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  1. Glad you clarified that. Thought FG was a generic reference to period and style
  2. Great shoot with 29 shooters, beautiful weather and I didn’t finish last shooting warthog BP LOADS. It don’t get any better than that!
  3. Hey Rusty, cowboy shooters need 2 holsters. Post the maker’s Name and contact info so a feller could get a matching holster made and you might get some interest.
  4. Thanks Al. Deacon type sportsman drive, 62401 into Google maps and it will give you directions. It says 1 hour and 47 minute drive from Herrin. I drove 1 hr 40 min Last Saturday to a shoot in Bunker Hill, IL.
  5. For the last several Years I have paid my dues but made no other contributions for the very reason some here have enumerated.
  6. We’re shootin’ Saturday! 5 stages by Coop Dog who knows most of us Old ‘Pokes’ is senile so They’ll be real easy. Bring yer own fixin’s. We’ll play it by ear on a lunch break or shoot through. See y’all Saturday day mornin’ , forecast is good, with a slight, I say slight chance of morning rain.
  7. Thanks for the edification Rex, never too old to learn.
  8. Not an expert but the only 40/70 I know of is the 40/70 Sharps Straight.
  9. Years ago I loaded Skirmish which was/is a reenactor powder. I even loaded it in 38 Spl along with 44 WCF, 45 Colt and 44 Russian and in 12 gauge. Worked great for our game. I just checked and Powder Inc. is selling Skirmish again. May have to order some!!
  10. Phil, he wears the belt with buckle to the back And bullet loops In the front. Then the holsters are canted forward!
  11. My belts are 20 years old. Back then we were into looking authentic Late 1800s Western. Got 24 loops on em. I carry 10 rounds of 44 in them. I figger I’m carrying a leather belt , 2 holsters and Two 42 ounce Pistols, I ain’t gonna notice another 5 to 10 ounces of cartridges!
  12. I’m the one black sheep here. I have tried .429s but would get too many hangers due to tight chambers in 2 of my 3 rifles and one of my pistols, even using my 44 Spl expander plug. So Went to .428 bullet in both smokeless bullets and Big Lubes from Slim for my BP loads. Problem solved. Targets shot at 100 yards with both diameters showed no appreciable difference in accuracy. And yes 4 out of 5 of my bores slugged at .429. I’m using bhn of 12 in smokeless bullets and Slim’s bhn 8 bullets in BP. I believe those soft bullets “bump up” to obturate the bore as I get decent groups with no leading, also I have gone to powder coating in the smokeless rounds which helps prevent leading. PS; Jaan, I don’t buy factory. Can’t help with that. And, also one of my .429 barreled rifles is a 44WCF MIROKU ‘73 and it shoots .428 bullets fine in smokeless.
  13. +1 on above from CJ. I load RED DOT in everything for CAS. I Agree on 38 Spl instead of 357 mag unless you already reload 357 and have 500 or more cases on hand. If not economy of 38 Spl is its plus. There are bullets that can be loaded to OAL OF 357 and cycle rifles chambered for 357 in 38 Spl cases. Talk with shooters of 357 rifles at your local club, I Would bet that most if not all shoot 38s in them. I shoot 44-40 in all my rifles so I can’t speak to a CAS load for rifle, but my pistol load for 38 Spl is 3.2 grains of Red Dot behind any weight bullet from 122 thru 158 grains. My shotgun load for use in any of my shotguns ie; hammered double, 1887 lever and a 1897 pump is: 14.4 grains of Red Dot (#26 Mec bushing), Claybuster 1100-12 wad filled with 1oz of #7.5 shot , Winchester W209 primer, all in a Remington STS or Gun Club hull or a Winchester AA hull. Actually my favorite hull to reload for all 3 shotguns is the Remington Gun Club. Functions and shucks great in all 3 action types. The best advice on reloading I can give is talk to other Cowboy shooters about what they reload. Believe me they will save you a lot of grief and money.
  14. Happy birthday from one of your Lakewood Marshals Pards.
  15. Thanks for this post Max. You saved me a ton of money and untold frustration. I still load 7 pistol calibers on 2 single stage presses and an old Lyman 55 powder measure. After reading this any thoughts of getting a progressive/automated tool of any kind have been put out of my mind forever!
  16. Alliant’s load for 44 WCF IN COWBOY LOADS which are already reduced loads is 5.9 grains . 90% of that = 5.3 grains. I’ve always read that 80% is max reduction so that = 4.7 grains. 3.5 grains = 59%! That just might be close to squib territory!
  17. +1 I’ve loaded 44-40 for 2 pistols and 3 rifles for over 15 years with Promo and Red Dot. Never loaded below 5.0 grains of either. Never had primers back out and not reseat either. Up your load to at least 4.5 grains by weight not volume.
  18. I’m no expert on either rifle, but lack of a loading gate would be a major pain in the @ss to me!
  19. Hey Hombre, I’ve have

    Frankengun . Frames serial numbers indicate 1906, barrel and cylinder are of later manufacture. It haS hard rubber grips. It’s in 44WCF WITH 7.5” barrel stamped FRONTIER SIXSHOOTER 44-40. Goodshooter, I have shot it in a match. If interested I’ll post some pictures.

  20. Hi Ellie,

    Yes we are shooting, Saturday. Will see you then.

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