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  1. Thx v. much for your prompt response. Question: Do the other previous detailed duty descriptions still exist in official documents, or now only in the course curriculum? It really seems like the detail of these duties should be written down someplace centrally. Maybe I'm off base here. If so just tell me so. Thx again.
  2. SHB, P. 19: The role of the Chief Range Officer/Timer Operator is to safely assist the shooter through the course of fire...". It then goes into the virtues and pitfalls of coaching, and never really returns to lay out the specific T. O. role and duties. That is fine, as far as it goes, but perhaps it should also at least describe the operation of the timer. Timing the shooter and conveying the time to score keepers seems at least as important as coaching and/or assisting. In matches, and watching closely, I don't often see the T. O.s watching the timer as the last shot is fired. They are typically watching the gun and its handling, coaching, or duplicating the role of spotters. I know the SHB strongly urges shooters to attend the RO 1&2 courses which do go into more detail, as did the RO manuals in the past. But I had been given the impression that the new SHB was written to replace and encompass those other written guidance documents into a single document. Am I mistaken about that? If I am correct, then the current SHB description is awfully brief and incomplete, and no current SASS document really lay's out the detail of the T. O. job. Fortunately T. O. s have all taken the classes, so this is just about SHB rhetoric and completeness. Maybe a non-issue. The SHB language just seems to get diverted onto a "coaching" tangent, and never returns to the duty description.
  3. V. nice area. One of my friends used to live there. When it got too hot, he either stayed indoors and ran the AC, or drove up into the Santa Rita's to either explore Madera Canyon, or just sit in the shade and read. Hard to beat the breezy summer evenings there.
  4. Actually, I was pretty clear that it was a question, not a comment. Thanks for responding. Lots to think about there.
  5. Fair enough. I'm just struggling between different folks' interests in trying to set up targets to satisfy our shooters. On one hand, if nobody shoots clean, your match was a great test of skill, but maybe not very fun, particularly if everyone is mentally exhausted at the end. On the other hand, if nearly everyone can shoot clean, you probably had a pretty boring match. Personally I like choices where shooters can risk utilizing harder targets with associated gain, like shooting the rifle targets again from the same location with pistols to save the time to change positions, v. moving location to shoot closer pistol targets. To me that is a helpful compromise. But like you, I like seeing that "I shot clean" look on shooters' faces. I think satisfying everybody's taste will always be a challenge. Personally, I just shoot whatever is out in front of me. Sometimes I shoot well, other times, not so well. That makes it fun.
  6. My understanding from reading various forums, is that Ruger is out of stock and behind in producing them, and under a big back order burden. I'm only asking here, because a friend is looking for a set, and I ran out of options to help.
  7. From the above, it sounds like you have witnessed the basis for taking care of the 3 out of 5, and expecting the other two dues-paying members to adapt (to what is clearly a change from the original CAS targets and shooting styles which originally attracted them.) Do you see that as a recipe either for loss of a sizeable chunk of membership dues, or alternatively, for splitting of our sport into separate interest groups? We have seen some of that splitting in the rise of WB shooting, as an aside to main CAS matches. Folks wanted to broaden the sport to include semi-auto pistols and other kinds of firearms, So WB was born. So do you see that kind of differentiation as our eventual SASS/CAS endpoint? Will we have Traditional CAS, Speed Single Action Shooting, and WB as three SASS pillars? Will that dilute the character of our historical sport? Would that matter? Do you see any sustaining middle ground (similar to what has been done in many recent matches) to try to provide something for all of our members within the same matches? If the really good shooters will always end up at the top anyway, will they tolerate some stages set up for the trad shooters who want to keep the original CAS sport alive, with its western style targets and more difficult scrnarios? I am really asking here, rather than asserting any judgment. Where do you see us (SASS/CAS) ending up?
  8. Ruger Super Blackhawk Hammers Anyone know where hammers for the Ruger Super Blackhawk are available? Midway, Numrich, Brownells all out of stock.
  9. I guess it's a question of which shooters we are including in the discussion? It's obvious from BT that a lot of folks like to shoot the big close targets, but we also are told by many other shooters that they prefer longer and more varied targets. I don't think we can totally ignore anybody. Our overarching job is to try to give ALL CAS shooters a good time. Just as BT is known for big and close targets, other matches are know for their unique and creative target and stage designs. People can simply go where they can find their shooting preferences. Every match does not need to be redundant of every other match. To many of us, that would quickly get pretty B O R I N G. JMHO.
  10. Wouldn't he then still have a holstered revolver with a live round chambered under the hammer?
  11. Setting up targets the other day, I got to wondering about the finger of the target hanger that protrudes through the steel plate. They are commonly hit by bullets, and there is usually a flare of radiating lead splatter all around them from ricocheting fragments that strike them and ricochet a second time. But what about the portion of the hanger that sometimes protrudes a half inch or so above the target topline. How should a spotter treat a hit on that portion that is outside the normal target outline (but it still stops a bullet and makes a "ding".) Perhaps the best idea is for the higher extending hangers to just be sawn or ground off below the target top line. Thoughts?
