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  1. SASS, RO, Founders Ranch, TG, local club badges, etc., etc. just get some badge holders from SASS and put them on your belt.
  2. Liberals hate Dr. Suess partly because he's a fellow Dartmouth alum. That's the only conservative school in the Ivy League. Harvard sweeties call us "Furry Animals in Hip Boots or "Thugs of the Ivy League". Laura Ingraham of Fox News is a contemporary alumna.
  3. Until the turn of the 20th Century, 0-7w were Commodores. Now they are Rear Admirals-Lower Half. That title was last used in WW II. Commodore is a term used in the Navy for the Senior Captain in a small task group. The head of a yacht club is the commodore . Sea Scots, BSA uses that for the chairman of the Sea Scouts of a local council, Area, Region or the USA. Also, it's a courtesy title for the senior captain of a maritime company.
  4. I also prefer the paper version. I use them for recruiting.
  5. 12 Gauge doubles can be loaded with less recoil than a Featherlite 20.. That's what I use for my girl Sea Scouts and other kids. Even when I load super light shells in my 20 gauge doubles, their recoil is heavier than the 12s. I think that's because the 12s are heavier.
  6. I load 10 3-1/2 "and 20 gauge shells with Fg Holy black using Walters, nitro, fiber and over shot wads cemented with Duco Cement. I have fired thousands of rounds of them over the last decades. I loaded the 20s for youth. The tens functioned flawlessly. The 20s sometimes failed to knock down the targets.
  7. I use 2 scoops of Scheutzen 1F, 2 scoops of 7-12 shot, brass 3-1/2" shells, nitro, fiber and over shot Walters Wads and Duco Cement in my AyA 10 gauge double. My scoop size is confidential because of liability concerns. I use a similar loading in the 4" brass shells in my 8" gauge double.
  8. I carried a Colt .45 as my TO weapon in the Marine Corps. It was a flawlessly dependable firearm even in the most horrific conditions. I use an exceptionally and completely dependable Les Baer. I have fired thousands of rounds through it during dry fire and live fire practice and in many years of NRA bullseye competition without a hiccup.
  9. I am biased. I love the gouts of flame, bursts of smoke and thunderous booms emitted from the warthog loads of Holy black from my AyA ten gauge magnum double. That is one of my favourite thrills of SASS.
  10. It appears that no Idahoans are attending. I saw neither Montana nor Wyoming pards listed. Is this an Eastern event? I tried to register early for the original venue sans success. Since I'm an El Rey, this was to be my very last EOT. Any other ancient shooters going? I must admit it's heartening to see so many Eastern names getting to enter.
  11. Some of us are competitive Bullseye, rifle, BPCR shooters thanks to the NRA and are appreciative of the NRA'S successful efforts to stave off attacks on the 2nd and hunting. Some of us are newbies that listen to BS gun control blather.
  12. I guess that I won't make this one after all this time. Indiana is a long dreary drive from Eastport, Idaho on .the Idaho/British Coumbia borderl
  13. Antelope, deer, elk, moose and a wolf have succumbed to the 650 grain postells in my C. Sharps .50-140. I am a revolver hunter but satisfied my urge to use warthog loads of Holy Black on a few occasions. FUN!!!
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