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  1. PETA Idaho chapter People Eating Tasty Animals
  2. Idaho proudly scores F- on Gifford' list.

  3. Thanks to Trudeau, senile Joe doesn't seem too bad! Canada makes me appreciate and love the Electoral College. I love a tracking snow. Elk season.in.Farthest North Idaho this year was the worst in living memory It rained every day.
  4. I love a tracking snow. Elk season.in.Farthest North Idaho this year was the worst in living memory It rained every day.
  5. I plan on entering the 2024  Canadian Championship.

    I'll be 88 on January 2nd



    1. Jabez Cowboy,SASS # 50129

      Jabez Cowboy,SASS # 50129

      Great to hear from you again, looking forward to seeing you again it has been quite a while...

      88 Eh! , Well you don't look a day over 90...

      Now you will be properly Grumpyfied...


      Jabez Cowboy 

  6. Eye is great after the complex surgery Hooray for the VA's Community Care!!!
  7. Busy next few days with eye operation on Monday, annual VA exam on Thursday, knee evaluation on following Monday, skeletal exam on Tuesday, elk closes on Tuesday, Buffalo Arms regular visit, too GD many BS things plus hosting The Birthday on the Tenth. Too many miles at too many dollars- thanks Joe!!! It has rained on Opening Day of elk and deer plus every GD day! Soggy elk hunting by this arthritic elder has not contributed to much smiling and jocularity. I'm not cranky-just f----g realistic!!!
  8. I graduatedfrom Dartmouth. The Harvard Maroon, Humor magazine made a.movie about my fraternity: :Animal House" I would.never Support anything to Do with Harvard including Facebook!
  9. My Great Uncle, Milton Sills, was a dashing swashbuckler. My favourites are the Sea Hawk and his Arabian sea films. Unfortunately, he died.of a.heart attack in.1930.?while.playing.tennis with his daughter. He only made one talkie, The Barker
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