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  1. Tyrel , I can't help it. It's the result of being married to a school teacher for 49 years!
  2. The misuse of these two is beginning to bug me. So excuse my grammar lesson. Here is an example of their proper use: If you lose your mind you are said to have a screw loose. While I'm at it. It's Oops not Opps. There, now that I got that off my chest I feel better!
  3. What Abilene said. Use the load data on the Hodgdon web site and start with the minimum load and work up till you get a load you like. Here's the link: http://www.hodgdonreloading.com/data/pistol
  4. Edited to 5 stages and chili for lunch!
  5. You heard right . Them good Ol' Boys might be down, but don't count em out just yet. Fossil, Bull, Pathfinder and the Marshal are gonna drag the targets out on March 30th. Shoot 3, eat chili provided and shoot 2 more for a total of 5 stages. I'll add details as they are revealed to me.
  6. There are period guns with steel barrels out there. I have a J A Stevens 235 made in 1925. It has hammers and steel barrels. Even better quality Damascus barrels using BP loads can let loose. I've been around to see two of them blow. One unwound like a toilet paper roll!
  7. No Hoss its from one of the most noted Texas photographers of the early 20 th century. Look at some of the other photos and you'll see they gave each other haircuts and shaves when out on the range working. I'm surprised that a Texan doesn't know who Erwin Smith was or the Amon Carter Museum. Heres a link to the whole photo collection: http://www.cartermuseum.org/collections/smith/about.php
  8. Hey Hoss, here's a working Texas cowboy in 1908. Note spur buckles in. http://www.cartermuseum.org/collections/smith/collection.php?asn=LC-S59-176&mcat=4
  9. HEY THERE NHH! Between me and Marshal Duncan we spent more time this year with Doctors than our cowboy compadres. But, I'm finished with chemo and feeling stronger every day and I think Duncan's gettin' lined out also. We oughta be aggravatin' you fellers plenty come Spring. As far as the 1860s go you just ain't noticed em before. Had em awhile. I'll bring em to your attention next time we shoot.
  10. J Bar I load 1.3 cc of 2ffg and a 200 gr LRN In Russian cases and shoot em in my 1860 Conversions. Nice load with plenty of smoke and fire.
  11. Rooster its Hodgdons version of Red Dot replete with the red dots. I load it 0.2 of a grain below Red dot for about the same performance.
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