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  1. @Tennessee williams I can’t believe you go to DQ for these @Widder, SASS #59054 @Krazy Kajun @Barkeep Casey
  2. HEY who’s the guy with the big hat?? That looks strange . Love ya Imus
  3. I know you had some comments about splatter, how was it?
  4. Looks like there was a great turn out. Let’s not forget @Krazy Kajun who looked to be the top soot shooter.
  5. I was thinking of adding a new topic but decided to just add something to this one. I’ve been watching who is coming to local matches and the shooters list for the ones I miss and there might be a trend showing up. While most SASS shooters who’ve been around had a good supply of reloading components the newer pards didn’t. Makes sense when you think that they probably don’t know how much ammo they’d need, maybe couldn’t afford a lot of supplies what with the cost of guns, leather, etc. It’s starting to look like the newest members are getting hit the hardest and they’re not showing up. Of course there are exceptions, but if I’m right this shortage could have a greater effect on retaining these newer folks. And who’s to say if they’ll come back when things finally become available again. Let’s all hope and pray for a quick end to this craziness for the future of our sport.
  6. Shows you how little I know, Tennessee Williams told me to use Fluffernutter so that’s what I been using. No wonder my SG seems stiff, I’ll start with the JIFF tomorrow.
  7. I wish I could get my hands on a decent 10 gauge so I could make a big boom.
  8. I really can’t think of any reason (other than adding another category) why it shouldn’t be allowed. If you think about it we already have FCD and FC. Maybe limit it to Senior and above call it Frontiersman Duelist and Frontiersman. I hope @Noz doesn’t get mad at me.
  9. Can anyone say “Green New Deal” and Biden’s promise to get us off of oil. Before long this country will be one big solar panel with windmills in between.
  10. I know that the have a “are you brave enough to wear pink” day for breast cancer awareness. Dawg it’s a blast, great folks, great range, door prizes, and great food. You won’t be disappointed!
  11. Glad you got everything back up and working. Any primers that spew out that you want to get rid of just let me know
  12. @Springfield Slim SASS #24733 I was wondering the same thing. Loading APP I use HY-TEK coated bullets without a barrel issue, but I always thought you had to use a lubed bullet with real BP. But I know that OLG knows way more than I do with that stuff and if he said it works then I for one won’t doubt him. By the way OLG when did you become a “guest”? There’s no SASS # listed on your post
  13. Now when are you going to make one for me?????
  14. If they’re as good as the ones I got from Goon’s he’s gunna love’ em. The longest I’ve run them is 6 stages in one day, the guns ran fine, even the cylinders spun easily. They felt like they could’ve run another 6 stages without even breaking a sweat. BTW don’t count me out, I’m thinking Wartrace will be on my radar for next year.
  15. I spent some time down your way in Ingleside and Corpus. Took me a while to get used to the area but once I did I loved it. I’m betting it’s changed a lot in the 14 years since I was last there.
  16. +1 on what SD said. Being one of the newer Frontiersman I bought these Vials I load them up ahead of time and when I prime the cylinders I can take ten and know that each chamber has the same charge. But you have to find what works for you and stick with it. Here are a couple of other things that I use: a nipple pick to not only clean the nipple hole but also to get the spent cap off the nipple, bore butter, after cleaning I run a patch with it in each chamber and down the barrel. Don’t forget anti-seize to put on the nipple threads.
  17. You heathen, shooting smokeless, shame on you P.S. are you in the Portland that’s near Corpus?
  18. I kinda do the same thing except my SPP machine is a Square Deal. I only load 9mm with it when i can shoot USPSA. @Grizzly Dave any update on your primer issue?
  19. @Long Hunter SASS #20389L like they said above - truer words were never spoken. And @J-BAR #18287 hope yuh don’t mind i added that last part.
  20. I’ve been using APP but yesterday I tried the Shooters World that i won at Ambush at Cavern Cove. I was hand dipping into SG shells and the only thing that i thought was that the granuals seemed a little smaller but more uniform.
  21. As far as the lube goes Dillon recommends grease on everything but the piston arms (they get motor oil). For the indexing here’s what I’d check, first that you didn’t over-tighten any screws, then if i didn’t find over-tightened screws I’d also replace the springs and indexer, don’t forget to adjust the shell holder and check to make sure you have the correct clearance. If all that didn’t work I’d call Dillon and see what they think it might be. Good Luck
  22. @Sedalia Dave let me know when you do, I love big booms! Are you going to Darkness Falls/A Dark Day on the Santa Fe in January? I’m trying to decide, but if I do I’m thinking of entering either Sultan of Smoke or King of Kaboom.
  23. For SG I’m using brass hulls with 3.7cc of APP, 2 fiber wads, and 1 ⅛ oz of shot. My rifle and pistol are .45C (when I’m not shooting Frontiersman then it’s .44) is 17 (+/-) gr of APP with a 200gr pill.
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