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  1. IMO, Handicaps foster fantasy competition. I would rather just win or lose and take my lumps. To me, a race won by a person with a head start ( called a "handicap") just isn't a real race. How about just letting us all compete in the same pool, like we do now. Those who are old, like me, probably won't do as well in the overall ranking, but we might win our age-based category or shoot clean and be able to enjoy that. And the possibility that we might have an exceptional day and make the top 5 overall is always there too. Why dampen that enjoyment, if it actually happens, b
  2. No call on sweeping one's self, but if it also swept the Timer Operator or spotters downrange = SDQ (if unloaded) = MDQ if loaded upon inspection.
  3. I really enjoy having everyone at our matches-- youngest to oldest, and all different levels of skill enjoying the game together. Nobody is left behind as they grow old, as occurs with other sports. By having our style and age based categories, and scoring them both separately and overall in the general competition, it adds a dimension of fun, while leveling the field at the same time, from a separate perspective. I personally would not want to see any changes made to that aspect of our sport.
  4. IMO, a lot of gun "slippages" can br prevented simply by paying proper attention to the prop design and maintenance, both prior to and during the match. The straw bale should have been replaced or flipped over, or better yet, replaced prior to the match with something more durable and stable.
  5. And the Posse Marshall should consider replacing the target reset people with others who can pay attention and not be distracted. IMO, many posse members just don't take their jobs -- especially target resetting and spotting-- seriously enough. I do understand that they are all volunteers, but even volunteers need to do their jobs diligently. Otherwise, stage and match progress and even outcomes can be altered.
  6. That sort of "teamwork", while TMK not specifically prohibited, sure defeats the game as most of us know it. And for what purpose? I Hope they enjoy their championship buckles.
  7. We agree again, in principle. So in your opinion, should a TO just remain quiet and issue penalties after the shooter finishes the stage and time is captured, except in dire safety situations requiring a STOP or CEASE FIRE command? That actually seems pretty workable and fair, as long as it is uniformly applied (e.g., nobody ever gets coached "One more" or called back to fire a last rifle or pistol round or open an action).
  8. I haven't ever had the experience of "attacking a stage". As I understand it, it usually involved someone with a shotgun stepping out into the road and ordering the drover to stop, while his armed gang members hid in the nearby bushes or rockpiles.
  9. After giving more thought (we still agree, but) maybe the difference is that "coaching" assists with stage instructions and correction enforces SASS rules. Just an afterthought.
  10. Id call it correction of a safety issue, just the same as stopping a shooter from turning and sweeping folks. I agree it helps the shooter avoid a penalty, but it's also a safety consideration-- a grade or two heavier than just coaching them through the target order. We could easily get caught up in semantics here, but I do see a difference between a TO preventing a target order or gun order infraction and preventing a shooter from leaving a gun in an unsafe condition. Perhaps that's just my perspective. Coach me here as needed.
  11. In general, coaching seems to generate more questions and hard feelings than it resolves. I don't know of any other shooting sport that allows or requires it. In T.O.-ing, I've had competitive Posse members tell me I helped their competitor too much. And on the other side, I've been called "dumb as a post" by one angry experienced shooter for not coaching enough (failing to stop him quickly enough from beginning with the pistol instead of the rifle, per the stage instructions). I now coach when requested, or with new or very young shooters. I generally don't try to
  12. The 9th is actually doing better now, after President Trump appointed several new judges there. This past winter, a 3-judge panel struck down the CA ammunition over-the-counter purchase law. It is now under appeal to the full Court by our beloved Gov. Nuisance. That outcome will tell us whether or not Trump succeeded in cleaning up the Appeals Court mess here.
  13. Money availability surely is a reality for most of us, and most peoples' initial CAS equipment choices do absolutely have to reflect the family budget. I think the OP's purpose here was to provide service and solid experience-based advice to folks starting out, who are faced with making those individual decisions. It would be a disservice to them not to make them aware of the importance of a reliably functional SG, just as much (if not more so) as the other guns, and to caution them that there are products out on the market that do not have a history of holding up under CAS us
  14. Snakebite's OP turned into a discussion of different peoples' CAS expectations. I recall when I began CAS five years ago, Snakebite mentored me. Early on he told me, " You need to decide whether you are going to be a COMPETITOR, or just relax and enjoy the shooting as more of a PARTICIPANT. The CAS tent is a big one -- big enough for both" Today, especially in reading the posts here, I understand what he meant. The sport itself is defined in the Shooter's Handbook, and it clearly describes competition. To play the "Sport", by definition, you are a competitor. But at the
  15. Many prayers, a lot of love, and some very good medical people appear to be working here. This is the nightmare that we all worry could happen to our family or good friends. It's great to see such progress being made, and such a community gathering of prayers and spirit in support. Let's all hope and pray the improvements keep on coming.
  16. Will do. Also some thanks due to what sounds like a group of really dedicated, capable medical people. May God bless them all.
  17. An easy way to avoid the oiling of rifle and shotgun stocks is to store the guns muzzle down. It looks funny, but the oil stays on the metal parts, where you intended it to go. I usually run a swab or bore mop down the barrel after storing for any length of time. The oil can accumulate and gum up in the chamber.
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