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  1. A properly placed size 12 would get the point across 'bout right then, wouldn't it?
  2. The only minor issue that he would have when opening my hotel room door like that is that it makes more than enough noise to wake me up, so he gets confronted by an angry man with a .45 or .44 Special when the door finally opens.
  3. Cracker Barrel ain't half bad for store bought. One thing it has going for it is that it's consistent from location to location. What you get in Las Vegas (there is a Cracker Barrel in Las Vegas, last I heard) will taste the same as what you get in Millbrook, Alabama. You can get better from home cookin' but it's hard to beat in a chain restaurant. Little Mom and Pop meat and three places in the South will make you put it never want to darken the door again (like Pannie George's in south Auburn or Minnies in downtown Columbus, GA just to name 2 right off the top of my head) but they ain't just off the interstate when you're traveling and hungry either. (Except for Pannie George's, it's on South College just off I-85 beside the McDonalds in the strip mall with the Army recruiter office.)
  4. I read that Genghis Khan doted on his mother, too.
  5. Momma was from Bridgeport and was one of 11 kids. I jokingly say that I'm kin to 3 counties in West Virginia since 9 or the 11 stayed in the area and all of them have big families. I have cousins that were roughly the same age as my parents and uncles that were only 8 or 9 years older than myself. One of my aunts married into another big family in the area and I kid with her husband by claiming that he as to drive around with one hand raised in the air to keep from making a relative mad at him for not waving when they pass. We went up to visit every 3 or 4 years when I was growing up and one summer, our visit coincided with his family reunion. My sister and I spent the entire day at that reunion and nobody could quite figure out how we were kin since we'd play along when asked about knowing or seeing Cousin So and So. Pat, as for the food in West Virginia, I've never had a bad meal. EVERYBODY can cook and bake. Speaking of baking, when you move, I expect a care package of pepperoni rolls. For the uninitiated, the pepperoni roll is basically the state food, best I can tell. Imagine a yeast roll big as a man's fist, baked to a deep golden brown with butter put on the top right as it comes out of the oven with a stick of pepperoni (GOOD pepperoni, not the stuff we can get locally) about as long as your index finger baked in the middle. Some folks add in a piece of longhorn or sharp cheddar of equal size.
  6. You sure? It might confuse the Yankees and disturb the furriners ('cept for maybe Wallaby- he's already disturbed). I don't know if all of them is ready for for the idea of light, flaky home made biscuits the size of a tom cat's head, with the tops buttered when pulled right out of the oven. Might be a bit much for Buckshot to bear- seein's how he's just learning of (shudder!) Bisquick and Pilsbury's biscuits in a can.
  7. You're talking about what the an arsenal on the East Coast did one year and what was found at the brown and smelly of the supply chain the summer of the next year. They shot what they were issued. Changes that far a remove from the actual shooters is going to take a while to trickle down even today. At a max of 18 months, it would be hard pressed to reach the front line units today unless there was a concerted effort to fast track such a change through the supply system. In 1876? It would have taken years- and they had already been in the field for quite a while by that fateful day in June. It's also not like they practiced live fire a whole lot. The Army was frugal to the point of stupidity when it came to ammo consumption back then (that was one of the major arguments that kept the US from adopting a repeating long arm until the 1890's). The training allotment was ridiculously low, so it's not like the new ammo would quickly work through the supply chain just from routine usage.
  8. What I'm referring to is the top picture. It's usually 4x4's with lift kits- but the added clearance they give is immediately counteracted by the back being down on the axles. That pitches the nose up in the air and the front bumper a couple or 3 feet off the ground. Like this one. The lower picture on your post is just a low rider that happens to be a pick up.
  9. When I heard about it right after it happened, my first thought was, "Please don't let her be from Alabama." Thanks Minnesota for making us look good. I figure the loud mufflers on trucks is like the jacked up 4x4's that never see dirt roads- much less going actually off road. They are trying to compensate for certain things that they are lacking. The one trend I can't stand is the nose up in the air and the tail almost dragging the ground. Not only does it look stupid but the driver can't see anything in front of him.
  10. Or stuffed with (usually fried) meat like ham ( I like mine heated up by searing in a pan a little), sausage of some sort (patty or link), bacon, breaded steak,.... and an egg ( scrambled cooked flat like an omelet and folded until it fits on the biscuit or a fried egg). That's been breakfast on the go for decades. Not only does sausage gravy go well with biscuits but there's an ambrosia called 'redeye gravy' that does, too.
  11. I found some 1 bite cinnamon rolls that go well with the morning coffee.
  12. 'Cause you don't have the time or want to have to clean up the mess of cooking the eggs, frying the taters and the steak, baking the biscuits, and making the gravy. Oatmeal? (Shudder!) Really? On purpose? And you're not under duress?
  13. Real. Nobody making an embroidered image of a cat on the back of a kitchen chair would think of taking the artistic license to position that left ear out all cockeyed. They would be focused on symmetry rather than true to life
  14. First, it was National Taco Day on Monday., now it's the anniversary of Che getting killed. Best week ever!
  15. There's been a 'next greatest thing' in the pipeline from the gun industry since at least the 1850's. Like the computers in the '90's, there was a time in the firearms industry right after the Civil War where the difference between a round or innovation being the latest and greatest and obsolete could be a matter of months. After about 1900, things slowed down and, for a while, the development of new rounds was more the realm of wildcatters than factories- but there's always been something cooking.
  16. Never seen many B Western shooters at a match, have you? That outfit is downright sedate compared to some I've seen.
  17. That was probably as accurate as what we have from NOAA or the local weatherman.
  18. Figger it this way, Charlie. Browning is sponsoring the show and giving them equipment to use on camera and shill. If'n the 6.8 Western or whatever is so close on paper to a proven round like the '06, then nobody- including the deer- will notice the difference if the hosts use the new cartridge on camera as a way to advertise for Browning unless the hosts specifically bring it up. Those outdoor shows have never been more than serial infomercials where the folks on the show sell their sponsors' gear while going out hunting or fishing.
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