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  1. I had a pair and like a fool I sold them. I ran 428 bullets in them and got decent accuracy. If you run 430 bullets you will probably have problems. The barrels are 429 but the chambers and your reloading dies are still for 427 bullets. I run 428 bullets and mild loads and the bullets expand and obturate the bore. I run Missouri Bullets and they use 12 BHN alloy for their cowboy bullets which are soft enough to expand the bullets with 700 fps loads. My Rifles and pistols all shoot pretty accurately with their bullets. Most casters run hard bullets which ain’t for your accuracy but because it casts easier and ships with less damage. I run 12 bhn bullets for all guns that shoot below 1200 fps which is everything I own except the magnums and 9mms.
  2. Missouri Bullet casts 2 bhns of 12 and 18. All their cowboy bullets are 12. They have a formula on their site for calculating what hardness for a given velocity.
  3. My guess is we won’t see any till they have caught up ammo production. And who knows when that’ll be.
  4. My local store said they talked to a factory rep and was told it’ll be another year before you see any USA made.
  5. Sticker Shock I reckon! I paid $950 for my last pair and got 500 new Starline cases to boot and thought I paid too much.
  6. I shoot 44 WCF and have since I started SASS in the 1990s. I have occasionally got a little grit in my dies and scratched cases. I have never seen cases scratched like that. The 2 outside cases defects are really deep, the middle ones scratches look more like dirty die damage.. I agree with with G. J. I’d closely inspect my chamber walls for burrs or other defects.
  7. I’ve used caulk backer rod, but most of the time I use GOEX 2FF.
  8. Due to nasty weather on Saturday, Effingham, IL shoot is canceled. See you in April.
  9. I have a pair of Great Western II Californians in 44-40 that I bought in 2004. Never been in a repair shop, however they are not my main match guns. Probably shoot them in 4 or 5 match’s a year, but I think they would hold up pretty good if ran more. Major factor, their hand is run with a coil spring and plunger like a Ruger. No action job per se, just smoothed, honed and lighter springs done by yours truly.
  10. I load 5 grains of Red Dot in 44-40 and 45 Colt with a 200 grain Bullet.
  11. Hodgdon’s on line load data lists 44 colt bullet as .430. That is for current manufactured guns. If your 1863 is an original it’s bore is .451. Modern 44 colt is just a short 44 special/long 44 Russian. A 44 special chambered firearm will chamber all three rounds. A converted cap and ball pistol cylinder will be chambered for 45 colt or 45 schofield. If a new repro conversion it is chambered for .430 diameter 44 colt. Best way to find out is slug your pistols barrel.
  12. 200 grain bullet is most common. I load 5.0 grains of red dot. The same load of bullseye would work fine.
  13. And in the reverse case it could leave an air space and cause detonation and injury. That is why you never go by weight because lot to lot variation in density is common.
  14. I was wondering what a jame was and what an unjaming tool did.
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