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  1. I never thought about the folks wanting it for suppressed guns. How is it marked? Does it say "Standard" velocity? All mine has some indication that it is super-duper powerful and really, really extra fast .22 ammo. It probably says something about the actual promised velocity. I should probably look. Angus
  2. Sorry to sidetrack the thread, but (I'm gonna do it anyway), where does one find .22 Long or .22 Short ammo? .22 LR is the standard, now and is all I've seen on the shelves for years. I've begun to wonder ever since I was told an old rifle I have should only be shot using "Standard" velocity .22 LR, .22 Long or .22 Short. I don't even know what "Standard" velocity is for a .22 LR. I do know that all the .22 LR ammo I have is called "Hyper" velocity or some such name indicating the bullets are extra fast. I haven't seen .22 Longs or Shorts since I was a kid. So, who's got .22
  3. I can't tell if they are flaired out or if they have an oversized platter, uh, shoe on them. I know if any of our horses had hooves that looked like that we'd be on the phone with the farrier to get them trimmed. Actually, I'd probably just trim them myself. Our horses don't get shod. Putting on horse shoes would be way above my pay grade. Angus
  4. It may be fun, but it just doesn't have the history attached to it that an M1 Carbine has. Commercial M1 Carbines (Plainfield?) put me off a little, too, for the same reason. Plus, I kind of balk at buying anything labeled "PC". Kind of like buying a car called a KIA. Angus
  5. I hope she still lets you shoot it on occasion. Angus
  6. I caught part of a tv news story the other day talking about a "Reverse Gold Rush". Apparently a lot of folks from CA (They called it an "exodus") are moving out and a favorite destination seems to be Missouri. My first thought was "aw, crap. There goes the neighborhood." I can only hope the libs find someplace else, I recommend Illinois, and MO gets more of you folks on the SASS wire. Apologies to my IL pards. My daughter and son-in-law are in CA. They should stay. Their politics fit right in. Angus
  7. I've always wanted an M-1 Carbine. A friend of mine had one back when I was in High School. Lots of fun. I just can't justify the expense, now. They've gotten way overpriced for me. It's basically a high powered .22. (Yes, I know it's a .30 cal.) Lot's of fun, cool gun, but no real purpose other than plinking. Angus
  8. You got me wondering, if someone did take it out to the back 40 and "pull the pin" setting off the fuse, is it still illegal to own? If it's been fired. Isn't it kind of like the casing from a fired artillery shell or LAWS tube? What about the dead fuse system in dummy grenades? What about smoke grenades? I seem to recall seeing smoke grenades for sale at gun shows some years ago. I know re-enactment groups still use smoke grenades. I have no idea where they get them. Are the fuses for fragmentation grenades different from the fuse for a smoke grenade? I understand how a li
  9. Having had to take a bus a time or two, I feel confident in saying that EVERYPLACE is farther by bus. Angus
  10. I know folks use both the Ballard rifling and the Micro-Groove rifling. Some say you should avoid Micro-Groove for lead bullets, some say it makes no difference. I say I don't have the expertise to tell you which, if either, is best. Likewise, I don't know how the barrels are marked. Glad I could help. Angus
  11. I have a Marlin 1894 Cowboy Model in .45 Colt. For a short while I was shooting .45 S&W (Schofield) in both my pistols and my rifle. Never had a problem with the Marlin shooting either cartridge. No modification done to the rifle at all. FWIW I shot a 200 grain RNFP in the .45 S&W and 250 grain RNFP in the .45 Colt. Welcome to the game. You're going to have a blast. Angus
  12. I don't mean to be thick headed, but I'm still a little cloudy on this. Supposing the poor guy gets shot fighting in some Sandistan somewhere but doesn't die. He is transported back to a hospital in the states where he dies a month later from his injuries. He isn't "medically retired" at the time so his family is not entitled to benefits? But in the same circumstances, if he gets "medically retired" before he dies they ARE entitled to benefits? IF that is the case, at what point does someone decide to "medically retire" a person? What if he only makes it back to a MASH unit?
