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  1. Black RZR SASS#108268 Scio, Oregon Oregon Old West Shooting Society Shedd, OR 1 year
  2. Black RZR

    RO1 class

    I should have asked pale wolf at our meeting last night. But is there an RO 1 class coming up in Oregon on West side of the mountain..
  3. Black RZR


    Yeah I love mine.it was my first cowboy gun. The 51 look was always my favorite. I need to get a 2nd to make a pair.
  4. Idk vaqueros came with Oct. Barrels....are they old model then?
  5. Ok cool. We have a fun shoot for Xmas. I was gonna shoot gunfighter again . (2nd time)
  6. Yeah he is my favorite person in cowboy action. He shoots up in Oregon with us now
  7. Can a gunfighter shoot duelist in same match or would it have to be double duliest?
  8. Watch all videos by Long Hunter. Great tips to cut time when not actually shooting.
  9. I bought a pistol for myself last year Xmas. My wife didn't know. I opened it in front of kids and her and just said santa brought it for me....she couldn't say anything about it LOL
  10. My Cowboy shooter Christmas list: 51' conv. 58' conv 2 - 60' conv pistols Henry 60' rifle Trapdoor Pair of BP pistols Browning sxs Rolling block 45-70 Couple new rigs More clothes to shoot CC Have all my guns worked over professionally .....the list keeps going
  11. I got lucky and bought a spare wood one off an old cowboy on his way out of the game... he is still shootin at 81. ( Love ya Bart Star)
  12. Can't do those sites...it doesn't seem like they should b allowed
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