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  1. Pale Wolf Brunelle gave me advice about how to be able to shoot Gunfighter as an El Rey. Somehow, I inadvertently deleted it. I can't reach him. Any idea how I can get that advice?
  2. Will I need to drive through Illinois? Is my C. Sharps .50-140 legal there? How about my 10 and my 8? Flatland (Illinois) is scary!
  3. 10 gauge magnum.and .50-140 long range rifle Are they legal under Canada's answer to Biden's new rules?
  4. My house at Dartmouth was Delta Kapppa Epsilon (Deke). We all found gainfully employment in saloons. That helped us qualify for Kappa Beta Phi!!! Harvard's National Lampoon humour magazine even made a movie about us. The college gave me a respite of a few years to serve in the Marine Corps. I graduated a few years later. :-)
  5. My favourite horse, so far, was Nellie. She was close to 30 and by far the meanest horse ever! Nellie was not a riding horse. You could tell her teammates by their bite marks. ;-)
  6. My spouse had a dressage horse that would throw a fit when she encountered a falling leaf. She was a stitch in the woods in the fall.
  7. Boise is 40 square miles surrounded by reality. Our biggest problem is people from Portland and Seattle. Escapees from California are welcome! Eastern o Oregon and Washington counties want are tryi.g to seced and become part of Idaho. Our legislature is introducing legislation to accommodate them.
  8. There was a lawyer from California that sued to close our state long distance range South of Coeur d' Alene a few years ago. He left - he could not get a plumber, heating/AC repairman, get a grocery cashier to serve him, get served in a restaurant or anything else. Plus, our legislature passed eleven range protection laws that closed any conceivable loophole
  9. Per capita is the only useful statistic. My Idaho plus Wyoming and Montana are my votes. The only neighbours that don't have guns are Californian transplants. I have no long term concerns about them because we are in grizzly country and they like to take walks! ;-)
  10. You know you are a bit elderly when you worry about not having a spare tire on your walker.
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