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  1. This is SASS number 111442, “Pinhead.” Nolan our youngest grandson. He and his two older brothers, Clay County Kid and Grahambino, also have shiny, new SASS badges. Before Grahambino’s first match a week ago, Pinhead took a swig of chocolate milk and Shortcake snapped his picture. The Hiland Dairy folks loved it and are running it on social media. A new SASS badge and a model within a week.
  2. So sad but so well said. You were kind enough to invite us to your home after just a phone call, and we enjoyed your company. Call anytime. Thank you for your kindness and your friendship. Lawdog and Shortcake
  3. Call them the Cleveland Dagos. Italians would be thrilled and the stadium would have wine and good food!
  4. Shortcake bought these from a vendor at the last Landrun.
  5. UGH! It was a camo case with pink trim. You're killin me.
  6. Lots of truth right there. Our family had restaurants through the years. One grandfather was obsessed that the plate look good when it hit the table. "People taste with their eyes first," he used to say. And the customers would usually comment how good it looked as they grabbed their fork.
  7. SASS star #111271 now belongs to our 12 year old grandson, Graham, who chose his school nickname for his alias. We are closer to the grandkids in Missouri and that has been very nice. Graham has Type 1 diabetes, and that can be a challenge with things other kids get to do. It's sad when you hear a kid rattle off a list of things he can't do. Shortcake and I decided to let him try our cowboy guns, and he has done very well in practice. Probably not close to a clean match just yet, but he has really good muzzle discipline so a 170 violation looks pretty remote. Anyway, we know the co
  8. Check your ammo. Be safe pards! https://winchester.com/Support/Customers/Winchester-9mm-Luger-115-gr-Recall
  9. Summer before senior year in high school I was dating a girl who played softball in a league of 17-22 year old women (approximately). They had an umpire not show up and I was drafted for behind the plate duties. Bad move. Very bad move. I never heard such cursing and complaining. Dating a player on one team turned my act of chivalry into an act of treason for the other team. New threats every inning. I declined waiting after the game for my ump $$. First and last time. I would have almost welcomed a hit in the chin to get out of there sooner.
  10. Nothing says AMERICA like artillery in your front yard. The flash of the black powder cannon is set between the Bedford Flag and Old Glory. A Salute to all patriots!
  11. Thermal. Looking at Burris and ATN models on Midway now.
  12. Thinking about getting one of these. WOW! Sticker shock. Are there used/rebuilt models? Just wondering if any pards have any wisdom/experience with these. Seems we have a growing night predator problem here. Four legged kind. As always, you input is most welcome. LDD
  13. True. But for some odd reason, these lights that were all over California for years, have dwindled. Every now and then a pair surfaces and they don't last long. Like Pat's friend I had toyed with the idea of restoring a police cruiser, but some of the original equipment costs were staggering.
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