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  1. Been using Goddard's on jewelry and flatware (sterling, not plate) for years. True, you don't want to overdo it. But, for occasional use, it's the very best.
  2. Everybody knows Ponderosa Pines is my happy place.
  3. This issue was settled a couple of decades ago. And it wasn't just SASS. The States wanted it. Just ride with it.
  4. Tucker T Fudpucker (Larry Page).
  5. Pat nailed it. It's not age, it's driving (in)experience. I distinctly remember Petey waving the insurance renewal in front of Baby Girl's face & saying "we can no longer afford having you drive our vehicles." Baby Girl hit stuff. Including a tree. In a yard. The tree died.
  6. I didn't start hearing 'sucks' in that context until the mid sixties.
  7. He sold Trigger? In Nyc? What's the world coming to?
  8. Try Bowfort, SC v Byoofort, NC. Or is it the other way round? Both spelled Beaufort.
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