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  1. Come on, guys. Ms. Ocasio-Cortez has bigger issues to think about. Like the Balance Guam bill she and Hank Johnson are co-sponsoring, putting sanctions on Romainia because their contaminated lettuce keeps making Americans sick and convincing President Trump to put Jean-Luc Picard on the Federation Reserve.
  2. I think Lott has the most recent numbers. Alabama has the highest percentage of eligible adults holding a permit at 22.11%. Considering the average cost is $20 a year (county sheriffs can set the price and requirements), you can get it for up to 5 years at a time and most counties have it set up so you can apply online, I don't see a reason to not get one if you are a resident of Alabama.
  3. But not too hot. I set the stove on low and it stays on the stove only as long as it takes to mix the ingredients. Once the ingredients are mixed, the batter goes immediately into the skillet and the skillet goes into the oven
  4. Yeah, the pan preheats on the stove while I mix everything up. I don't start until the oven is up to temp. One reason I do it that way is that it gives the cornbread a crisper crust.
  5. Bag pipe music works. Works pretty good for folks that like to watch YouTube videos in public without headphones, too. Although I did buy the 2 Mongolian Folk Metal songs SDJ mentioned last week. I figure Wolf Totem might just replace Scotland the Brave by the Scotish National Drum and Pipe Corps.
  6. Apparently, everybody has already found despair.com. Some of their more recent additions that I like.
  7. Like I said, them must have been some expensive huntin' lessons. Either that or she worked her little tookas off for the last few years and saved every nickel, dime, penny and quarter along the way to go buy herself a truck.
  8. In MA, he would have gotten 100 yeas in the electric chair just for having the gun.
  9. There was a big crash shortly after the current incarnation of the WIRE was brought on line. Several folks lost their log ins. My sign up date is 8/1/99 and I know I lost ast leas 1800-2000 posts when they did the big change over. There was also a second log in (when The Crash happened, there was a few days there where nobody's original log in worked) for me on there for a while but Black Harris cleared that up for me years ago.
  10. A new truck? Them's some mighty expensive hunting lessons! Nice of her to take it in trade rather than cash, though.
  11. With the exception of Mongolian Folk Metal, of course.
  12. I hope they don't. Tharks are bad enough sober.
  13. Bless their hearts. Somehow, I don't think that's gonna work out quite like they envision. But I have been known to be wrong on occasion.
  14. I've got a H&R New American Double Action chambered in .44Bulldog. The .44Bulldog round ain't much more that the .41RF (150gr bullet@ around 500fps) but at least it's center fire. That's the same gun that was used in the gunfight between madames in El Paso over a tinhorn gambler. The newspaper said the loserof the gunfight had been shot in the "public" arch in one of the most hilarious-and accurate- proofreading blunders in the Old West.
  15. The .45 Colt and .44WCF would kill you right there and then. The .41RF would kill you this week- or maybe next week- in long drawn out agony. No wonder they were so feared. With the heel based bullet in the .41RF, all the lube was a great place for all the dirt, grime germs and bacteria to congregate. Add in a couple or 3 layers of clothing getting pushed into the wound, no antibiotics, no germ theory, nasty surgical instruments, etc ...., that's pretty much an infection waiting for a place to happen.
  16. Oh! I thought you were sharing a recipe variation that you'd tried out!
  17. Yeah, but you can't expect Marlin to put Winchester's name on Marlin .30-30's. That's how the whole WCF family ended up getting renamed by Winchester's competitors . Colt was making pistols chambered for the popular .44WCF but weren't going to put Winchester anywhere on their guns. Didn't Merwin and Hulbert invent the .44M&H- which happened to be identical to the .44WCF, too?
  18. The serial number on my 9mm Colt Combat Commander has the 70 prefix.
  19. Don't you mean CDO? Now they are in alphabetical order like they are supposed to be.
  20. I think they are doing it just to piss you off. It could be all part of a plot against you. But I have a suspicious nature, so I might be misinterpreting things. It could be that people are lazy, arrogant and ignorant.
  21. You gotta go over to the Mounted forum to find out. The Mongols were shooting from horseback quite a while before CAS shooters decided to try it out.
  22. Oh, come on. You know full and well that there's nothing like shooting BP on a still, humid day. Especially if you start with the shotgun. By the time it comes to the 2nd pistol string, you are ducking under the cloud to find the legs of the target stands, guessing how high the target is and pulling the trigger.
  23. You could use Wolf Totem as a response to a hakka from the opposing team. That ain't nothing but a war chant. I thought it was cool how they ran down what is going to happen to you if you messed with the various traditionally size units of the Mongol Army from smallest squad of 10 to a tumen of 10,000.
  24. You are a truly evil man. I knew I liked you for some reason.
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