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  1. What everybody said. The work that went into the match and the facilities were obvious, despite the obstacles (last-minute cancelling of the banquet venue, rain...it's in the mountains. It's gonna rain. Deal with it - and they did.) The match ran like silk - obviously, much thought and effort toward the shooters' enjoyment went into it. A heartfelt thanks to the PosseMs of posse 4 for awarding me the spirit of the game. It meant the world to me, especially after Posse 4 made my job so easy. This was only our 2nd year at this event, but we've already put a down payment on next year & are already looking forward to it.
  2. Your sister's children probably don't appreciate her any more than your sister does. I'd leave everything I had to the ones who loved me.
  3. Your Mom needs to update her will RIGHT NOW.
  4. Looked like a politically-motivated riot to me, but you're right about the V&MM. Betcha a cold one the insurer tries to deny the claim, at least on the first round.
  5. When I was in the business, damage arising from civil unrest was absolutely excluded, and no company I knew would sell the buy-back coverage. He's screwed unless law enforcement helps him take it out of the hides of the perps.
  6. And I still wonder how people who support Islam (outside of "their" countries) continue to believe that, come the Jihad, their support will be honored. Nope. They'll still be infidels.
  7. And I see they've been well-used.
  8. Nothing wrong with chopsticks. Little kids in China use them. And I like baby bok choy.
  9. And I'm still guessing her kids don't ask stupid questions.
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