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  1. Alpo you have just now decided the world is insane?? Y'all been hibernating?
  2. I am rich. I have a greatwife, super dog, had great horses and about $16.00 in my wallet.
  3. Do that and the jury might laugh, but the Judge will not think its a bit funny. And you don't want to piss off the Judge.
  4. I used it and it really helped my arthritis but it sure was expensive. I found the more you use it the more effect it has on pain.
  5. Sorry I missed that part of it. Don't watch NFL anymore.
  6. I forgive and forget if I can shoot the SOB.
  7. I NEVER borrow or shoot anything in my guns that I haven't loaded or is factory. A friend had a 2nd generation Colt in 45 Colt and was given a bunch of re loaded ammo. His 5th shot blew his gun up. Ruined a great gun, and he had just bought it. I decided then never to use anyones ammo but mine and factory.
  8. A vehicle can be replaced, you not so easy. Glad you are ok.
  9. And we have 'goatheads' everywhere so you can't walk barefoot, scorpions, rattlesnakes, its very windy , like 40 mph is just a breeze to us. And dangerous cause everyone is carrying a gun. You wont like it here.
  10. We don't watch NFL anymore, so it really doesn't matter.
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