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  1. Chain of evidence. Alpo witnesses shots fired into business. Alpo witnesses unknown kid pick up fired brass from street and seizes brass from kid. Alpo releases brass to Officer Some as evidence. Officer Some tags brass as evidence #1234 and places it into evidence locker. In court: Alpo testifies he witnessed shots fired, kid pick up brass, Alpo seized brass from kid and gave it to Officer Some. Officer Some testifies what he did with brass. The officer you dealt with was either an idiot or incredibly lazy and didn't want to be bothered. Did he even spend any time looking for any other evidence? Angus
  2. I'm not saying whether or not it's a good idea, BUT, sometimes it's just fun to shoot heavy, booming loads. BTW, back when I shot Police type matches everything was either buck shot or slugs. IIRC a lot of the buckshot was at steel targets. Why do some folks shoot heavy .44 magnum loads? Heck, why did Elmer Keith even invent .44 magnum? I won't even go into the .50 caliber insanity. Angus
  3. Somewhere there's a supervisor saying: "Because we've always done it that way." Angus
  4. I've shot "almost Classic Cowboy" for just about forever. The one time I actually entered as a Classic Cowboy (at the request of a couple other CC's to get the number up enough for awards) the required items I wore were: Vest, Pocket watch, knife, wild rag, spurs and sleeve garters. All but the sleeve garters were part of my regular gear. I had to borrow a hammered shotgun for the match to make CC requirements. It's actually pretty easy. I didn't really need the sleeve garters to make the 5 items needed for CC but the guy that really wanted me to switch categories gave them to me. Now that I think about it, I've been shooting CC unofficially for years since I changed over to Frontiersman and got a hammered shotgun. Welcome to the game. You're going to love it. Black Angus McPherson
  5. WHOA! Hold on there pardner. Shoshone Slim has not yet passed on to the great beyond. He's not been in the best health the last few years, but at least his health is still counted on the positive side. He hopes to be able to get back on the range come Spring. Who knows, he might even venture down to Springfield for the MO State games again. He has not been on the SASS Wire for several years. He got put on a time out a couple times and just decided not to return. J-Bar, if you remember "gamer" I'm sure you must remember "Chok-lit cake". He's been spending a lot of time with his grandbabies. I'll let him know he is remembered on the SASS Wire. He'll get a kick out of that. Black Angus McPherson
  6. I came from a different environment. None of my grandparents smoked during my lifetime. My grandfather smoked for a while but threw a partial pack of cigarettes on top of his desk one day and quit. That was long before I was born. To my knowledge my father never took a puff. Although my mother started in college and could not quit. She was too ashamed of it to ever smoke in front of her parents and died of throat cancer before she hit 60. She smoked until she died. It still kills me that she never got to know her grandchildren. I "kid-smoked" for about a year in 7-8th grade. I quit after gym class one day when I couldn't breathe after some running exercise. Angus
  7. Have you considered cutting down the blocks the top board is sitting on or putting the pistols under the board and the accessories on top where you have the pistols in the pictures? Angus
  8. According to Palewolf, in his above post, that is not correct. If I read the OP correctly there was no attempt to fire the 10th round. The round just fell out of the gun when placed on the table. I don't understand the reasoning, but I bow to Palewolf's knowledge and expertise in the matter. Of course it's also possible that I may have missed something in the OP or Palewolf's ruling. Angus
  9. Because it just seems natural that there should be a penalty for not engaging a target, barring the accidental ejection of a live round. This is just one example of why I'm not a RO. Give me a miss, a Procedural, Minor or Major Safety, SDQ or MDQ. Whatever, I won't argue the call. I'm just here to have fun. FWIW, I don't consider a misfire or broken gun a failure to engage. Aim + pull trigger = engaged whether or not the cartridge fires. Angus
  10. I'll probably regret jumping in on this (I did last time I offered an opinion on a WTC), but isn't there a procedural for failure to engage the 10th target? Or does that fall in somewhere where a miss can't cause a procedural? Angus
  11. Could be. Was that the year we got rained out on the second day? If so then I DID get to shoot one match using BP with Shoshone Slim. It was my first match using BP in a pair of '58 Remingtons. It was kind of a "just for the heck of it" thing and I went right back to smokeless afterwards. I was pretty darned proud of myself because I didn't have a single misfire and that included the last two cylinders loaded up during a heck of a downpour. I think I had to borrow Slim's .44 rifle and ammo because I only owned a .45 Marlin and didn't have any BP lubed bullets to load in it. I think that's also where I met Sgt. Smokepole. I'm thinking he didn't shoot for some reason, but came down for the dinner and auction. Maybe he was just on a different Posse. Does that sound about right, Sarge? I know I paid way too much for 5# of BP there. I got caught up in the moment and "It's for the kids". Lots of people paid way too much for a lot of things at that auction. Besides, the entry fees were ridiculously cheap. All that extra money not spent on entry went to overpay for items at the auction. Man, those were good times. I don't do much traveling anymore, and two day matches have gotten a bit expensive for me. When I can drag Slim back out to a match I'll see if we can get over to Sparta and maybe we can meet up there. Now you've gotten me trying to think of another shooter From the Chicago area who was at St. Jude's match. Tall thin guy with a big white mustache. He used to shoot with Chicago Steely and constantly give him a hard time. He passed several years ago from cancer. I know Slim will remember. Apologies to Sgt. Smokepole for hi-jacking your thread. (And, if I neglected to say so already, welcome back to the Wire) Black Angus McPherson
