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  1. Wait till the first day of winter! Climate change at its worst or best depending whether you like snow.
  2. I have found proof of climate change. It has bothered everyone for some time but I, wise that I am, found it. Fall starts on Sept. 23!! Now that we have that settled we can all stop worrying about it.
  3. I think back to WW2. We said keep out of europes wars and look what happened. BUT that being said I don't think we should go to war anywhere with the current politicians in the congress. IF we go to war we should go to win. Not just meet force with equal force. Bomb them back to the stone age, and then GET THE HECK OUT!!! Sadly I think our days of fighting wars to win are over.
  4. Colt SA 45 Colt Winchester 92 44-40 Colt commander 45 ACP, and .22 LR M1 Garand
  5. yeah that's country, but somewhere it got lost to slow rock lately.
  6. My Colt Commander with the .22 LR conversion kit. Takes 5 minutes to switch slides. And I get to shoot the same gun that's my every day carry.
  7. We have 3 or 4 exercise stuff in our house. Makes great clothes hangers but I haven't lost any weight.
  8. I seem to remember something about the British trying to take the guns from the people in 1776. It turned out badly for the British.
  9. In Texas we do not have to list the weapon we carry after we attend an 8 hr class and demonstrate proficiency with a weapon. Some people borrow a firearm to shoot and later after getting the carry permit go buy a gun.
  10. Doc, Sorry for your pain and Beth's cancer. We are with you in our prayers.
  11. Disregard the folding knife. The Damascus blade knife is nicest blade I have. My granddaughter got my stag handle hand made knife cause she wanted it, but I will draw the line on this knife...unless she wants it too
  12. Thanks Pat, I never heard of it but I will darn sure tip a bottle in respect for it.
  13. I always called someone I respected 'sir' or 'ma'am'. Someone I didn't respect I called 'mister'. That's as far as my 'title' knowledge goes.
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