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  1. Ok. There’s another way to prime them, the way the old timers did. Get a wooden dowel that’s bigger than the primer pocket but no bigger than ½ inch and a small block of either wood or if you have it some smooth steel. Place the primer on the block, put the shell on top of the primer then put the dowel in the shell. Then tap the dowel down until the primer is seated. Not the fasted way but it works. If you decide to get another reloader try to find a MEC JR, there’s a kit that MEC sells (you’ll have to call them because they don’t advertise it) to de-prime, and prime LPP, then you can u
  2. If you have a MEC loader you can prime brass shells, I do it all the time.
  3. Marshall, with brass shells don’t worry about how much of the shell is above the overshot card. With a star crimp on a plastic hull the column height is very important to get a good crimp, since there’s no star crimp on brass it’s not important. As others have said I’ve got shells that are different lengths, some with a straight end some with a rolled end and none of it matters. The only difference with each of them is how they feel when you load them in the barrels, they all shoot the same.
  4. Do not lube the Nitro Card. No lube is needed for SG rounds, BP, BP Sub, or that other smokeless stuff.
  5. GREAT! I typically shoot 5 stage local matches and they never give me a problem. Depending on the weather I may have to spray a little Ballistol on the cylinder ½ way through. The picture was the first time I opened it up to clean the inside, and to be honest it really didn’t need it, I was just being overly cautious. I shot last month’s DD twins and they didn’t have a hitch, next month will be Ides. Love the Frontiersman shooting.
  6. CBB - not sure about the 51’s but this is what the trigger spring and bolt spring look like on my Pietta NMA’s
  7. Given that it seems most prefer a written copy and having read that the cost to run the glossy magazine style is too high for monthly publishing here’s an idea. If I’m correct years ago the Chronicle was in newspaper form. I wonder if that cost is considerably less and if SASS would consider that form for the months that are only electronic. I almost hate to say this but maybe it would be an added cost as a subscription for just the newspaper copy to pards that want it that way. If you don’t want to pay for the paper copy than it would still be available free online.
  8. @Grinnin Jim if you’re thinking of getting a powder check take a look at this one DAA Powder Check Pards on here have used it and like it. It shows out of stock but if you call them the wait is usually only a couple of weeks.
  9. +1 to Goody. Mike specializes in C&B and does excellent work. Don’t be in a rush though, he’s a one man shop and depending on his workload it may take some time, but well worth the wait. I use 2 Pietta ‘58 NMA’s that he worked on and can run a whole season with only cleaning the cylinder and barrel.
  10. No, but why show someone with that kind of hat? When I think of cowboy that hat doesn’t spring into my mind.
  11. One question why doesn’t the shooter have on a traditional looking cowboy hat?
  12. How to remove the carrier without disassembly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7OVeAkgxiY
  13. For annealing I found Annealeez to be a good balance of cost of machine vs speed of annealing. I anneal all my .45c cases and since I’ve started not one split case and almost no blowback.
  14. There’s one more thing that I do that may help you. I never pour from the bottle into powder reservoir directly, I use a plastic funnel, if there’s any clumps it can’t get through. Take your powder through tube and make sure that it’s clean, if you’re thinking that it’s galled them just get some fine sandpaper wrapped on a dowel and lightly sand it. Shooter’s World is made by APP (just as Black MZ was), I was given a bottle when it first came out to try. It works ok the only thing that I found was the granulation was not as consistent as APP label. BTW your powder reservoir is too clean
  15. What caliber are you loading? Have you tried using the large powder die, this usually works better (for APP) than the small. I know you said that you cleaned it, but I’d make sure that you clean from the powder hopper on down and dry well (use compressed air and allow to dry overnight) before putting any powder in. In 2 years I haven’t had a problem measuring using this method with 3F APP. Oh and as far as the fast vs. slow pull I’m partial to slow, it’s probably me but I think it gives the powder a chance move where it needs to.
  16. Sorry Ike I’m like a little kid, I couldn’t resist.
  17. The “Wire” section is the area to ask all SASS related questions. Just list your SASS # as guest, no one will hold it against you, promise.
  18. Read a bumper sticker the other day that said “wearing a mask alone in a car is like wearing a condom alone in bed”
  19. Remember military retirement is taxable but VA benefits are not.
  20. Too bad! I’m going to TN this year and was hoping to hear some smack talk and see a good ‘ole azz kickin’
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