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  1. How come nobody's hollering because Dee didn't capitalize Saloon? Isn't that a thing any more? Hang around, Dee - you'll learn the ropes.
  2. Arthur (18# cat) hated three things in life: vets, other cats, and little yippy dogs. Lady in the vet's office kept pushing her little yippy dog at Arthur: go see the nice kitty! Told her not to. Don't know what the little yipper was in for, but he came out with stitches.
  3. Greenheads (flies) require a little more effort. When they bite, they latch on & a mere swat won't come close to dislodging them.
  4. You gotta carry your towel to beat 'em off with.
  5. It's the mindset we're heading toward and putting up with that bothers me.
  6. #3: Don't go to the firing line without a hat. We shoot lead bullets at steel targets. I've picked lead spatter out of faces with my fingernails (I now carry tweezers).
  7. My all time favorite is "I peed on the hamster."
  8. Eve may have taken the first bite, but how about that Adam? First thing he did when God caught them was blame it on Eve.
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