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  1. Geez, the safe's 30 years old. I don't even remember getting instructions beyond how to open the lock. If I did I don't remember saving them. If I did I have no idea where I put them. Angus
  2. How do you do that? I didn't know I could change the combo from the original setting. Angus
  3. That's purty, but, silly question: Do you use 2 1911's in Wild Bunch? I thought you used one and a bunch of magazines. Angus
  4. Update on Alibi's safe crisis. He got in. Seems like it was a low battery issue. I think he's feeling a little silly, but it only cost him the price of a battery, or two. He says he's gonna have the combination tattooed on his wife's behind. "Bend over, honey. I need to get into the safe." Angus
  5. Good choice and good luck. I'm a big fan of Beretta O/U's. Sorry I don't have one for sale. Do you have an idea what model you're looking for? Since they shoot Skeet, Trap and Sporting Clays they may eventually want a shotgun dedicated for each. Skeet guns and Trap guns are set up differently and I imagine Sporting Clays guns are also different from the Skeet and Trap models. I would hope their coach has already discussed this in a least some small detail. What is the model they are currently using? Skeet, Trap, Sporting Clays or Field (Hunting) model? If it's
  6. Bit of trivia. If that flag looks a little odd, count the stripes. Fifteen. Fifteen states, fifteen stars, fifteen stripes. I believe it went back to 13 stripes for the original 13 states when the 16th state was added. Thus ends my knowledge of flag trivia.
  7. I just don't want to have to stand in line behind 2 or three people holding my guns while another 2 people occupy the Loading table. It just seems silly. I'll just continue spotting, or whatever. I guess I'd say if I'm standing holding my guns while 2 other folks are actually using the loading table I'm ok. Standing behind someone else, who is also holding his guns, waiting seems excessive. It's not that imperative to me to shoot RIGHT NOW to stand and wait carrying guns and ammo. If I wanted to just stand around holding guns and gear I could do that at home. While t
  8. I'm still waiting for a compelling reason for shoot when you want to be explained. I know I'm in the minority, but I like a designated shooting order. Just my preference. Almost all the matches I've been to have a designated order chosen, pretty much, by the shooters themselves. The one "Shoot when you want" match I recall shooting, it seemed like when I was ready to shoot and started walking up to the loading table 2 or 3 (or 4) other people would wander up in front of me. By the end of the match I just waited until somebody would yell my name and tell me it was my turn to sh
  9. Thanks Warden. Is it ok for me to "like" a post that features me? FYI, Warden Calloway is the man responsible for recording and editing all the videos from the Owl Creek Raiders. Work that is appreciated by everybody. Angus
  10. You are correct. Way above my pay grade. I take it you are saying I am incorrect. Could be, but the idea of no cash or expensive prizes was presented to me as one of the main principles involved when SASS was formalized to prevent it becoming like the shooting sports the Wild Bunch was trying to escape. Could be I was misinformed. Artemus, the number of clean shooters has nothing to do with the matter. MY feeling is it should be done by lottery or raffle and not by who shoots fastest. Your shoot, your rules. I just disagree. You say a clean shoot should be a special thing?
  11. No ridicule meant at all towards winners of anything. Their game their rules. The OP appeared to be asking for feedback. I gave mine. No insult meant. I just strongly disagree with the method chosen to award the gun and I told him. I can't be the only one that disagrees with it. I may be the only one to voice that opinion. We can't all be popular. YOU'RE GOING TO HANG ME?!? Heck, yeah, I'll be giving anyone involved in the attempt an earful right up to the point I become oxygen deficient. New rope? Yeah, but I happen to know you bought it at the Dollar Store, ya chea
  12. The more I think about this the less I like it. One of the basic premises in SASS was the "No monetary prizes" Granted, a shotgun is not a monetary prize, but awarding it to the top clean/male/female/redheaded/baptist/whatever shooter flies in the face of the intent, if not the letter, of that rule. What next? How about a rifle to the top male and female shooters? A pair of pistols to the top Gunfighter? Heck, maybe someday we will start awarding a Cadillac to the top overall shooter. Soon Bubba Sharpshooter has won more shotguns, rifles and pistols than he knows what to do with. How a
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