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  1. I've also been a life member for more years than I can remember. I still get the magazine, but I don't think I've gotten a new membership card since I went life. Angus
  2. I heard a neat trick for depriming Berdan primed cases: Get a dowel rod roughly the diameter of the case mouth, fill the case, partially, with water, start the dowel rod down the case and whack it with a hammer. Oh, yeah, you need to center the primer over a hole in a piece of scrap wood, or something, for the primer to have room to come out. I'm not sure how you would reprime it, unless you have Berdan primers to replace the one removed. I don't think a "modern" primer would fit in the space evacuated by the Berdan primer. Missed it by that much. Goody beat me to the draw. Angus
  3. We had a vet that always brought her dog along. When she came out to geld a couple horses for us her overfed yellow lab got a couple of the no longer needed parts tossed to her when they were removed. She caught them and swallowed them in a heartbeat. It obviously wasn't the first time the dog was fed such treats. The pup didn't get the other two as they were pretty large and the vet was afraid the dog would choke on them. It was... "interesting". I wasn't expecting to see that. Angus
  4. If I didn't already have one (well, mine ain't slicked up) I'd be sorely tempted. And who the heck would want those side plates swapped out for plain ones? If somebody DOES buy it and wants the old side plates on it, you can send the scratched up ones to me. I'll put them on my rifle. BTW, I can't quite make out the engraving on the bolt cover. It looks kinda like a "T -1" or "T -" to me. What does that mean? Angus
  5. I tried it a couple times back when I was a kid. I liked it. Actually, I've been thinking about trying it again, but I'm not sure how it would turn out using Diet instead of full strength Dr. Pepper. Angus
  6. Having known a few folks from "Minnie-soda" I wouldn't have been surprised if her reply had been: "So was I." Although, she would have likely been also wearing shoes and a T-Shirt. If the snow is "slushy" it can't be all that cold. Angus
  7. I agree. Those are all valid reasons why a percussion cap alone won't push a ball out of the chamber. I've just been wondering if anyone had any experience with it ever actually happening. So far, the answer is no. That is really the answer I expected, but it is in the realm of possibility that I could, someday, be wrong. Aw, heck, I was just funnin'. Tweren't no offense taken, nor meant, by me at all. Merry Christmas everyone. Angus
  8. This has [de]volved into a much more entertaining thread than I expected. I found great humor in it when the discussion turned to the use of substitutes instead of real BP. I had said nothing about real BP vs. Subs. For what it's worth I use real BP in my CB revolvers. Griff mentioned having a ball stuck in the forcing cone after a light charge, or partial charge, was ignited by the cap. That seems to be a "real" squib. But doesn't quite answer the question about only the percussion cap going off. Cowtown Scout admonished me that if only the cap goes off and does not ignite the charge it isn't a squib. I can get behind that argument. But, pushing my own post further off topic, what would you call it? Failure to fire? The cap fired. What would you call a cartridge that only fires the primer, does not ignite the powder charge, but still pushes the bullet out of the chamber? Isn't that a squib? What if the primer fires but does not push the bullet out of the chamber? What's that? I am not the least upset by the turn of the conversation, so please feel free to comment on any portion that sparked an interest in you. I am still interested in knowing if anyone has had only the power of a percussion cap push a proper sized bullet out of the chamber of a Cap and Ball revolver. Thanks, Angus
  9. There have been a couple threads about squibs lately, and it got me wondering about Cap and Ball guns. I have had a few, maybe several, times in the last few years when the cap on my C&B guns have popped but did not ignite the powder charge. I have never had the experience of such a Failure to Fire pushing the bullet even partially out of the chamber. Frankly, I've never heard of another C&B shooter complaining of such a phenomenon. Yet, I think we've all heard of such occurrences with cartridge guns. My question is for all Cap and Ball shooters - Have you ever had an instance when the percussion cap went off, failing to ignite the powder charge, which resulted in the bullet being pushed out of the chamber? Just wondering, Angus
  10. Not really a football related question, but, why were officers doing pushups on the sidelines? I wasn't paying close attention to the game and at one point I noticed several (half-dozen?) officers (gold braided epaulets) on the sidelines doing pushups. What's up with that? Did they get gigged for having a dirty uniform? Are they doing the pushups for players on their team that incurred a penalty on the field? Angus
  11. My understanding is that the people of Japan are not allowed to own swords. If they own a sword they have to keep it out of the country and just visit it on occasion. Kind of like if they want to shoot a gun. You can't in Japan, but you can if you want to take a trip to a freer country, like the USA. They should have had a National Sword Association. I have a Wakasashi (short sword) brought back by the Uncle of a friend of mine. The blade's age was estimated to be around 200 years old and the tsuba (hand guard) was estimated to be around 400 years old. It also appears to have been cut down from a full sized katana. I understand it was not uncommon to repurpose a longer blade that had been broken. I am not an expert. These are just a couple things I've picked up here and there. The tang of the blade appears to be signed and the tsuba also has some writing (Japanese, of course) on it where it is covered by the grip. Wish I knew more of the history for it. Meanwhile, it's a cool piece of history and conversation piece. Angus
  12. Strikeman Laser Firearm Training System Has anyone here had any experience with this system? My son has expressed an interest in getting one for Christmas. They are a little pricey if they are just crap. What do you all think? Worth the money or not? It may be a little late to get one in time for Christmas anyway, but I thought I'd ask. Thanks, Angus
  13. Years of dealing with drunks started me referring to beer as "stupid in a bottle". Angus
  14. I'm confused. Why not just grab any other, full, magazine and do the same thing? I don't see the advantage of the partially loaded "dummie" mag. I can see myself grabbing the partial magazine instead of a full magazine if I got in a hurry. Angus, who's thought about it, but never shot in a Wild Bunch match.
