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  1. Marine boots salute everyone, the postman, garbage man, UPS driver, Sea Scouts, etc.
  2. M y paternal grandmother learned to drive with a Brush electric on the South side of Chicago. Her dad, my great grandfather, got out of it, jumped on a streetcar, and left her to learn to drive it home. It had forward and reverse and a speed controller. That was 1905 drivers training. My maternal grandfather used to call us: "Useless as a Stoughton bottle". It was years before I learned that a Stoughton bottle was the artificial flower vase manufactured in Stoughton, England that was on either side of the inside of an electric car. I live in rural Idaho on the British C
  3. The etymology of the 2nd Amendment words as originally penned "well regulated" is ''well equipped". Gun control advocates show their abject ignorance when they ignore the etymology and make false reference to the words as originally penned and opine egregiously inaccurate equating of the words in the Second Amendment "well regulated" with today's "regulation" without reference to their original meaning. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. When they have no facts, prevaricators, i.e. Gun Controllers, simply lie. M
  4. I went to a few shoots in Canada a few years ago. I was asked at the border if I had any ammunition. I said that I bet I don't have more than 2,200 rounds. You should have seen the rookie border kid's face. I have a PAL Restricted license and follow all of the rules so I have no trouble. I look forward to competing in Canadian matches upon the opening of the border.
  5. We celebrated with a parade that normally shuts down the border. We had cars, trucks, SUVs', motorcycles, ATVs and two dozen horses all replete with US esigns and a few Marine Corps flags. Next we had a potluck at out volunteer fire department fire hall. We opened with the Star Spangled Banner, prayers,,a hymn and the Pledge of Allegiance. Beautiful flag, starry blouses, patriotic, military and Trump caps abounded. OOOHRAH!!!
  6. 90s & 100s are too much for this farthest North Idaho iceboat racer. On the other hand, I have enjoyed snowy -35 temperatures. However, that calls for staging my pistols rather than holstering them. As they say in the Marine Corps: "Improvise, Adapt and Overcome."
  7. It's not much of a challenge to shoot at a 300 yard target with my C. Sharps .50-140 650. I prefer 500 to ,000 yard targets. I also enjoy 100 to 300 yard metal pistol silhouettes. SASS targets are speed targets which I enjoy. I'm past the age where I can be competitive but young enough to still enjoy shooting.
  8. I love shooting my C. Sharps .50-140 650. Elmer Keith visited our ranch now 7 generations of my mother's family, Trudes. I m no longer involved but still use our custom Parker 8 gauge 4" double. Unlike my family, I have mostly used revolvers for hunting everything from muskrats to moose and semi automatics for NRA competition and as my T/O in the Marine Corps. However, I find great joy in shooting my .50 Sharps at my home range in Farthest North Idaho on the Canadian border. Because I love the smoke, flames and booms of black powder shooting, I use it for SASS, BPCR and just plain
  9. I have no problem with loud noises. I simply remove my hearing aids and go to sleep.
  10. I'll report here on my experience. The Chinese virus cancelled almost all of the Canadian and most of the US matches so I have many thousands of rounds to be expended this year. The good news is the ammo shortage has not affected me.
  11. Idaho has enacted several range protection statutes. They confound the antigunners. That's on top of our multiple 2A Protection Statutes. Idaho State Commander
  12. I survived 5 bypass surgery. I wish you the same success.
  13. We had a Sea Badge training course The Upper Level Sea Scout version for Sea Scout adult leaders at the Great Lakes NTC. The trainees wear naval style officers uniforms with insignia depicting from Mates {ship -Unit Assistants) from council, Area, Regional to the National Commodore. They wear from 1 to 4 stars with the Sea Scout BSA anchor device. The poor Scout Leaders were saluted by every boot on the base. As we all know in boot camp you salute everything!!!!
  14. Marine Warrant officers are called "Gunner" as a courtesy with the exception of the rare "Line" warrent officers who wear an explodung bomg insignia and which are officially termed "Gunners". The titles "Master" was dropped after WW II. "Chief" is for 2, 3, 4 & 5. Cryptologic Analysts l(2572) like me were enlisted or Limited Duty Officers or Warrant Officers. We didn't rate an exploding bomb. After WW II, the specialist flat rocker was dropped and everyone got the curved rocker.
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