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  1. Not that city supplied water is not without it's down side. When my dad passed away, we started to remodel the house for resale. His water bill was around $30 a month. Then the infamous toilet flapper didn't seal completely. Three days later, I get a call from the City Clerk where the house was. She asked if someone was close by with a key, as their computer detected a big spike in water use. I called a friend who met the water department at the house, and the flapper was fixed. But next month I got a water bill for $840! The mayor admitted their water monitoring system failed and I should have been called immediately. But not one dime off on the bill. That was city policy. So much for your hometown helping you out of a jam!
  2. Here's two for $30, and shipping is $6.85 https://www.ebay.com/itm/2-Dillon-Precision-RL-550B-Style-Billet-RL550C-Toolheads-2-Tool-Heads-USA1/322836437389?hash=item4b2a8d198d:g:ZyQAAOSwE-lZ59U-
  3. What J-Bar said. It's a free call, and they have always been very helpful to me.
  4. If the well is not too deep (ours is 40'), they can pop the head off and drop in a new pump in under an hour. But we didn't run it dry, so that may be another issue. We got a new pump about 3 years ago. Old pump was from 1977. Pump and labor was just under $1000.
  5. So very sorry. During my sunrise walk with the dog, I try to keep things right with the Man Upstairs. Thanking Him for blessings, asking for guidance and comfort for friends and family, and remembering those that are being challenged extra hard by circumstances life has thrown at them. We will be talking about you and your family tomorrow. God bless.
  6. Attached is the Oct 2019 issue. Of course I highly recommend the article on Page 6. GunNews_Oct2019web.pdf
  7. He's right. I've had factory AAs need two primer hits, on almost a third of the rounds fired. Switched to reloads (same gun), not one failure.
  8. Illinois was like that. Once you got out of the collar counties downstate Democrats were very pro 2A. I remember Democratic legislators getting awards from the NRA, Ducks Unlimited, etc. Some of that is still around, but not like it was. Speaker Madigan has turned into a worse tyrant. The only thing bigger than his ego is his checkbook. He will actually draft someone to run against one of his own to teach them a lesson. The drafted candidate won't win, but it makes the incumbent spend more for a primary that should have never happened. Welcome to Illinois.
  9. Some friends are officers in local labor unions. I had them check and see if their national office was writing checks to Bloomberg, Mom's Demand Action and other anti-gun groups. Yep they were. Now they are starting to ask questions. Good. It's their money. It should go where they want it to.
  10. Congrats Evil! Nice meeting you two. Keep that Marlin clean!
  11. No sir. Sparta is a good 5 hours south of Chicago/Cook County Court circus. Southern Illinois is very pro-second amendment, hunting and fishing. Very conservative. The problem is Chicago has the population that gives them House and Senate seats.
  12. Ugh. I get that parents want their kids to have "individuality," all parents do. But how about excelling in sports, scholastics, community projects, etc? My wife and I sub at a grade and high school. Let's just say we feel sorry for the kids that have some of the more interesting names.
  13. George Manias was born in the USA in 1931 He returned with his family to Greece (Island of Crete) and grew up there. When World War II broke out he was forced to work in a Nazi labor camp. He returned to the Peoria, IL in 1946, and needed to eat. A barber offered him a spot to shine shoes in a one chair shop. He took it. He worked 7 days a week for over 50 years before his health required him to slow down. He has had Presidents, Congressman, Actors, etc come to his shop to get the "best" shine. He is now 88 years old and has been shining shoes and cleaning hats for 73 years. It is an experience to sit in his shop and chat with him, let alone look at the pictures that pack the walls. He did an awesome job on our cowboy boots, and reminded us to bring our hats to him to be cleaned. A very nice way to spend some time on a sunny afternoon. Nice example of how a willingness to work and determination can pay off. If any pards are passing through Peoria, IL, I highly recommend a visit to George's Shoe Shine and Hatters. Across the street from the courthouse. If you zoom in on the "shop" picture, you can see us sitting there.
  14. Indeed, where does one's mind go? Ever hear of a trans-feminist vegan? I just did. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/09/trans-feminist-vegan-group-releases-pro-chicken-video-where-hens-are-separated-by-roosters-who-rape-them-without-consent/?utm_source=Email&utm_medium=the-gateway-pundit&utm_campaign=dailyam&utm_content=daily
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