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  1. The city that works. Almost. Chicago police accidentally give out expired gift cards at gun buyback event (msn.com)
  2. Not good. CLOSE THE EXISTING OWNER LOOPHOLE IN ILLINOIS: Leak from Gov. Pritzker’s inner-circle reveals plans to confiscate registered guns next year – Guns Save Life
  3. Gun maker Remington moving to Georgia from N.Y. in $100 million deal - CBS News
  4. This is a long read. But I put it here because it involves the court system being circumvented. We have several SASS members that are attorneys, and a good number of non attorneys who exhibit critical thinking skills that may appreciate the work by this author. What is disturbing is that this has been going on since 2009, and is only recently being challenged. This is a two part article and both links are posted. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to your commentary. LDD How Illinois Poses a Grave Threat to the American Republic | Chicago Contrarian How Chicago Poses a Grave Threat to the American Republic | Chicago Contrarian
  5. Always wondered about doing that. Just get a sturdy trailer and make your own.
  6. Didn't see this coming, huh? Businesses where George Floyd was killed sue Minneapolis, saying police are not protecting the area | AP News
  7. From RV Travel newsletter. Dealer says, “That’s the way the RV industry is these days” George M. writes about his friends’ trials with a 2023 Thor. He said, “Friends purchased a new 2023 Thor Tiburon Mercedes Class C in early Feb. from Roy Robinson RV in Marysville, WA. Took delivery in late Feb. as there were a number of delays ‘getting it ready.’ There were immediately a number of problems. The fold-down dinette was broken, the lights didn’t work and neither did the hot water. Within the first week, he took it back to the dealer (which, by the way, was two hours and a ferry ride away). Got told they have to order parts. Nine weeks later the new mechanism for the dinette came in, wrong part, and so was whatever was needed for the hot water, lights, etc. They jury-rigged the dinette so they could use it “They came with us on a three-day break in trip. The hot water didn’t work, the dinette was a pain, and now 12-volt didn’t work unless the engine was running??? And a few other issues. Got back from the trip and returned to the dealer at the end of May. The rig is still there awaiting parts and service. In the meantime, the dealer was purchased by Camping World (ouch)… So out of a bit over four months of ownership, they have been able to use their RV for three days. “In the meantime, they’ve had to stay numerous nights in motels to fulfill obligations that they were going to use RV for (graduations, baby shower, etc.). The dealer’s response to all of this was, ‘That’s the way the RV industry is these days.’ “Now for the piece de resistance. They asked that when they ‘finally’ picked it up for the ‘last time’, if they could they get another ‘walk through’, since it had been so long since the original, and they hadn’t been able to use many of the features. The dealer’s response … ‘WE’LL HAVE TO CHARGE YOU FOR THAT, BUT MAYBE WE CAN GET YOU A LITTLE BIT OF A DISCOUNT!!!!!'” Editor’s note Note from RVtravel.com: If hiring a mob
  8. Rustoleum has a product called "Never Wet." Spayed it on a felt hat 6 years ago and it still beads water.
  9. Record High Background Checks Black Friday 2023 (gunsamerica.com)
  10. Caught this on the Trex Arms page on Instagram.
  11. I did the 2 year community college route. Only sometimes there was time and money for school; and sometimes there wasn't. It took me 8 years to get through a two year program. By that time I had saved enough to go to the big university for my B.A. Also working sometimes two jobs at the same time. I have a niece who insisted her parents send her to the big university for all four years, even though a community college was just around the corner. I tried telling them the CC was a better deal, but they gave in to what the princess wanted. It almost bankrupted them.
  12. I remember most of those words from Three Stooges episodes.
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