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  1. Sorry if this is off topic but what tablets are folks using? Our old iPads (we used with Aces) are starting to die and I’d like to look into something to replace them. We’d need a minimum of 12 so cost is a factor.
  2. Do any of you know if, on the results page, the penalties can be broken out? I get the combined time of misses and Ps, etc.
  3. "Civil War" Muzzleloading rifle with bayonet. 2 rifle shots, fix bayonet and charge. At least one stage must "accidently" fire ramrod down range. "Original Outlaw" Intentionally shoots first stage wrong, gets "arrested" and spends the rest of the day in the jail. "Dime Novelist" Does not shoot, doesn't even come to the range. Stays home and writes wildly fictional account of CAS. KIDDING! Only SASS categories but if someone wants to do something different at a monthly, I don't think anyone really cares.
  4. https://sites.google.com/site/cedarvalleyvigilantes/gunsmoke SEPTEMBER 17-21, 2019 Morristown, Minnesota "One of the VERY best shoots in SASS" We are west of you and depending on where you are in New England we could be south. It is lots of fun and you’ll run into some of the best folks around. Misty Moonshine’s comin’! Come over a couple weeks early and hit the 2019 Illinois Championship. http://longninecowboys.org/illinois-state-sass-championship-2019/
  5. I wear contacts, left eye for farther, right eye for nearer. I have some ESS ballistic glasses. They ain't cheap but all the parts are replaceable so they should last a while.
  6. SASS means enough to me that I upgraded to a Life membership. RR
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