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  1. Do you have a nearby university or local rock collecting club? Either will have folks who can do needed density and other testing. Also, what general geological area was it found in? Volcanic? Granitic? etc. And don't rule out Krypton. (DO your shooting scores improve or diminish with the rock in your pocket?)
  2. That stack-to-tank juncture is one serious piece of fitting ! Very nicely done!!!
  3. That about sums it up. It's never an easy stage to shoot. Some shooters have it figured out and practiced. They do OK. Surprisingly, I've looked back at scores and there were not very many Procedurals. I've seen quite a few shooters shoot it below 16 ( both R and P targets using the Hangman). It isn't really as bad as it looks at first glance.
  4. It isn't particularly new - been around a while. You have to think in threes. 123--- 234 ---345---3. It isn't what anybody would call GF-friendly, or even two-handed shooter-friendly (pistol split can be a challenge under the clock). Rifle is a lot simpler. I've run into it in matches fairly often.
  5. Agree. A no-shoot hostage target or two can be fun, but otherwise extra targets often turn out to be "P" traps. It helps if they are painted differently, but like you said --WHY have them at all?
  6. Our central CA club normally has about 70-80 paid members. About 1/3 -1/2 of them participate in monthly matches. Match attendance is heavily weather dependent. Our shooters can choose to shoot on Saturday, Sunday or both days (separate matches held the same weekend) Different shooters prefer different days, so attendance on any individual day is probably less than if we shot only one match. We normally see about 18-25 shooters on Saturday and about 20-30 on Sunday. Our match fees are $15 per match (per day) for members, $20 for non members. I hope that is helpful. Added: Our range is a 8-Bay ghost town setting, so I think ideally we would like to be able to run 3 posses each match day-- say 40-45 shooters.
  7. If it had been me personally, I would have been neck deep in legal action all right -- but probably the "you're allowed one phone call" kind.
  8. Don't give him ideas! You've seen what he can do with them!
  9. Relax. This is the Saloon-- the fun sassnet place. What happens in the Saloon stays in the Saloon.
  10. My bet is that as long as you did no physical damage to the facility or assault staff people, no reasonable LEO would cite you into court under these circumstances. They would accomplish little and risk a whole lot in the Court of Public Opinion. A court action, in fact, could seriously backfire on the facility management.
  11. Fresno, Ca. But I bet the policies are similar in most other locales.
  12. There is very little worse than a self-centric bureaucrat who knows how to insulate themself. Honestly, I can understand a lot of their hesitancy, considering that dog's can be pretty unpredictable with strangers or kids who scare or hurt them. But in this case, Shelly walked into the facility with the dog on a leash, sat in a waiting room with it lying obediently at her feet while she reached down and petted it. They could and should have at least let her help them look for a chip. It is probably good that I wasn't there. If I had been, not unlike your Oregon friend, I likely would have gone into the Shelter's back room, and retrieved myself a Husky pet, and earned myself a criminal record.
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