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  1. No, I believe the most trailers allowed are 2,Which is considered a Full Tractor Trailer rather that a Semi. But That all I have seen on the east coast, other parts of the country may have different rules.
  2. It's very possible that a previous owner bought a .22 LR only pistol and found a .22 Mag cylinder that fit.As long as the over all length is the same as the .22 LR Cylinder they usually are a drop in fit.
  3. A 3 screw Mag cylinder will usually have the flutes where a New Model will be unfluted and have the caliber on it around the cylinder.Also as others have said the last 3 of the Ser # will be stamped or engraved in the end of it.
  4. I have this on my Gun cart,Dorado Slim (RIP) made it for me ay Mule Camp 2000
  5. Top end on the GTO was about 115mph, If you remove the speed limiter on the RT it's about 140mph,
  6. As a fellow Magnum RT owner,I can honestly say the Magnum is faster.0-60 5.8 seconds GTO 0-60 7.3seconds
  7. I remember when they came out many years ago, They came with 2 barrels one in 9mm the other was .41 AE, I wanted one from the first time I saw it, But never could find one.
  8. The new XR-3 grips have the locator pin in a different place and the grip screw is shorter.Try putting a want to buy ad at the Ruger Forum classifieds. Are you looking for the Black plastic or wood grips? https://www.rugerforum.com/phpBB3/index.php?sid=4b2aa6547bde76a6b91a423e5bfaf65d They have some very helpful members there.
  9. No, that's what they called it in the planning stage.
  10. They have a payment plan, say right on the page under the price...As low as $59.85 per month with Shoot Now Pay Later
  11. My wife used to carry a 4 inch stainless GP-100, I was working at a gun shop at the time and we had 2 come in , she saw them and said she wanted one.She carried it in her purse for a couple years before deciding it was heavy. I traded it for a SP-101, which she liked better because of the weight difference. They are great guns and will give you many years of service.
  12. You missed my point, If the originator can call the cartridge the .45 Long Colt, that's good enough for me to accept that nomenclature if someone refers to it as such,What does it matter really? Call it .45 Colt or .45 Long Colt, we all know what cartridge they are referring to. Life is too short to worry about the small things in life.
  13. The Wax bullets were marketed by Colt, The originator of the .45 SAA, I would think if the inventor of the Pistol and ammo calls it .45 LONG Colt, then that pretty much settles it.
  14. I just checked mine and when pushing the hammer forward while holding the trigger with the barrel off the firing pins protrude 1 mm.Hope this gives you a reference point for checking out your problem.
  15. Looks like a copy of a Remington 1875, a very poor copy.
  16. I bought a brick of them (1500 in a brick) a couple years ago and they worked in all my guns.I would buy them again if I could find them.
  17. I had a PHD, But the handle broke.
  18. I have a Bond with .357 and .45Colt/.410 3 inch shotshell, I have shot them both with factory loads(125JHP .357,.45Colt 255lrn and 3 inch .410 personal protection loads) and they aren't that bad. For side matches I use the .357 mag barrel with light .38'special or .38 short colt rounds.
  19. I don't think Ruger makes the New Vaquero .45 in a 7 & 1/2 inch barrel anymore. It wasn't listed on their website. Might have to make do with a original Vaquero
  20. Hi Joe, Rooster was way off on the grips, Ruger never used the red eagle in the single actions as Alexander Sturm died before they were produced which is when Bill Ruger switched to the black eagle.As for the grips on the gun they are factory, also known as squashed chickens if memory serves me. But there are some folks you can't reason with. Ruger has used a bunch of different types of eagles on their single actions including one around 1967-68 that had neck feathers. It took me a while to figure out the differences over the years but that just adds to my knowledge and enjoyment of the subject.Oh, and I didn't buy the gun, a friend of mine that is on another forum did,I was just the middle man that got the information to the buyer and seller .


    Major E.A. Sterner

    1. Joe LaFives #5481

      Joe LaFives #5481

      Thanks - I knew that Sturm died in 1951 but I didn't want to walk all over Kevin's (Howlin) post.  Some folks think their experience counts as the only truth.

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