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  1. How strict are the entrance requirements and will there be an inspection? Asking for a friend.
  2. No lube for me. I use these cheap Cheddite hulls that come pre-primed. They have shallow ribs (for my chamber's pleasure). I only load 2F BP. I have a chamber brush that I remember to use a couple times per year. My SKB's chambers are well polished. I think I had a hull that didn't shuck earlier this year. Typically they come flying out. Every gun/hull combination is different. I went through many reloadable hulls: red, gold, green, until I found what works best for me.
  3. There are lots of results in the Gunsmoke 2019 folder now. We discovered a few category mistakes that we corrected. An email will be going out announcing the new standings. A couple of people ended up getting buckles. The buckles will go out once we get to the range where they're stored.
  4. Sorry this is taking so long, we've had some computer issues. There is now a new folder on the website "Gunsmoke 2019". The total results and cat results are in it now. I'll add Wild Bunch tonight. More stuff will go in as I have it. Due to the aforementioned issues there may be some mistakes in the results. I think there are a couple category mistakes. We are in the process of reviewing everything and will update as needed. If the corrections result in awards going to people that didn't get them Saturday night, we'll send them out. Thanks for coming, everybody! We'll get this straightened out!
  5. Scores went up last night. https://sites.google.com/site/cedarvalleyvigilantes/results They are in the 2019 folder. Overall and category. It was a very good gunfighter showing, if I do say so myself.
  6. I use 2F in everything now. .38, .44.40, .45 and 12ga. Last year I ran low on 2F and got some 1F, thought it would be OK for my shotgun, I was wrong. I use a SKB with an inertial reset trigger, the 1F didn't make enough recoil to reset for the 2nd shot. I went back to 2F and it goes bang (actually BOOM) every time. So, the cheapest/most available isn't always the best choice. Kinda depends on your gun. Also, be sure to pattern any load you make up. Years ago I discovered I was blowing a hole in my pattern. I backed off the powder a little and solved the problem.
  7. Four Gunfighters in the top eleven, outstanding!
  8. I've only been shooting black powder is SASS for 13 years, so not as long as many. My rifle (1873 or Marlin) barrel can get pretty warm but there's plenty of wood to hold on to. When carrying it to the ULT, if needed, I just carry it by the wrist like Driftwood. I guess I look at things like hot barrels as the cost of shooting black powder. If it was easy, everyone would do it.
  9. I saw the whole thing. It really happened. There was even the Texas Star, snakes, poppers and gophers with the pistol.
  10. A Hendrick's Martini is a Scottish design with a cucumber.
  11. Also on page 9, Fig. 13. Do not over tighten the screws. That'll create a bulge on the inside impeding the primer slide. I had problems getting primers in the cup, this fixed it.
  12. Another for Doc Noper. It's a nice compromise between secure retention and ease of draw. BTW, I always look them in.
  13. Gunner I also use a 550. With a light kit so I can see the powder throw and an auto case feeder 'cause I'm lazy.. I don't worry about static. 'Course, if you hear of a house blowing up in Minneapolis, you'll know I was wrong. I also use a MEC 9000 for SG.
  14. Chancy Glad to hear you're OK. You were in good hands. Everyone at the Pass is first rate, as you know. Shiloh Red's a good guy, just check to be sure you still have your wallet. Get better and we'll see you at Gunsmoke!
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