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  1. Well a year ago I never thought I would be walking around town wearing a mask and packing a gun!
  2. Islam is a cult not a religion. Most of the Koran was copied from the Christian old testament and the Jewish Torah. Since Mohammad couldn't read or write that was quite an accomplishment.
  3. RIP pup. Losing a dog is something that's hard to get over when the dog that gave you so many memories becomes a memory.
  4. Well with all due respect to Joe, I would just shoot the gun out of their hands like they do in the old westerns. Problem solved.
  5. I wish I could shoot as good as Walter Rogers, a Fish and Game officer in New Mexico. Back in the 50's I saw him shoot the heads off of 3 coiled rattlers faster than I could even aim at one. BAM, BAM, BAM, and 3 rattlers were headless. That man could shoot his Colt SA.
  6. The original Wolf Man with Lon Chenney. It still scares the hell out of me. I keep a gun handy when I watch it late at night. Heaven help the poor burglar that picks that night to break into my house!!
  7. I still wear the type of hat I have always worn. Like my dad wore. 4 inch brim, cattleman crease, slight dip to the brim in front and silver belly or black.
  9. Im in favor of dogs voting. They are at least honest and probably vote smarter than most people in the coast states.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3VLqLLWxbQ&t=160s
  11. I weight 145 UB, I just don't count the beer, tater chips, ice cream weight. YA DID GOOD PARD!
  12. Short answer... maybe. Long answer.. he had to have cucumbers and lettuce at yappy hour every day, plus pumpkin, string beans, and pineapple with his dog food 2 times a day, 5:30 AM and 4:30 PM. Has to sit on your lap to watch TV, (hes 60 pounds) and rides in the FRONT of the pick up. Real answer... Aint gonna happen Amigo.
  13. My dog has this habit of sitting on his hind legs and raising his paws to be petted. That goes over big with the ladys we meet. Too bad I didn't have him when I was single.
  14. Another oldie. Me and Nugget with our string of horses back in the middle 60's. And for all you jokers out there it was 1960's not the 1860's!!
  15. He is not the type of guy to sue the store. Not the stores fault, and I told him to call and see if there was a video of it. haven't heard back yet.
  16. Dug this one up and its taken at McCrystal Creek, NM, somewhere around 1998 or 2000. Im the handsome guy with chaps on. I saved the pic and its says McCrystal creek 1996. Really don't seem that long ago. As you can see it is Happy Hour.
  17. Yeah 40 rod I agree but he is not in the best of health and has other problems. The BLM moron waited until there were only them in the isle.
  18. I an not help it if my lil blonde ranch foreman is super hot. Shes got me and knows just how lucky she is. Maybe I have that backwards.
  19. My apology UB I should have said American Quarter Horse ASSOCIATION dinner. ;>)
  20. I found some old (!) photos. Here is one of my wife and I at a American Quarter Horse dinner. I don't remember the year but my wife looks pretty much the same. Me? Not so much.
  21. A friend of mine, about 50+ years, and an amputee below the knee was in a United store shopping for food. He has a prosthetic leg and gets around fairly well. He was wearing a base ball cap with a subdued American Flag. Some black guy walked by him and knocked his hat off and raised his fist and said "BLM"! My firend is in no shape to start a fight so he picked up his hat and walked away. I told him if that happens again, call 911 and say you have just been assaulted. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is happening to our country?
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