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  1. It’s no big secret that I am sick and tired of living in Denver, and I’ve wanted to get out of this place for a long time. That itch is starting to getting to me again….I still can’t decide whether I want to scratch it or just buy a huge bottle of calamine lotion……I may be crazy, but I am also just smart enough to realize that IF I left Denver I would have to go…..somewhere…… I’m not sure why, but for some reason I keep feeling like I’m being drawn towards the OH, IN, KY, TN area (though I would consider other places)….couldn’t possibly be all the wonderful SASS folks and the great clubs and really fun matches….nah…couldn’t be ….I have no idea why that area appeals to me…. (yer a lil lackin’ on mountains there)….I hear that you have this thing called humidity, not so sure about that ….but I do know that I did kinda like Indiana and especially Ohio when I got two chances to go there a few years ago…. So, humor me a little here, give me something to think about besides that dang snow outside….IF I was to think about emigrating…..give me some ideas to help narrow this thought down a bit. I don’t really want to trade one huge city for another one just as bad, though I do realize that’s where the most job opportunities probably are. I would prefer a smaller city, say less than 100,000 but I’m open to most options of decent places to live. Memphis is definitely out, and Cleveland might be as well. What I’m looking for is info on things like unemployment rates/possibility of job openings, housing rates, crime rates, cost of living, weather patterns….general stuff like that. What are some decent places, where should be avoided. Money is a definite serious concern….I don’t have very much of it!! Anybody got any info along those lines that they could share with me? Please keep in mind that right now this is just a dream….. (oh, one more thing….must have a Joanns within driving distance…..)
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