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  1. I know what you mean. I had a period correct, 4th generation Colt, calvary model (from just after the war of northern aggression), in .45 Long Colt and some guy called it a Remmie. I was pretty annoyed and thought about grabbing my shotty and putting a couple boolets in his butt. Then I thought: Life's too short to sweat the small stuff and went on my way. Angus
  2. If I may offer another idea, instead of messing with fillers and such, why not try a smaller case/cartridge? .45 Schofield or .45 Cowboy Special ("Cowboy .45 Special"? "Special .45 Cowboy"? whatever) both hold less powder than .45 Colt reducing the recoil while you can still get the "boom". Either will work fine in a .45 Colt caliber revolver. The Schofield may, and the .45 CS probably won't cycle in a rifle without modification. Angus
  3. I might could offer an opinion if'n I knowed what was an "Old Slapout holster". Never heared of such a thing. Angus
  4. I liked the part where pelosi was "caught with vodka at 11 AM in church." She should have waited until after noon like the rest of us. Angus
  5. That reminds me of an old recipe from my (Great?) grandmother that began: "Start with .50 cents of beef roast..." and ended with: "Feeds 6 to 8" Angus
  6. I missed the change. Who was you was? Angus Never mind. Just saw the capture on Forty Rods reply. Congratulations on the new AKA Country Wildman.
  7. It self-identifies as a .44 Magnum. How dare you question it's self-identification, you filthy caliberists. Angus
  8. I have a bunch on VHS. Now, if I only had a VCR..... Angus
  9. A friend of mine set his computer to Curly Joe from the 3 Stooges saying: "I'm trying to think but nothing happens" Angus
  10. So, to me, the question becomes: "Why isn't the Tesla valve used?" Also, what is a Reed valve? Angus Not-an-engineer McPherson
  11. I had two brass frame Colt '51 Navys. Neither of which I've ever shot at a match. I had to buy pistols, rifle and shotgun to start CAS with smokeless powder. Come full circle and now I'm shooting BP out of steel frame '51's. Angus
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