  12. Rich, that's quite the Posse: Sgt. Smokepole, Zeb and Slim. FWIW, Slim tells me he hopes to be back shooting this Spring. I've been looking forward to that for some time now. He quit shooting about the time I switched over to BP and I have not yet had the chance to shoot CAS with him since the switch. Angus
  13. That's my plan. Mainly for my own benefit. Right now I own fewer than 100 small primer .45's so I know I'll be loading "regular" .45 ACP, too. Also, I don't shoot Wild Bunch so you guys that are sweating that you might get my cases don't have to worry. I had to buy some .45 ACP cartridges when I bought the gun. I've never had a .45 ACP before now. I guess I need to start paying attention to see who is selling .45 ACP with small primers. BTW, if any of you guys are thinking about trashing the small primer .45's you have, you can send 'em to me. That simplifies things for me a lot. Thanks, Angus
  14. I've just started loading .45 ACP and I'm planning on using cases with small primers. Why? Because I have a bunch of small pistol primers and not so many large pistol primers. The question: Do you use the same loading data for .45 ACP with small primers as with large primers? Right now I'm planning on loading 4 grains of Bullseye with a 200 grain RNFP (Cowboy) bullet. I don't recall at the moment what reloading guide I got that from. I think it shows pressure at ~9800 and velocity ~700 fps. Next question: I regularly size my .45's to .452". Do I need to size them down to .451" for .45 ACP or does that extra .001" really make a difference. I've got some Bullseye, Unique, W231 and Accurate #5 I may use for the ACP later. What are some of your favorite loads. Using the above 200 gr. RNFP. I think I have a mold for a regular LRN I may try at some point, if I can find the mould. Thanks, Angus
  15. OK, per Hatcher, a ".30 caliber" (probably .30-06) bullet will reach ~9000' in ~18 seconds. In about another 31 seconds it will return to the Earth at a speed of ~300fps. That puts a total flight time at about 49 seconds. That answers my original question. I would disagree that the average .30 cal. rifle projectile is harmless at 300 fps. I have seen car roofs dented and windshields broken by 9mm/.38 cal. bullets on New Years day. But I have been struck by too many shotgun pellets on dove fields and would agree that the average birdshot at extreme range is barely noticeable. Although I'm not about to volunteer to be a test subject. Noz, I'd bet that "hail" during TET was a bit, um, unnerving. I imagine it would be similar to sitting in a tank and hearing incoming rounds bounce off the armor. Glad you made it home. I gotta admit, I am a little disappointed. In reply I thought I'd get two pages of math that looked like the dry erase boards on "The Big Bang Theory" I could not even begin to understand. It could even have been total BS and I'd have never known. Angus
  16. The annual warnings against shooting guns up into the air to celebrate the new year, and the evidence last night that so many people were ignoring those warnings, got me to wondering. If I hear a shot, how long until I might hear it hit my roof? IF a person were to fire a rifle, say a .30-06 150gr. bullet at 2700fps, straight up into the air, how long would it take to return to earth? How long on its way up and how long on the way down? How about a 115gr. 9mm at 1100 fps? 200 gr. .45 at 800fps? Pick a bullet and a muzzle velocity and tell me about its flight time. Somebody with a whole lot more math skill than I will have to figure that out. Angus
  17. Wow. Glad you're ok. Sorry about the truck, but better it than you. Angus
  18. Many years ago when I was little more than a tyke, I was with a few other kids, most older than me, sitting on the edge of a lake. One of the kids had a pocket full of .22's, about 4" of pipe and something like a sterno can. He would rest the pipe on a rock, insert a .22, light the sterno and place it under the end of the pipe. After several seconds the cartridge would "bloop" sending the bullet about 20 yards out into the lake and the casing flying out the back end of the pipe. When that got boring he placed a small rock behind the pipe to hold the casing in place. That time he got a loud "CRACK", the bullet flew out to parts unknown and the pipe fell off it's little rock platform. After that he decided maybe this wasn't a good idea and stopped. That said, I believe it is entirely possible to fire a .32 cartridge out of a pipe barrel at lethal velocity using a soldering iron to apply heat and some resistance to the rear of the cartridge. There would still be powder residue inside the pipe barrel and, probably, gunshot residue on the hand(s) of the shooter. Does that answer your question Alpo? I mean Tex? Angus
  19. I watched it today. They tried real hard to turn it into a "MA" rating. That was a real turn off if it wants to be a Christmas movie in my book. Interesting, but I won't be wasting my time watching it again. Angus
  20. From my grandmother: "He couldn't pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heel." Angus
  21. My guess was the badger went after the snake and the snake was fighting back. Angus
  22. Yeah, it was the long way around, but the hills were lower. Angus
  23. Did you cock the hammer fully before levering or not cock the hammer at all before levering? Angus
  24. If I recall correctly, he would also stuff a couple phone books under the vest to ease up the blunt force trauma. I still get a kick out of the reporters that would allow themselves to get shot while holding a vest in front of them. Then drop the vest and start screaming and cussing like a sailor because they had no idea how much it was still going to hurt. I remember one guy saying "Now this is just a .22" before the shot and a long "bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep" on the tv. Damn! That still makes me laugh. For the OP. Yes, I would replace the vest. Angus
  25. I knew that part. I did not know that the brass framed '51 Navy was actually a copy of a real gun. I always thought it was just a cheap way to market a copy of the '51 Navy for modern consumers. Has it ever been advertised in the modern market as a "Schneider and Glassick"? I've only ever seen them listed as copies of the 1851 Colt Navy. The similarity makes perfect sense considering S&G were trying to copy Colt's Navy. I have a brass framed Navy that is broken. I've been meaning to put it on a wall placque. I'll have to tag it as a Schneider and Glassick. That ought to peak some interest. I done learnt somethin' today. Thanks folks. Angus
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