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  1. I have a .22 conversion kit for my Colt Commander 45 ACP. Works like a charm with Remington LR. Feeling the need to shoot a box or two.
  2. Thank you, as usual the info we get our SASS friends is fantastic. We are going from suddenlink cable to firestick. Again pards and pardettes, much obliged for your time to answer.
  3. Anybody use firestick instead of cable? How is it compared to cable? Our cable company Suddenlink, has hit a new low. We are thinking of changing.
  4. That could be the reason I only wear boots now. Well actually all my life.
  5. Got my first personal 1911 in 1958. Had one in the Air Police but they wouldn't let me take it home.
  6. I recall the first 1911 (colt) I bought cost me like $45. The shop owner said it was used but it looked new to me.
  7. I started using cream and sugar when I got in the military. Didn't even know that was an option growing up. But the habit held and I still use cream and sugar in my coffee. Tea? Sweet tea is the only tea I drink.
  8. Better to be a smart ass otherwise you'd be just an ass!;)
  9. Working the day shift in a mine. We came up around 4PM and in the change room our foreman told us the President had been shot!
  10. I would rather be in the Infantry than a B-17 or B-24.
  11. I always try to avoid buying ANYTHING made in China. And I am usually successful. But I got fooled once. The add said "made in the USA" when I received it, it had Chinese writing all over the package, and the origin of the pkg. was china.
  12. I believe the correct Spanish is "no Bueno" as I have used it a lot. ;>) (joke)
  13. My grandfather used to say that and never understood what he meant till I hit 83!
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