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  1. That's helpful. Thank you. In this present case, how can the empowered officials know who is sick or who is healthy without testing and retesting everybody every day? That unknown info seems to be a big part of this overall COVID problem. It's why most jurisdictions have relied (feebly) upon voluntary compliance based on public information. - And, sadly, the novel Coronavirus is loving the confusion.
  2. I'm not from Texas and I don't know their administrative law structures there. That's why I said "Maybe". My understanding is that the Governor has issued an Executive Order. In many states, that becomes promulgated as a State Regulation and is binding and enforceable, just like any other reg. It all depends on how Exec Orders are treated in their particular State Constitution. Most state constitutions have provision for emergency quarantine and other public protection regulations to be put in place by the State Health Officer and enforced by State Police. Perhaps a Texas lawyer can better explain the legal framework behind this shutdown situation.
  3. Fair enough. I was hoping it might help others find a legitimate road through this. I didn't really think about the attention aspect.
  4. Can you share any more of the details? For example, which clubs (contacts?) or do you know what the successful clubs proposed as measures to mitigate the virus risks - and convince the judge(s)?
  5. Sounds like it's taken care of. If it happens again, most jewelers will fix the pin in a few minutes, as a service, while you wait, and charge very little or nothing.
  6. "TO thought the first target was missed completely" If you "think" it's a miss, it's a hit.
  7. Maybe the judge is just trying to protect the public and follow the law. Obviously somebody brought it to the Court's attention. If nobody is willing to voluntarily participate in efforts to curtail the obvious fast virus spread, then why should anybody expect the pandemic to end any time soon and/or why should we be surprised if regulation gets tougher? By bowing our necks and finding clever ways around requirements and medical recommendations, we are just dragging the pandemic out longer, polarizing the issue worse, and killing more people (130,000 funerals, so far). Clever people are their own enemy, leaving few public medicine options except an enforced broad business and recreation lockdown.
  8. Agree again, except it would seem better to just take that sentence out of the SHB and save all this interpersonal crap. Like you said, words are important. A person should be able to quote from the SHB's descriptions ( like me--absent offering any of their own slant or interpretation), without such an uproar. I suspect the original intent of the sentence was inclusive, rather than exclusive. They didn't say CAS is neither. They said it is a combo of both. Again, I didn't write it and I don't necessarily agree with it or care. But briefly pointing it out, without interpretation shouldn't have been the source of such a firestorm. If folks don't like it, and think the word "reenactment" has misdirection connotations, then be my guest, remove it. I'm kinda tired of being drawn into arguing about nothing.
  9. I actually agree with you. I have wondered how that reenactment language has survived in the SHB for so long. Personally I don't care what other shooters (particularly new ones) wear. I worry about my own compliance and performance. I never enjoyed judging others. They can do what they please as far as dress is concerned, and it doesn't affect me at all. A huge number of our shooters wear particular clothing because they have particular health, safety, strength, metabolism or other issues. Poking fun at them or criticizing them, unknowingly or otherwise, isn't my idea of the road to new friends or to fun. Folks here seem to have taken my pointing out a preexisting sentence in the SHB as some kind of personal assault. It surely wasn't meant that way. I think, at times, some folks here just look for any good argument, often about trivia. That isn't a sin and it can be fun at times. But often folks here get personally derogatory over very little. I guess that's up to them. I prefer to try to be constructive and helpful. But it's quite hard to say anything here without offending somebody.
  10. BINGO! And many of them didn't have very much. Civil War leftovers and stuff made out of grain sacks were about it for many.
  11. You attribute a lot of biases and attitudes to me personally. I didn't write the passage I quoted. You need to take up your argument with the ROC or whoever wrote that SHB section and apparently erroneously (by your view) characterized us as 1/2 "reenactment". I'm just the messenger who pointed out the language. Change it if you like. I don't care one way or the other. Personally, I would never turn anybody away, being so desperate for friends. I think you kinda overreacted, just a tad. Apology will be accepted.
  12. Not trying to interpret anything (not qualified). Just reading the words that someone else put in the SHB. Personally, I don't see it as a die-on-the-sword issue. Does anybody really care what we call it?
  13. See SHB, Page 2, Clothing and Accoutrements "Cowboy Action Shooting is a combination of historical reenactment and Saturday morning at the matinee."
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