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What do you carry in your cart at match?

Dusty Devil Dale

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Lots of stuff!  I guess we all carry almost the same stuff, beyond guns and ammo.  We all have to...with a few variations.  I carried a few (beyond the usual) important (to me) specialty tools, cleaning equipment. plus 2squib rods (long and short), 2quarts of water, extra ballistic glasses, 2large, thin, square rags from an old T-shirt (in addition to the cart towel).  I would leave my food and cold drinks in the ice chest in the truck or on the porch


Cat Brules

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I also carry a 12 ft. tape measure to check if a round in the dirt went at least 10 ft. from the shooter or under 5 ft.

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i am not one to follow - i carry too much , you need to stay light to not wear yourself out toting the cart , 

i always have the two long guns , sometimes backups for one or both , my main revolvers and sometimes backups , depends on how confident i feel , ammo for the match day - not both for two day shoots it adds too much weight , i always load for the day , six stage cartridge strips and a  couple boxes of 12ga , at a major match i add an extra stage of cartridges in the bottom in case the posse votes to shoot an extra on the first day , 


i also carry a weather cover for the cart with the long guns on board , an umbrella , a clearing rod , a brass picker and brass collector , bag for bulk spent brass , hand towel . water bottle - most ranges provide water but i like my backup in case , screw drivers , folding knife , oil , wipes ,  lunch tokens , glasses - both shooting and reading , extra glasses if i think the weather may change and i want to change color , extra ear protection - funny how they get lost when you least expect it , the match manual if provided , i want to add a stool for those moments when standing becomes too much on a hot day and you need a moments rest , my cart is a golf bag cart so im still working on that , 


OK - it gets a bit off topic here as these are no longer essentials , cigars , lighter , cutter , a little cash-sometimes there is a kid you want to tip for picking brass to help out us old folks , i keep about 20-30 SBA dollar coins as well as a few folding bills , bug spray , sun block , aspirin & band aids , Kleenex , my SASS & NRA card and my SASS badge , 


i hate to admit it but if i opened my bag and dug everything out , im sure i missed something but i cannot think of it at this moment , you will find you add / subtract as need requires and 

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M & M's & some other stuff I can't remember right now.

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First aid kit

Extra safety glasses and hearing pro


IF shooting BP, Shotgun bore brush and Ballistol, extra rag.


Keep it simple.



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I have in my cart, Ammo for all guns, a cleaning kit, both rifle and shotgun cleaning rods, a set of Brownells screwdrivers, extra hearing protection(Throw away foam plugs) A leatherman tool, individual glass wipes. First aid kit with cloth band aids,alcohol wipes, bee sting capsules,small bottle of gun oil, bug spray, wrenches to tighten the nuts and bolts on my gun cart, squib rod for pistols, a 12 ounce brass hammer, gunsmith punch set, some spare parts that tend to fall off like cylinder pin cross bolt and spring and ejector housing screw,Pen and paper,Match logbook,some Axe body spray(so I don't offend the Ladies on a hot summer day)a large construction size garbage bag and rain slicker in case it rains it will cover the cart and guns.some balistol wipes a herfador and matches for my cigars and a small insulated bag for my drinks. I think that's everything. These are things that I've found handy to have with me so I don't have to go back to my vehicle a bunch of times.   I just remembered that I keep 2 towels on the cart to wipe sweat off my brow and one to wipe the guns if I need to give them a shot of lube during the match.

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Hornady's One Shot to spray SG cylinders, after cleaning every couple stages--and a pliers to pull on my cowboy boots (just kidding) I use them for picking brass from between boards on boardwalks.  

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Ammo goes in the box at the top.







Rifle length cleaning rod, umbrella stand.







Screwdrivers, small ball pein hammer, tooth brush, pistol length cleaning rod, ear plugs, eyeglass side shields, Sharpie, brass rods, rags, cleaning patches, bore brushes and jags, empties bag, loading block, Ballistol, Murphy's Mix, gloves, insect repellent, bandaides, water and juice, snickers bars, and cell phone.





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When you have a co-shooter at matches (friend, spouse, kids, etc) if you each have a cart, you can divide the load. I carry mostly ammo and repair/maintenance stuff and Shortcake has the rest. I did find a nice use for a Nestle's Nesquik container. It has some lube (Mobile 1 oil and grease and Ballistol), rubber stoppers to plug shotgun(after using APP), rag, bore light, brushes, bore snakes, and some tools. Just a way to keep stuff from rolling around the cart. I may add or delete items as needs change, but you get the idea.



