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  1. Chief, you forgot about the 3 at the loading table and one getting his gear ready. Thats 12 and I guess the other three are watching the shooting and thinking about how they will shoot it or visiting and relaxing or getting a drink, combing their hair and fixing their corset/bodice. Anything but standing 3 or4 deep holding their long guns or twiddling their thumbs and staring into space.
  2. Small clubs seldom more that 30 shooters. Ain’t nobody standing around.
  3. I shoot at a couple clubs that usually have 2 posses. One shoots in order, the other shoots randomly. It’s noted on the sign up sheet and you can sign up on the one of your preference. Works out great, everybody’s happy. If I am RO on a random posse I announce that only three people at the loading table. This usually solves the worker shortage problem.
  4. https://www.alliantpowder.com/reloaders/powderlist.aspx?page=/reloaders/powderlist.aspx&type=1&powderid=4&cartridge=36 This link will give you all Red Dot loads. My cowboy load is 5.0 grains of Red Dot under a 200 grain lrnfp set off by a Federal #150 primer.
  5. Evansville is a good one!
  6. I load 5.0 grains with a 200 grain bullet. I would think 4.8 grains would be good with a 180 grain bullet.
  7. Bull Skinner


    My bad. I had never seen it spelled with 2 N’s.
  8. +1 At $4.00/box my reloads seem pretty reasonable.
  9. Bull Skinner


    I know what a whiner is. What is a whinner?
  10. 2.2 cc of GOEX 2fg or 5.2 grains of Red Dot. That’s the GOEX LOAD in my pic on the left.
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