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  1. Find an old leather belt and cut it into pieces that will thread through the holster, then attach the belt pieces to the cart using screws. Won't damage the holsters and is secure.
  2. Might want to put a want to buy post here... http://www.rugerforum.com/phpBB3/viewforum.php?f=41&sid=5e8201fc646991e7227932141c4e71ac
  3. If it's a Second Chance vest Rich Davis used to replace them for free. Just found out they are no longer in business.
  4. I have manned a CAS booth for 2 gun shows, the thing that surprised me was how many people didn't have a clue that there were CAS clubs in the area. Get the word out, put flyers up in any local gun shops,have a booth at gun shows,SASS will send you material if you call and ask for it maybe have a learn about CAS day at your range,I believe these things will bring in new shooters
  5. I have in my cart, Ammo for all guns, a cleaning kit, both rifle and shotgun cleaning rods, a set of Brownells screwdrivers, extra hearing protection(Throw away foam plugs) A leatherman tool, individual glass wipes. First aid kit with cloth band aids,alcohol wipes, bee sting capsules,small bottle of gun oil, bug spray, wrenches to tighten the nuts and bolts on my gun cart, squib rod for pistols, a 12 ounce brass hammer, gunsmith punch set, some spare parts that tend to fall off like cylinder pin cross bolt and spring and ejector housing screw,Pen and paper,Match logbook,some Axe body spray(so I don't offend the Ladies on a hot summer day)a large construction size garbage bag and rain slicker in case it rains it will cover the cart and guns.some balistol wipes a herfador and matches for my cigars and a small insulated bag for my drinks. I think that's everything. These are things that I've found handy to have with me so I don't have to go back to my vehicle a bunch of times. I just remembered that I keep 2 towels on the cart to wipe sweat off my brow and one to wipe the guns if I need to give them a shot of lube during the match.
  6. A used pair of Ruger Bisley Vaquero's in .357 tuned by Jimmy Spurs, I got them from one of my Pards since he got New Vaquero's and won 2 Gift certificates from Jimmy Spurs for action jobs.
  7. Check into other gun clubs in your area to see if any of them are putting on a NRA Youth fest and volunteer to do a CAS demonstration for them. You could set up a quick stage and show the different categories of SASS, BP,Duelist, etc. You might get interest from the clubs members as well as the younger crowd there.
  8. Try Pandora internet radio, They have a search engine that allows you to find and play music you like by artist or genre.They have free and paid subscriptions. https://www.pandora.com/
  9. There are a number of books by Newt Gingrich, William Forstchen that deal with alternative history, The trilogy about the war of northern aggression is very good, The have others that cover the revolutionary war up into WW2. You can find them here... https://www.fictiondb.com/author/william-r-forstchen-newt-gingrich~38428.htm
  10. By all means stop by and introduce yourself, The Matamoras Mavericks are a great bunch and will make you feel right at home.
  11. The hammer and the cylinder pin are the only parts that are caliber specific, all the other lockwork parts are interchangable. There are 5 different hammers available for Ruger 3 screws, One for the single Six, one for the super single six(Adjustable sights) One for the medium frame(.357) Blackhawk one for the large frame(.30 carbine, .41 Mag,.45Colt) and one for the Super Blackhawk. As for the .22 hammers The Super single six will work on either as it is a little shorter because of the adjustable sight, the fixed sight hammer is a little bit taller. Hope this helps.
  12. If you buy Scarlett's bullets at a match she's at, she will save you the shipping, Just make sure she's there when you pick up your bullets, If Tommy ,her husband,is there, he wants a little "Sugah" with his hugs.
  13. If you look at the ejector assembly you will see a screw, the screw will hold the ejector arm down to allow the bolt to be replaced easily. You have to hold the ejector down and turn the screw until it locks the ejector in place. Once the gun is back together, you open the action and turn the screw the opposite way and the ejector will pop back out.
  14. Rex, I'm the person you traded with, The gun has some finish issues, But with full magnum Federal Hydrashoks, I was able to put 6 rounds into 1 1/4 inch group at 25 yards. It's a shooter for sure. I am going to get the nickle(Thinking it's actually chrome plate) stripped off and get a proper blue finish done to it. I already swapped out the gold plated hammer and trigger.
  15. Heluva Rukus has my vote as well, I've shot every Rukus since they had them and some before it was the NY state championship. The people that run the match are great, The stages don't have "P" traps and if a shooter screws up on a stage it's because they over thought it. This is a match that should be on your list of "Must shoot" matches. http://www.circlekregulators.com/heluvarukus.html
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