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  1. It makes my day when the RO starts to moan and tries to hand off the timer! And this is with standard field loads on my Terminator 1901.
  2. When pigs fly! But put me down for two ...
  3. load one over the top also works like the 97. Holding the gun into the shoulder with the lever.
  4. Used both shotgun and batwings. Shot a hot state meet in Utah with shotgun chaps and cut off shorts because I forgot my blue jeans. Had my boots but forgot to throw in any socks since I drove wearing flip flops. Had to borrow some transgender socks from a fine lady. Gave the batwings to my son since they were heavy working leather type. When grease and waxed up, the shotgun chaps are used as wind/rain pants when riding in the High Uintas on my mules. Never got the protection from melting snow or rain while riding with the batwings!
  5. New rifle - go with the 38/40. Great BP caliber legal in all classes. Lighter bullet for recoil recovery. You have a big hole and smaller bullet for the funnel effect. Cases can be made easily from 44/40. Paired up with a couple of 38/40 dual conversion 40 S&W pistols Cowboy!
  6. I went to the 38/55 because recoil was becoming an issue with both my Marlin and Rolling block in the 45/70. Highly recommetnd the 38/55. There are factory and handloads that take this into another realm for hunting if you think you need it. Orginal Factory spec ammo works fine for deer hunting.
  7. https://www.leverguns.com/articles/paco/3220wcf.htm tin can all the way up to bear loads
  8. I also experience almost the same, but had the SG barrel sticking out of the box.
  9. actually only need two. 44 can be made to go into the 45, U don't need to ask how I know this...
  10. life is to short to be using different bullets in rifle and pistols. Used the 200 in both and did not have trouble with blow back and a full case of BP.
  11. using Lil'Gun. had to back off just a little from published data to get rid of the crack. Using the Lee mold for this round which might explain the increase of velocity.
  12. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-01-27/obama-issued-massive-ammunition-ban-just-one-day-he-left-office
  13. Thoughts on this actually going through. I was going to buy a suppressor, but I am leaning to wait, hoping it might pass. Seems like the waiting period went from a few months to 6 or so. Wait or get the paper work started... what do you think?
  14. We have about 5 feet on the North side where the snow slides off the roof. Currently at 210% of normal and 3 months to go. Could be interesting when it does melt.
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