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  1. Sometimes there's quite a difference between the asking price and what can actually be sold. Try telling them it's way too much and making a reasonable offer. Maybe they've been on the shelf a very long time. Nothing ventured - - - - -.
  2. If it's plastic, it probably is not possible to repair it to the point that the crack is invisible. CA glue WilI repair it to service. The best I can do to recommend a "low visibility" fix would be to grind about an eighth of an inch of the top edges back to 30 or 45 degrees to make a V looking gap when the halves are pressed together. Then put them together and apply low viscosity CA glue to the crack in the back, keeping the plate flat. Then when set, turn it over, fill the gap with clean baking soda and flood on another application of CA. Then after setting, sand it down to original contour. It will still show as a slightly different color stripe, but won't appear as a crack.
  3. For me, the 32" focal length works well for the shooting. Everything is fine until I try to read stage directions as a Posse leader. Then I either have to change glasses or have somebody hold the paper for me. Getting old is SO inconvenient! But the alternative isn't very good either. I do honestly count my blessings and thank my maker daily for everything still working at some acceptable level for both my wife and me. Not everyone has it that good at 70. I pray for them too.
  4. Will do. Also some thanks due to what sounds like a group of really dedicated, capable medical people. May God bless them all.
  5. Last time I looked at a phone directory (wow, that's years ago now), I recall there was more than one of almost EVERY name. In my own case, there are five people in Clovis (110,000 popn) or neighboring Fresno, CA. (180,000 popn) with the same first and last name as me. Two of them have the same middle initial, and one of those two has a wife with the same first name as my wife. So should I phone all of them and object to them using my name? I think I already know their two-word answers. Keep your alias. Too much hypersensitivity about everything, these days. But thank you v. much for sharing the story. The history is quite interesting. Sharing it here kind of proves that your intent is both respectful and thoughtful.
  6. I have tricocals for day to day vision. They work for me OK. For shooting, my Optometrist ordered me a set of wrap around glasses with polycarbonate lenses, ground to my middle view prescrip. Their sharpest focus falls at 32", so the sights on pistol and rifle are pretty sharp. The target outlines are a bit fuzzy, but not so much that I cannot see their center mass and rough outlines. I haven't had problems shooting. Previously, I tried upside down bifocals, which just did not work for me. Neither did Progressive lenses.
  7. Be glad it's a sundial and not Carbon-14.
  8. I encourage everyone here to speak their mind and I will continue to enjoy and learn by reading your posts. In this case, I agree with most of your points. But when the horse is outside the barn, he is much harder to catch. And this horse is now long gone. I just don't have the energy or time to stand and fight on this one. I will continue to make sure my hammer is fully down on an empty chamber. I'm sure you will too, as will probably all of us. There is no time or other advantage afforded by doing otherwise. So it was probably never an intentional violation by anyone. Despite the existence of the Rule, it still occasionally happened. But we can all continue to practice safety without the threat of a DQ, as incentive, can't we? I really don't see the rule change affecting much. Most of us have made the mistake and earned the penalty once in the past. And after that experience, few if us will ever do it again, rule or no rule.
  9. 68 TGs agreed with you. 208 disagreed. End of trail.
  10. The LLBean catalog currently has some "classic fit" jeans that are lighter weight, have some stretch, and they actually have a waistline that doesn't have to be hiked up every few minutes.
  11. It's a done deal now. The horse is dead. No point in beating him further.
  12. Misses just happen sometimes. You are having a great day, and you were in your "zone", moving fast. Everything seemed to fall together well. You can't understand how you could possibly have missed, but three spotters and the T. O. all say you did. Then you go to the unloading table and the ULTO and score keepers all relate which shot you missed. So you grumble back toward your cart, where your wife of 40 yrs and two other friends also say you missed. (But no two people describe the miss as occurring on the same target!!! ) That's the game we all play. After a bit of joking and laughter and food, everything seems OK again. So it's posse work to clear your mind out, more joking and laughter, more goodies, then over to the next LT for the next stage. "This time I'm gonna do better, if I could just figure out what it was that I did wrong this time" ???!!! But I know I'll be back next month, because CAS is much more than just hits, misses, and times. JMHO.
  13. I cannot speak for other states, but in California, I believe possessing it would earn you a felony. The State law prohibits all "short barrelled shotguns", with barrels less than 18", and makes no separate allowances for type of gun (e. g. muzzle loaders, etc). I actually thought Federal laws also prohibited what are called "Sawed- off shotguns". Please correct me if I'm mistaken. The Federal picture is a bit clouded because muzzle loading arms are not generally classified as "firearms", where sale or transportation restrictions are involved. But for sure, don't try getting on an airline with it. You will quickly find out if it is a "firearm" or not.
  14. I had the same concerns, but I took the risk with the Tornado Brush. I now have a 2-1/2 year history of using it in both my own and my wife's BSSs, with both bores on both guns still looking like mirrors. There are no scratches evident, even in the chamber and forcing cone area, where I brush very aggressively. I might add that I usually brush the chambers and bores after about every two stages, so the Tornado gets hard service. I usually use it dipped in Hoppes #9 or after a spray of Ballistol. It clears out powder, plastic, and leading better than anything else I've tried. But I do follow it with a dry cloth patch. I buy the red shop towels at Harbor Freight and cut them into quarters. The quarters are perfect size for a 12 GA. I run them down the barrel, using the Tornado Brush as a jag. Fit is quite tight, which is what I want. I launder and reuse the patches.
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