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  1. Thanks Doc, interesting reading. Seems like Im not the only one to have a bad experience at GM.

  2. UB is probably shooting his M1 out his 'man cave' window, just to hear the ping and is too busy to mess with us hombres that don't have such a cool set up man cave.
  3. I really don't see much of a problem if Kalif. want to leave the US. Then when the people from Kalif want to visit or move to another state because their state is going down the drain they weill have to be vetted. Adios Kalif. I just feel sorry for the real Americans that have to put up with the liberal bs.
  4. Never owned a pair of loafers till I was about 55. Had boots as a kid and up until I went in the AF.
  5. .45 would be best but we have to accomadate the females, but I have carried a Sig P220 for about 5 years and its a great handgun. when we tested it we put 800+ rounds through it with out any cleaning or oiling between rounds. it didn't have a malfunction till 800+ ( I think 876 comes to mind) went through it. Personally when I was in the AF I carried a 1911. And today my carry weapon is a Colt combat commander (45ACP) which I have carried for about 15 years and its never let me down. I think the military made a big mistake when they went to the beretta. Just my humble opinion. Thanks for you
  6. Ive had Colt SA's all my life and have never broken a hammer spring. I don't really know what to tell you. good luck.
  7. In the Texas panhandle we can fit all 4 seasons in one day.
  8. Over paid, underworked, way out of touch with most American people at those award things. Who watches the awards? I have decided not to go to the theater to see a movie I want. I will wait till it comes out on DVD and watch it on my 52 inch TV. At least they wont make as much $ off of me that way. Its the only way I can combat their idiot ideas. They act like victims.
  9. Retired in 2003, moved a few years latter to a home in town, closer to my wifes work, and my only regret is I didn't do it sooner.
  10. I quit flying about 5 years ago because its too darn annoying going through the TSA crap. Not that we don't need security but someone ought to send the TSA agents to a manners class. Ive been a LEO for 30 years and never talked to anyone the way the TSA jerks talked to people.
  11. Im sure all the other idiots will speak up for more gun control. Obama is sure not going to let this go.
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