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  1. Letters, cards and emails to California Assembly and Senate members are critically needed RIGHT NOW. When they can't get into their offices over the pile of mail, they will at least listen.
  2. Coolant is critical with all steel boring and machining. Tap magic is a good product, but it contains a small amount of petroleum lubricants intended for thread tapping. Standard boring coolants are usually made from animal fat formulations or from glycols with vegetable component materials. (try some antifreeze sometime!) They are for cooling, not for lubricating. Lubrication is usually counterproductive to metal material removal operations. And remember, you want to cool the boring bit--not the workpiece. That's hard to do with vertical boring, due to gravity. Most vertical applications simply require flooding coolant onto everything. No (steel) material removal tool will last very long, even on mild steel, and you certainly won't get precise round borings if no coolant is used with any standard twist type drill bit. If hole roundness is critical, be sure to use a drill guide to prevent run-out.
  3. Usually, there's enough posse work to be done to preoccupy my mind and body, right up until I load my guns. It would be nice to have a minute or two to unwind, stretch, or "get into the zone", but I seldom have that option. Works fine for me. It's all just for fun.
  4. One thing to be aware of, if you get to the point of trying to adjust the lever "slack": The lever spring (and also lifter spring) adjustment screws on original Uberti 73s are tightened beyond ridiculous. Their resident gorilla torques them down to near the point of breakage. If you try to back them out under spring tension, you are very likely to strip the brand new screw slots, even with a proper screwdriver. To turn the screws, you need to open the side plates and GENTLY pry the lever and lifter springs off of their articulation surfaces to relieve the spring tension. Lift the springs first, then gently pry them out laterally. (Do not just slide them off and broom/round-off the articulations.) Once the spring tension is relieved, the adjustment screws can be turned much more easily. Be sure to replace the springs all the way back on their surfaces, or the side plates will not reinstall. Beware. When you remove the side plate screw, both side plates are free to fall off, and the L&R knuckle joint connectors can also both fall out if you have the gun on its side. Pay attention to the connectors' orientation, or take a quick picture, if you are unfamiliar.
  5. Progressives are 100% about acquiring power over all of us. They desire to dillute your faith, rewrite your history, destroy your traditions, degrade your social graces, kill your ambition, eliminate your God-given rights, take away your vehicle (ability to escape) and give you a bicycle, control your life-or-death access to food, water and healthcare, entirely eliminate your capability to defend yourself and/or resist them, force you to live in condensed living conditions, substitute their idea of Political Correctness for your Constitution and its required due process, and then, when you're under their control, they will decide what you "NEED". And if you are a good subject, and behave to their favor, they will dole out what they think you deserve. As you are trying to decide what you WANT, they plan to impose their version of what you NEED. But the trouble is that America wasn't built on people accepting only what somebody else thinks they NEED. Pursuit of Happiness means much more than that to those of us who grew up in this Country, contributed to it, and who love America. That is why the Progressives always will hate every one of us. All of this follows the old prescriptions contained within the 271 pages of UN Agenda 21. It prescribed the step-by-step recipe to put the entire world under one Communist government. It is still the Progressive's only Bible, and Saul Alinski is their Patron Saint. Unity can never exist between us and them.
  6. BRING IT ON!!!! Neither Newsome nor any legislator who voted for it will EVER AGAIN get a single vote from a woman. End of law, End of CA insanity, End of Democrat control. Sometimes the silver linings are the most important parts of a cloud!
  7. Regarding cart carry, I personally think the safest, all things considered, would be muzzle down. Muzzle lowers safely in leaving the ULT and stays that way until the next LT. With reasonable care taken (it is always the shooter's responsibility not to sweep people), all sweeping can be avoided. If SG chambers require cleaning, it is easier to do safely and inspect with muzzle down. Contrast that to people pushing carts with no option except having two to four guns pointed directly at their head, and at times, directly at others. No extra care can avoid that sweeping hazard, due to cart design. Both scenarios have equal protection from actions being open, so it doesn't affect the differences above.
  8. Actually, in reading this section several times, I think you have a valid point. But no specific penalty is prescribed. So I would think it calls for no penalty other than cautioning the shooter about the SG closure.
