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  1. dump a scoop of baby powder in the bag seemed to help from sticking in the shot measure on the reloader
  2. 350 lead seems like it was a nice balance out of my Marlin. Not sure on fps but good enough for almost anything ranging from beer cans to white tails in the timber. Still easy on shoulder.
  3. I was supposed to get a few of grandpa' and dads firearms. My drunk brother claims he had to sell them to pay medical expenses. BS! Just last Month in front of all I handed out guns to great grand kids. 22 single shot was taller than my G Grand daughter. One G great grandson did not know about what is a Weatherby. Bet he does by the time I pass. Do it today it was well worth the smiles...
  4. its the 4th of July! I can help give you ideas about disposing of the BP...
  5. Back in the late 60' the fad was to load the HB Wadcutters backwards for a defense load in 2" 38 Impressive in soft mud. Very easy to control and accurate.enough for close in work. CAUTION not good on frogs if you plan to eat them ;-)
  6. Able to load and shoot wadcutters in all my Marlins 357 and 32. Think that they will work in my 44 as well. Make an ideal small game load for the pot when out deer hunting. Thumps bunnies and grouse big and hard. Very impressive when you knock a grouse out of a tree with a head shot. Only able to do this because they are so accurate.
  7. GOEX X 6 Will clean bore out and the powder fouling on front of your cylinder.
  8. It may also help you obtain discounts from gun supplies companies
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