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  1. It took me about 3 stages to get used to a single trigger SKB and I’ve never looked back! Randy
  2. I haven’t seen this mentioned but I have a friend that had the same problem when he started loading shotgun shells. I thought he had a gun problem also until we tried his shells in my gun and had the same problem. He was loading on a MEC 600 Jr. and was using too much pressure and flexing the case head in slightly when he was seating the primers. After we realized the problem he eased up until they didn’t fully seat and gradually went until he got the feel of when they were seated without being over seated. It’s been several months and he hasn’t had any more FTF. He was also using AA hulls and Cheddite primers. Randy
  3. If you’ll spend some time visiting Barkeep Casey each night you won’t care if you win or not! Randy
  4. We have a 14 year old that’s been shooting Gunfighter since June and you might be hard pressed to beat him? He’s coming along very well but I’m not sure if he’s going to shoot Gunfighter or Young Gun at the Regional? Randy PS, he’s been talking to Missouri Lefty!
  5. I use magnum primers whenever I can get them, they are my primer of choice! Randy
  6. I assume you are commenting on how you think the rules should be because if you are saying what the shooter should do you just got them a SDQ as the rules are written. As we have new shooters reading these posts I think should clarify when we are quoting rules and when we are giving opinions on how we think the rules should be. Randy
  7. Bought mine at about the same time, I like them!! Randy
  8. I heard a rumor that he was worried about Tennessee Williams putting a hex on him and beating him again! Randy
  9. Here's a good single duelist video I found of Lawman Mark Randy
  10. Here's a decent double duelist run I had yesterday. RSE Stage 6.mp4
  11. Did I understand correctly, you're looking for single duelists not double duelists? Thanks Randy
  12. I have one like this from Rod Kibler Saddlery I like, the medallion has your alias and SASS number. Randy http://www.rodkiblersaddlery.com/files/QuickSiteImages/Website-Specialty_Products/butt_cover_06_.jpg http://www.rodkiblersaddlery.com/SpecialtyProducts.html
  13. Doc Roy L Pain is one of the best duelists you will find and he shoots single duelist. Here is one video I found searching his name on YouTube, there are several. Randy
  14. I’m old and slow and try to practice most of what Tennessee says, good transitions and gun handling will get you closer to the top of the first page on the score sheet. Like Stump Water says it took me a long time to break the habit of crowding windows and props. Also start on the start of the beep not the end of it. Randy
  15. I’ll let you look at mine some day ! And by the way, your extended warranty expires soon!! Randy
  16. A friend just had a .357 done in our area, it was around $250 I think. Turned out really nice. Randy
  17. You might want to change the title to July 29th. Sounds like a fun match but I can’t make it, I’ll be teaching an RO Class that day. Thanks Randy
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