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  1. This Saturday, Shortcake and I will be guests on Bill Oglesby's "Let's Talk About Guns," from 8AM to 9AM on WMAY Springfield, IL. That is 94.7 FM and 970 AM. We will discuss TEAM SASS, Cowboy Action Shooting, and Second Amendment issues. Tune in if you can and we do accept calls in the air at (217) 629-7970. Hopefully we can encourage more interest in CAS and SASS, and keep folks posted on Second Amendment issues. Thank you!
  2. That may very well be, but Posse 19 looks like fun too!!!!
  3. Just a reminder to get folks to check their email. Sometimes I forget to do it!
  4. It just hit my email inbox. Might not be on the main page just yet. Check you email.
  5. The lists are out!!! Yee haw! See ya there!!!
  6. After you click on article, within it there is a link to the Esquire magazine interview that the article cites. I urge you to read the interview.
  7. I have a black powder cannon my cousin made in shop class in 1977. It's about 30 inches long and the bore is about the size of a "D" battery. Fuze, shot glass full of ff and an old rag for a nice, smoky BOOM.
  8. Droppin the ball here, Widder. There is a section about this in the Saloonitic Rule Book. If you put a post like that up, you must also put up a picture or two of the subject matter. The save goes goes to Pat Riot!
  9. I just wrote an article for Gun News about this very topic. Be informed, be polite, be courteous.
  10. Interesting read. Many different personality types out there. If you think about it, you see these same types at large family gatherings, at your workplace, at other club (not just gun club) events. So this is not just a CAS concern. I am sure history is replete with these types. I think "encouraging" would go over better than shaming. Was on a team once with 2 other guys. One worked constantly to find a shortcut or avoid the task altogether. This drove the other guy nuts, who was a good participant. I reminded him that our work "avoider" has been like this for years. Did you really think he would change after being put on our team? Instead of making yourself sick over the slacker, take some pride in that you did your part to help the team.
  11. Already noticed that. I told Shortcake we may have to "will" the rest down to future generations.
  12. +1 for Mobil 1 grease. I use Mobil 1 oil where you probably use your Ballistol. I did see an interesting YouTube video on lubing a 73. The author smeared grease on the insides of the cover plate. His theory was the grease on the plate would attract dirt, etc in the gun that would be circulating inside the gun, and keep it (mostly) off the moving parts. I haven't done that yet, was wondering if anyone has and if they noticed any evidence to support or disprove that.
  13. Just looked out the window, and we appear to be fresh out of Elk in Illinois right now. I like the Alton Brown approach, but furnace filters? Good info folks. Thank you.
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