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  1. We like to show appreciation for folks who provide us with their service and skills to help us with our everyday routine. The garage that does most of our auto maintenance work, gets a mammoth pizza (almost 4 feet across) every December. When the house had a complete tear-off and new roof, we kept a washtub of iced bottled water for them and a fan in a shady spot. One day some of the crew were short for the collection for lunch, so we bought them all lunch. We tip our trash collectors, USPS carrier and our UPS guy. Probably 30 years ago we were traveling over Christmas, and stopped for a brunch buffet at a hotel. Our waitress was not having a good morning and was a bit short and terse. First thought, no tip for her. But then I looked at the big picture. As we left I put a generous tip in her hand. I told her that we were not from the area and were just passing through, and knew she would rather be with her family, but we appreciated her service and wished her a Merry Christmas. Instant change. She almost followed us to our car, thanking us all the way. Don't have a hard a fast rule on tipping, just go by what feels right. But many years ago Shortcake and I relied on that tip jar to pay many bills, so that figures heavily into our decisions.
  2. Wow. They had 3 to 3.5 years to scour the country for a strong candidate. And this was the best they found?
  3. There is absolutely no way you can read that first sentence and scroll past the rest of the post!
  4. 3 and 6 ton Jack Stands being recalled by Harbor Freight. Stay safe, Pards. https://www.rvtravel.com/recall-harbor-freight-jack-stands/ LDD
  5. 3.0 grains of Green Dot with a 125 gr bullet will put you around 740fps. Just enough push to let you know it left the barrel. Plus Green Dot works for shotgun loads too.
  6. We have a new Taylors Uberti Dealer in Illinois! Nice story of how a successful gun shop has become a part of the community. Take note, Illinois SASS shooters! Story starts on page 92. Enjoy! LDD http://asomagazine.com/june-2020/
  7. You know that the Mayor had a church raided for having religious services? But they locked the doors, so the cops could not enter. But after the service the preacher and a few others were issued $500 citations for disobeying the Mayor. So by practicing your religion, in your church/sanctuary you are subject to persecution (or prosecution). But if you are here in violation of immigration laws, you are given sanctuary and other benefits for your trespass. Bizzarro world is here.
  8. Final tally for the past weekend in Chi-town is 42 shot, 10 killed. A person is shot every 3 hours and 23 minutes. A person is murdered every 16 hours and 56 minutes. https://heyjackass.com/
  9. Oh, about the same way fingerprinting gun owners while letting violent offenders out with little or no bond does.
  10. Someone, in very high authority, had this blasted to all Chicago Police squad car terminals. While the "light flashing" is a new one on me, admitting to increasing traffic crashes with this sets a new standard in liability. Beam me up Scotty, no intelligent life down here.
  11. You ever have someone really talk a gun up? Then you shot it, and couldn't wait to give it back/get rid of it? I had a friend try to sell me an HK VP70Z back in the 80's. Bragged it held 18 rounds. Let me borrow it to try out. If the trigger pull was not 30 pounds, it was darn close. Grip was not comfortable. As for grouping, I have done better with No. 4 buckshot. I don't think I even got through the highly vaunted 18 round magazine. Returned it clean, with a polite smile and "No thank you." And you???
  12. Agreed. I try to post these alerts when I get them, but can't guarantee I might miss one now and then..
  13. Richmond Virginia Police Officer Michael P Connors. RIP 11/13/79 https://www.odmp.org/noparole/prepare/3355?mc_cid=098361358c&mc_eid=140b1ba243
  14. I had a problem with teenagers at school, my own kids, and some folks at the gym, grabbing my water bottle and drinking it. On purpose or by mistake? Well they apologize but now I got a full bottle of yuck. Tried using my name and initials (Oh sorry, didn't see that), colored tape, etc. Wherever it was, someone thought it was their water bottle. A friend with a printing company heard about my dilemma, and decided to help me out. It worked!! My bottle has been unmolested, but I do get some strange looks after taking a drink and setting it down.
  15. Billy Martin was a treat, but I liked the style of Bill Veeck. Remember him doing wacky things with the White Sox in the late 70's early 80's. My grandfather told me that when Veeck ran the Cleveland Indians, he had a "special" center field fence installed. It moved and Veeck could move it in or out a maximum of 15 feet, depending on who their opponent was. He also had the shortest batter, 3' 7" who had one at bat and was walked on four straight pitches. Colorful guy.
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