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  1. Did you cock the hammer fully before levering or not cock the hammer at all before levering? Angus
  2. If I recall correctly, he would also stuff a couple phone books under the vest to ease up the blunt force trauma. I still get a kick out of the reporters that would allow themselves to get shot while holding a vest in front of them. Then drop the vest and start screaming and cussing like a sailor because they had no idea how much it was still going to hurt. I remember one guy saying "Now this is just a .22" before the shot and a long "bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep" on the tv. Damn! That still makes me laugh. For the OP. Yes, I would replace the vest. Angus
  3. I knew that part. I did not know that the brass framed '51 Navy was actually a copy of a real gun. I always thought it was just a cheap way to market a copy of the '51 Navy for modern consumers. Has it ever been advertised in the modern market as a "Schneider and Glassick"? I've only ever seen them listed as copies of the 1851 Colt Navy. The similarity makes perfect sense considering S&G were trying to copy Colt's Navy. I have a brass framed Navy that is broken. I've been meaning to put it on a wall placque. I'll have to tag it as a Schneider and Glassick. That ought to peak some interest. I done learnt somethin' today. Thanks folks. Angus
  4. It looks like just a brass frame 1851 Colt Navy to me. How is the Schneider and Glassick different. I don't think I've ever heard of that one. Angus
  5. I did not know that. If no one is interested in it for a collection I'll turn it in to noise and smoke. I'll probably keep the box, tho. Angus
  6. I'll try to get some later today after the crowds leave. I'm not good with internet so I'll have to find someone who can do phone to computer transfers. Angus
  7. Glad you found the FFL you need. Sorry about sidetracking the conversation. That's just kind of what happens here on the wire and in conversation in general. BTW, speaking about mechanics, Corvettes and duallys... Happy Thanksgiving. Angus
  8. I've got a full box of Super Vel .45 ACP 190 gr. JHP that's in pretty good condition and I was wondering if there's any value to a collector. I think it's marked "$14.65". Yeah, I know, it's good to shoot. I just figured if anyone is actually interested in it for a collection it would be better there than shot up on a range. Plus, if I were to end up with 2 boxes of .45 ACP to shoot instead of one it's a "win-win" situation. Can't hurt to ask. Angus
  9. He's just trying to make us a little jealous. And I am. Of course I think most of us in the U.S. have it better in general concerning gun rights. BTW, he's right about Law-abiding citizens being able to buy and sell property without Gov't interference. Angus
  10. Sorry, but I've got to ask" Why is the Sheriff coming out to your place so often that they had to develop a specific SOP for responding? If they're familiar enough with you to feel the need for such a response why don't they just call? Just wondering. Angus
  11. I found a receipt book when going thru my granddad's things a number of years ago and one of the notations was: "Rent Oct. '37(?) $5" I'll be darned if I can find the darn thing now. I was going to set it on the shelf over my computer. Angus
  12. When I was doing the crime scene thing we would always take a set of elimination prints from the victim(s). That's if I recovered any prints on the scene. No point in elimination prints if there's nothing to compare them to. I don't know for sure and for certain, but I was always under the impression the elimination prints were pitched after they were no longer needed. I don't believe they were entered into any computerized system. I do know the guys that actually compared the prints for identification always wanted a fresh set of elimination prints even if the same victim had supplied prints for another case a week before. Elimination prints were also put on a different type print card than suspect prints. As always, different departments have different policies. Angus
  13. Thanks. Email sent. Plenty of 9mm still available. Angus
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