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  1. What? A (D) result? Whoda rhink?
  2. Think I'll wait for the BFR to be chambered in 360 Buckhammer then pick up a new revolver. Somethin' different, ya know. Or maybe bypass all them novelty calibers and get the BFR in .444 Marlin. Now, THAT'S a Legendary Buckhammer!
  3. Yup, just like the even newer 360 Buckhammer.
  4. I never knew how difficult it would be to lose a dog until just a year ago. Dogs are not just dogs, I discovered, but beloved family. I feel your pain. So sorry for your loss.
  5. Plenty of ammo availability too. Prices affordable.
  6. Yup, sounds like you have a good relationship with yours. Fortunately I have good relationships with several FFLs and LGS to keep me happy.
  7. When I sent in my subscription renewal and the free gift offer I told them to bill me later as that was an option. (Something in the back of my brain told me not to write a check at that time.) The recipient of the free off has gotten a notification of his gift subscription but I have not been billed. Guess only time will tell.
  8. Perhaps I'm just jaded but I'll trust an individual more than I'll trust a dealership. The only thing a dealership can be trusted for is to give you a screwing you know is coming but you're not sure how. I hate shopping for cars every which way possible no matter what though.
  9. I figger ya take your chance either way. I've know too many folks who've been screwed by dealers over warranty issues that should have been covered. At least with a used private sale I know the risk I'm taking and I don't have to worry about needing to argue with a scumbag dealer (and in my area they are scumbags) over a mechanical problem. Plus, buying used I avoid the initial huge depreciation and sales tax hit. I've never had a used car repair bill that ever got close to the cumulative cost of years worth of payments on a new car.
  10. Good luck with the new truck. It's dealer games like you mention that keep me from ever buying from a dealer.
  11. That area is my favorite place on Earth. Ouray, Silverton, The San Juans... beautiful and full of Old West history. The autumn colors ain't too shabby either. The Durango-Silverton needs to be enjoyed by everyone. What a treasure! Ouray is also called Switzerland of America and the Jeep Capital of America. A very unique, beautiful and exciting place. Great picture!
  12. Ah, non gun-people writing about guns... never fails to fail. I about threw the book in the trash when I read ..."spun the cylinder on his Glock..." in a mystery a few years back. You read enough books and listen to enough audio books, you'll encounter mistakes like this all too frequently.
  13. Rugers with spring kits have served me quite well. I shot stock Rugers for 3 years or so (two handed) before I went duelist then Ruger Bisleys made more sense. Got the PC halfcocks in those and have perfectly happy with non-superslick Rugers. You'll find your perfect set up. Might take awhile but the journey is fun.
  14. Poor dog. The problem in the original commercial posted is that selfish rotten human should have made the dog his own sandwich.
  15. Seems I have to correct one of your posts again, Pat... Let me be brief. "...I despise management..." There ya go. Fixed it. Management and humility do not coexist in my part of the world. You used the word distrust. Yup, 100% correct.
  16. Agree. Sheels marked theirs down recently from the $1150 price to the $899 price. We'll see in a week if thems still on the shelf. Might be Christmas season pricing, might be no one buys because to many other expenses in Dec.
  17. Anyone here prefer the Bill Clinton finger wagging lecture technique? I thought not.
  18. If she thinks she's a cougar, she sure as &#<#<# ain't.
  19. I'll shoot mine if you promise to SLOW DOWN a bit with yours.
  20. Not sure, did not look at trigger arrangement as all the long guns there wear trigger locks.
  21. Gungadin, You forgot cop-killer exploding bullets.
  22. About the same here, 2009.
  23. It's been quite a while since I have seen new Stoeger double coach guns on the shelf. The local Sheels has 6 now. All 12 gauges. Two blued and 4 Supreme models... pricing at $450 blued and $520ish for Supreme. Not horrible I thought. Fit and finish was fine on all but typical stiff opening for a factory, new double. Just nice seeing these again.
  24. Possibly locks and chains to keep someone from chainsawing the tree down? Neat picture and a cool story. So much of history is lost in a matter of minutes sometimes.
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