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  1. After a year of starting out with sxs, I tried a guys 97 for first time at a practice shoot 2 weeks ago. I'm sold I'm getting one
  2. I want to eventually start casting my own bullets, so I been collecting my bullets from my wood backstop. Alot of bullets still have the poly coating on them. Can you melt those or do you have to remove the coating somehow?
  3. Trying to convince my wife it's the end of the world and we need to buy more guns!!!
  4. Buy a gun like everyone else is doing right now.....if she lets me
  5. Crap I can't believe I forgot TR!!! Sorry pard hope you finished well down there
  6. They had Winchester AA for same price...so I don't think it's a Remington thing. No on the estates. I won't take the chance. I have a stoeger. I have been told they like estates. Mine didn't. But I have done some polishing since then. It would probably be just fine with the cheapos but it only takes one stuck she'll to cost you 3-5 seconds...
  7. Yes true. It's the same in Oregon. There are good people all over most of our state. But the idiots that all live in Portland control this state.
  8. Black RZR

    lever wraps

    Not bad DIY.... except the Marlin rifle
  9. Yeah I got the same weird site when I googled it. But if you go to sass site then click on it, it works. My question is do they post live results from each day?
  10. Good luck to all WR shooters!!! Wish I could be there ! Special shout out and good luck to all Oregon shooters!! Boothill Bandit Lucky L Lead Hammer Holy Rider Lightfoot
  11. Yeah I hope you are right about that NW Drifter...either way I thought it was a good deal for STS
  12. Or I could go with "Wide Left" and "High Right" LOL When I shoot gun fighter...
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