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  1. I'm checking to see if my son, Dirty Dog Dave 55551, my grand children; Tsarina 105418 and Horrible Henry 105419 will be up North or home in Eden Prairie so Iill have a place to stay before and after the match..
  2. We polyannas simply must keep our heads firmly buried in the sand.
  3. This elderly retired investment banker is no now and never has been afraid of full and complete financial disclosure. This is absolutely required, IMHO, of SASS. The membership needs to be proactve i order to keep our sport alive. We have been blindsided and are purely reactive. I paid for extra support for SASS with Life Membership, Hall of Fame, Founders Ranch, Museum, etc. Many of us have stepped up to the plate for our organization. Now the time is ripe to become a NSNFP corporation so we can keep our Edgewood staff.
  4. Gunfighters have the best memories. We need it to remember the target after the first shot is fired.
  5. I aged mine by shooting thousands of rounds over the years!!!
  6. Two Colt .41 Long Colt Thunderers. 1899 Parker 10 gauge double just for fun a few times each year.
  7. I use a brass catcher for NRA bullseye practice with my Les Baer .45ACP.. It has saved a myriad of brass. I heartedly recommend one.
  8. FWIW; I "shoot" snap caps at least 100 times daily in each 0f my Ruger .45 Colt revolvers. I need the practice in order to square away my muscle memory. I also practice fast draw to compete in CFDA matches.
  9. My current plan is to compete in the Montana State Championship Match. One of the reasons that I like it is the true long range buffalo rifles side match. Hopefully, the Chinese virus won't screw it up.
  10. The "C" in gunnery sergeant stands for compassion. To err is human To forgive is divine Neither of which is Marine Corps policy. Join the Marine Corps Visit exotic lands Meet interesting people And Kill them. So much for my concern about anyone trying to kill my Daddy.
  11. I am an atomic veteran. Our local high school asks me to talk about bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki. There usually is a girl that says don't you think that the A bomb was terrible? I tell that soft headed lefty: "My Godfather was a surgeon with the 1st Marine Division to invade Tokyo, my favourite Uncle was on a minesweeper clearing Tokyo harbour, and my Dad's destroyer was my uncles escort. They could have been among the one million Americans that would have been killed in the invasion. If the Japs were about to kill your Daddy like mine, we could drop one thousand A bombs to save his life.
  12. My eyes, arthritis and coordination may become a problem when I become elderly. Now, as an El Rey(over 85), I still have no problem with recoil with my warthog loads loads of Holy black in my .45 Colt revolvers and rifle, my ten gauge 3-1/2" double nor in my .50-140 Sharps.
  13. I use 2006 SASS souvenir bags that were given to competitors. They are great and, as a Founders Ranch member, they were free.
  14. I no longer care about being awarded anything for an age based category. The last time I did was when NRA state indoor pistol Grand Senior was introduced. I hope to still compete later in the over 100 category.
  15. I use an OM Ruger in .44 Remington Magnum for SASS "Long Range" pistol side matches. It is a real tack driver. Regarding Gunfighter, I only enter matches that let me use Gunfighter in my age based category. It strikes me as hopelessly ridiculous for me to travel to an away match to be DQd for shooting Gunfighter in El Rey when I am usually the only one in the category. There is no logic involved in restricting Gunfighter. I have always been ambidextrous and have been shooting that style since a preteen. (As a kid, I used my gift of gab to get my parent to buy two revolvers.) Now that I am in the over 85 class, it is a little disingenuous to toss me out of matches for doing what I have been shooting for so many decades! This is the last remnant of the ant igun BS at the beginning of SASS. Actually, Gunfighter was originally completely banned from SASS at the beginning. I know that many shooters can't shoot Gunfighter. So what? I can!!!
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