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  1. No. It was about being invaded & protecting your homeland from the invader. Even Mr. Lincoln (of whom I am a huge fan, even tho he was never my president) knew the States had the right to secede from the union. And you're durn right SC started it when the Union forces wouldn't get off our land. I don't blame you for your belief; everybody knows the victor gets to write the history.
  2. Even Grandson #2, underage, was promised he could shoot Grandad's colts after the match, if he picked up brass & reset shotgun targets.
  3. Samson would sit on the corner of my desk & wait for Mom to come vacuum him with the dust brush.
  4. 7th or 8th grade math, I don't remember which. Mr. Goodman had just got out of his mouth: the next person who throws a piece of chalk goes to the (principal's) office when a piece of chalk landed in my lap. From the trajectory, I figured out where it came from and flung it back. Charles Beckler ratted me out: Mr. Goodman, Bobbie Marie just hit me upside the head with a piece of chalk. Mr. Goodman glared at me and pointed at the door. I went. "Miss Key, why are you here?" "I hit Charles Beckler upside the head with a piece of chalk." "Really? Upside the head?" "Yessir." I could tell it was all he could do to keep from laughing. He asked why that was an Office Offense & I acknowledged that chalk-throwing had become a "thing" and Mr. Goodman often could not find a piece of chalk if he wanted to illustrate something on the board. He sent me back to class with the admonishment not to upset Mr. Goodman any further. GOOD PITCH was still written all over his face. Back in class, everybody wanted to know what happened. I just smiled, knowing I was golden.
  5. What I remember about Streets of Laredo: if you get an outfit you can be a cowboy, too.
  6. Sorry for your bad experiences. Both grandsons played LL & I was there for a LOT of their games. Only once did I see bad parental behavior (from the opposing team, of course) and it was all verbal. Every time I attended and/or worked the concession stand I reaffirmed to myself that kids who played LL were the politest (raised right) children on the planet.
  7. I think all the abuse allegations have something to to with it. Sad.
  8. Unnecessary. In event of TRex, bang a gong.
  9. OK, that's taking it 'way too far. Never mind that I think all the virus hype was designed to tank a healthy economy in an election year, there are just some things that must be done in person. A defendant has the right to confront the accuser. I have for some reason been called to jury duty many times. I am usually dismissed from tort liability cases when the plaintiff's attorney learns I was in the insurance business. I even had one ask me a question to which I responded 'if you're asking me if I know the difference between tort liability and 'bleep happens' yes, sir I do.' He couldn't get me (and a nurse - it was a workers comp issue) out of the box quick enough. I was privileged to spend the main part of my career with people who were honest, professional, and well-intentioned. When that ended, I worked in 3 agencies in the real world. I was called upon to suborn perjury, lie to clients, and lie to underwriters to sell insurance. What I'm trying to say is, when it comes to the point you cannot do your job honestly and in the client's best interest, it's time to go.
  10. There was this trip to Hatteras; we were crabbing & these guys were having trouble launching their boat, so we put them in the boat & pushed it off. Some time later, we saw them being pulled out by a tow truck that was stuck in the sand in incoming tide. We laughed a lot, took our crabs & went to the house.
  11. Alpo challenge: what is the most misplaced modifier in English speech?
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