  13. Still confused. If he died on active duty there are no survivor's benefits? That makes no sense to me. Please elaborate.
  14. What is the advantage of having the serviceman medically retired before his death? It must be something, otherwise why go to all the trouble to have it done? Was he on duty at the time of the accident, or on leave? Does that even make a difference? You have filled me with questions. Angus
  15. Building and flying remote control planes. Why? Because it looks cool and everyone needs more than one hobby that pushes them to financial bankruptcy. I already shoot. One more expensive hobby is sure to put me in the poor house. Angus
  16. At a rifle/pistol range I tend to mind my own business. It seems presumptuous, if not rude, to walk into another persons booth and tell them they're doing "it" wrong. If asked, I'm happy to help. If shooting skeet, and it appears another shooter could use some advice, I'll offer my help. If they decline I'll go back to minding my own business. I'd like to think that in a situation described in the story, while sitting and waiting for a shooting lane, I'd offer some help. Angus p.s. If I see them doing something downright dangerous I'd mention it to them or bring it to th
  17. If holiday is on Pickup day/Friday, trash will be picked up Saturday. We usually get an email message from the company reminding us that trash pickup will be delayed a day. We get once a week trash pickup.
  18. Two, yes, two, Star Lubri-sizers. I honestly can't remember if I gave them away or just threw them in the trash. I got them in a pile of gun stuff a bunch of years ago. I didn't really know what they were at that time and I'm not sure if they were complete or missing a couple parts. If parts were missing they were probably in amongst the other stuff I got at the same time. While I was into reloading I did not, and no intentions to, cast bullets. I started regretting getting rid of them when I first started casting bullets for CAS. I REALLY started regretting getting rid of th
  19. I've got to disagree with Cyrus. I carried a Beretta 92FS for about 20 years in a 27 year LEO career. I never had a problem with the pistol or any magazines. Some guys did have problems with magazines that were dropped too many times on concrete floors during training. How many here regularly drop their pistol magazines on concrete? If you do I bet you have problems, too. One of the most accurate pistols I've shot. I agree that the DA/SA trigger takes some getting used to. I never had a problem with it. Any new trigger pull takes some time to get used to. It has
  20. I've tried three: Silencer Smooth "Light Roast", Freedom Fuel "Dark Roast", and Liberal Tears "Medium Roast" My favorite is Silencer Smooth, but Freedom Fuel is also good. Funnily enough, Liberal Tears tasted a little bitter to me. I got Silencer Smooth and Freedom Fuel in whole bean form while Liberal Tears was pre-ground. I don't know if that had anything to do with the taste. I was given these as a gift and I am unfamiliar with the other coffees. Such as "CAF". What is "CAF"? Angus
  21. H.K., I can't answer your question, but I have a question for you. Why won't the brass made by Starline fit in an original .56-50 Spencer? Angus
  22. Looks like a Grease Gun to me. One of you guys that can blow up pictures to the size of a garage wall ought to be able to confirm. (And maybe give the serial number ) Angus
  23. Dang! I don't mind putting some range on my rifle shots, but I might have to cut down the barrels on my Colt Navys if the pistol targets get any closer. Angus
  24. Looks like there's a lot of good info there. The only problem I see at first glance is that I'll need to do some research on the bullets they're talking about. They keep referencing mould designs (i.e. 311408, 315229 or some such number that means nothing to me) and no mention of bullet weight. I have the bullets, but no idea what mould they were made with. Thanks, I'll do a deeper dive later when I've got a little more time. Angus
  25. Pat Riot, Thanks for the info, but it doesn't mention shooting them in an M-1. OLG, That's my concern and why I asked. My only .30-06 is an M-1. Sedalia Dave, "The Load" is mentioned as used in an M-1, but for "Single-load, slow fire". I'm not planning on using it for competition, just for fun. Having to single load a Garand pretty much kills the fun of it. Thanks, also, to everyone else that commented. I thought I had checked my Lee manual. I'll have to double check. Maybe that's the book I can't find. Angus
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