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  1. I’m no expert on either rifle, but lack of a loading gate would be a major pain in the @ss to me!
  2. Not for all of us, Rooster! welcome back Highwall. Some of us ain’t got no faster but still have a ball playin’ cowboy.
  3. I have a couple. Put 17 lb Wolff springs in them. They work fine on Remington ThunderBolts and their Golden Bullets. Also some bulk pac Federals and std velocity CCIs.
  4. I have a pair in 44WCF. I have had them for several years and had great service from them. Great guns. They are the pair blowing smoke and fire in the pic to the left.
  5. Some of you cowboys need a pack animal, ain’t a guncart made that can haul all the crap you named! If I pushed yer carts around I’d be too worn out to shoot.
  6. Rooster I put Wolf springs in mine. As I recall the 17 lb hammer and 30 oz trigger springs. They set off all the brands of 22s without a glitch. Part # 17116 contains the 2 mentioned plus a stouter cylinder pin spring.
  7. That is the code, just type “sass” in the box. Gets you a 5% discount.
  8. We just shot a 22 category last Saturday any SASS legal shotgun was allowed. Some shot 410s, I and others used our 12 gauges.
  9. I shoot Red Dot in my all my cowboy guns. Tried a pound of IMR Red. Found that reducing my Red Dot loads 0.2 grains in 38 Spl gave comparable performance. 3.4 grains Red Dot or 3.2 grains of IMR Red under a 125 grainer..
  10. Good Shoot, may do it again next year. 19 shooters braved the cold. I among others will be ordering Wolf Springs for our Wranglers. My fingers are sore from cocking and firing them. The lawyers have outdone themselves on these pistols.
  11. Sounds like fun Sam. I just got a pair of Ruger Wranglers. I’ll shoot them along with a Henry Silver 22. It oughta be fun.
  12. I’d buy a lb to try it, if I could find it for less than $28 per pound. Anybody know a cheaper source?
  13. What Joe said. I use a Lyman 55 and can throw a +/- 0.1 grain charge of Red Dot. Good enough for the light loads we use in this game.
  14. That’s right, MILD BUNCH. We are gonna have a 22 category, just like center fire just substitute 22s for pistol and rifle. Run what ya got single action, double action or semi-auto pistols, lever or pump rifle, 410 thru 12 gauge shotgun. 22s will be scored separately. Oughta be fun. Yes, you can shoot your centerfires if ya don’t wanna shoot 22s. Bring yer own vittles. 5 stages for only $10, such a deal! See ya Saturday.
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