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  1. Planning on it. I just let BucksAnna know. RR
  2. I've been using a MEC 9000 with plastic bottles for 9 years and a MEC 650 for five years before that. I also use the regular powder hopper on my 550. All with real BP.
  3. Congrats Damascus John! Just goes to show ya, the cool kids shoot BP!
  4. - Engaging the stage in the wrong order. I think this encompasses moving to locations. For example a stage may say, “move to table and engage rifle targets”. Moving to the table is part of the order.
  5. OK, so where is this rule in the handbook or RO1 or RO2 or a rules clarification? Maybe it's there and I haven't found it. But if it's not there then it's an opinion and not a rule.
  6. The only P that I can see as a possibility is pg. 22, shooting targets in the wrong order. Except they were shot in the correct order and one extra shot that missed. Did that miss cause the P? (NO) There is no penalty for overloading the rifle. The only applicable rule seems to be FAILURE TO ENGAGE/SPIRIT OF THE GAME. Willfully shooting a stage other than the way it was intended in order to gain a competitive advantage (Spirit of the Game). Because there was no competitive advantage, no penalty.
  7. I'm curious. For all of you calling a P, what section of the Shooter's Handbook justifies the call? I didn't find anything.
  8. Night shoots are fun. This is one shot from a .45C. Remember, all that fire comes out during the day too, you just can’t see it very well. Come to Gunsmoke this year, we’re having a night shoot with black light targets. Lots of fun.
  9. I just completed my online registration and booked the campsite. Can’t wait! Now I just have to practice pulling only revolver at a time. C’mon all you Ultra Classic Cowboys, get signed up!
  10. You can also take your existing shoes to a place that makes prosthetics. They can target stretch the leather where it needs stretching. There are also shoe companies that make shoes for problem feet. They have more conformable uppers and often come with multiple insoles so you can customize the fit. my wife finally got some and can walk again. Bottom line is get something that works and don't worry about the look. We're an accommodating bunch.
  11. This, 100%. In my younger, fitter days I mountain bike raced. One learned early to look where you wanted to go instead of looking at what you wanted to avoid. Tree ahead? Look at the path around the tree, not the tree. Same idea. Concentrate on what you're doing not what you want to avoid.
  12. Pard, you are. 1000s os Stoegers are used every week in SASS matches along with every other kind of shotgun legal to use. Nothing lasts forever. Anything will eventually need repair or replacement. If you want cheap and reliable get a single barrel. I’m not kidding. With practice you could be as fast with it as my friend Evil Dogooder. He can outrun many folks shootin their 97s or SxS. Again, not kidding.
  13. Bull First of all, there's no such thing as a negative thought or a positive thought. There are only thoughts. What you do with them is up to you. In Zen meditation the idea is to have a clear or empty mind. That’s impossible for most people so we’re given something to concentrate on; counting our breaths, a repetitive phrase or even an activity such as flower arranging or archery. While this “meditation” is happening, stray thoughts (distractions) creep into our minds. Since we can’t keep them from coming in we just acknowledge they’re there and let them go. Don’t dwell on them and don’t judge them. I’m guessing you already have your pre-shoot rituals. Keep doing those and when a stray thought comes in just wave at it and let it pass by. Same goes with during a stage. The point is not to have tunnel vision where you’re unaware of the world outside of your sights. You see the divot next to the shotgun table but it’s not a bad thing it’s just a thing to step over. This can be practiced. The easiest thing is a meditation technique of breath counting. Breath in, breath out…1. Breath in, breath out…2. If you lose count just start over. Try to concentrate on your breathing but if a stray thought comes in and you lose count, no problem, just start over. No judgment, no right or wrong it just is. Anyhoo...kinda long winded but it works for me, at least when I remember to do it.
  14. I agree with Imis. Find a pard to help get started. One of the many things I like about loading black is it's impossible to double charge. If you try you'll just get a bunch of spilled powder. I've been loading real black on a 550 for about 13 years. I use the standard powder hopper. After thousands of rounds, so far so good. I don't have static issues at my house so I haven't had to deal with cling or inconsistent powder drops. BTW, I have complete, separate setups for .38, .45, 44WCF and 45ACP (the only smokeless I load). It's just easier to leave everything set up, including the powder adjustment.
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