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  1. Yeah I have traded off a couple modern to buy more cas guns. I have one AR.and one black pistol. Everything else are single action including 1911. That's my carry gun
  2. I found some hogdon international powder. Anybody got loads for that? In 38 with 130 or 45 with 200
  3. Ruger makes really good guns. I have a pair for my daughter. I had to change out springs to lighten hammers. It's same springs as a single six so that's nice. Had them in my parts already. My ejector rod tab broke on one of the wranglers, ruger sent a free one fast to me. I trust the ruger name over chippawa. That's my opinion.... Actually here's an even better idea, have a pair of each !!! More guns in the safe the better!!! Lol
  4. The people that would dominant with .22 are probably the same ppl that would dominant with 38's . Some ppl are just faster than the rest. We have the same shooter who wins probably 85-90° of our monthly matches. We don't tell him he can't shoot his 38's and he should move up to 45's. I think .22 should b accepted and counted as overall. The fast ppl will still b fast , the slow ppl might pick up a little, that could be a good thing. However good luck with on clock rifle reload on your Henry 22 lol
  5. Yeah manufacturer do list specific things to cover there ass...I know someone out there has had to have tried it and made it work safely.
  6. Anybody got data that works for them for Hogdon International powder. I know it says it's for 12 or 20. Other forums have said it's comparable to green dot. I just way someone to give me a load that works in 45 Colt 200 RNFP and 38 Special 125 or 130 RNFP. I normally shoot trail boss but powder is getting slim. I normally load 5.5 in the 45 and 3.7 in 38 that is in trail boss. So that's the idea of where my power factor is....
  7. Yes we absolutely invite any pike shooters to mix in with our cowboy shooters! I tried to pay twice and shoot both but wasn't allowed. But we love to see them bottom feeders LOL
  8. Oh they are too young for rambo too LOL. More like john wick or jason bourne
  9. Ooh I did check out the blackhawk conversion. I like the Matt black though it seems it's only in 45 Colt/acp. I wish they made these conversion cylinder for vaquero...
  10. Wow that is a beautiful gun! $400 and it's engraved!! Dang
  11. I got a semi auto pistol. Springfield XD in 40 s&w. It's a double stack holds 12. I plan on selling, but what to replace it with. I have alot of 9mm but only 1 gun to shoot it. My wife's micro SIG. My favorite semi to shoot is a 1911, it's in 45. So I'm torn between getting another 1911 but in 9mm or another pair of ruger wranglers. I would use them for practice at home and since our club adopted a 22 class. They would be useful. The pair I already have are for my daughter. And I don't want to keep wearing hers out on me....what to do
  12. I went in to sportsman warehouse. The only powder they have is black...triple 7 or pyrodex. I might be shooting frontier too. Now I know I don't want that rustex in my guns but they had a bunch of triple 7 2f or 3f $30 for the small jugs I think they a pound. They had blackhorn too heard that's good stuff $43 for 10 oz bottle
  13. These pics from the old days are awesome!! I only been shooting for year and half and covid took a couple of those months away. I really love this sport of CAS and I really hope our sport will continue on for many years despite the way things are looking politically and the direction this country is going.
  14. Is Brazos the same as the late Bucky Brazos Smith?
  15. Black RZR SASS#108268 Scio, Oregon Oregon Old West Shooting Society Shedd, OR 1 year
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