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  1. I might could be in the Los Angeles area in Mid-August and was wondering what CAS clubs would be close by, should I get the time to stop by and visit. Travel plans are not yet set in stone, but I may be in the area on the weekends of the 14-15 and 21-22. Likely arriving on the 14th and leaving on the 22nd. Which, I guess, means I'd be looking for a match to visit on the 15th or 21st. I won't be traveling with guns (which is going to feel really weird), but hope I might get the chance to say "Howdy" to a couple of you California Cowboys and watch ya'll shoot a bit. Th
  2. If it's going to be jelly my preference is Blackberry. Otherwise my favorite "PB& ___" sandwich is a Fluffer Nutter. Peanut Butter and Marshmallow fluff. I tried the PB & banana thing. I had to. It is said to be Elvis' favorite. I'm not a fan. Of the sandwich, that is. Elvis is The King. Angus
  3. I'm as old as my tongue and a little older than my teeth. Angus
  4. The first gun I ever owned was a Japanese 6.5 mm Arisaka rifle. My parents bought it at a garage sale for $8 and gave it to me for Christmas. It was "broken" and wouldn't shoot. The safety was stuck on and the bolt handle was halfway between up and down. A friend of the family was a "gun guy" and when I showed him the rifle he whacked the bolt handle with the palm of his hand a couple times knocking it into the down position. The safety was then easily turned off and TADA! the gun worked fine. My mom was not pleased. The rifle was almost as tall as me. The Friend of family loaded u
  5. Kinda like an old folks home - lots of depends. At what point did you put your hands into your pockets? I must assume at least one was out of the pocket when you knocked on the door. If both in pockets I'd have to wonder why he unlocked the door without first asking you to remove your hands from your pockets. If you put your hand(s) into your pocket(s) when he started to open the door that could set off some red flags to him. What, exactly, did you do when you felt the sneeze coming on and where was he in his action of unlocking and opening the door? You were there, after hours, asking h
  6. I must confess my ignorance. I wouldn't know a Warrant Officer if I hit one in the crosswalk. Corporal, Sgt., Capt., Lt. Col. I got. I have no idea what the insignia is for a WO. 1 or 5. Don't even try explaining all the Navy stuff, Boatswain, Machinist Mate, etc., etc. Angus
  7. Duelist, Frontiersman and Gunfighter REQUIRE you to cock and shoot the pistol using only one hand. Frontiersman also requires the use of Cap and Ball pistols. Gunfighter allows you to hold a loaded pistol in each hand at one time alternating shots from each pistol. In GF you MAY shoot with one pistol out at a time, but you must still cock and shoot using only one hand. In any other shooting category you can hold the pistol in two hands cocking with the support hand and pulling the trigger with the strong hand. If I erred citing the above I'm sure someone will come
  8. I've never been rich, but I've never been dirt poor. I've known folks that had to resort to thievery to feed the family. Literally living paycheck to paycheck, the dad, once, stole a couple bags of groceries out of the back of a car when he was laid off work for a couple weeks. They had some weird meals for a few days, but at least they had food. All in all I suppose I've been blessed. Maybe not living large, but living none the less. Angus
  9. I love the alias. TS, I suspect he's planning on using the 12 ga. Model '87 for a CAS gun, not the .410 Henry. Angus
  10. That's why I buy mine at Wal-Mart and pay cash. With my mask on they can't ID me on the store video. Plus I park two blocks away so the parking lot cameras can't see my license plate. Anonymous McYoudontknowme
  11. Alpo, you're thinking too hard. He's just some poor schmuck that lost a golf ball that was found by somebody else. Like you putting "Free golf ball courtesy of Alpo" on all your golf balls. You lost it, I found it. Free to me. Thanks Alpo.
  12. Mule-kicker? Looking at the cartridge you might think so, but it's not. I was surprised at how soft the recoil is on my Sharps. Although I admit I'm not loading it up to take down a charging buffalo. My granddad's Full choke Model 12 kicks a lot harder. Angus
  13. OK. It seems the "Army of the United States" only exists(existed) during times of war. Why the distinction? Why not just call it the "Army" instead of RA or AUS? Does any other service hop thru any similar semantic hoops? Is there a "Regular Navy" and a "Navy of the United States"? Air Force? Marines? Coast Guard? If not, why not? Three page essay on my desk by Friday. And you guys thought answering this was going to be easy.
  14. A couple posts discussing rank got me wondering: What is the difference between the "Regular Army" and the "Army of the United States"? I understand the temporary ranks. (I think) But I don't understand the above. If you are in the "Regular Army" are you also automatically part of the "Army of the United States"? If you are in the "Army of the United States" are you automatically in the "Regular Army"? Can you be in one without being in the other? How did the differentiation of the two come about and for what purpose? Does a "Regular Army" Colonel out r
  15. I sure hope you kept enough to have a rifle/pistol range out your back door. That's another one of my dreams. Farmland around here keeps getting sold and turned into subdivisions. Kids and grandkids don't want to farm so the land is split up for kids to build on or sell. This was country-lite when we moved here. Nearest house was 200 yards and there were only 3 houses on our little .25 mile road. Nearest store was 10 miles. Four new houses on our road with closest ~40 yards now. Waaaay too many new houses have sprung up between home and "town" for my liking. A new road
  16. Wow! Good on you! That's more than I made last year. I once had asperations of making enough money to owe that much money.
  17. A lot of that sounds familiar. I received a complaint one day during the pursuit of a burglary suspect (I think it was a burglar) A couple cops were fighting with the guy in the middle of a park on the far side of a baseball field. I drove thru the park to assist and one of the coaches on the field called to complain that I was "racing thru the field and almost hit one of the kids." My Lt. (A capital D D!@#) wanted to hang me. Luckily my Sgt. witnessed the whole thing and wrote out a statement that I was no closer that 50 yards from anyone on the field and my speed was 10-12 mph. I had a
  18. I'd never even heard of them until I saw the title of this thread. I guess I need to get out more.
  19. When I first heard of the Ruger Wrangler I was sorely tempted to buy one. Now that they've been out for a while I keep hearing that the trigger pull is horrible and you need a new spring, the loading gate is rough to almost impossible to work properly and needs a new or modified spring and the action is gritty and needs work. If it were any other brand of pistol I'd pass and never give it another thought. If it were any other brand would anybody here think it was worth the money and trouble? Make no mistake, I'm a big fan of Rugers and own a few. But I've lost all interest in t
  20. How much useable lead do you figure you'll get out of that 90# pipe once you melt it down into ingots? Angus
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