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  1. I normally use 2.2cc of 2F which gives a compressed load using Springfield Slim's Big Lubes. But when I used a filler I used 1/2" caulk backer for filler cutting in lengths that were twice the length of the remaining space in the case to be filled. This was on top of a load of 1.7cc of 2FF.
  2. +1 Its all in the eye of the beholder. I use a canvas belt with buckle in back because I want my shells in front over my belly button. For my taste I think the stupidest thing I've ever seen is a shotgun slide. Can't see John Wayne or Clint Eastwood wearing a slide. Can you?
  3. I have an Uberti 73 that I bought in 2001 or 2002. It slugged .429. Like Driftwood I load .428 bullets with good accuracy and no leading.
  4. Yes Allie, I do now. Tell your cousin Mike,aka "the Clean" that Ol' Bull said hello.
  5. Hi Allie, let someone know when you're coming and will roll out the red carpet! Cisne has moved but are still shooting and of course Sparta is still at the Shooting Complex. It will be great to see you and shoot with you again!
  6. Effingham is shooting this Saturday! The Cooper boys volunteered to set up the targets. Us old guys are just showin' up. If yer a mind to, come in early Saturday morning and help em. If not just get there and shoot! 5 stages and a bowl of chili for lunch on the house. 10 dollars to shoot. SUCH A DEAL!
  7. I load both 44 Russian and 44 Special on Lee 44 Russian dies.
  8. If his brain was dynamite it wouldn't tip his hat!
  9. Effingham, IL CLUB has canceled this Saturday's shoot due to weather forecast.
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