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  1. Been using these loads for years. I got my 44 specials packed for a shoot tomorrow using the 4.0 grain load of red dot under a 180 grain LRNFP Bullet. Use your promo load with red dot for shotgun. They load the same when loaded by weight not by volume. I use a Mec #26 bushing for 14.5 grains of red dot and 1 ounce of #8 shot and a Claybuster pink or gray wad. Love red dot.
  2. Yo Dog. We shoot at 10:00 am. See ya Saturday.
  3. Free Grazers are shooting this Saturday. Come out and join us. You can shoot 22s if you’d like. Bring yer own vittles.
  4. The guns making the fire & smoke in this post are EMF Great Western II’s in 44-40. Been runnin’ BP in them since 2004. Never a problem shooting 2 day match’s with minimal cleaning overnight. I also run a pair of Uberti 1860 conversions with BP and Springfield Slim’s 200 grain Big Lube in 44 Russian cases with good results.
  5. Hey Hombre, I’ve have

    Frankengun . Frames serial numbers indicate 1906, barrel and cylinder are of later manufacture. It haS hard rubber grips. It’s in 44WCF WITH 7.5” barrel stamped FRONTIER SIXSHOOTER 44-40. Goodshooter, I have shot it in a match. If interested I’ll post some pictures.

  6. Hi Ellie,

    Yes we are shooting, Saturday. Will see you then.

  7. Hi Bull! Checking in - will we be shooting at Effingham this Saturday (Sept. 08)? Do you know, or should I check with Fossil Creek?

  8. Thanks Mose,

    Filling out the app as we write. Yeee Hawww!

  9. hey pard great to here from ya

    yes FCGF is available just write in in and we will make it happen



  10. Hey Mose, its the Bullster.

    A shooter told me he is signed up for Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter for the US OPEN. I printed the form and could not find it on the application. Is it available?

    Yours in two fisted smokey shooterdom,

    Bully Boy

  11. Hey Red, its Bull. See ya in Sandoval.

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