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  1. Nice to see a guy throw a hoolihan to catch a horse.
  2. I watched the first 2 shows. Very interesting shows. They have enough action and court room drama to keep me watching.
  3. Bad example is a term that is incorrect (for me). I consider myself a fun example. Of course smoking is out, and as for wenching, my little blonde ranch foreman or foreperson, is from muleshoe Tx, and those ladies don't tolerate their guy 'wenching' unless they are the wenches. I got wapped upside the head for looking at a pair of Blanchard spurs at a roping. Well they were on a girl wearing stretch gold lame' pants but it was the spurs that had my attention. any cowboy knows Blanchard spurs are very special. Still love my Crown and Forty Creek, and beer.
  4. Thanks for showing that. Carson Nat Forest has a herd of buffalo thanks to Ted Turner putting them behind regular barbed wire. That didn't even slow them down. A few years ago a group of guys camping close to us decided to make like "Dances with Wolves" and chase the buffalo. My pard told them that's not a good idea, but did they listen? No, so off they went. Came back riding double on a horse. Seems one moron ran at a bull buffalo, and the buff gutted his horse, pert near got the moron. They were from NJ so their license plates said. That's called learning the hard way. We thought too bad it was the horse that had to be shot.
  5. Sort of like selling New York pizza in Texas
  6. Spelling incorrectly is as bad as adding incorrectly.
  7. Even with good wood, a small fire, and under trees, if you're in indian country you're taking a big risk. Eat yer cold jerky and drink water so you may survive to have coffee again later.
  8. y'all got a good looking buddy there. I wish him a long life with you. One lucky dog.
  9. I've heard tell sea horses are really hard to break to saddle. I don't reckon I'm cowboy enough to try that.
  10. If I can't get there by horseback probably ain't gonna go.
  11. I could do the 1920 trip, but I wouldn't be caught dead in the first pic.
  12. Well Pat, yer sticking up for Calif. , that's a good thing I reckon, but no one from Texas moved to Calif to screw it up. There sure ain't much we can do to help y'all out there in calif. except give ya moral support. Don't know how much good that does you in the long run. You seem a mite upset over my comment said it jest. I didn't mean to offend you and if I did I apologize. Sad to say most of us don't hear much good about your state, all we hear is bad stuff. Wish I could do more but all I can give is my support. And prayers.
  13. Best looking back end in the horse world, AQHA horses.
  14. We have Palo Duro canyon about 15 miles south of us, the 2nd largest canyon in the US. As for mountains we have to go to New Mexico, the largest county in Texas. Just kidding, don't all you NM hombres get yer chinches too tight.
  15. No offense Pat I said that in jest. Glad to have any SASS member here. As to our own 'infestation' we have a lot of ppl moving here from liberal states. Those ppl plus about 87 million bucks almost got 'bozo' O'Rourke elected in place of Cruz. Almost.
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