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  1. How much useable lead do you figure you'll get out of that 90# pipe once you melt it down into ingots? Angus
  2. Thanks. I don't know what that has to do with hiring illegal aliens, but now I know what "ITAR" means.
  3. This is one of my all time favorite pieces of music. Thanks. Angus
  4. Thanks. The first post I just thought he forgot to post the story. The second post I thought ????????. The third, fourth and fifth post I thought WTH and started trying to figure out what the picture had to do with the heading and what made it worth posting. Then I quit and figured whatever it was, it wasn't worth my time. Kinda like when I miss a phone call. If it's not important enough for the caller to leave a message, it's not important enough for me to call back. Thanks again, Angus
  5. I woke up this morning and realized I've still got some "What ifs". OK. Can't make, sell and ship primed cases without a manufacturers license. What if I bought some primed cases from a manufacturer and decided I didn't need them? Can I then ship them to another person without a license? Will it require a Hazmat fee? I'm not going to do it, I'm just curious about it. Angus Is this how Alpo got started?
  6. If they've been there I've missed them all.
  7. I'm not a regular to the TEAM SASS board and I don't get the point of Charlie Waite's posts. It's just a picture with no text. The thread title may sound interesting but I really don't get the picture thing. Somebody help me out here. I'm really missing the point, if there is one. Angus
  8. So, the folks out there making and selling lead bullets need a manufacturing license to sell them? Isn't a lead bullet a "taxable article" produced by "changing the form" of material? Yep, a consult with an attorney, and probably a letter from the BATF, might be a good idea before selling primed brass. That's a lot of work and expense for selling, maybe, 1000 primed cases to help a pard out. Angus
  9. I know that we poor unwashed civilians can't ship primers, and that the elite few that can ship primers must charge a Hazmat fee when doing so. There are similar restrictions to shipping live ammo. BUT, I seem to recall hearing some time back that primed brass is subject to neither the shipping restrictions or Hazmat fee. Is that correct? IF that is correct, there's your legal work around if you want to buy or sell primers. I started wondering about it because I've got some brass I've been planning on selling, and I think I've got some primers I'd be willing
  10. Having heard some of the stories from a guy that did sex crimes I know I'd have never been able to do it. Listening to some of the unbelievable sick twisted cr@p they had to listen to I'd have never made it. Some of the stories from child molesters... I don't know how they could restrain themselves from jumping across the table and choking the ever-loving stuffing out of them. 27 years as a LEO I heard and saw plenty of weird and sick stuff that "civilians" find hard to believe, but nothing ever gave me the urge to beat a person into a bloody pulp like some of the sick child mol
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