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  1. That island is about 15 miles south of me on the Hudson river, they only recently started to allow people to visit it, but they have to stay on the marked pathways.There were tunnels that were used for storage that could collapse if walked over.Or so they say.
  2. I just stick the loading strips in the top of my boot, the empty brass bag gets tucked in the back of my gun belt until needed.Less of a chance to catch on other things and cause a problem.
  3. Good article, But the one picture of Mike Cannon looks like they photo shopped the 73 into the picture,Either that or he is throwing the rifle onto the table.
  4. Uberti 66 in .38 special, short stroked,action job, full buckhorn rear sight,large bead front sight, leather stock cover and lever wrap and smooth cycle sleeve kit
  5. That must have been what I saw, I just remembered it wrong, Kind of like shooting the stage wrong
  6. Dillon is supposed to be working on a retrofit for the 650 that will use the 750 priming system,Might want to wait for that to come out before spending any money.
  7. Rye, I had a 73 in .357 and have a 66 in .38, I had a similar problem with my 73 when shooting .38's in it even though they were set up the same. For some reason I just shot the 66 better. I traded the 73 off to somone here for a couple pistols and some cash.If I shot .357 mag in it I had no problems.
  8. Sure Fire, I have 3 of them, the first one I bought was a 6Z combat light in 1999, A couple years ago it started blowing bulbs as soon as I turned it on so I called SureFire, They said send it in and it would be fixed under warranty. When I got it back they included new batteries and 2 replacement bulbs with it. It is my EDC light for 20 + years. The other 2 are the 6P version that I keep by my bed and computer desk.
  9. Here is a DOM For Marlin rifles... http://oldguns.net/sn_php/marlinlookup.php
  10. I have all my ammo stored in the green G.I. cans,I have ammo that I loaded in the mid 80's that still shoots fine, as someone else said heat and moisture is the enemy of ammo,keep it in a cool dry air tight container and it will outlast you.
  11. There are a couple Ranges not too far from you, There are the Boot Hill Regulators in Monro/Chester and the Matamoras Mavericks in Matamoras Pa just across the border in Free America. Matamoras is having a shoot this Sunday Oct 11, Stop by and introduce yourself. https://sassnet.com/clubs/Clubs_detail.php?Boot-Hill-Regulators-122 https://www.sassnet.com/clubs/Clubs_detail.php?Matamoras-Mavericks-816
  12. On the Rossi 92, there is a screw in the lever that holds the cross pin in, They have a tendency to break, I carried 2 of them with me when I shot a 92. Also the cylinder cross pin and spring that keeps the cylinder pin in place.An ejector rod housing screw also.
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