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  1. I always have a firearm handy, or on me if I am not in bed.
  2. That 90 + year old lady was guilty of white privilege.
  3. I remember bouncing in a C-119. It was during landing and after we finally stopped the pilot said, "%$#@&, the runway came up faster than I expected." I felt like telling him the runway wasn't moving up or down, it was us. But since I had to fly with him tomorrow I (for once) kept my mouth shut.
  4. Happy Birthday Army!! Thanks for keeping our air base 5 star barracks safe and our health clubs. Also just as important is our NCO clubs Its much appreciated by us. Seriously brothers, no one fights alone, HAPPY BIRTHDAY
  5. I use FB for the gun, and cowboy and dog groups. If I don't like what someone posted I skip over it. Free country you can post what you want if it makes you feel better that's a good thing but being a free country I don't have to read it. Its like life, pick the good stuff and ignore the bad.
  6. I don't think much is going to happen to those 2. Slap on the wrist from the court, and MAYBE a 6 month suspension from the Bar assoc. We are losing our country. You can't go to church but you can riot, or peaceful protest.
  7. Prayers up for a good outcome. (no pun intended)
  8. I'm not a racist, I just have a strong aversion to most people.
  9. My Burgers are plant based. Cows eat grass, and I eat the cow.
  10. If I remember correctly from my time in Wyoming, they only had two seasons. Winter and Cheyenne Frontier Days. And I believe that. We got 8 inches of show Aug. 18th. My 1st Sgt said "looks like we are going to have an early winter!!!
  11. I was AF 54 to 58 but mess dress uniforms were way above my pay grade. And the only comic strip I followed was Rick O'shay.
  12. in 1955 in France I had a S/sgt that wore the CIB on his AF dress uniform. He earned it in WW2 in the army in Europe and transferred to the AF after the war. I was in the AP's and he was one hard task master. Fair but hard.
  13. Both. One for week days and one for sundays.
  14. I never buy store ground beef! I buy a roast or two and grind it my self. Costs a little more but I know what I'm eating.
  15. I dont think our range here in Amarillo ever closed. They were on FB saying they were open. That's the indoor range in the south part of town.
  16. Me three. BUT I'm smart enough not to try at my age. There ain't gonna be any of this "Hold my beer" nonsense.
  17. My wife and I went to Las Vegas for a long weekend. That was the longest weekend in my life. If I never hear another slot machine it will be too soon. Maybe I'm too cheap but I can't see putting my money down and getting nothing in return. My wife and her sister went to a casino in Oklahoma, and my wife won $800. They took $50 with them and when its gone its over. Casinos are too noisey, too crowded, and just too many idiots for me to have to deal with.
  18. I posted an answer to someone posting a photo of one of our muslim rep. and called her a rag head. That was against their 'community standards' and I was banned for 3 days. None of their 'community standards' apply to anyone else but conservatives. FB needs competition. Rag head was the term we used when I was in Libya and Saudi Arabia.
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