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  1. anything from 7&1/2to 9 and whats available at a reasonable price.
  2. Bgavin,I think those are for the scope ring clamps.
  3. My NY permit was issued for life or until revoked, But now because of the stupid "SAFE" act I have to send in a form every 5 years with all the pistols I own listed on it to verify I still have them in my possession, takes a couple hours to list mine and the wifes.
  4. I've used Cleanshot in my .38 special and .45 Colt loads for about 4 years now. I used to use Bullseye, but after trying the cleanshot I found no reason to go back. It's a great choice for CAS loads. I haven't loaded for anything but CAS in a long time, but will be trying it in other calibers when I get around to it.
  5. Before getting a pair of Bisley Vaqueros I had a pair of .45 Colt Vaqueros that I got to shoot duelist with, I ordered the Bisley hammers from Ruger and removed some metal off the area El Mulo Vaquro shows in his post, They dropped right in with no changes to the timing. As long as you have a way to remove the metal evenly it's a very easy process. I used a Vaquero hammer that had the spur cut off to scribe the line where metal had to be removed, worked out great.
  6. Sanbar Stag is a renewable resource, They shed the antlers and regrow them. The reason for the ban is that poachers were using the permits granted them to search for the sheds to access the area and were poaching a protected species of big cat( Don't remember which one) I read somewhere that every so often India will allow the collection of the sheds and sell them to the highest bidder, which brings in a small supply for those of us that prefer Sanbar to other types of antler.
  7. But don't forget to deduct storage and maintenance fees, you had while you owned it.
  8. Misread what you were looking for, sorry,Good luck with your search.
  9. The two SASS matches I try to make every year is Heluva Rukus and Rendezvous at Rattlesnake Ridge.
  10. Howdy Malpaso, Haven't seen or heard from you in a long time,Hope all is well with you and family.
  11. New York- Circle K Regulators,Home of Heluva Rucus from 1997 to present, Boot Hill Regulators,1997 to present. Pennsylvania-Susquahanna Round up,1997 & 98 and Matamoras Mavericks,Home of Rendezvous at Rattlesnake Ridge, since they started having CAS shoots. Maryland-Mason/Dixon Stampede 2003 Georgia- Mule Camp 2000 & 2002
  12. I use the seating stem for a SWC, has the same flat needed for a TC bullet.
  13. You would most likely have to change out the ejector when installing the .45 a.c.p. slide, Other than that it will fit, Colt used the same size frame on them.
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