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  1. As I text earlier, my godfather was a surgeon on Guadacanal, my dad was a gunnery officer on a destroyer hit 3 times by kamikazies and my uncle was a minesweeper officer.
  2. They do if they are volunteer Scout leaders! :-)8
  3. I like unpeeled red potatoes many ways. I enjoy mashed Idaho potatoes using à food mill.
  4. My godfather was a surgeon with the Corps on Guadcanal.
  5. My dad was the gunnery officer on a destroyer. It was kamikazed three time. My favorite Uncle was a minesweeper officer. My son is à Marine officer. My expérience led me to my opinion hard assed as it is
  6. Buy as much as you can from the fully uniformed boys and girls!!!
  7. Navy uniforms are for Sea Scouts other lesser services uniforms are different The only real uniforms are worn by Marines!!! Semper Fidelis!!!
  8. My Great Uncle Milton used to tell about looking weird off the camera because of the makeup needed for the camera.
  9. My first car was a 1936 LaSalle. Later, I had a 1942 Buick Limited limousine and a 1934 Pierce Arrow opera limousine My family had five Cadillac 75 limousines for my grandfather, my grandmother. great grandfather, great grandmother and my great. Great grandmother.
  10. I world not Pick einher one. I would choose double action
  11. I graduatedfrom Dartmouth. The Harvard Maroon, Humor magazine made a.movie about my fraternity: :Animal House" I would.never Support anything to Do with Harvard including Facebook!
  12. I use mine for Elk and deer hunting I get super Good groups at 100 Yards.. IT has been.my big game weapon for many decades. I even carried one in the Marine Corps in the 50s and 60s. Pehaps your ammo sucks ! :-)
  13. My 20 foot Astra van meets this El Rey's needs to travel to Shooting events, sea scouting regattas and for hunting It's easy to park, comfortable, has a nice stove, reefer and furnace plus Microwave and A/C.
  14. My walker gets me around lncluding elk and deer hunting. Convenience beats saving a buck
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