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  1. Wow, some of you guys really like to complicate an easy process. I dry tumble in any of several media. I prefer white rice because it’s cheaper than ground corn cob or crushed walnut. Resize and deprime then reload,when using nitro powder. If reloading with black powder, I soak them in plain water overnight, drain, then throw them on old newspaper to air dry for a couple days then dry tumble in vibratory tumbler. Then I reload just like nitro loaded but with BP of course. Been doing it this way since I started in 1979. Sporadically clean primer pockets about every 10 years or so.
  2. My favorite line leaving the stage: “If that wasn’t slow enough for ya I can take a reshoot!
  3. Blanks made with APP must be used within a couple weeks of loading. They are hygroscopic and the top third will draw moisture and make a solid projectile! We made some for re-enactments that were shot about 6 months after loading and they drew blood on anyone hit by them from as far as 25 feet! They are fine if shot as soon as loaded but not at a later date.
  4. I’ve reloaded 44-40 for over 20 years. Had a LFC and quit using it. Pain in the butt. Leave a gap between case mouth and top of crimp groove to allow slight difference in case length and give it a light roll crimp using std seat/crimp die. Probably have shot 10,000 of these rounds and never had a telescoped bullet. Use a .428 diameter 200 grain bullet and 5.2 grains of red dot.
  5. Don’t think so, check out external mods in the Shooter’s Hand Books.
  6. Boys I’m from Illinois and have traveled all over the State with guns for 50 years. Have them in a closed case, soft or hard as long as it’s zipped closed and have ammo in a separate closed container and don’t drive like an idiot and you’ll be just fine.I suspect there are other States more anti gun than Illinois.
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