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  1. I was thinking Uncle Bulldog must know that my birthday is right around the corner and he's being extra nice this year.
  2. Any chance you and that Lightning are coming to Land Run next week?
  3. Exactly DITTO here. I make some pretty funtastic fireworks with FFFg in 44 Special through open tops. LOVE 'EM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My other 44 Special. Elmer Keith and Skeeter would approve.
  4. Main match on last Thurs, Fri, Sat. Warm up matches the two days before?
  5. I see dates posted for EoT 2021 but is there a shooting event schedule yet? WB, warm up matches, main match... I do not find one as of late October 2020. Thanks for any help.
  6. 5.4 grains TB with 200 grain RNFP lead works great, revolver and rifle, any weather, and elevations ranging from 1000 to 9000 feet above sea level from my experience. No discernable recoil in rifle, very little in Ruger Bisley shot one handed.
  7. Got three Ps in one monthly recently. Good thing we shot 7 stages so I was still under 50% total stages blown. I shot great just did not, could not or unconsciously would not follow instructions worth a darn. Train wrecks can happen at anytime I have discovered.
  8. Naw, they think history is fluid and maleable and alterable, something to be used to distort reality for political gain..
  9. Ooooooooooohhh. That certainly explains ALOT.
  10. You forgot Chlamydia, canker sores, colon inflammation, crabs and Clinton.
  11. This, but in English. Is Newsom stupid, insane or insanely stupid? Wow.
  12. 10 10 13? That's a lot of shotgun per stage.
  13. Yeah, but the fool who keeps all his money don't have piles of cool stuff!
  14. Great location, great stages, wonderful people, fun shooting. Also looks to be a fantastic place to camp for the match. Beans and Cornbread did onehellofafinejob!
  15. Heck, the last two times I went to Arizona there was more snow than that!
  16. If one wanted to take a class on being English what might that class be called?
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