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  1. Heluva Rukus has my vote as well, I've shot every Rukus since they had them and some before it was the NY state championship. The people that run the match are great, The stages don't have "P" traps and if a shooter screws up on a stage it's because they over thought it. This is a match that should be on your list of "Must shoot" matches. http://www.circlekregulators.com/heluvarukus.html
  2. There are some for sale here... http://www.rugerforum.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=41&t=281204
  3. The Eisenhower interstate highway system has to have 1 mile straight for every 5 miles of road to be used as alternate landing areas for military aircraft. I read that on an old toll ticket from the NY State thruway.
  4. They were bought out by an other bullet maker, I saw a press release somewhere about it, but can't find it at the moment.
  5. Something Y'all need to remember is these laws have nothing to do with guns or crime, it's all about control. They know criminals won't go through a UBC and they don't care, all they want to do is control the great unwashed masses(Us) so the can continue building their version of utopia.
  6. They are listed on the Ruger forum classifieds from time to time, You can go here and place a WTB ad for them. http://www.rugerforum.com/phpBB3/viewforum.php?f=41&sid=6f9527f531b9407a947882751c8f4515
  7. I copied the wrong link, try here. These are 15 lb springs. https://www.gunsprings.com/RUGER/SINGLE ACTION SERIES/cID3/mID52/dID228
  8. I use the 14 Lb springs in my 3 screw Blackhawks, An action job should be done along with the spring replacement. Got them from here. https://www.brownells.com/handgun-parts/frame-parts/mainspring-parts/mainsprings/new-vaquero-blackhawk-reduced-power-hammer-springs-prod26649.aspx
  9. I bought some of these during the last great primer shortage. They worked great in my guns and I didn't have a single misfire. I wuld buy them again when available.
  10. Legal calibers in cartridge handguns are .32 up to .45 Colt ammo is lead only, must be under 1000 FPS , Rifles it's 25-20 to .45 Colt Lead only must be under 1400 FPS. Welcome to the best shooting game around.Oh, Shot guns and be 20,16.12 or 10 gauge.
  11. Loophole, It will have no effect whatsoever, The idjits in charge of this state can't seem to understand that criminals don't obey the laws. It will only effect the law abiding.
  12. Try these links https://www.gungoddess.com/collections/concealed-carry-purses https://www.cabelas.com/browse.cmd?categoryId=409715280 https://huntingz.com/best-concealed-carry-purses/
  13. I'm a ny'er, The 30 day wait is for when the instant background isn't instant, As said, Feds say 3 days then allow sale, Il Duce cuomo has signed the law stretching it up to 30 days. He also signed a law mandating secure storage for all fire arms if there is a person under 16 living at or even visiting any home with guns. Like the criminals will lock up their guns.
  14. I have a 342PD, Airlite Ti, It weighs under 12 ounces with the stock bantam grips(That I replaced with Craig Speigal boot grips) On a range it will sting a bit with +P .38's. If you ever have to use it to protect yourself I doubt that you'll even feel the recoil.
  15. From the Jeep dealer in the next town north of me, I stopped in to look at the new Gladiators and all they had were the Rubicon models with all the options.
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