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  1. Always thought I needed one just in case a T-Rex crossed my path...
  2. I have used it in Rifle shotgun and pistol. Still have all my fingers. I do believe the Goex dealer told me it is not screened or coated but still real BP. Seemed like it maybe a little louder??? At the distance that we shoot, no need to worry about accuracy. Buddy used it every year for his annual venture into the darkside.
  3. try adding more Goex. Think your load might be a little on the light side to reset the primers.
  4. By chance do you have your old dies? Sounds like you might have two issues going on at the same time.
  5. Do like the HH Packers. Have a plain pair and one insulated. Very hard to get real cowboy boots to fit when one foot is a sizer larger. Good wear out of them.
  6. Did get dumb lucky and bought a case of Pinacle just before the announcement that it would no longer be made. Should have bought two. Helps when the Goex dealer is just 3 hours or so away.
  7. Sure does makes my lifetime purchase of Goex look even better at $8 a pound. It might be more than a few years back.
  8. Just make sure the projectile touches the powder stack. 35 grains of H 777 will roar
  9. Maybe not the CB model but they did have a model with most of the same features. My shoulder says no more way before that huge case is full of that heathen smokeless powder. A soft 400 grain HP at 1700 -1800 is impressive and tend to vaporize close up prairie dogs. Just fits right under your leg while on a pony...
  10. Wow talk about inflation. Wife paid 250 brand new for my Christmas gift a few years back. 36 years back
  11. Very confused - not enough coffee yet. What size sport coat do you wear? This might help us figure out what size it should be marked.
  12. The difference between Gold and Silver in any sport often times is the mental game, especially in the top world events such as the Olympics.
  13. bigger bullet and more velocity = more recoil. I have the lc9 and was a little bit surprised at the muzzle rise. Cannot change the physics Just learn to shoot your carry arm
  14. Playing Cowboys and Indians with real guns and bullets usually gets people's attention.
  15. Have you considered the laser inserts?
  16. At the top level of sports, the difference between first and second, usually comes down to the mind game.
  17. Really like the $400 price I paid on the first one. Took it home and shot it and immediately called the dealer and asked if he would hold the other one. No problem with the smoke standard on the 40 S&W with subs. Very easy on the recoil and muzzle flip not any greater than 38 wimp loads. CC on the 38/40 and real BP also very pleasant to shoot. Think I paid around 800 for a back up model with the 5 1/2 barrel. Wife bought into needing a backup for a Ruger. Right Since they only made 500 or so, a few years back they started around $2k. Would not fool around if you want what I feel is the big sleeper round for cowboy shooting. Not sure how there was less felt recoil but later videos against a brick wall background did sort of confirm the recoil vs. 38 loads. About the only failure with that combo, did miss a big buck out of a tree stand in MO a few years back. Big enough and so close, that it had to be a Ruger problem
  18. Don't ask how I know, but 44Mag brass does neck size up and fire in 45 LC. Little bit on the ugly side but had to try it.
  19. just poking the coals but, Mossberg calls it a Birdshead Grip and not a pistol grip. If I wanted to fit it to my 97, would be legal? That model list does make a bunch of sense.
  20. OK, thanks to all on the pictures. Very helpful. .Always used pumps before getting into this game.
  21. Interesting comments. 'Since I do not have a dolls head and not sure that I ever have looked at one, any pictures to help us understand what the heck you are talking about?
  22. As you can tell from the answers, the only thing that differs, one does put you closer to the target. Go to a shoot with whatever you have and shoot. Somebody there will most likely have the other size and see what feels better in your hand. Even if you only have 3 out the 4 weapons, just go and get started.
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