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  1. Somebody please explain. I do not understand the need for 2nd amendment sanctuaries, as the Constitution allies everywhere.
  2. I remember one time going to the doctor the week after Black Gold. I felt I had to confess about it, as I had no idea what was going to show up in the blood work.
  3. I use washi tape. Or masking tape, or whatever I can find. Petey thinks I'm nuts.
  4. Always a good shoot. I think/hope our app is in.
  5. Wishing peace to all those who feel the loss.
  6. MizPete

    Hangover ?

    Pat Riot: having trouble highlighting to quote. Your solution is probably the best overall. My problem is, I have never in my life drank to get drunk (it happens, but is not the aim). I drink because I like it. Celtic blood lets me get away with it, but I'm operating under no illusions. Utah Bob: that full moon is a thing. My mom was a pediatrics nurse, but they'd fairly regularly pull her to ER duty, and she swore a full moon brought 'em out.
  7. MizPete

    Hangover ?

    Take a dramamine before going to bed. Hangover problem solved.
  8. I can hardly afford gas now, and am perfectly capable of pumping my own. Doesn't mean I like it. And yes, I remember when all the gas we purchased locally was from my "Uncle" JD's Texaco station. Uncle JD (he was Mama's cousin's husband) would run a tab and was just an all-around good man, and amusing to boot. Full service? If you were my Mama (or my Dad) it was a given. His employee G (that's the only name I ever knew) provided above and beyond. Bad to drink but an excellent mechanic.
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