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  1. What MEC bushing do Y'all use for Clean Shot? I called MEC and they didn't even know what Clean Shot was.I recommended that they find out and list it on their bushing chart.
  2. Cannelure, It left about 3/8 of an inch of the brass in the chamber.
  3. On the 1st stage of Heluva Rukus a few years ago I had the 1st round in the rifle fire but when I went to lever the next round in it wouldn't chamber. I messed with it for a little while then declared the malfunction. After the stage was over I found that the cartridge had split at the cannelure and had stayed in the chamber costing me 9 misses. Since then I make sure to not use brass that has that feature.
  4. Once you take off the grips you'll see a small pin just behind the trigger guard that passes through the trigger spring, Take the legs of the spring off the cross pin at the top rear of the grip frame, then push the smaller pin out from the left to the right, the trigger spring will come out, replace in reverse order and you're done. By the way, check your trading butts thread,I have a grip frame posted there for trade. r
  5. It should bolt right on. At most the "ears" that go into the slots on the frame may have to be filed down, Not a difficult thing to do.
  6. tried to send you a PM, said you can't receive messages, I think I have what you're looking for.
  7. I was told by an Aussie that they don't drink Fosters over there, it all gets shipped to the states.I won't repeat what he likened it to.
  8. Try here, have a couple options. http://www.savagesheaths.com/Styles/gerber.htm
  9. Always a good time shooting at this club.
  10. Bond stopped making the .22 LR barrels because they had problems with failure to fire.Last one I saw for sale went for over $400.00 on ebay.
  11. Listed as out of stock,But you might be able to back order it here. https://www.gunpartscorp.com/products/432130B
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