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  1. Sorry I'm so far away. I've got plenty of small pistol, but only a little over 1000 large pistol primers on hand. Good luck. Angus
  2. .45 Schofield may be a little hard to find commercially loaded, but they are easy enough to reload. Brass is readily available from Starline, or, if you have the time and .45 Colt brass available, you can make your own. Me, I'd probably shoot it at a SASS match or two just because it's cool. However, I've tried one and I don't find them as comfortable to shoot as SAA copies. Besides, I've gone dark and my regular match guns are 1851 Navy's. Could you really trade the S&W for two Taylor's? That would tempt me mightily because it would give me a matched pair for SASS. I'm with you on one thing tho, I'm not real interested in having a gun I can't, or won't, shoot. Angus
  3. 12 hours in line to get a burger? Do they order a pizza while they're waiting in line? Is there a bucket in the car in case they need a potty break? Doesn't anybody have to go to work anymore? Questions, I have questions. Peoples is crazy. Angus
  4. As to the OP. Would I object? Probably not. I'd let somebody know the line was incorrect and the correct information, then let them take it from there. Maybe the character is supposed to sound like an idiot. Either way, they're paying me, I'll say what they want. Pretty much what I once said to a supervisor: "I only listen to you because I get paid to. I'll be as inefficient as you want me to be." That guy was an idiot. I said the same thing about him to his supervisor. Angus
  5. I haven't seen the guy for a while, but, I was told he traded the 938 back to the dealer and got something else. I still have no idea why the mags wouldn't work in his pistol. When I see him, I plan to ask him what he was told by the dealer when he took it back. I'm a big fan of the 938. Concealable, accurate and much lighter recoil than I expected from such a small sized 9mm.
  6. If that is directed towards me, I used the term to mean that he bought the magazines after purchasing the pistol and that they were marketed, marked and sold as Sig Sauer manufactured magazines. To me, "after market" means purchased separately from, "after", the subject matter item. It could be any brand. Same brand as the item or any other brand that will work with, or on, the item. In the above case they were Sig Sauer. Does that make sense to you? I'm open to any other definition. That's just mine. Hope that helps. Angus p.s. After re-reading my comment it looks like I'm being a smart-@$$. That was not my intent, so please don't read it that way.
  7. I've got an old Springfield Trapdoor in .45-70 I like to put a few rounds thru every once in a while. The problem is it has a bad tendency to puncture primers. When I first got it I traced the problem to a burr on the point of the firing pin. I stoned it off and the problem disappeared. Unfortunately the problem has reoccurred. Another burr on the firing pin has appeared. My guess is there is a rough spot inside the bolt/trapdoor near the firing pin hole that is rubbing against the firing pin. The question is: How to I get my dremel that far down into the firing pin channel to polish out that rough spot? No, seriously tho, how do I get something down there to get rid of that inside burr? It's a fun rifle to shoot, and accurate, even if the sights are way-hella-high. I can hit the silhouette at 200 yards pretty regularly with the sights bottomed out. It'll go over the top of targets at 100. But, that's another problem. Can't/won't shoot it at all if the primers keep getting pierced and hot gas flows back along the firing pin with every shot. Suggestions? Angus
  8. Yes, I did. It listed Rigmarole and Kerfuffle twice. I only saw Baloney once. So quit yer shenanigans ya decrepit old codger or I'll see you gobsmacked on your britches by a whatsit til your caterwalling wakes the Nucklehead two blocks over. I hope this puts the kibosh on this hullabalou. Can't have numbskulls spreading this kind of malarky all willy-nilly. Consider yourself lambasted. Guess I'll skedaddle now. Mischief managed. Angus
  9. Really? They do that? For free or for how much? I've got a bunch of old batteries and some DeWalt tools that are almost paperweights due to lack of working batteries. I'm not sure if they even still sell the battery types I need, but they were expensive when they did sell them. Angus
  10. Noz, Are you saying you want to change Frontiersman? Just checking. Angus
  11. All boxes dropped off at the P.O. today. "Expected delivery date" 11/16/20. Big Joe Holliday, sent you a PM. Sorry about the delay. I thought I had already messaged you. Angus
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