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  1. Oh they are too young for rambo too LOL. More like john wick or jason bourne
  2. Ooh I did check out the blackhawk conversion. I like the Matt black though it seems it's only in 45 Colt/acp. I wish they made these conversion cylinder for vaquero...
  3. Wow that is a beautiful gun! $400 and it's engraved!! Dang
  4. I got a semi auto pistol. Springfield XD in 40 s&w. It's a double stack holds 12. I plan on selling, but what to replace it with. I have alot of 9mm but only 1 gun to shoot it. My wife's micro SIG. My favorite semi to shoot is a 1911, it's in 45. So I'm torn between getting another 1911 but in 9mm or another pair of ruger wranglers. I would use them for practice at home and since our club adopted a 22 class. They would be useful. The pair I already have are for my daughter. And I don't want to keep wearing hers out on me....what to do
  5. I went in to sportsman warehouse. The only powder they have is black...triple 7 or pyrodex. I might be shooting frontier too. Now I know I don't want that rustex in my guns but they had a bunch of triple 7 2f or 3f $30 for the small jugs I think they a pound. They had blackhorn too heard that's good stuff $43 for 10 oz bottle
  6. Are those ruger dual cylinder single action? They are probably black hawks if they are....
  7. Uberti cattleman 10mm Ok 2 questions. Can you shoot 40 s&w out of this gun? By number spec's of these two rounds, they are same. 10 is longer. So my logic is like shooting 45 cowboy specials out of 45 Colt pistol. Or 38 from 357. 2nd question: is there a single action revolver that I can change cylinder to shoot 9mm? And yes I know I couldn't shoot it cowboy cause of vented barrel. Which is wrong, if we can shoot ruger blackhawks. That's another topic
  8. Anybody study'n biddens gun plans. I feel like they are chasing after AR's and high cap mag pistols. We seem to be kinda safe for now with our "old cowboy guns" . They want those "assault weapons" registered with a $200 per gun tax. Like owning a silencer is now. What if they require all competition guns to be taxed and registered....that be alot of money to keep playing our game, if we even get caught up on our ammo situation. It's sad cause I just got my 7 year old shooting for her first match. I'd love to be able to shoot with her til she makes it up into adult categories , or til sh
  9. Only if she is shooting gunfighter..... lol
  10. Yeah I just use my 45 Colt dies. I use the acp to expand is all.
  11. Yeah that is an awesome cart! Nobody had there masks on....oh noooooo! LOL
  12. Can you load or find 44-40 ammo? Don't buy gun you can't find ammo for is how I look at it. The bidden/harris empire is gonna make it a felony to own that tommy anyway...
  13. My daughter has started shooting also. So just in time for my birthday I got my own henry, cause of current gun control scare and I got lots of .22. I'm working on second pair of wranglers however....hmm Xmas?
  14. I just bought my 22 wranglers and a henry for our "daughters" . So I have a nice practice pair and rifle that are cheaper and safer to shoot at home. There are all kinds of angles to throw at her. LOL
  15. Oh it's nothing a little wd-40 can't fix.......
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