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I don't really worry about a lot of repair and maintenance items.  If something breaks during a stage my match is pretty much done at that point (never happened, but it's just a matter of time).  I'll stick around and finish it out, but any chance of winning is gone, so I won't much care if I'm shooting my guns or my wife's at that point. If it's raining I'll add an extra towel or two and some WD40.  I usually have CLP in the car.  I have a screw knife on my belt and a Leatherman in the range bag in the car.  That's about it for maintenance and repair items.

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Another shooter posted this years ago. Still works.


Cowboy Action Shooting

Pre-Match Preparation Checklist













Pistol One










Gun Cases





Pistol Two










Gun Locks with Keys (Optional)






























Checkbook (Optional)





















Gun Cart








Ammo (Vary Amounts For Match)












100 Rounds Pistol












100 Rounds Rifle












  50 Rounds Shotgun












Empty Hull/Brass Bag












Sun Umbrella












Folding Chair/Stool







Gun Leather





Notepad with Pen and/or Black Marker







Gun Belt





Camera, Disposable or Digital (Optional)







Holster 1





Towels/Baby Wipes







Holster 2












Pistol Ammo Slide (Optional)





Water Bottle/Drinks







Shotgun Ammo Slide (Optional)





Sunblock/Insect Repellent







Shotgun Ammo Belt (Optional)





First Aid Kit/Snake Bit Kit







Prescription Eyeglasses (If Needed)





Band Aids







Bandanna/Neckerchief (Optional)





Burn Lotion







Suspenders (Optional)





Compress Bandage







Leggings (Optional)





Gauze Tape







Knife (Optional)





Sunglasses (Optional)







Pocket Watch (Optional)





Trash Bag/Gun Covers







SASS Badge/SBSS Badge (Optional)





Gun Cleaning Kit/Armorer’s Kit







Coat/Raingear (Based on Weather)














Bore Solvent/Lead Solvent



Optional Personal Items





Bore Brush (Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun)














Cleaning Rod with Caliber Adapters









Black Powder rods-45lc





Screwdriver Set/Leatherman Tool














Brass Hammer














Center Punch Set/Hex Wrench Set









Bore Snakes-44/40-45lc





Shooting Bag/Carry-All Bag














Eye Protection















Hearing Protection

















































This checklist is by no means complete or all encompassing. It should be altered by anyone to meet one’s personal needs. The author neither takes nor accepts any responsibility for any actions or events resulting from using this checklist while preparing one’s gear to attend a Cowboy Action Shooting Match.



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A strong ziploc plastic bag, 1 gal.  Useful for lots of things, especially if you have to disassemble a gun, and decide to use a backup and just take the faulty one home disassembled rather than sacrifice stages working on it.  It keeps all the parts together.  

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Some of you cowboys need a pack animal, ain’t a guncart made that can haul all the crap you named!

If I pushed yer carts around I’d be too worn out to shoot. :P



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I carry two revolvers, one carbine, my double, deringer and pocket pistol, ammunition, Ballistol, a bottle with a solution of  Windex with vinegar and some water, various brushes, jags, jointed cleaning rod, screw drivers, tape and gauze bandages,  hearing aids, dark, white and yellow ballistic glasses and straps, cell phone, note pad, pens and cheque book in my top box and water bottles, sandwiches, dried fruit, chocolate and diet coke in my cooler with a plastic freeze box. My large folding umbrella and a seat cushion add to my comfort. Depending on the venue, I add my C. Sharps, my pistol caliber .44 Rem Mag, my rifle caliber .38-55 Win and my long barrelled 10 3-1/2" double. :P

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Guns, ammo, and water, brass bag.  Beyond that, the gun cart is a mystery.  I am expected to provide my personals (scoring tools, a fan, something to write with and on); first-aid kit including topical coagulants (so many of us are on blood thinners); basic tool kit (including tweezers, as fingernails are not always effective at pulling lead spatter out of faces); lip balm (SPF 45); food, hand sanitizer, bottle opener, 9-volt battery; whatever else he/we may need during the match.

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