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  1. I think I remember that dark day, Stirrup. Were you shooting a lot of Trailboss loads?
  2. Browning Buckmark 1985 edition. Super accurate. Reliable.
  3. Now remember fellers, in Hollywood there's a difference between a trigger and being triggered.
  4. What Creeker said. My experience and thoughts exactly. I very much like and enjoy shooting my Miroku '73 but my Codymatics are noticeably different/smoother. Nothing wrong with the factory Miroku IMHO. The Cody's are really, really nice.
  5. If this passes the Senate and is signed into law I cannot see how it can be enforced with any equal application across the nation. It will go to the SC and will be struck down. That is, unless the SC has been packed with liberty hating liberal activist justices by then.
  6. While a strong and proper embrochure ( lips, oral cavity, toungue arch, mouth corners…) is required for endurance and range It's also quite important to have proper breathing with strong and deliberate and controlled air flow. Playing the trumpet or any brass instrument well is just not all that easy.
  7. I have Cody Conagher and Longhunter and Boomstick worked firearms. All are superb. I don't doubt those other smiths are equally as good.
  8. Me too. Saw it with the JV football team. Talk about a bunch of fired up teenagers. We went undefeated that season.
  9. This is pretty standard around these parts with folks hard of hearing. Seems to work better than a shoulder tap. Just tell the shooter he ain't gonna get a tap so they're not expecting a tap.
  10. Yup. It would now be John Dutton's Yellowstone now.
  11. I've been through the airport connecting to Cologne, Germany. Does that count? Great pictures! Enjoy your adventure!
  12. Anymore critics will ruin a movie faster than bad acting.
  13. I hear you guys and feel for you. I work with some guys that are well past normal retirement age of 65 because the health insurance they get through our employer is a much, much better deal than anything they will get being retired that doesn't cost a zillion dollars out of pocket. They are still working for the health insurance that covers medications for either them or their wives. A friend who has had cancer twice and is basically on a type of experimental medication which is working quite well for him costs him a $100 a month but Blue Cross Blue Shield pick up $20,000 a month for him. He's self employed and happens to have a pretty good policy. So far my friend who is in is very late sixties now is still alive and wouldn't be without this medication. But back to ammo pricing... 45-70 is one of the most expensive non exotic calibers available now. Only pretty much eclipsed by 38-55 that I've seen. This is why folks reload.
  14. Exactly. I have a few I'd sell for, oh let's say... $55,000 a piece. Most expensive Rugers ever. The JM Marlins will however, will be a sight more.
  15. 'Twould be fine at the local level as a stand alone/separate category. As a match honcho you have that flexibility. And at a local match that offering would be fun. I'm not against shooting GF, I just don't want it in CC.
  16. If you want to dress CC and shoot GF you can. In GF category. Classic is fine as is.
  17. Her ego. Otherwise, good question. Probably for more "investment opportunities" for her husband. Trip and security paid by the American tax dollar.
  18. Biden is in bed with the Chinese. Maybe President Harris will be better. What?
  19. What will they (D)s think of next? High capacity revolvers? Large bore Blunderbusses? Double barrel shotguns? After all, NO ONE needs two barrels on a gun... Must be such a warm fuzzy feeling to pi$$ on the Constitution.
  20. Major, did you handle these by chance? If so, how was their function? Smooth? Factory? Loose and worn? Any work done to these that you could see? Thanks!
  21. I've read in some otherwise pretty good books where Glocks have revolving cylinders. Hmmm. I have a very hard time getting past that. A really GOOD gun author is Stephen Hunter.
  22. Imagine what JW could do with TWO pencils!
  23. I believe if you look into the YouTube channel 'The Cinnabar', the fella who runs that has done a lot of work on older, original Winchesters. He has lots of videos on those rifles. You might find some useful info there.
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