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  1. Marine Warrant officers are called "Gunner" as a courtesy with the exception of the rare "Line" warrent officers who wear an explodung bomg insignia and which are officially termed "Gunners". The titles "Master" was dropped after WW II. "Chief" is for 2, 3, 4 & 5. Cryptologic Analysts l(2572) like me were enlisted or Limited Duty Officers or Warrant Officers. We didn't rate an exploding bomb. After WW II, the specialist flat rocker was dropped and everyone got the curved rocker.
  2. I was an Air Scout Ace and a Sea Scout. I became a Sea Scout officer (leader) and have been one for sixty years. We had girls unlike the rest of the BSA. Sea Scouts could earn the Quartermaster rank which got you E-3 in the military while Eagle gets you E-2. Girls were very competitive. remained feminine. I used to walk around during breaks and heard thje girls sitting togrther discussing boys while the boys discussed cool cars. Many of my girls are now USMC, USN and USMC officers and Fortune 500 business officers, Merchant Marine Captains, astophysicists, physicians,
  3. The NRA has been great over the decades. I became a Benefactor Member in 1958. I am a Life Member of three state Associations plus some of the new outfits. I donate every year to the NRA. The NRA has bullseye, PPCR, supports my instructor efforts, hunting, publishes excellent magazines, has youth shooting and lots more. I made my family and grandchildren Life Members. IMHO, it's certainly time to leave New York. We'd welcome them here in Idaho as would Wyoming.
  4. Brass is a problem. I ordered more 8 gauge 4-1/4"and 10 gauge 3-1/2' shells. I was told no more 8s because of the brass shortage they won't be made any more. I have thousands of .45 ACP,, '45 Colt, .44 Mag, .44 Special, .41 Long Colt, .38 Special, 357, 16, 20, 28 and .410 but my 8s were getting really old. I want more 10s so I can load a few months CAS supply so I don't get rushed before a match. Fortuitously, I have plenty of primers, Bullseye and Holy Black. I never thought that I'd have to worry about having loading supplies.
  5. Wonderful news. All of my friends passed away from their strokes. My paternal grandfather lived for 30 years with his but endured a lot of pain. It's really comforting to have this pardette coming along so well.
  6. I shoot as an El Rey. I would like to be in the over 90 category. Possibly, it could be "Survivor". Since over 85 is El Rey The King, over 90 could be "The Emperor" in Spanish! Over 95 and over 100 are not on my radar. Over 80 and over 85 are great. No one complains about you taking a urination break. The challenge is finishing all of the stages. Lunch breaks become nap time. Those darned kids in their sixties, seventies and early eighties think they know it all.
  7. I have shot approximately 100,000 warthog loads of Holy Black in four provinces and 11 states for over 35 years using a .45 Colt Henry Big Boy with nary a problem of any kind. I have a nice collection of belt buckles and trophies. I'm primarily an NRA bullseye pistol competitor, a BPCR shooter, a CFDA and a handgun hunter. I'm not a starry eyed newbie. After a lifetime in the shooting sports, I have heard an almost unlimited number of apocryphal BS tales and the Henry myths are some of the silliyest. Years ago, many pards hated the Big Boys because they considered them to be unaut
  8. i use my custom dipper with 1-1/2 g Old Eyensford with wad, 650 grain .512 Postell, SPG lube in my brass 3-1/4" cartridge cases in my C. Sharps .50-140 with MVA Extra Long Range sight and spirit level front sight. I have been very pleased. It remains really fun to touch off my loads. However, I am quite elderly and no longer claim to absolute accuracy. I use 525 grain bullets for offhand. I am not very big so I often draw spectators that enjoy watching that.
  9. Interesting: No Idaho, Montana or Wyoming shooters on the lists.
  10. My only limit is avoiding the pet's pain. I have euthenized many pets when their quality of life has gone beyond the pale. Friday, my 20 year old 'Kitty"will have teeth cleaning and a extraction plus a general checkup. As long as she is lively and reasonably happy, I will do what she needs. I had a 25 year old horse that I was glad to keep alive. I was out of the country on business when my cousin put her down because he thought she was too old and was worthless. i never spoke a single word to him for the rest, of his, happily, short life.
  11. I also use them when I visit my kids. My daughters-in-law love them when conversing with their ancient, hopelessly deaf father-in-law. I shoot .45 Colt and 10 gauge 3-1/2" about in about 30 matches each year and do a lot of practice on my own shooting range. They give my ear buds quite a workout.
  12. I have had my Sport Ear ear buds since I bought them at the 2006 EOT. I had them cleaned in 2016. They have been awesome. I guess they are part of AXIL now. They do require lots of battery replacements. They are so comfortable that I often go to sleep with them still in my ears. I shoot extreme warthog loads of Holy Black so the cute .32 and .38 and light smokeless loads that gamers shoot should work well.
  13. IDAHO should be on the list. It also has wonderful shooting range protection laws.
  14. I enjoyed being able to donate to the range. I had dinner at the ranch house with the Life Members and saw the annual improvements enhancing the range. It was a privilege to be a Founders Ranch Member and benefit from the perquisites. I am disappointed that I couldn't compete as an El Rey for what might have been my last EOT. My awesome memory of being there with my sons, Silly Billy, 55550L and Dirty Dog Dave, 55551L is priceless! THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!
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