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  1. I have forgotten to reload my shotgun belt after shooting two stages (holds 10) and only had two shotshells for the third stage. Dang, what a knuckle head move. Only happened once, so far. PS Was using a new guncart with cartridges & shotshells in different pockets. Corrected the ammo placement with all ammo in same area.
  2. A cocked revolver may never leave a shooters hand, including from one hand to the other. This does not apply when loading or reloading on the firing line. SHB pg.15 at the very top of the page. Cocked revolver leaving a shooters hand is a SDQ. SHB pg. 42 RO Pocket Card.
  3. In 1974 I purchased a Ruger Red Hawk in 41mag that was a project pistol a friend worked on while attending a gunsmith school in Pittsburg, PA. Was living in York, PA at the time and was required by law to take pistol to a sporting goods store and leave it for three days.
  4. Ace of Hearts has a post in SASS Merchant Corner advertising making stocks. Might contact him.
  5. "Double Duelist is NOT a standalone shooting category." (SHB pg.6 / Duelist Style) The preceding statement would probably explain why Duelist are not permitted to have two loaded pistols in hand. Many Duelist shoot both pistols with only their dominate hand utilizing a crossdraw holster for one pistol. With the exception of smaller matches, many times the Double Duelist shooters are a separate category that often includes aged based delineation. My guess is that conventional Duelist already sense a disadvantage to Double Duelist and then allowing Double Duelist to draw two loaded pistols would be considered a biased advantage. Seems to me the best way to resolve the issue is to admit to the fact that Duelist & Double Duelist are separate Categories and then allow Double Duelist to draw two loaded pistols.
  6. I completely understand that I lost an hour of sleep with the change to DST. You see, I don't leave for the gym until about 9am but was getting up at 5:30am but with DST, I'll be getting up at 6:30am thus sleeping an hour later due to my infallible internal clock.
  7. Well, The best part of DST for me is I'll now be waking up at 6:30am instead of 5:30am. Makes me feel more normal getting that extra hour of sleep. I'd be pleased to stay with DST and have the more sunlight in the evenings all year round. Seems silly for a retired person but the same rise-n-shine time for the last 40 years is hard to change. That darn infernal internal clock never takes a vacation.
  8. Simultaneous shooting of two pistols = Problem Simultaneous cocking of two pistols = No Problem Spotters watching pistols in hands of Gunfighters = Problem Spotters focused on watching pistol targets = No Problem
  9. Who knows what evil lurks in the mind of Gunfighters, the PaleWolf do.
  10. P.S. - Y'all have a good day. Today is my 68th. I get to start out with a blood test down at the VA clinic. WHOOPEEEEEEE. ..........Widder Happy Birthday Pard !!! See ya at 11am for lunch.
  11. Don't y'all forget those delicious sweet tater fries, yum!
  12. Hold down the "Ctrl" key and use the wheel on the mouse to enlarge or reduce size.
  13. I contacted Hodgdon and they indicated the low volume of sales of 5# units didn't justify keeping specialized containers for a powder that didn't sell. Also stated the size of the bottles affected shipping efficiency. I thought the same size bottle was used for other more dense powders in 8# quantities. The low volume of 5# bottles may be because most brick & mortar local retail stores only stocked 9oz. bottles of Trail Boss. Except for the very first container of Trail Boss, I've always bought 5# bottles from various suppliers such as Graf & Sons and Powder Valley or purchased from vendors at various matches. The cost per pound varies greatly by volume. Checking an internet site, 9oz = $27.29/ lb., 2# = $26.33/lb. & 5# = $22.70/lb. I know TB is a special powder designed with CAS in mind and the sales volume may not match other powders but the answer of the container being special & causing problems with shipping sounds bogus.
  14. Howdy, Congratulations & welcome to the Jedi Gunfighter Posse! May the force be with ya. Keystone
  15. Probably the same man who gives his wife a loaded firearm.
  16. A well trained horse would stay with the fallen rider.
  17. Well, I'm glad that's all settled.
  18. Penalty for unfired round left in revolver after shooting a stage is a miss. Penalty for having two loaded revolvers in hand, except for Gunfighter style is a Procedure, shooting out of category. I have witnessed this call being made. The verbiage "cocked" or "uncocked" is not part of the current SHB with regard to these penalties being issued. I imagine the issue is whether or not having two loaded guns in hand can be remedied without a penalty. 1) Holster 2nd pistol and fire 5th round from 1st pistol and holster. Shoot 2nd pistol & holster. 2) Stage 2nd pistol on stage prop, shoot 5th round in 1st pistol & holster 1st pistol. Then shoot 2nd pistol & holster. 3) Pistols are last firearms shot on the stage, Stage 2nd pistol on stage prop, shoot 5th round in 1st pistol & stage 1st pistol on stage prop. Then shoot 2nd pistol and holster both pistols.
  19. Yep, ya gotta at least be able to count to five, unless you're shooting Gunfighter style.
  20. Well Noz, in retrospect, I suppose Katherine Ross. Ms. Bancroft was a might closer to my mothers age than mine.
  21. Welcome & congratulations! Happy Trails! Keystone
  22. Safe & Handling Conventions - Revolvers, Shooters Handbook page 14 & Safe Conditions During a Course of Fire - Revolvers, Shooters Handbook page 15; are generally safety regulations. To me, the only statement relevant to shooting style is, " Revolvers are drawn and used in accordance with the shooter's category." I have seen a "Procedural" called on several occasions when a non-gunfighter, by deed or misdeed, had two loaded revolvers in hand. Adding the statement regarding a cocked revolver is a new undocumented condition in the SHB. I try to diligently follow WTC posts to keep up with interpretations of the rules but sometimes it is a vexing task.
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