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  1. If that's a live round I would expect the guy with the white shirt and sunglasses is about to have a bad day.
  2. My friend's daughter does that. At least she used to. She may have out grown it. It does get some interesting looks. Angus
  3. This is a must know, before I can properly answer the question. If I am testing to see how well a firearm can shoot, I will continue to aim at the same spot on the target to find out how small a group the firearm is capable of shooting. If I am shooting to hit a particular spot on the target, I will adjust my point of aim appropriately to put my shot where I want it. (Or adjust the sights to put the POI to POA) Sometimes you just have to ask a question before you can answer a question. Angus
  4. I've used Li'l Gun for the .410. I don't have any now. I didn't know it could be used for the 28 ga. I've actually seen Li'l Gun on the store shelves lately, too. I don't recall the price. I'm not familiar with Alliant 20/28. I'll have to keep an eye out for that. Especially since I'm down to about 2# of the WSF I use for the 20ga. I'll have to check out load data for the 28. Longshot is another powder I've actually seen recently. Pretty expensive IIRC. Jabez. Are they still making W540 and W571? I have used both in the past. I haven't seen either for years. Have you used HS-6 for the 28? How did you like it? GOEX is a no-go for my 28. Too rough on the tubeset and it's really hard hitting that second bird on doubles when you can't see thru the smoke. I found that out first hand when trying out my BP loads for CAS on a skeet range. Not that it wouldn't be fun, mind you. Thanks guys. Angus
  5. I ran out of my preferred powder for reloading 28 ga. skeet shells a while ago and I was wondering what other folks have been using. I've been using Win 540 and Universal, but, I haven't seen either for sale for some time. I'm not even sure if they are still making Win 540. I reload Win AA shells (The old style) and have a supply of the new AA-HS 28's when those wear out. I've found 28 ga. load data for Longshot, Win 572 (Is that still being made?), HS-6, IMR-Blue and Unique but I've never tried any of them. I do have a pound, maybe two, of Unique that I've used for handgun rounds, but never tried in the 28ga. I don't have any of the other powders. So, what load do you like for your 28 ga. shells. I REALLY like shooting the 28 ga. and it pains me to not be able to reload for it. Thanks, Angus
  6. I think those old sailors must have been genius' in their own right. I look at all that stuff and it might as well be calculus to me. Maybe they wouldn't have a clue how to drive a car, but I've got no clue how to remember, much less use, all those ropes, lines, blocks, stays, bolsters and stuff. Angus
  7. I worked with a guy who was a long way from being a rookie and he was famous for radioing that he was in pursuit East or West bound on North/South streets. You got used to waiting a couple seconds for him to call out the cross streets to figure out where he was. Angus
  8. Yeah, I forgot about nurses. Probably most in the medical field as well. Want to talk sex stuff or gross stuff? Talk to a nurse. Wow! Just, Wow! I got into a conversation with a group of nurses some years back and when it meandered into the topics of sex and gross stuff they about crossed my eyes and I'm sure I must have blushed. I was also glad I had an empty stomach. Angus
  9. OK, maybe I'm going to Hell, but I laughed. (But I included a "Ooooooooo, too soon?") I've laughed at worse. Same as most other LEO's or (ex)military. Angus
  10. Hollow core exterior doors aren't really all that unusual around here. They are a pretty good sign that it's a rental property or section 8 housing. I've knocked on a few doors that a 6 year old could punch through and I wouldn't trust to hold a leaning man upright. Angus
  11. It sure is pretty. I'd find it prettier if it was a flintlock. Angus
  12. There are a lot of 7mm's out there. I'll hazard a guess at 7x57mm AKA 7mm Mauser?
  13. Not that long ago in a St. Louis suburb a guy walked into a convenience store with an AR type rifle slung over his shoulder. When he walked back outside somebody was waiting for him with their own gun and stole the rifle from him. Guy #1 went to his truck where he had another gun and a shootout ensued. I don't recall if anyone was hit, but the robber made good his getaway with the stolen rifle. I know someone(s) out there are reading this thinking "That would never happen to me." OK, I wish you all the best of luck. It reminds me of my wife. She has a bad habit of leaving the stall door open while she is cleaning the stall and wandering around the barn. "Those horses will never leave the stall while I'm here." Except when they do. And they have. And sometimes a chase results. Murphy was an optimist. Angus p.s. If you do have the bad luck to be the victim in such a scenario, don't forget, the rest of us will be "Monday morning quarterbacking" you all the way.
  14. For the short "long range" matches the H&R seem to be the hands down champs because they are so much faster to shoot. For the short "long range" matches time will decide the winner. Push a button, the barrel flops down and the shell is ejected. Pop in another cartridge, close the action and go. I'm not a fan of the H&Rs. They may be a lot cheaper and faster than the others, but they just aren't "sexy". They look like the little .410 shotgun I bought for my son when he was 9 and trying out CAS. I don't think anybody ever looks at one and thinks "That's a cool looking old gun". Now, a Sharps or a Trapdoor you look at and can almost feel the history. That's my .02 FWIW I'm not an experienced long range shooter. I have a Sharps and a Trapdoor, both in .45-70. The Sharps could be a tack driver if I were a better shooter and worked up a better load. The sights on the Trapdoor are way high at 100 yards (with the sights bottomed out) but pretty much dead on at 300 yards. Not bad for 125+ year old rifle. I guess I'm more of a long range "plinker". I'm not shooting one-hole groups, but I'm having fun. Angus
  15. I don't think they had "outtakes". Screwups, flubs and bloopers, yeah. But I don't think they took any of them out. And I agree. That was one darn funny show. Angus
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