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  1. One of my very favorite things is to go out to eat after a shoot and watch a little kid get his first look at Koda Joe.
  2. Just got the news of the seriousness of the Judge's condition while at the GA State shoot and then came home to this. So glad a close friend got to share a few precious last moments which, I'm sure, were a comfort to both of them. I learned a while back there are things worse than death; I hope this will bring some small comfort to Yazoo and to our cowboy family. We'll all be reunited in the posse in Heaven.
  3. Well, if you know more than I, then no, I'm not sure. But how can betting on your own team to win be an issue? OK, I understand the no betting thing and, basically, I am a rule follower. But isn't this rule obsolete (or at least unenforced) now? I don't keep up so much now that Dad has passed.
  4. nor did he bet on games he was involved with. One of the best players EVER - whether you liked him or not. Let him in.
  5. We tent-camped when we were young & poor & Baby Girl was wee-tiny. It was ok when the weather was nice but overall really kind of a pain.
  6. I thought I was Right Brain and couldn't do math. When I went to Europe in 1989 with High School students who couldn't estimate the $$ exchange rates in their heads, I realized that, yeah, it ain't the result -- it's the process. If you got the process, the result will come. Took all of the above, in middle/high school. That's why I could estimate the $$ exchange rate. I understood the process. Baby Girl, whom we paid extra to send to Parochial School, once asked why she needed to learn fractions. I was cooking supper; she was sitting with me in the kitchen. I told her to pull any cookbook from the bookshelf, and open it to any recipe. How many does it feed, sez I. Six, sez she. You have 10 people coming for dinner, sez I. Oh, sez she.
  7. Forty Rod: you lose. The Simpsons has stood the test of time and has, yes, ranged from lame to brilliant.
  8. This is the problem with getting kids into CAS. Their "westerns" were sci-fi.
  9. I adore Shakespeare and do not lionize him. He was the Neil Simon of his day and, as Don Marquis was known to remark (in Archy and Mehitabel): Will and I are sometimes coarse. If you're having problems with the language, I suggest reading the plays out loud. This generally takes care of the problem, even if you don't get all the jokes. One of the funniest things I have ever seen in my lengthy life was Durham School of the Arts' student production of A Midsomer Night's Dream. Their director let the kids go with it (and apparently they had a teacher who explained some things to them) and I applaud him for it -- the Bard himself couldn't have staged it any better. Not everyone agreed -- the man sitting next to me remarked (with THAT look on his face): Isn't this a bit risque for High School? I was sitting there with tears streaming down my face from laughing. Whatever you think of our Will, he was the undisputed master of the language of the day, matched only by the committee who put together the King James version of the Bible - still my favorite, tho it may be a lousy translation.
  10. Be nice & just scroll on by.
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