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  1. You have a Marine so you don't need anything else.
  2. My Senior DI was the boot that couldn't tell the sex of the flea. I loved watching him catch H---. I watched that movie over and over! :-)
  3. All is well in Idaho. Our election primary this month features candidates from the right versus the far right against the extreme right wings. Idaho is in no danger of slacking off from supporting the 2nd Amendment. Idaho has numerous NRA, CFDA, SASS and other matches in May. We will have matches through the fall when we'll concentrate on elk and other hunting. MudMarine El Rey 54686 Idaho T :-)
  4. I have loaded brass hulls using a dipper, 8 gauge nitro, fiber and overshot wads and 7-1/2 lead shot, glued with Duco Cement for 60 years of happy blasts of fire and smoke from wart hog black powder charges. I currently get my components from Buffalo Arms.
  5. I putty Founders Ranch platinum badge in my odds and ends box! The museum? Hall of fame, etc recognitions all are also in there. I could afford them and knew, as an investment banker, that I was putting the cash in the founders pockets, but I loved and still love cowboy action shooting. After all, I got a free lunch at EOT for a few years plus #1 is a Marine!!!
  6. I live in the Grizzly country of farthest North Idaho. One of the guys that I talked into being a Scout leader in his retirement was the grizzly specialist with the Idaho F&G. All of the deaths from bears occur because of either stupidity or inatention or both. Being bear aware and armed in grizzly country are the keys to remaining alive. It never hurts to also carry grizzly spray. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  7. My experience is being a brother of Delta Kappa Epsilon and Kappa Beta Phi. I owned and drove the black car in Animal House. Talk about fun and glorious memories!!! :-)
  8. I have used black powder since I was a young boy. My family used it for our fun shooting. When I started in SASS, I shot wart hog loads of it using Gun Fighter style as an Elder Statesman. That's the only way I've shot from there through Cattle Baron, El Patron, and, now, El Rey. I have competed in 13 states, 4 provinces and in End of Trail. I have not been thrown out yet!!! When GF was allowed, there was a lot of Gun Control like sentiment around. I simply disregarded it and shot the way I have forever. I love shooting CAS gunfighter style with holy black and NRA bullseye, CFD and handgun hunting one handed with smokeless. BPCR is with black while birds, and clays call for smokless. I probably would not be safe trying CAS when juggling revolvers from one hand to another. It's much safer pulling both of them at the same time and holstering them simultaneously. If any Gestapo types will be searching for me to throw me out of a match, go for it.
  9. What do you expect from an outfit founded by yet another Harvard, commie AH. I never got banned because as a Dartmouth man, I never got on. Semper Fi.
  10. .45 pistol, .50 rifle, 10 gauge shotgun :-)
  11. I am a happy, long time warthog load, holy black customer of Buffalo Arms. I can't say enough about their customer service. Their owner is a BPCR world and US champion and their employees are BP Shooters. I use their various BPs on all of my guns from tiny .410s to my 8, my .38s to .45 revolvers and my .38 carbine to my .50-140 Sharps. Colour me happy. Thanks for the belt buckles :-) 3
  12. We had a scheduled antifa parade/rally here in North Idaho. Many of us armed ourselves and lined the parade route to protect them and to support their right to protest. They left for the Washington state line.
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