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  1. If you have even half as much in SASS as I do, you will be here forever. WELCOME!!!
  2. I haven't been there for awhile because of local obligations but I enjoyed it.
  3. Your guns and ammo need to be absolutely familiar and completely reliable. You need to have them work automatically. Watch earlier shooters to ensure that you know the target sequences. In my 80s, I find that tricky scenarii can trick me up so I don't rush them. Mostly, I just have a hoot!!!!
  4. One of the Miss Wyoming's married a Colorado race car driver and garage owner. They moved to the Copeland area of Far North Idaho where she passed away. She had four sons and worked in a bank. She was a lovely lady. Her hubby remains a serious El Patron Cowboy Fast Draw and SASS shooter.
  5. I'm visiting Dirty Dog Dave, my youngest son, and his family in Eden Prairie, MN. We got 8" of snow. I'm playing in his yard in a snow fort with Tsarina and Horrible Henry. I wish that everyone has as nice a Thanksgiving as I'm having.
  6. I am a Grand/El Patron. The answer escapes me!!!
  7. Don't move Winter Range. It is a miracle that it still exists and gets better each year. Over the years, too many clubs have hosted great matches but their members burned out and the matches were discontinued. It would be a good idea to hold a regional match with help from SASS in areas that don't have a large, successful championship. End of Trail is just fine where it is now. Moving is would not be successful. The convention was in an easy to reach location. It moved and was too hard to get a flight from many places. For that and other regions, the convention was dropped. We could return to the original one revolver and long guns but .22s would be silly. I bring .22 revolvers, rifles and .410 and 20 gauge shotguns to matches for kid guests but for adults........ :-( I also bring puny little .38 revolvers, rofles and leather to shoots for newbies to try. Perhaps clubs could do the same thing.
  8. Looking for a club near Eden Prairie. I am visiting my son and his family for the Holidays.
  9. Celebrex (celecoxib) works but is hard on the kidneys. On pill before match is, IMHO, acceptable.
  10. Although I do not compete in it, Schuetzen match shooters use Stevens. It's awesome that we have competitions for almost all of our firearms!
  11. I love to shoot my .41 Long Colt revolvers "Gunfighter". Although illegal like my 8 gauge double, they sure wake up some pards. :-)
  12. I am an "EL PATRON". I have lots of arthritis. I shoot black powder gunfighter with no extra special problems. I use single action revolvers. I also shoot NRA bullseye with 1911s. That's a DIFFERENT sport. Pain is weakness leaving the body!!!!
  13. I am the Idaho State Commander of the National Association of Atomic Veterans. I was originally a spook and never got a CAR because we had to shoot back to qualify and I was not about to do that. I don't know about the others on the wire but I went and did what the Commandant ordered me to do!!! I had two band members in my MCL detachment with CARs. They sure as H--- weren't 0311 grunts.
  14. I shoot everything I have so reloading just allows me to be able to afford to have more fun!!!! Anyway, finding sources for BP is hard and finding options for .50-140 3-1/4" is impossible. :-)
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