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  1. Never fear Pat, "lil birito" will really be spoiled. Probably more than I spoiled her mother..
  2. My granddaughter is a school teacher , and is taking a about 4 years off to raise her new daughter. Now I have a brand new lil girl to spoil! Her protection is my daughters dog, 'Grindle" who really loves "lil birito"
  3. Happy thanksgiving to all my pards and pardettes here.
  4. All you amigos and amigas I hope your turkey isn't as tuff as this one.
  5. Regardless how fast the police response is, they will most likely arrive to get evidence to convict your killer. My response time is always faster than the local police.
  6. The only pi really important to 'moi' is spelled 'pie'.
  7. At 82 Im always armed when I answer the door. Day or night.
  8. That's exactly why Im staying at home with my dog.
  9. I have a 12 cup coffee pot. I make 8 cups and that is one cup for me and 2 for my wife. When she is on a cruise with my daughter, I make all 12 cups and nuke em in our glass mugs. The mug never gets hot. Oh ifn yer wondering why I don't go on the cruise, I have to stay home with our dog. Life is so unfair...
  10. I wasn't referring to making a kid eat something they didn't like. I was referring to a kid saying "Yuck" and throwing himself on the floor. That crap didn't go in my dads home and it didn't go in mine.
  11. Brains, liver, feet, tongue, I do not eat. Thankfully my mom didn't cook that stuff. Most veggies I like, except ruddabagers, but good calf fries (mountain oysters) are a treat.
  12. Pard if y'all lived with my dad you'd a been a mighty hungry boy.!!! If I didn't like something I HAD to at least try it, but there was no going "yuck" and throwing my self on the floor.
  13. I've seen the Mac and cheese comercials on tv. The mom fixed salmon and they boy goes "Yuuuck" and throws himself on the floor. SO mom and dad fix mac and cheese for the little butt hole. If I did what that kid did I would be sent to my room with out supper and probably with a warmed backside. Is this what we are teaching our kids today?
  14. We (my, my son, and 2 friends were packing in the mountains on horseback, and at making camp the first evening I asked my son the get the 'church key' out of my saddle bags. my son was about 45 at the time. He looked at me like I was crazy and asked "Whats a church key". That's what happens when you have been brought up in the pop a top generation.
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