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  1. I can identify. I live in Mecklenburg Co, NC & can hardly remember the last time I had a candidate to for FOR. I've been voting AGAINST for the last couple decades, and it seems to do little good.
  2. Good Luck! Has to voted in by Territorial Gov's. Well, there goes the category.
  3. There was a barber in town; he cut the hair of anybody who was anybody. He had a saying: you get to a certain age, your hair's going to turn. It's going to turn grey, or it's going to turn loose.
  4. Oh, dear Lord. If it was Lotus, you were always messing with it to get it to print. Back in the day my home club didn't appreciate SASS going to rank point scoring, so I had to double entry our scores (and we were shooting 60-70 shooters per monthly match) into Lotus-based programs. Don't ever say I didn't do my part.
  5. No. Richard Pryor was funny.
  6. No pocket change in the Weejuns!
  7. You don't have to provide a danged thing that's not already there - love it as it is. Yes, Possum Trot was incredibly cool but, as my Dad used to say, that's used to be; and glad we are to have had the experience. Would be grateful if you'd get the tadpoles out of the pool before BG.
  8. Penny loafers - Bass Weejuns - were a sixties thing & you did NOT put pennies in them. Gant shirts. Can't remember all the other things you HAD to have.
  9. No, I had not. Thanks for the link.
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