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    "When tyranny becomes law rebellion becomes duty" Thomas Jefferson

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  1. Might be a 9x53 round based on a blown out 7.62×54mmR Russian round.
  2. I'll have a shot of Tequila Ley .925 Diamante if you please,Gracias
  3. I have a Browning HiPower,Kahr K-9 and Ruger SR9c all in 9mm.
  4. From the photo, it looks like they have the straight back rather than the flared of the Old style. My mistake,I was judging them on the Lock hollow and back. Good luck with the sale.
  5. Those grips are for the New Vaquero with the internal lock. Won't fit an original Vaquero (Large frame)
  6. In my county in NY you have to fill out a form to keep the information confidential, I think they started doing this when a liberal newspaper tried to publish a list of permit holders.
  7. Lets see, I have 5 Ruger 3 screw .357 Blackhawks and 4 Ruger .22 Single sixes, So I guess the answer is Yes.
  8. Hey Widder I use 8.5(Eight point five) grains of Unique, with a Winchester primer and 185 grain JHP. This is a very accurate load in my Colt Gov't 1911. It has a huge muzzle flash on overcast early evening days.
  9. I am sad to report that Catskill Bob passed away on Aug 30,2022. lifetime member of SASS He participated in many SASS competitive events across the nation. Bob had a wonderful sense of humor that showed up wherever he went. Here is a link to his Obit. https://hagan-chamberlain.com/tribute/details/896/Robert-Glywa/obituary.html
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