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  1. Memory not what it use to be, but think it was at the laundry. Stage called for shooting through the laundry (shed) to targets beyond. A bunch of straw was stored inside and set to one side. Not the most pleasant smell.
  2. A rolled crimp on the drill press will give almost if not the same profile. Will also take the cheap plastic shells and melt them into nice looking crimp. Same with the AA with the folds no longer holding. Melt them back and good for one more go. The taper is very visible even to the naked eye.
  3. Not sure what year but the call went out at Colo State BP one year at Rifle. All Males front and center, females about face. Straw bales were smoking.
  4. No flames and stinks is my biggest complaint about the APP and Pinacle powders. Smoke is not an issue
  5. throw in a big boom and a puff of smoke and the spotters not paying attention will give you a miss with the lighter bullets and BP.
  6. When people noticed the 32 recoil is often times more than a 38, think the trend faded. Lighter gun seems to magnify the recoil impulse and seems to results in more muzzle rise. Talking about the Single Six framed 32's. Still have not fired my full sized RV and lucky to find a second Marlin that has not been fired yet.
  7. Not sure why but it will clean the smoke rings from the end of revolver cylinder after shooting smokeless powders. Think it might be the same as sand blasting using hot carbon.
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