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  1. Anybody know we're to find replacement brass post front site for new model army 58' ? All I see are replacement stock blued or black blades...
  2. The majority of Democrats suck .....so let's just lump them together shall we. I wonder if there are any on the wire...?
  3. Wolverton MT peacekeepers put on a great fun annual match this last weekend! I had great time! Thanks to Big Iron Buster, Evergreen Rose and all the peace keepers that made it happen!
  4. Negative Nancy is back......
  5. Thanks everyone. Yeah I bought what was left at sportsman
  6. I can't find a straight answer online so this should be fun LOL I been told black MZ can be loaded with gap cause it's not real black. Is this true? What are your loads for 38 and 45 so I can shoot Oregon state Black Powder Match
  7. I had similar problem with Rossi 38/357. I found the only reload I could get to work was a semi wad cutter 158 on a 357 case. It would not load any 38 case with any bullet smoothly. Then I found a 127 gn bullet from badman bullets that actually worked on 38 case. The 127 is kinda tall bullet so it ended up same length as 357 with wad cutter. Then I went through my gun did some polishing on internals that helped it out alot. The Rossi is only a backup gun now to my uberti 73.
  8. We need more shooters for black powder match September 18-20. You don't have to shoot BP to be part of it.... Applications are on Oregon Old West Shooting Society website. OOWSS.com
  9. Oh no he is gonna get them all dirty LOL selling out to the dark side ! Just kidding we love BP shooters.... Cough cough looking forward to Oregon BP state match!!
  10. This is one of my favorite rifles! I eventually want one but don't know enough. 73 or 84 seem to be the years I see. Original or reproduction? What is the best way to go? Oh and I want the army model with the full foregrip
  11. Anybody going to Washington this weekend for Wolverton MT Annual/ anniversary match?
  12. Black RZR

    Years supply?

    10k......rolls of toilet paper. You never know
  13. Noooo!!! CCI no don't do that LOL
  14. Last I checked I can still find large pistol. It's small pistol I can't find in store....I have other sources for now just got 2k on Sunday
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