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  1. The Red in XR3-Red stands for "Redesign" Ruger changed the design of the grip frames because customers were complaining about their knuckles getting hit in heavy recoiling pistols with the XR3 grip frames. The biggest problem is when they went "Back" to the XR3 style they're just different enough(Thinner frame, shorter screw, different locating pin location,no bevel at the top) that they might not fit on the original XR3 frames
  2. Something I tell my wife when she catches me looking, "How can I appreciate the beauty I have if I have nothing to compare it to?" And No, It doesn't keep me out of trouble.
  3. .I've smoked them a time or two when offered, But I prefer a better quality cigar like Macanudo, Monte Cristo or H.Upmann.
  4. A mill is the way to go, They say you can use a drill press, but it comes out very ugly unless you have a VERY well made drill press with VERY good measurement scales on it. Have only seen videos of using a router.
  5. I have a friend who refers to that part of the bread as the "slut" He says they call it that because everyone has touched it and no one wants to eat it...
  6. Also check the shells to make sure they are what it says on the box. Last year a friend loaded her belt with what was supposed to be the "Feather Lites" and they were a 1 & 1/8 heavy hunting load. To say she was surprised was an understatement.
  7. @ photos, one recent, the other 23 years ago.
  8. Sharpton is on his way there, It's about to become all about race, He wouldn't be going otherwise.
  9. More likely Manslaughter or negligent homicide. Unless there is exculpatory evidence that comes out when the entire video is shown. The news media loves to leave things out of videos to rile people up.
  10. The Lee kit comes with a powder dipper and load data.
  11. Lee makes a die set to load the .38 short and long colt, They are reasonably priced and worth the cost. Here are some places that carry them. https://www.amazon.com/LEE-PRECISION-90276-Carbide-Set-38/dp/B00162UMR2 https://www.midsouthshooterssupply.com/dept/reloading/dies/38-colt https://www.titanreloading.com/lee-38-shortlong-colt-3-die-set-carbide
  12. You want to look for around a 48 prefix on the serial number, That will get you a large frame "Ruger Only" compatible Blackhawk,There are other higher number prefixes but I'm not as familiar with the new model variations. I'm not sure what year they brought out the lighter frames, Maybe try calling Ruger, They can be very helpful. Good luck on your search.
  13. Blackwater, an Old Model Blackhawk is a 3 screw action, In 1973 Ruger came out with the New Model Blackhawk that had the transfer bar on it. These are the heavy duty Blackhawks that will handle the heavy "Ruger Only" loads in the reloading manuals. I'm pretty sure this is what you want,
  14. I have both an original Leatherman and a Gerber multi tool, I use the Gerber more because of the above stated reasons, It also has an accessory set of 1/4 "hex screwdriver bits that make it more versatile. Before Gerber came out with theirs I used the leatherman daily.
  15. Spandex is a privilege, NOT a right.
  16. Howdy Y'all, who rebuilds the lower tabs on the 66 & 73 bolts? I want to get my old one rebuilt as a spare. TIA
  17. Was a couple I used to shoot with, Snakeoil and Gypsie Jo,That had a dog with his own SASS membership alias was Bijou T Polecat. He went with them to all the CAS matches.
  18. I have the Kuhnhausen Colt Vol 1&2 in excellent shape, Sold off all my Colt double actions. $70.00 shipped, USPO money order only.
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