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  1. Thank you all for the thoughts and prayers, The power has been restored ahead of the estimate and the insurance adjusters have been there to make an estimate of the damage.
  2. If Y'all could keep a friend of mine in your thoughts and prayers,I would appreciate it, Liz lives just off the coast in Alabama where hurricane sally hit them dead on. Her daughter who lives 2 miles away lost everything and Liz has some damage to her house. They are closing the island they live on until 9/26 and electricity will be out for at least another week. Her water supply might last 1 more day.She and her family are good people that could use a little help right now. Thank you all in advance.
  3. Try here, you might try calling to see if they have a complete bolt assembly. https://www.gunpartscorp.com/gun-manufacturer/winchester/rifles-win/70-pre-64-series/70-pre-64
  4. Had one years ago that had For .357 Mag 125 Gr JHP Only stamped on the barrel. I traded it to a friend who wanted it more than his 1948 K-22, best trade I ever made.
  5. http://www.beerliquors.com/buy/liqueurs/glayva.htm Try this link
  6. The XR 3 grips were used up to about 1962, after that they used the XR3-Red, This applies to 3 screw models, The New Model Blackhawk,Single Six and Vaqueros, used the XRN3 -Red grip frame that was the same as the XR3-Red except it didn't have the hole for the trigger return spring that the 3 screw guns used. When Ruger came out with the "New" Vaqueros (With and without the internal lock) they went back to the XR3 sized grip frame but it was thinner and has the locating dowel in a slightly different place. Hope this helps.
  7. It's a Round tuit, that way you have no excuses for not doing something.
  8. Last printer/Scanner I bought was from WalMart, was under $25.00, a Cannon Pixma 2522, I looked at refill cartridges and they would cost around $85.00 for the XL version. When the ink runs out I'll go and buy what ever version they have on sale for under $30.00
  9. Give Grashorn Grips a call, He made a pair of Moose antler grips for one of my Pards, I.C. Moose. https://www.grashornsgunworks.com/
  10. Try Bullets by Scarlett, she has great coated 9mm. https://bulletsbyscarlett.com/shop/ols/categories/9mm-9-makarov
  11. For this game, a 66 or 73 is much better suited for what we do. If you want to use your rifle for hunting as well, then a Marlin,Rossi then the Henry big boy would be my choice.
  12. It says "light on their feet", Not in their loafers
  13. At the wall in D.C. they have a book that list names in alphabetical order that showS what panel and line the name will be found.I would think the traveling wall has something similar. My Father is on the wall, Panel 6 West line 41, GySgt. Lynne H. Rutter,U.S.M.C.
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