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  1. I worked with a guy that wanted to name his son(If he had one) Dafazio, I looked at him and asked why he wanted his kid to get beat up every day?
  2. Take the cylinder out, then cock the hammer and push the cylinder pin into the "Safety" nitch, then using a scribe, scribe a line onto the pin where the end meets the frame. Remove the pin and cut or grind the end of the pin to that line. Make sure you round the end off to make it easier to replace the pin. You can add a touch of cold blue to the raw end of the pin if you like.
  3. I have a pair of 3 screw .357's that I used for 20 years, then I changed to Duelist, But I'll still use them if I don't have enough ammo for the .45 Colt Vaquero's
  4. You need to make an adapter that uses the original type trigger return spring. You use the pin that the new model trigger springs hook onto to hold the adapter in place.
  5. The Ruger Bisley has the lowest hammer profile, But they have to be modified to work with the standard grip frame. Ruger will sell you 2 hammers every 30 days, they run about $36.00 each plus shipping. All you need is the serial number from your gun. I have bought both the Montado hammers and the Bisley hammer recently from Ruger.
  6. If you really like Dana, check out "Exit to Eden" You get to see her nekkid, But the down side rosie o'donnel is in the movie too. You roll the dice you takes yur chances!
  7. She's also a huge lib, pretty to look at, but toxic in her politics.
  8. At one time Colt sold their own Colt Branded ammo, The description of the ammo contained in it on the label said .45 LONG COLT, I remember seeing it in an article in one of the gun magazines I was subscribed to at the time. I've been trying to find a picture of it but have had no luck so far. The writer made the comment that if Colt can call them .45 Long Colt than that name was fine by him when used.
  9. Or Henry BigBoy rifles in a series about the Pinkertons.
  10. What caliber revolver did these come out of? There are 3 different sized hammers.One for the .22, one for the .357 and one for the larger caliber guns.
  11. The semi synthetic "High Mileage" oils have additives that condition the seals to keep them soft and pliable to help slow down oil loss/consumption. I use it in my 97 Dakota, my 05 Magnum RT,my wifes 96 300c and my Moms 05 Saturn Vue. It's good stuff and will help the engine last longer and run better. I found out about it when I was running a Valvoline Oil change shop, I had customers that used it with over 300,000 miles on their engines and no mechanical problems.
  12. Think they stopped using it because he's breaking the 170 rule...
  13. One other thing that has been downsized is toilet paper, I was cleaning out a closet at a friends house and found some real old TP, the size of the roll that it's wrapped on was a lot smaller than the rolls they use now, the width was wider as well. Now that is something that should never be made smaller.
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