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  1. There is a video of Johnny and Ed where Ed is drunk during the show and Johnny calls him out on it. Absolutely hilarious.
  2. Johnny Carson was pure class. The Tonight Show Band with Doc Severinson was one of the most amazing groups of musicians ever assembled. Johnny, Ed and Doc were the apex of comedy and entertainment on late night tv. The vast majority of late night comedians today have no idea what comedy is.
  3. Boomstick did my open tops. Very nice work.
  4. Been there. Enjoyed it. Local legend says Doc may or may not be in that cemetary. One can debate that over excellent local beer at the nearest tavern.
  5. Texas Freedom Blend was incredible. I have not seen that in several years.
  6. Today I looked at a used Ruger Blackhawk 45 Colt with a 7 1/2 inch barrel. The gun appeared to be in excellent condition overall but seemed to have a different sound, almost hollow-like when I cocked the hammer. I will attribute this to the plastic grips on the gun. And as I got to thinking about it I don't think I've ever handled a Ruger with plastic grips so I've never experienced this. Am I correct in my assumption that the plastic grips give a different sound than wood or bone when the gun is cocked? Price seemed just OK at $599. Might make a nice plinker, well, with better grips.
  7. Any chance you shot 44 Specials? My JM 1894 does not like 44 Specials at all. Curious whether the new ones do.
  8. I already load 300 to 325 grain bullets in my 45 Colt cases (not for cowboy). Plenty of load data for those ranges. Don't see a need to cut down 45-70 brass unless you think it'll allow more case strength.
  9. Got the magazine at home I am waiting to read the article. I've handled several but not shot one. Very nice offering from Ruger/Marlin.
  10. The current economy is definitely keeping discretionary spending down. I still work, have no car payment, no credit card usage, and my fun money is still stretched thin. I own everything I need for CAS and have been reloading for years so no cost there but travel, lodging, fees, etc all add up. Except for occasional monthlies I am pretty much done with matches and it's only May! When I talk to potential new shooters they always ask what this costs. I give them a rough number. Their first response is always something like, "well-how do I eat if I play cowboy...no thanks, can't do it." Everyone I know has been hurt in this economy and the first thing affected is a new expensive hobby, especially if someone must start from scratch. And time for play? Most folks I know are working 6 days a week. No time. So yeah... to answer the OP's question, how can overall attendance and club membership not be declining?
  11. Now I'm curious... what is that generally used for?
  12. I agree. The 250s I relagate to the rifle but once I did try them in a revolver and oh boy, where they interesting. As I have some 3500 200 grainers laying around I'll use them up but would certainly be open to experimenting with 180s and filler. This last weekend I discovered I have considerable stage time difference with full house BP loads recovering from recoil, the sight picture and re-engaging subsequent shots versus my normal smokeless Trailboss loads, thus my need to find a more suitable "go a little faster" load. I'll be experimenting with a couple of the suggestions in this thread. Thanks.
  13. An excellent match! I love shooting at Butterfield Gulch. Great stages, great folks, always a great match, (as are their monthlies). Thanks to Flint Hills Dawg and his club for all their tireless efforts and hard work!
  14. I have too many 45 Colt cases to delve into 45 Shorter.
  15. ... who use filler, what's your recipe? I've been shooting Swiss and Grafs FFg (full load with a Lee 2.2 cc dipper) with a 200 or 250 grain but am curious to see what I can produce that yields a bit lighter recoil in the revolvers. Thanks for any help.
  16. Those might be too light of a description...
  17. Welcome back, UB! You were missed. Great costuming!
  18. What time should we all meet you for pancakes?
  19. I've had good results with both an 18 and 20" 45 Colt '73 shooting MB BP loads.
  20. And those BP lubed bullets are pretty darn good too. I've used quite a few in 44 Special, 44-40 and 45 Colt.
  21. Super 8 was decent years ago but has been turning into a dump. I'm not surprised, nor sad.
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