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  1. Auto correct strikes again,I fixed it.
  2. Possibly a foreign caliber? Check some of the ammo from Great Britain or possibly one of the European calibers.
  3. When Ruger brought out the SP-101 it was chambered in .38 special only, an enterprising Gunsmith in NH, started boring the cylinders to accept the .357 Mag 125 grain JHP. Soon after Ruger started offering the SP-101 in .357 mag marked 125 grain only. Then they lengthened the cylinder window and cylinder to accept all .357 mag ammo. Since Ruger uses the same frame in all the SP-101 calibers I would think it would be possible to just have the cylinder re-chambered in the .327 Federal. As always, check with a Gunsmith first.
  4. I had all the guns for CAS except for a shotgun, I traded a Rem 1100 set up for pin shooting for a 20 gauge Stoeger coach gun and I got $350.00 cash on top of it.That was in 1997.
  5. Try this vendor, His stuff looks pretty good. https://www.shop.macongunstocks.com/Ithaca-Flues-Ithaca-Lewis-Ithaca-NID-SKB-280E-SKB-100-SKB-200_c17.htm
  6. I can get it on my phone, But not my computer.
  7. Please keep the knee mail going as she is very distraught over the situation. I have tried to keep her spirits up but it just seems like one thing after another.Thank you all again.
  8. Hi Joe, Rooster was way off on the grips, Ruger never used the red eagle in the single actions as Alexander Sturm died before they were produced which is when Bill Ruger switched to the black eagle.As for the grips on the gun they are factory, also known as squashed chickens if memory serves me. But there are some folks you can't reason with. Ruger has used a bunch of different types of eagles on their single actions including one around 1967-68 that had neck feathers. It took me a while to figure out the differences over the years but that just adds to my knowledge and enjoyment of the subject.Oh, and I didn't buy the gun, a friend of mine that is on another forum did,I was just the middle man that got the information to the buyer and seller .


    Major E.A. Sterner

    1. Joe LaFives #5481

      Joe LaFives #5481

      Thanks - I knew that Sturm died in 1951 but I didn't want to walk all over Kevin's (Howlin) post.  Some folks think their experience counts as the only truth.

  9. It is a great match,I've been going since the first Heluva Rukus and they just keep getting better. Was great to see you and Tommy.Looking forward to next year.
  10. Definitely worth the extra, It does a much better job resizing the brass than the ring on the other presses.
  11. Please continue prayers for my friend, They were doing tests today and found a "mass" in her stomach,they are keeping her in the hospital until they can figure out what it is and how to precede. Thanks in advance.
  12. I have a friend who has been diagnosed with Polycythemia Vera, a rare blood cancer, it isn't curable, but it is treatable . I would appreciate all Y'all sending out good thoughts for a positive treatment for her. Her name is Liz Plass and she's one of the nicest caring giving people I know. Thank you.
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