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  1. Enter 44 Spl, 185 grain bullet, check titegroup in powder window. Waalaa! starting load: 4.0 grains, max load: 5.5 grains
  2. https://www.hodgdonreloading.com/reloading-data-center?rdc=true&type=5
  3. That looks like high pressure distortion. Those primers would be indicating at best +p pressures if not dangerously high pressure. If my hand loads looked like that I’d be backing the charge down a couple tenths!
  4. In my avatar I’m shooting 44 Russians with 180 grain lrnfp over 1.3cc of 2FFg GOEX. AS Cowtown says don’t load by weight but by volume. With GOEX 1.3cc of 2FFg can weigh up to 1.5 grains different from lot to lot. 3ffg , even a bigger variation. You need enough powder to get compression and 1.3cc by volume of any powder brand or granulation will give you that.
  5. There’s the cross draw shuffle, AND….. there’s the spur shuffle also known as the sideways stair descent.
  6. They are required of men in B Western.
  7. Like most competitive sport skills, wearing spurs requires practice, practice, practice so you don’t trip like San Fernando Red!
  8. In my experience short stroking can cause this. A toggle link is not as bad as an 1892 but can still fail to eject if not forcefully levered. Some short stroked rifles are actually more susceptible than standard stroked guns for some reason.
  9. Used occasionally for long range shots, but the one handed grip and erect stance was used most regularly. In the 60s the army taught me to shoot the 1911 one handed. The weaver stance was invented by a deputy sheriff named Jack Weaver in the late 50s and made popular by Jeff Cooper in the 70s. Before WWII no one shot 2 handed on a regular basis.
  10. I’ve got to the age that if I don’t do it immediately I’ll forget! GK, I guess people have posted on such mishaps so regularly that it seems like a common occurrence, probably making it seem more common an event than it is. My point was hand primers are not any more susceptible to primer detonation than any other method.
  11. I’ve primed with aLee hand primer since I started in 1979. I have never had a primer go off with them! On the other hand I doubt if very many who load on a progressive can say that. So don’t worry about detonation I consider a Lee hand primer to be one of the safest ways to prime. Got no primer tube to have a multiple detonation with. I seen pics of them tubes stuck in the reloading room’s ceiling more than once.
  12. Alliant’s load data gives a max load of 7.3 grains with 200 grain bullet. I load 5.0 grains but I like them with a little more snap than most.
  13. I read an article back in the 1970s about shooting 45-70 rounds from a 100 year old unopened crate of military ammo. It was Loaded in the old copper foil cases. They fired 100 of them and only 2 failed to fire.
  14. Your mistake was the method you used for cleaning. If you had poured hot water down the bore then pushed a wad of a 1/2 sheet of paper towel down the bore the melted plastic would have come right out. The windex cleaned the BP fouling out but not the plastic snot. The hot water breaks the bond of plastic to metal for easy removal.
  15. I use TC Bore Butter in the barrel, cylinder chambers, and the cylinder pin/arbor. The other lubes I mentioned are for the nooks and crannies and wearing surfaces like hammer, bolt, hand/pawl, etc.
  16. I been shooting black for years and tried about every cleaner. One day I just used hot tap water. Guess what I use exclusively now. Hot tap water, I don’t even add dish soap anymore and they get as clean as with any other method and the hot water dries out quickly and completely. I lube with a little bore butter and Rem-oil or Ballistol or CLP etc, etc. In other words whatever I have handy. So much for the “don’t use petroleum based lube” malarky. Also I don’t bother cleaning the nitro residue before shooting BP in the same guns, so much for that BS also.
  17. Thanks McCandless I thought so but Ronnie posting it as 38 Short threw me off until I looked it up I thought the only 38 round called a Short was the 38 Short Colt.
  18. Have you slugged the barrel? I’d be interested but 38 Short covers a lot of territory with bores of .357, .361 and .375. There is a 38 S&W, sometimes called 38 S&W Short and 38 Short Colt. The Colt was originally .375 bore that shot a heeled bullet and later loaded with inside lubed bullet of .358 diameter which was the parent of the 38 Long Colt and 38 S&W Special. I think I’m correct on this, others more knowledgeable might chime in and correct me if wrong. Driftwood you out there?
  19. All the painting isn’t necessary with a wrangler and it’s free spin pawl. Load 5 then advance till empty chamber shows in loading gate cut then close gate and rotate cylinder counter clockwise till the bolt drops in the cylinder notch and you’re done. No brainer.
  20. I had 2 sets of old vaquero grips that I put on my pair. They were a perfect fit. Old vaquero and new single six grips fit them. The Ruger grip frame model is XR3-RED. I’ll second Burn Through on Altamont Grips, I have them on a pair of New Vaqueros and really like them. They make some of Rugers factory grips along with some for other manufacturers’ guns.
  21. Are the tennesssee state scores posted somewhere.

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  22. My guess is we won’t see any till they have caught up ammo production. And who knows when that’ll be.
  23. My local store said they talked to a factory rep and was told it’ll be another year before you see any USA made.
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