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  1. They should, all brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. Cartridge brass is 70%copper/30%zinc. Brass for fire poles and pipe is 60%/40%. Some brass has small amounts of lead or tin, but it ain’t brass if it ain’t got some zinc in it.
  2. Yup we’re shootin’ this Saturday! Come on out, we’lll have water but bring Some anyway along with yer own vittles. See you at Effingham Sportsman’s Club on Sportsman Drive near the Lake.
  3. You are right, currently not SASS, BUT I’m workin’ on it. The Sass affiliation was dropped when we shut down after 2017 season due to us old guys That started The club in 2000 and running it for 17 years finally burning out both physically and mentally. A younger crew took charge in 2019.
  4. Great link! Couple changes for you. The directions for the Rangeless Riders in Illinois give Hilliard Township, if you look there you will see Brittany Shooting Park just south of the arrow, that is where the Rangeless Riders shoot on the Ist Saturday of the month. Also The Midwest Gunfighters shoot at the World Shooting Complex near Sparta, IL. That’s the group that puts on an annual, I think the State Shoot. The Kaskaskia Cowboys also shoot there every 2nd Saturday. Another club, The Effingham Free Grazers, that was SASS affiliated for 17 years but shut down in 2018 Have recently started up again. They shoot the 2nd Saturday at the Effingham County Sportsmans Club. Here’s a link to the club’s web site : http://www.effinghamsportsmansclub.com/home.html
  5. Glad you clarified that. Thought FG was a generic reference to period and style
  6. Great shoot with 29 shooters, beautiful weather and I didn’t finish last shooting warthog BP LOADS. It don’t get any better than that!
  7. Hey Rusty, cowboy shooters need 2 holsters. Post the maker’s Name and contact info so a feller could get a matching holster made and you might get some interest.
  8. Thanks Al. Deacon type sportsman drive, 62401 into Google maps and it will give you directions. It says 1 hour and 47 minute drive from Herrin. I drove 1 hr 40 min Last Saturday to a shoot in Bunker Hill, IL.
  9. We’re shootin’ Saturday! 5 stages by Coop Dog who knows most of us Old ‘Pokes’ is senile so They’ll be real easy. Bring yer own fixin’s. We’ll play it by ear on a lunch break or shoot through. See y’all Saturday day mornin’ , forecast is good, with a slight, I say slight chance of morning rain.
  10. Thanks for the edification Rex, never too old to learn.
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