  9. Perhaps a reasonable idea, but probably too presumptive. A better outcome would result from an editor working with a designated review group. With a SASS number in the 105000 range, I am not long enough in tooth to have the history and substance background needed to do the editing autonomously. But I am an experienced editor who would be happy to contribute toward the textual reorganization portion. I would become involved in an editing effort only it if I was sure there would be qualified review help available along the way, and receptive eyes at the end of the trail to read and constructively consider and/or critique the outcome. As yet, I am not seeing any formal invitations to be involved, and I think that is essential. As of yesterday, I have a lot on my plate with citizen-legislator involvement opposing the new legislative attempt to restrict lead bullets on CA shooting ranges. That has to take priority for me right now. But it won't take 100% of my time and it won't last forever. I've complained aplenty here on the Wire in the past about the divergent organization of our SHB. So I am willing to contribute what skills I have to fixing those problems, if asked to do so. As I understand it, SASS is not just an organization. It is also an owned business, and as such decisions about the rules affecting the sport and business should require proper coordination.
  10. It (the Bill) is not a done deal at this point. We have begun working with our remaining conservative, gun friendly legislators, and the Assembly and Senate Consultants, preparing them for Legislative Committee hearings, soon upcoming. There are some very good arguments for our side, largely because of the narrow scope of justification presented in the draft legislation, which is based largely on aerosolized lead pollution. The economics involved are very poorly analyzed. And the advent of poly coated and jacketed bullets to ameliorate the lead aerosolization is nowhere discussed in the text of the Bill itself, its Statement of Reasons, or its Environmental Analysis. Also, most ranges (particularly outdoor ranges) are, by design, not typically located in densely populated areas. So the distance between many public ranges and nearest neighboring residences also works to contradict the fake claims of general airborne toxicity to the public. The 2A issues are also pretty undeniable. They are prohibiting virtually all reasonably affordable ammo that can practicably be used in many firearms. That constitutes a definite 2A "infringement". The proposed law is an obvious, poorly veiled attempt to infringe on our Constitutional Right to keep and bear arms. We will know the Legislative outcomes in coming weeks. Hopefully we can obtain legislative amendments that will exclude our range of activities, at least at ranges located reasonably remotely from populated residences. If we fail with the State Legislature and the Governor signs the Bill into law, our arguments to assure our court standing will be laid down in the record, and we certainly will pursue remedies via the courts -- and those lawsuits won't be filed in LA or the Bay area. There are still some conservative judges and courts left in the rural regions of CA, and those are the areas where our public standing, based on the Bill's arguments, is the strongest. We don't intend to let this happen without a serious fight. Hopefully THE NRA and our other shooting organizations will line up in our support. So far, there is no indication that the EPA will weigh in on either side. I will try to provide timely updates as things progress, although I'm not sure this is the correct forum for that kind of activity. Pls advise.
  11. I think it would actually be thinner, once the spread out material is consolidated. Most competent editing jobs end up with the same single text discussion displayed more suscinctly.
  12. Can't we find a way to reorganize the SHB, so that the requirements and penalty assessments for particular situations can be found more easily and be read the same way for everyone? Every WTC thread on the Wire turns out to be a detail debate that awaits final judgment and locking of the thread By PWB. It shouldn't be that way. PWB can't attend all of our matches, and can't possibly (and likely doesn't want to) stand by online to assist on every world-wide shooting situation that comes up. ALL match officials need to be able to easily find and understand ALL of the parts of pertinent rules and make calls correctly, without endless debates and without souring the reputation of our matches. Our rules, as adopted and individually written are quite clear. They are not the problem. The problem that I see is that the rules regarding any particular situation seem to be strewn across numerous SHB sections, without any given hierarchy, and unless you find/read all of them, correct interpretation becomes incomplete and confusing. Every WTC thread here on the SASS Wire seems to prove that point. Personally, I think the organization of the SHB could stand to be edited by a trained editor and reorganized, such that the verbiage of adopted rules and interpretations does not change, but the presentation and organization is consolidated and properly cross-referenced to enable ALL of the pertinent rules to be easily found and understood in match situations. As a T. O. you can't utilize a rule that you cannot quickly find and/or understand. ROC interpretations need to be there too, handily footnoted in plain text wherever they apply. I wouldn't have written this comment, if the participants in these WTC thread debates were mostly inexperience shooters, trying to understand. But many of the participants here are trained ROs, RO instructors, or TGs. This much divergence should not be so common at that level of experience. Rules need to be clear and understandable, at least to experienced people operating as match officials, so that our shooters have confidence in our matches being fairly administered. It can be done. Just my $0.25 worth. /DDD
  13. No. I suspect not. The illegally acquired 10th round cannot be legally used to hit a target. The shooter could jack out the tenth (improperly loaded) rd and then reload another legally acquired round and fire it at and hit a target without penalty, I believe. (not totally sure though)
  14. OP says he hit the target with ten rounds. Where is the miss?
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