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  1. Only an Easterner who inherited a ranch would pay for a stetson that will probably get blown off, trampled, fallen into manure, soaked with sweat, etc. I buy very serviceable Stetsons for less than $100.00. I get fancy buckles from shooting matches. I spend my money on boots. That works for me.
  2. The enlisted need quality officers. You must be one of them since 1 star was offered to you. You didn't lobby for it! IMHO, you will be able to enhance your service by staving off your retirement for a few more years. The Army needs all the help it can get! :-) Semper Fidelis; Mud Marine
  3. I always cook in cast iron including ea pots and coffee boilers. That means I can't help you!!! :-)
  4. Cowboys live in Southern and Central Idaho. my family has worked a cattle ranch in Fremont County for seven generations. We once had our own train station. Sadly, sicko liberals have infected every state but Idaho only has Boise and "skiing:" Sun Valley. Still, this years SASS State Championship is in Boise. Montana's sickos are in Whitefish, Missoula and Butte, Wyoming's are in Cheyenne but that's also where the state championship is held. The big cities in Illinois, Oregon and Washington sicken otherwise great states.
  5. I have never had a doughnut. I do enjoy yeast bear claws but cake bear claws are also tasty.
  6. I'm not getting any younger I have been shooting Gunfighter as an El Rey with .45 Colt and 10 gauge 3-1/2 black powder. I have been thinking of lowering to .38 Special and 20 gauge black powder. Is anyone else doing that?
  7. I learned about how altitude changes cooking when I was the cook on our pack trips as a kid I was camp cook at 12 and boiled some beans. When I was done, they were still hard as a rock. :-)9
  8. I became a Benefactor Member in college. I went on a payment plan and finished ln the Marine Corps. I have received one H of a lot more from the NRA than I paid. Matches, Training, Instructor certification, help.for Scouts, other.youth legislative support, etc. have.made it a bargain. Years ago we took back the NRA from a wrong direction and we can do that again. Overall, I am pleased and am ready to support the NRA in the years ahead.
  9. Oooops more like 70+ years ago. We always boiled the H out of the water for coffee and for soaking our beans.
  10. In Idaho, we have sheep herds foraging in the mountains so mountain streams are seldom safe. My brothers and I got horribly Ill sixty years ago just swimming in a beautiful clear creek
  11. Oh well, I still love my 1936 LaSalle straight 8 Sedan.
  12. If he was a doggy, just shoot him and kick her.out!
  13. I'm so ancient that I use cash!!! I make exact change and use 50 cent pieces and $2 dollar bills in the mix. Otherwise, I use personal cheques. I'm just an elderly OF living in Farthest North Idaho. You can do that in a small town. My apology to "You can't do that in a small town."
  14. Lots of.people.have debit cards that sometimes wotks and sometimes doesn't. Quick fix" just put more money in the bank! :-)
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