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  1. I know of a JM of that model that sold for somewhere in the $1000-1200 range recently. Nice rifle. I'd have bought it but I shoot CC and cannot use a Marlin.
  2. I see a lot of one handed Ruger shooters using lowered hammers, usually Super Blackhawk hammers. The hammer does make a big difference in how easy it is to reach your thumb to it. I know when I switched to Ruger Bisleys a whole new world of possibilities of shooting one handed opened up.
  3. I waited almost a year to get a gun back from a well known and reputable gunsmith. Fortunately it was not a main match gun but it was to be a backup. However the year certainly drug on and I was getting rather apprehensive. When I did receive it back it was in person at a cowboy match with an apology for the timetable, a reasonable price, and an outstanding finished product. In my case the wait was worth it. Two years however does seem a bit extreme to me. And I agree with the sentiment that communication is key.
  4. Cheese Cake Factory is always yummy.
  5. I would add to that a few Bill Tilghmans, Chris Madsens, Bass Reeves, a Heck Thomas or two, and a platoon of Bill Jordans.
  6. Good flick. Finally got around to watching it. Dark portrayal of a dark time. Well done. And kudos to the director for not lauding B&C as heroes like other similar movies have done, but as the cold blooded murderers they were. They met a very violent end but that's the only way that was going to happen.
  7. Yeah, I know that. Why would I want to short myself 1 round in a DA carry gun?
  8. My non SASS revolvers always have a round in the chamber. Why wouldn't my semi-autos? Oh wait, I see the problem... I'm not a book writer. Hmm.
  9. 9mm PCC with a Glock 33 round mag would be 33 rounds of goodness!
  10. Par for the course... Them same anti-gunners, uh, I mean anti-Americans, are trying to use dirty tricks to stack the SCOTUS AND change national voting results by skewing how states count their votes or just simply try and eliminate the electoral college. We can NEVER trust these SOBs. They will ruin this country. And they are certainly in full acceleration mode to do it.
  11. I was not there and still almost need new pants!
  12. I'm still on my 1st cup of coffee and haven't gotten the sleep out of my eyes yet and I thought the title of your article said spandex. Doggonit.
  13. PM me what you have for potential trades, please. Thanks.
  14. Gen 4 Glock 17 9mm. Excellent condition. Three 17 round magazines, Vickers extended slide release, Vickers extended magazine release. Aftermarket Ameriglo metal night sights. $575 shipped my FFL to your FFL. Know your local laws.
  15. This is the guy who said the US Gov't would just nuke gun owners who did not turn in their AR's. WHAAAAAAAAAAT? If he is willing to use the government to mass murder the country's citizens this makes him a mirror image of Hitler, does it not?
  16. Very good condition. 1 pair. $55.00 shipped. These came off a Ruger OMV.
  17. HK VP9 9mm LE version. Excellent condition. Metal night sights, three 15 round mags. $575.00 shipped my FFL to your FFL. Please know your local laws. If interested, I'll sell the Minotaur IWB holster for $50.00 shipped separately. Yes, it is for a S&W M&P but it fits and works perfectly with the VP9.
  18. Just tell them you're with the federal government and are a real IRS agent and this number is being tracked and we will be there momentarily to arrest you, so hold tight And don't be afraid when men in swat uniforms start fast roping from black helicopters in their vicinity. You're giving them a heads up for their own safety.
  19. Just wondering... Lots of people have been carrying concealed for many years, possibly decades, possibly their entire adult life. It's a security that people get used to. Putting on a firearm while dressing become 2nd nature and wearing it all day actually becomes living with it. If legal concealed carry is abolished how many people will still carry? Still carry for their own safety and say to hell with the consequences? If legal concealed carry is ever abolished how long will it take violent crime rates against individuals to skyrocket?
  20. It's going to depend on exactly from which human the genes are selected as to whether the monkey actually gets smarter or not.
  21. The terminology certainly is perplexing but then again so is the logic of those who are pushing the confusion terminology. I would also suggest that those who want to chip away at constitutional rights or simply abolish them should just go find another country in which to live. Get the hell out of this one.
  22. If I even had such a thing as what the buyback is proposed to do, and I don't know anyone who owns such a thing either, I'm sure they would be happy to sell back an $800 item for $10,000 but probably not much less than that...
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