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  1. Sure hope everyone there is ok. Let's also hope that the weather cooperates a little in the coming weeks as they deal with all the damage the flood waters caused, especially to the roadways in Nebraska. Even if it does, it's going to take months for life to go back to anything resembling normal for a lot of areas. Here's to a mild spring for those folks!
  2. Yer like a day ahead of us or sumthin'...so actually you weren't late at all....ain't that how it werks?
  3. Did someone say cake??? Thanks fellas and Whiskey! Jus got home...long ruff day, but I'z ready fer sum takillya..... but sumone tell Bottles that ifn' Tyrel thinks I'z only 39, he's had enuff ta drink already.....
  4. Merry Christmas to you too Tyrel!!!! Bottles, you heard the man...Patron Silver and Herradura...and keep em coming!!!
  5. I have a question..... WHY AREN'T YOU RESTING??????
  6. a large portion of folks don't like reading em, and the sheer number of them is driving plenty of long time Saloonatics away....but our feelings don't seem to matter much.....since a few "special" folks seem to think they're the only ones who matter, you shouldn't feel bad speaking your mind....
  7. Did someone say "coffee"?? kin ya put it in a travel mug....gotta go to West Virginny after work today....go ahead and laff, gonna be seeing the Trans-Allgheny Lunatic asylum.....
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