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  1. Story of my life. Find a nice upgrade and the sale is over. Wonder if they would have thrown in a bayonet lug?
  2. Nice clip about the Tommy Guns used in Chicago, 91 years ago today.
  3. You could show up for dinner with a horizontal stripped black and white shirt and demand to see the warden.
  4. Add some bacon. It's a miracle food. Whatever you are eating that sucks, adding bacon always seems to work.
  5. J-Bar has a good idea. With that in mind . . . . There are some really good videos by Kent Rollins, The Cowboy Cook, on YouTube. The Oscars has devolved into a far left-leaning pep rally. No thank you.
  6. In Illinois, they would use Carbon 14 to find the approximate dates of the wood used to build the cabin. Then they would bill you for 200 years of property taxes.
  7. Here are some of societies killers looking for an early vacation. Some may be from your neck of the woods. For the price of a stamp, you can keep a cop killer in jail. https://www.odmp.org/noparole?mc_cid=4a2e6ff5dd&mc_eid=140b1ba243
  8. Good point. Shuttle is the way to go. But still will have Uber or Lyft as a backup plan. Thanks!
  9. Thanks. I know the closer to the convention location, the pricier hotels become. Trying to find a balance between distance and cost.
  10. Thinking about a road trip to the NRA Convention in Nashville. Never stayed there, just drove through. Looking for any info on places to stay or avoid. Same with restaurants; must go/don't go. Thank you! LDD
  11. That was a ton of fun to shoot. My dad had a friend who bought some land and was demolishing an old farmhouse on the property. He gave us the green light to take out all the windows. Wow. It was as if the glass was jumping out of the panes and sashes. In sunlight it really looked like a gold or copper colored stream of water. Wondering now if instead of compressed air you used a tank of propane with an igniter at the muzzle . . . . . .
  12. I think that was their first model. I remember the bb magazine behind the freon. Can sure got cold fast!!!
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