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  1. Sounds like a refresher from Sawyer’s Shooting School! Randy
  2. I don't have the final count yet because I had a couple of folks that were going to mail checks and yesterday was a holiday. We are around $6000, I should have the final count by the end of the week. A lot of folks steeped up and dug deep into their pockets. I want to thanks everyone for being so generous. Sorry for the slow reply. Randy
  3. I heard a rumor that Missouri Traveler and Missouri Lefty might be moving to Tennessee by the end of the week? Randy
  4. My misses at the Tennessee State Championship this weekend were due to gun malfunctions, Seems like I had a Loose Nut Behind The Trigger!! Randy
  5. I got checks in the mail from Blue Eyed Drifter and Vix-n, Deadwood Miner and Feisty Mama. We’re getting donations at the range and Ricochet Ruthie and Chickamauga Slim donated a replica of the weather vane in the John Wayne movie McLintock. This will be auctioned off with all the proceeds going into the cancer jug. Thanks Randy
  6. No, never got anything back, I’ll send you a pm. Thanks Randy
  7. I have one but The Tennessee State Championship is going on and it will be Sunday afternoon before I can send any pictures or information. If you haven’t found one by then I’ll send pictures. Randy
  8. I would start now, at our range there are plenty of AA hulls that folks that don’t reload don’t save. You could get a box or two of hulls at about every match. Randy
  9. I have found the biggest problem for me jacking out rounds is a loose nut behind the trigger! A few years ago at the Southeast Regional I was shooting on a posse with some members of the Cracker Crew. After jacking out a few rounds they gave me a card that explained the whole problem and I kept it on my hat until it wore completely out. it said, “It’s Lever, Trigger, Lever, Trigger, not Lever, Lever Dumb A$$. Randy
  10. When I started I called Hodgdon’s and asked what they recommended for .45 Colt, the man I spoke with said he was a Cowboy Action Shooter and recommended 4.5gr Clays with a 200gr. Bullet. On the shotgun I load on a MEC Reloader and use, Clays, a 27 bushing and a 7/8 oz. charge bar. Randy
  11. We will be collecting money again this year, at the Tennessee State Championship Oct. 7-9, for the American Cancer Society. We ask everyone to wear pink on this Thursday, Side Match Day. This year the money will be sent to them In Honor Of Papa Dave! I’m always asked why pink? Is this just for breast cancer? This is being collected to help in the research to stop any and all cancers. We all know someone who has been touched by cancer. When I started this my wife was a cancer survivor and now I am as well so this is a very important fund raiser to me. This year with the loss of Papa Dave it is even more important. The reason for pink is because “Are You Tough Enough To Wear Teal” just doesn’t have the same ring to it! Cumberland Drifter isn’t able to be at the match this year but he contacted me and wanted to start the collection with a $250 donation and a challenge to everyone who knew Papa Dave to match it. I will be the 1st one to match it so now we are starting with $500 in the cancer jug. If anyone is coming and would like to make a donation by check please make it to the American Cancer Society and we will mail them all in together. If there is anyone who would like to donate but isn’t going to be at the match you can mail it to me (again please make checks to the American Cancer Society). Randy Saint Eagle 806 River Rock Blvd. Murfreesboro, TN 37128 Thanks Randy
  12. Welcome to the most fun you can have with your clothes on!!! Randy
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