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  1. I was never privy to the state bid process for equipment. Off the top of my head, I would say purchasing a weapon for 2000 or so folks, safety would be a concern. So would reliability, replacement parts and function under a variety of conditions. Also how much training would be needed to get folks comfortable with a new weapon. How much would new leather cost? I do not know if the S&W had any of these issues. I do know that one of the state's more experienced armorers was pushing very hard to adopt the Glock in the early 90's. And then the department went with the 5904 for the next 7-10 years. Go figure. The folks that make the call on what to buy or not buy are rarely the ones using the item. Sometimes I think they would make better decisions with a coin flip. But they are also the folks that caused the state to replace many, many 1999 Crown Victoria engines. But that's a story for another day.
  2. Very true. When the ISP went to the S&W 5904 from the 439, that feature was emphasized,even though the 439 had the same device. Those agencies that had officers on solo patrol were very concerned about disarming, since assistance could be literally miles away. The S&W could also be disabled by dropping the magazine. There was a story about a disarming with a DA auto where the bad guy did get the gun but could not figure out how to make it fire. By the time he noticed the red dots near the decocker and switched it, the officer drew a secondary weapon and shot his attacker. That made me black out the red dots near the decocker and paint the magazine release button bright red, thinking on a black gun that big red button would get noticed. And get the mag dropped. Then the Glock 21, under my shirt and strapped to my body armor, would get noticed.
  3. I stick with the black Glocks because the bayonet mounts come black from the factory and I want it to make it less obvious.
  4. When you have a co-shooter at matches (friend, spouse, kids, etc) if you each have a cart, you can divide the load. I carry mostly ammo and repair/maintenance stuff and Shortcake has the rest. I did find a nice use for a Nestle's Nesquik container. It has some lube (Mobile 1 oil and grease and Ballistol), rubber stoppers to plug shotgun(after using APP), rag, bore light, brushes, bore snakes, and some tools. Just a way to keep stuff from rolling around the cart. I may add or delete items as needs change, but you get the idea.
  5. Awesome news! This celebration needs to be measured in days, not hours!
  6. SASS Alias: Lawdog Dago Dom and Shortcake SASS Numbers: 105516, 17. From: Illinois (for now) Shooting SASS since 2016 We don't think there are a better bunch of folks to hang out with than cowboy shooters.
  7. Thank you. Our column is typically about CAS matches and related topics. But many CAS shooters also have pets (and have lost pets). So while not directly SASS related, the editor gave me some latitude to write this story.
  8. The December issue is out, and the link is here. Our monthly column is on page 112. Enjoy! http://asomagazine.com/december-2019/
  9. I followed the links OLG posted and read the articles. 1997 SASS World Championship had 528 shooters and 15,000 visitors. Wow.
  10. Seems like I have a good supply of misses and procedurals that I like to distribute evenly throughout the match.
  11. So Noz, I can take your name off the balute list for Land Run 2020?
  12. I would eat at your house. I just have a "culinary curiosity" about food. The wife? Not so much. If we are out somewhere and there is some strange dish I can try, I will do it probably 99% of the time. The wife always has the same line as I am about to try something. "Kiss me now, because you're not going to kiss me after you eat that!" She sticks to what I call, a sixth grade diet. Cheeseburgers, fries, spaghetti, fried chicken, pizza, BBQ beef or pork, hot dogs, etc. Maybe ballpark food would be a better name for this category. One regret I have was that I never tried grandma's "Czarnina". A Polish soup made from duck blood. When word got out she was making a batch, people went nuts and showed up at her kitchen to eat or take some home. One of her friend's claimed it was his "life blood" and would lick the bowl. But when you are 10, it just doesn't have the same appeal. But trying it now? In a minute.
  13. Gotta love the Nuge. Still like watching the video where he smacked down Piers Morgan on gun rights.
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