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  1. I know a few hombres whose blood will last longer than normal cause its preserved in alcohol.
  2. We are starting to take our selves too damn seriously. A joke is a joke. If its funny laugh and people shouldn't be so quick to be offended!! One of the Mexican American officers I worked with used to tell us how hot it was by saying "Its hotter than a $2 pistol at a Mexican wedding" He's call me Gringo and I'd call hin Hey mex. No one got offended.
  3. I have one sister that is a Trump disliker. She and I disagree on most everything political but we don't expect to change either of our minds so we still talk and discuss politics but understand we are two different beings and have the ability to t hink. We are family and that comes first over any political; situation.
  4. I was before cell phones, only had them in my last year or so. But I have never heard the term 'perp' used in reference to a suspect. And that's what we used in court or mixed company SUSPECT. In unofficial conversation over a beer or two we had other names we used. One of the more nicer names were 'maggot.
  5. The local VA here in Amarillo notified me that I could expect to get the vaccine in a week or 2. Since I'm 83 I'm probably near the top after staff and hosp. cases. Any other vets here been notified?
  6. There is still some resentment in the native American community for how we treated them in the past. Can't say I blame them.
  7. I fed my mom "chicken of the tree" in a taco once. Told her it was chicken. When she found out ( I will never forgive my sisters for tattling) if she could get a gun she'd have shot me.
  8. I have a .22 conversion kit for my Colt Commander 45 ACP. Works like a charm with Remington LR. Feeling the need to shoot a box or two.
  9. Thank you, as usual the info we get our SASS friends is fantastic. We are going from suddenlink cable to firestick. Again pards and pardettes, much obliged for your time to answer.
  10. Anybody use firestick instead of cable? How is it compared to cable? Our cable company Suddenlink, has hit a new low. We are thinking of changing.
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