  12. If it wouldn't take so long to reset between shooters and be an injury factory for resetters, I always wanted to make a T-Star with two (inner and outer) wheels. Course of fire would alternate 10+ shots between wheels until all plates are down.
  13. All of it hangs thinly on what happens in 2020. (and whether Badis-Ginsberg lasts until then.) Any gun owner who doesn't vote need to be motivated right now.
  14. Can you Pls cite the section number regarding the glove box/console? My CCW pt language differs from your understanding, but I will grant that the language is less than clear. I do need to be clear on that question. Thank you for calling it out Without looking back, I hope I did not say rifles or shotguns need to be in locked boxes. But I believe they are required to be cased. I believe, in most urban locations, they cannot be open carried. They have to be cased even to be carried outside to the vehicle. Correct me again, If I an wrong. OK, I checked back and you are correct, I did say all "firearms" have to be in locked cases. You are correct that I was incorrect. The lock box restriction applies only to handguns or assault weapons, as defined. But my understanding is that long guns do need to be carried out of sight, presumably in some kind of case or sock. In most municipalities, You cannot open carry a long gun down the street from your home or a store or business to your vehicle uncased. If you are transporting a firearm to or from a shooting range or to or from a hunting expedition, several exemptions apply.
  15. Never knowingly or intentionally. I've looked down at times and realized that moving with traffic my speed has crept up. I guess I lucked out by noticing it before the blue lights came on behind me. My parents both passed before I was 17. But somehow they raised me to obey the law, regardless of convenience, or my own definition of what makes sense, or what everyone else does and gets away with. And most of the time, not always, I can look at myself in the mirror without talking to myself.
  16. Thank you, THANK YOU! Already ordered it. Made my day.
  17. I've tried many different presses over the years. Most do an acceptable job. I personally have ended up with Dillon products, largely because of their incredible warranty policies and immediate, able phone or email assistance. All reloaders will wear with use, and on progressive machines, it reduces tolerances, and eventually causes alignment or timing problems that can be challenging to figure out and solve. Usually a couple minutes on the phone with a Dillon technical rep solves the problems, and needed parts show up in the mail a day or so later, at zero charge. You just can't beat their service. So they won my favor. I've had less after sale success dealing with others, in particular, with RCBS. Most of their equipment is good, but their plastics are incompatible with double base smokeless powders, and they will not replace their plastic equipment.
  18. Another subject: Are you anywhere near Dorian? How bad is it, really?
  19. Who ever said that? And who besides you said every state should adopt California laws? I never did. I said "common sense..." Again, have a great evening. Don't stay up late, drinking, and brooding about all of this. None of it is worth the stress.
  20. Quite a short fuse, I would say. If you don't like what I write, then simply skip over and don't read it. I don't care one way or the other. But save all the railing and anger. One of my friends had a license plate that I always coveted. IBMEUBU. Have a good evening.
  21. I'm not familiar with the 550, but on the 650XL, primer alignment can be affected by crud buildup on either the shell plate detent ball or the primer plate detent ball. The crud can stop the two plates rotation prematurely. I clean them after every few sessions with carburetor cleaner. It usually fixes the problem.
  22. If you ever have a chance to watch police vehicle stop training videos, you might change your tune. To a cop, particularly at night, a vehicle stop is no small thing, and there are a lot of commemorative plaques on police station walls around the country to show why. It's damn dangerous work. So you might think about making it easier on them whenever you can. They want to see their families again too.
  23. If you are caught in CA with a loaded (or unloaded) handgun in your glove box, you will likely be arrested, and taken into custody for felony possession of an unlawfully concealed weapon. Even with a CCW permit, carrying a firearm concealed in a glove box or center console is specifically prohibited. Reason: When an officer asks to see your registration, and you reach across to get it from the glove box, she doesn't want to have to kill you for pulling out a gun sitting on top of the documents, and she also doesn't want life threatening surprises from people she stops for probable cause. If you have a CA CCW license, you can legally carry your CCW-listed revolvers on the back seat, wrapped in a sock. You may not carry them "uncased" and visible from outside the car (unconcealed). Without a CA CCW license, all firearms must be transported in locked cases, not immediately accessible to the driver, and specifically not in the glove box or center console. An exception to the locked box law would be if you were driving a Motor home, which arguably is your place of residence. Inside your home, including a tent or camper, different and less restrictive laws apply, for example, no CCW license is required. IMHO, common sense suggests that these laws might best be followed anywhere, just as good judgment, unless you are OK with risking stolen guns or being accidentally shot by a frightened or confused officer.
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