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  1. I have several CAS revolvers. Currently, I use .45 Colt Ruger OMs with gunfighter grips. They were slicked up by the late West Fargo. I have been shooting wart hog loads of Holy Black in them without any problems since 2006. My advice is to try lots of revolvers before you buy. I now use my earlier pairs as loaners to newbies.
  2. Wow, fifty eight years since the Maine Corps on the 24th. I got the cake as oldest Marine at The Birthday last year.
  3. Once or twice each year, I bring my two original .41 Long Colt Thunderers to a local match. They cause a lot of humour. I also have two replica .38 S & W Lightnings but prefer my.45s. I use them for loaners to newbies.
  4. FWIW, Like Horace Patootie, I use a 50-140. Mine is a C. Sharps with an Extra Long Range Kelley soule rear sight. I cast my own 650 grain Postell bullets. I use Hol;y black. I am beyond belief thrilled with its accuracy. It does have some recoil but, at least for me, it is enjoyable. However, I have 2 10 gauge 3-1/2" doubles, an Ithaca semiautomatic 10 Magnum and my Great Grandfather's 8 gauge double so I have coped with some recoil since I was a pre teenager.
  5. I'm concerned about going to Oregon. Are there any new liberal gun control issues? I had planned to compete but...!!!
  6. Bullseye is the way to go. I have happily used it for 70 years.
  7. Phantom is a stitch. Yes, I bought my first Big Boy a tad less than 2 decades ago, oh the shame!!! My original four CAS clubs never were sticklers for the rules. We all just shot and had a great time. The anal retentive guff came later. I shot gunfighter and fast draw as a boy in SouthEast Idaho with real ammunition. Naturally, that's how I shot when I joined SASS. I happily shot SASS and only bought a rule book at EOT in 2006.
  8. I have happily employed Henry Big Boys for many, many years. I currently use the .45 Colt. I have also used the .357 Magnum and .44 Remington Magnum. Despite the usual suspects and their disparaging blather, I am still shooting my Henry Big Boy. I have fired thousands of warthog loads of Holy black without a hiccup for 20 years. I have found mine to shoot flawlessly with awesome accuracy. Now, as an El Rey, I am still thrilled with their performance.
  9. I have been using Eagle Gun Fighter grips with great satisfaction.
  10. My eyes have been saved by my extreme high quality shooting glasses many times over the decades. They are priceless yet cheap compared to blindness.
  11. BUFFALO ARMS. They offer smokeless and black powder in every caliber you want and in regular and in low recoil versions . I even bought some .50-140 black powder cartridges once when I needed them and didn't have time to reload. Shooting CAS and NRA Bullseye both require reloading to avoid bankruptcy.
  12. OOOPS!!! I forgot to mention that my AyA Matador 10 gauge magnum double has been my duck and goose gun for sixty years spelled occasionally by my Ithaca 10 gauge magnum semi automatic. I have used my 8 gauge double for non migratory birds and on varmints but it's a tad heavy!!!
  13. My C. Sharps .50-140 has taken a bison. I have won and placed with it in some SASS "Long Range" competitions over the years. My .35 Remington Marlin is a non SASS lever gun that has collected countless deer since I purchased it from Wards as a teenager j1952. My .44 non SASS S&W in .44 Remington Magnum is my elk and deer gun.
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