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  1. I have a Ring system, you have to pay for storage of the recorded events but it's a reasonable fee
  2. No, it was his dog, he had an interesting sense of humor from what I've been told. He passed away before I was born.
  3. My Grandfathers Henderson, sorry it's sideways.
  4. Have your wife go into a parts store and ask for Muffler Moth repellent, You spray it on the exhaust to keep them from eating it.
  5. Check the seating stem to see if there is any build up on it that would cause the bullets to seat deeper.
  6. Alpo, He wasn't dating Ronda Rousey, He was dating an Asian VERSION of her.
  7. I am sad to report that Catskill Bob passed away on Aug 30,2022. lifetime member of SASS He participated in many SASS competitive events across the nation. Bob had a wonderful sense of humor that showed up wherever he went. Here is a link to his Obit. https://hagan-chamberlain.com/tribute/details/896/Robert-Glywa/obituary.html
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