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  1. I've been using the red 8mm base Cheddites for a couple years. Before that it was the clear ones. I've had no problems shucking out of my SKB. To overcome Hol's crimping problem I use Ballistic Products Super Crown Crimper (https://www.ballisticproducts.com/Super-Crown-Crimper-Large-Bore-6-Point/productinfo/0740006/) it works great on new hulls.
  2. Because we're Gunfighters, dammit! A. I can shoot 5 GF style faster than duelist. 2. We're Gunfighters, dammit! I have been known to shoot 5 from position 1, stage pistols at pos. 1, run to pos. 2 and shoot rifle/shotgun, run back to pos. 1 to retrieve pistols and proceed to pos. 3 to shoot last 5. Is it faster or "better"? Maybe not but we're Gunfighters, dammit!
  3. Did you use poppers? Did the clays glow in the black light?
  4. We did blacklights and fluorescent paint for the first time at the Gunsmoke night shoot this year. We usually just do an exhibition of fire but I think the targets showed up so well we'll do a real (short) match for 2020. I only had little sample size paints and a smallish light but it lit up really well. 2020 will be better. 82CE206A-3BDC-4DB7-903C-AFFCD128BC48.MOV
  5. I’m in! I haven’t shot CC in a long time but when I did I always used real BP. I called it “Ultra Classic Cowboy.” The hardest part will be remembering to only pull one pistol at a time.
  6. When you're visualizing the stage include the start. See yourself in the start position. In your mind, say the starting line. Hear the TO say "Stand By". Hear the beep. What do you do next? See yourself reach for the first gun or go through the saloon doors or... Incorporate as many details into you pre-stage visualization, then it won't be a surprise when it happens.
  7. When I did that I called it Ultra Classic Cowboy. The only bullets I've found that carry enough lube for a rifle are Big Lubes. Contact Springfield Slim, he makes all kinds. A bullet with a "standard" lube groove will leave hard fouling in the last several inches. Maybe a 16" barrel would be OK but mine aren't.
  8. How strict are the entrance requirements and will there be an inspection? Asking for a friend.
  9. SASS means enough to me that I upgraded to a Life membership. RR
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