  15. Oh, for the love of God! What in the bottommost pit of the 9th hell is that thing?
  16. The new (to me at least) trick around here is buskers playing an electric instrument hooked to a speaker. The guy I saw here was playing an electric violin. The scam is that they aren't actually playing the instrument. The speaker is actually hooked up to a CD player or some such and they are only pretending to play the violin.
  17. Thanks. That makes much more sense. Apparently I did not understand Alpo's post correctly. Yeah, the comment about putting a gun on your dashboard was a joke. It's only in Texas where you're supposed to do that. It identifies you as a native Texan. (That's a joke, too )
  18. I have lots of questions. If I understand correctly, you are saying that in FL WITH a concealed carry permit, you cannot carry your weapon between the bucket seats, under your leg, in the driver's door pocket, or a magnet under your dashboard because the cops can't see it there? But, if you are carrying on your person in a shoulder holster or belt holster it's ok if it's concealed from the cops by your shirt or jacket? Or, you could just leave it on top of your dash where the cop can see it? I'm not saying that's not true, because there are some pretty stupid laws out there, but I cannot follow the logic. Is that something you actually read in the law, or is that something you were told in a CCW class or by a Law Enforcement Officer? What would be the charge? I guess, in a stretch, I could, maybe, see it as some type of Improper Transportation of a Firearm violation, but that would be a real stretch. Unless you've got a real NJ zealot type anti-gun prosecutor I don't see any charges being issued. You do have me wondering, tho. Angus p.s. I'm assuming the non-hi-lighted areas of your comment apply to persons who do not have a concealed carry permit.
  19. I find it hard to understand why people care so much about such a minor thing. It's not like you don't know what they are referring to. .45 Colt or .45 Long Colt I barely notice the difference. Now, when people start talking about their Colt .45 I begin wondering just what they are talking about. I think it was Monte Walsh who said: "You cain't have no idea how little I care." Angus
  20. Had a guy on a motorcycle run from a traffic stop ~0230. He took off. ZOOM! Gone. Well, he was found around the next bend with his head buried in the trunk of a parked car. He couldn't make the turn. DRT. He hit so hard it actually split his helmet. I'm sure the ticket would have cost less than his funeral. What a stupid shame.
  21. "Proof of U.S. Citizenship" Now, there's something I've always wondered about. Just how does one do that? I would guess that a US passport would suffice, but, what if you don't have a passport? Driver's License? Social Security Card? Birth certificate? Gas bill? It reminds me of Cheech Marin's song "Born in East LA".
  22. Thanks. But I'm still wondering - Why is/was there a need to differentiate the two?
  23. I was reading a magazine article and it mentioned "Regular Army", "Army of the US" and how certain Division numbers were reserved for "Regular Army" and others were for "Army of the US". BTW, this article was about WW II units. FWIW it also mentioned National Guard, but it was the RA and AUS the got me wondering. My questions are: What is the difference between "Regular Army" and "Army of the US"? What determines if a soldier is "Regular Army" or "Army of the US"? WHY is there a difference between the two? Why not just "The Army"? What if a soldier is transferred from an "Army of the US" unit to a "Regular Army" unit, or vice versa? Do "Regular Army" soldiers get some sort of benefit not given to the Army of the US soldiers. I recall watching movies where one soldier refers to another as "Regular Army" but it always seemed like it was used as a derogatory. like calling him a career soldier or stickler for doing things "The Army way". Angus
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