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  1. I'm going to pile on with the "It's too dangerous to make your own black powder" crowd. Use it, load it, fine. No problem. Reloading is a breeze and as long as you pay attention to what you're doing you'll be fine. But you can do everything "right" while making black powder and still blow yourself up. Some years back a man and his son were making black powder to put in shotshells for blanks. The end result was their house was burned down and the man died. I don't recall the injuries to his teenage son. Really not worth the risk IMO. FWIW I shoot BP in cap and ball pistols as well as loaded into shotshells and cartridges for my rifle for SASS. Store bought. More consistent than home made and a lot safer. Tell your son, legal doesn't mean it's safe. Black Angus McPherson
  2. OK, I'll take your word for it. Angus
  3. I missed that one. If it comes back around I may have to watch it. Although, I'm sure the book will still be better than the movie. Angus
  4. Wait! There were TWO movies? I saw the one with Sting and Patrick Stewart. Is that the first one or the second one? Angus
  5. MIS = Military Intelligence Service. How incredibly obvious. Yet, I still, somehow, managed to miss it. I guess I can skip sending them my resume. Move along, nothing to see here. Angus
  6. Sarival Slim, I'll take the Priming tool. And, if .38 Short Colt is the same as .38 S&W (I think it is) I'll take that, too. Thanks, Angus
  7. I love mine. I always said if I ever found a 9mm as small as a .380 I'd buy it. I ran across the P938 and was impressed. Great shooter, less recoil than I expected from a tiny 9 and has not missed a lick since I got it. I've had it about 3 years now. Let us know what you decide on for an IWB holster. I've just been using the plastic holster that came with mine when I got it. Angus
  8. Some of this extreme stupid has been around for a while. 20+ years ago some punk in St. Louis popped off a bunch of rounds from a handgun at a couple cops. They chased him down, caught him and recovered the gun. The prosecutor wouldn't file charges against the punk because the gun was empty when they recovered it. So, I guess, as long as you can fire off all you're ammo before you get caught you're good to go. SMDH Angus
  9. No. Absolutely not. Liberals already spend enough time and energy trying to hold innocent gun owners responsible for the actions of others. Angus
  10. I'm so sad to hear this. He will certainly be missed. Angus
  11. I've met lots of Kings, Queens, Princesses, at least one Prince, a few Royals, several Precious' and, I think, three Majors, but none of those are the "weird" names. I also worked with a James Kirk, a Don (Donald) Duck and Ronald McDonald. Almost forgot, Ray Darr. Suomi, I used to regularly have contact with a Ludmila until I got moved to a different area at work. My mother's name was Treasure. The only Treasure I've ever met. Yep, there's a story there. Angus
  12. I know what you mean. I had a period correct, 4th generation Colt, calvary model (from just after the war of northern aggression), in .45 Long Colt and some guy called it a Remmie. I was pretty annoyed and thought about grabbing my shotty and putting a couple boolets in his butt. Then I thought: Life's too short to sweat the small stuff and went on my way. Angus
  13. If I may offer another idea, instead of messing with fillers and such, why not try a smaller case/cartridge? .45 Schofield or .45 Cowboy Special ("Cowboy .45 Special"? "Special .45 Cowboy"? whatever) both hold less powder than .45 Colt reducing the recoil while you can still get the "boom". Either will work fine in a .45 Colt caliber revolver. The Schofield may, and the .45 CS probably won't cycle in a rifle without modification. Angus
  14. I might could offer an opinion if'n I knowed what was an "Old Slapout holster". Never heared of such a thing. Angus
  15. I liked the part where pelosi was "caught with vodka at 11 AM in church." She should have waited until after noon like the rest of us. Angus
  16. That reminds me of an old recipe from my (Great?) grandmother that began: "Start with .50 cents of beef roast..." and ended with: "Feeds 6 to 8" Angus
  17. I missed the change. Who was you was? Angus Never mind. Just saw the capture on Forty Rods reply. Congratulations on the new AKA Country Wildman.
  18. It self-identifies as a .44 Magnum. How dare you question it's self-identification, you filthy caliberists. Angus
  19. I have a bunch on VHS. Now, if I only had a VCR..... Angus
  20. A friend of mine set his computer to Curly Joe from the 3 Stooges saying: "I'm trying to think but nothing happens" Angus
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