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  1. Ok thank you all. I believe I have found a set locally from a fellow shooter. Thank you all but I will keep you in mind if it falls through . Thanks again
  2. I would prefer Hornady dies but if they will work in my Hornady single stage press that works too
  3. That's how I would understand the knockdown before shooting next target. They are just saying knock it down . So if it takes 2 to kd 1 . You just have to make up before u move on. And I do understand what u are saying. If u are used to just knock them down (SG) then on last stage of day it's outside outside inside inside. The TO will yell outside for some ppl. And another TO may not. So it isnt the same for all. I struggle with how much I should help shooters.
  4. I don't understand how he got a miss on shotgun. The P yes for shooting out of order. But I didn't think shotgun counted as miss. Cause you shoot til down...
  5. Yeah we had a great posse . Absolutely I do love watching her grow as a shooter. I'm glad she had fun that weekend!
  6. What about me I know you still ain't quite sure about me yet. You know looking back at that match in spring, I was wrong. And after what Jed said about it last week. I do feel bad about that. It was not the sass way. And I plan on changing my attitude about things like that going forward. So thanks to you Jed and Bullet for making me see the light . I want to be an ambassador to this sport. I know I still have a lot to learn , and I got to learn from 2 of the best last weekend. Thanks guys
  7. Our state match is next week in Albany! Last year we got cancelled from wildfires. This year seems to be looking better. I know there are fires burning. But not as extreme. Covid restrictions will change things a little, but we will make it through! Applications are filing in late but I believe we will have a good turn out. Hope to see a bunch of you there !!!
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