that you can wrap your little fingers around- whether you 'think' you'll like it or you 'know' you already like it or not. Also, don't just go out and buy what everybody else is using. Just because it works for them, it doesn't mean it'll work for YOU. You need first hand (yeah, it's a bad pun) information on what works or doesn't work for YOU so shoot anything and everything folks will let you. Don't get too worked up over the costuming. Jeans, long sleeve shirt that doesn't have a button down collar, boots if you have them, low quarters if you don't. A long sleeve henley works as a shirt. That meets the basic requirements. I suggest adding a cowboy hat (mostly for safety- since top eject rifles will throw hot empties straight up and they have been known to end up going back down your collar. While you are shooting. And holding a loaded gun. In your hand. With 20 people around. And I might be one of them.) and a 4 pocket vest (gotta have someplace to keep your keys and such since gun belts block access to most pockets- along with being handy spots to keep a few extra shotgun shells). Looking like an extra from Tombstone is cool- but you don't get there overnight unless you're throwing some serious money at it. Again, find what works or doesn't work for you and go with that.
  15. I've got a shotshell belt but I still keep half a dozen shells in my vest pockets. Why? Because there's only 2 kinds of CAS shooters. Those that have forgotten their shotshell belt and went to the line to shoot a stage- and those that lie about it. Instead of taking the misses, I can at least shoot 6 of them.
  16. With me it's either/or. Besides, they get cooked using the same pot and if you've already cooked one, why take the extra time to cook the other when you get done?
  17. That might even be a deal. How much is an adult sheep going for these days at market?
  18. Is he American? If so, asked him if he'll meet you half way for a FTF!
  19. The Brisket pizza and the Jerked Chicken pizza sound like they could be decent.
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