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  1. I don't see Pecos Pete on the list but you know we're gonna be there.
  2. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I LOVE BLACK GOLD! First couple of years, it was a really neat place and a super-fun match; then, it became my happy place and, after changes upon changes, it still is. AND, I owe heartfelt thanks to 2022's Posse 9 for granting me their Spirit of the Game award. It don't seem right after y'all made it so easy.
  3. Wait a minute. Since I am loosely managing the food wars, I need to know: 1) thought dessert had to be PIE with whiskey in. Need clarification. Will also be accepting entries into grill & snack/appetizer/aperitif/horsdoovers category. Would like at least two entries into each category to make it a real war.
  4. He was a SeaBee in the South Pacific. I have not found his cruise book yet.
  5. I so loved the scene between the FLOTUS and the "exotic" dancer. Like I said, when you begin to see it as the story of real people's lives....
  6. I got over my aversion to History when I realized it wasn't just a recitation of names, dates, wars, battles, etc; it's the story of actual people's lives. But it's kind of sad I know more about the War of Union Aggression (in the East) than I do about the war my Dad fought in the 1940's.
  7. Kidney stones are worse. I've had both.
  8. We washed our hands in carbon tetrachloride. Always kept a little bottle for cleaning my typewriter keys.
  9. MizPete

    It happens :(

    Looks like prop failure to me.
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