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  1. We all love the 1st & 2nd Amendments. We should cherish the tenth. However, when debating the dims, ask them, since they know everything What is their opinion of the 3rd? That will show there incredible depth of knowledge of the Constitution!
  2. I remember marching as a Cub Scout during WW II. I was so proud of our awesome ability. Some years later, a Mom showed me a photograph of our pack on the march. The two dozen kids all had a different step!!
  3. I wore Levis for decades. Then, they went bad so I switched to Wranglers.
  4. You are only as old and infirm as you believe. I'm an El Rey and won't be elderly until 100!!! My stupid body and brain often disagree with me but to H--- with them. I don't let them hold me back. My biggest shock came when I got a piece of cake as oldest Marine at the local Marine Corps League 144th Birthday Ball. I never let reality get me down!!!
  5. She's not the SASS#4 that we have polluted the air together with black powder. I remember a match in Canada that used a small room as a jail cell with a victim. Tex and I nearly asphyxiated the RO because the BP smoke was trapped inside!!!
  6. I haven't been back to WalMart since their change. Buffalo Arms is just down the street. I have no reason to shop where people like me aren't wanted1
  7. A great niece of mine was in that school. She ran from the shooting all the way to the Publix store. She said that David Hogg was a creepy, weird kid.
  8. As a boy, I went with my Dad to the Sportsman's Show. John Bromfield, the movie actor, drew indian heads and other designs on plywood sheets with his Thompson SMG. I was so impressed that I bought one and practiced drawing indian heads and writing friends' name on plywood. As a Marine cryptanalyst, I had grunts with Thompsons supposedly guarding me ( "FU Bill and your pissant pistol") I was able to stay in practice during my time so I could still draw indian heads. After discharge, I kept it up. Sadly, the cost of the .45ACP ammo and the plywood sheets soon made my "hobby" unaffordable.
  9. My Spanish AyA is a ten gauge 3-1/2" double with 20" barrels. My loading information is rather sparse. I pour 2 dippers of Fg 1-1/2 into my brass 3-1/2" shells, cover with a nitro wad, put in 3 fiber wads, add 2 dippers of 7-1/2 shot and seal with an overshot wad covered with a lot of Duco Cement. I do something similar with my 8 gauge 4-1/4" double but use Fg.
  10. Oh my goodness. I just demonstrated my incredible El Rey computer savvy!!!
  11. Gee, I have no idea. Since many of mine were acquired before GCA 68, no else does either! Purchasing ammunition in Idaho is difficult. You need cash, a cheque or a credit card.
  12. I neglected to mention that I lube with SPG.
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