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  1. Brush up on Star Wars trivia.
  2. A good read. https://truewestmagazine.com/article/top-12-guns-that-tamed-the-wild-west/
  3. I knew it would happen eventually. Always very careful, but . . . oh well. That silly little square washer on the 550 powder bar went to the land of lost socks in the dryer. Cleaning the parts after a long APP session. Must have been something I said. Already emailed Dillon for a replacement, but if there is such an item for sale at Landrun, I will have two on hand. Or a reasonable facsimile thereof. Thanks. LDD
  4. That may be true, but the last time our congressional district went liberal was 1964 for Lyndon Johnson. So feelin' kinda safe so far.
  5. J-Bar is correct. So far BoMo (Bolivar, Missouri) has been awesome. We purchased 5 times the land and buildings we had in Illinois for $3200 a year LESS in property taxes. Gas is much less, as are license plates. Permanent trailer plate for $58.50. You can't swing a dead cat without hitting a cowboy club in the area (relax, we own a cat). There is Citizens Memorial Hospital in town, with a helicopter to zip you down to Springfield if needed. Since the "fountain of youth" has slowed down, healthcare close by is a priority. This is the second most
  6. "That's How They Do It In Dixie." Hank Williams Jr, Big and Rich, Gretchen Wilson, Van Zant.
  7. You are correct Bailey. Going with the advice of Chas B Wolfson. Got an appointment Tuesday at a shop in town. Thank you all!!!!
  8. Ford E-150 conversion van tows our little camper around to matches. 135,000 on it and not sure if the transmission fluid has ever been changed. Not experiencing any issues, just trying to make it last. Get it changed or leave it alone?
  9. (I screwed up the original post, so here I go again) Now and then your kids do something that tells you that you did an ok job parenting. Two of our boys live in Chicago (the city itself) and went to the Cubs-Cards game last night, being big Cardinal fans, with friends. Bruno, the older of the two, called out to Cubs outfielder Joc Pederson, to throw him a long one next inning. Pederson pointed to him and nodded. Next inning, Bruno goes up a stairway landing and call to Pederson. Pederson sees him and throws him a long one. To the surprise of his brother Sonny, and their frien
  10. Exactly right. I want a local store with a guy in the back with a greasy shirt and and tools.
  11. Distance between trees varies, but you make a good point.
  12. Level, with some low spots here and there, but not even close to a hill.
  13. Think one of these bad boys may be necessary in the near future. I know how they work, and I have seen them work. Never rode one. Probably mowing 2-3 acres with a lot of trees. So what to look for, what to avoid? Just looking for some info to make a wise purchase. Thanks, LDD
  14. We can just quietly slip those into Shortcake's bag.
  15. That may be the thing to do, since this just started. Here is one of the mistakes.
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