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  1. My Mama had a word for those people. That word is 'trifling.'
  2. I have old cookbooks with recipes that require a #10 can of something. Takes a current can and a half to comply.
  3. I would shoot a roach in a New York minute.
  4. clean brass with ketchup. No, I'm not kidding. Put ketchup on a soft cloth & rub onto concho. Shouldn't harm the leather if a little gets on there. Might want to spot-test in an inconspicuous location first.
  5. Forget nervous. Let people help you. Drink a little. Laugh a lot. Learn & enjoy!! Thass what we do here!!
  6. Good choice! Love me some Appalachian Showdown! Hope to get back someday.
  7. One thing you gotta know: you're not going to have nearly as much fun if you take this too seriously. I feel sure you'll catch a lot less flak than those who've been around longer. Grandson #2 had the same fear after a year in London: but what if they laugh at me? I reminded him that, if anybody laughed, it wouldn't be about his shooting. If we ain't laughing at/with somebody, we probably don't like him very much.
  8. Absent other information, baby takes mother's surname.
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