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  1. I kinda feel like it might be too much for my 38 brass frame. Is there a way to lighten up load without leaving a air gap?
  2. I just did. Yeah it's messy stuff
  3. Jedi I just loaded and shot my first frontier cartridges at home!!! I could b hooked!!
  4. I ended up with pyrodex P...I used my 125 poly coated rnfp. I used just enough powder for the bullet to compress a little. I shot ten through my open top. Nice smoke at first then I ran out of light. Lots of fire it was AWESOME!!! Yeah I'm good with the dark side. My alias is Black RZR afterall. (I had no intention of trying black powder when picked it)
  5. I do have the poly coated bullets from badman. So they will work cool. Thanks everyone I'm not even a full year in SASS. But my goal eventually would be in the Dark Jedi order...
  6. Someone got a good start load ? I got some HSM 158 rnfp lead with the red wax ring. Will that work for bullet?
  7. I'm would like to try making up some frontier cartridge rounds for my 38's. I don't plan on shootin it alot so I was thinking triple 7 to keep guns cleaner. I can't find load data.
  8. I have a pair of silver ones for my daughter....I use them for practice
  9. Ok thanks. I'll load up bout 20 extra hotter loads. I'll b shootin lever pistol cartridge that's all I got. I want to buy a high wall eventually 38-55 or 45-70
  10. How many rounds does it typically take to shoot long range?
  11. I would nominate one, Boothill Bandit. He got me started and is still helping me out a year later with whatever I may need. Advise, tips, ammo, even guns. He definitely lives up to the classic cowboy spirt.
  12. It's funny, When someone gets put in there place by someone else who has more facts, or knows more about a certain subject. Thanks Misty for doing that
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