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  1. You probably already know why the services stopped wearing uniforms for travel and off post, but for anyone that doesn't it was for security. Post 9/11 a lot of rules changed like wearing uniforms in public and even the DOD stickers that were required on vehicles, the changes protected service men/women from becoming targeted off base/post. As to the Marines, the Marines and Navy classify camo as a "working uniform" and members are not supposed to wear them in public. An exception is for brief stops while commuting to/from base i.e. gas, pharmacy. All this was as of 3 years ago and since I don't have to don the colors of our great country any longer I've stopped keeping up with any changes.
  2. Can't speak for the Army, but when I was in the Navy the uniform changes were done to help recruiting (or so they said). Supposedly young men and women thought cammo was cool, so the uniforms were changed. One thing I still can't figure out is why 3 of the 4 branches were different cammo, it would be cheaper to only make one style. As a member of the Uniform Board I couldn't believe how much it costs just to develop one uniform. The pattern and color on every order has to be tested to maintain consistency, even the thread used has to be tested for strength and color retention.
  3. I don't load .38's anymore so I've got some bullets Approximately 350 (+/-) Bayou Bullets 105gr 500 Red River Bullets 105gr .358 TCFPBB HI-TEK coated $60.00 for all plus shipping via USPS Will be selling locally this weekend if not sold before.
  4. I'll take vests #42 and #43. Please PM me with payment info
  5. Try to get one of these nowadays
  6. Coke bottles sold in vending machines
  7. And this is how the fight started
  8. I can hear the argument now...Gun/ammo buyers will have to wait much longer because the limited number of law enforcement are too busy trying to stop crime. It would be just another form of gun control that we don't need.
  9. No more like a skid mark on the skivvies of America
  10. You guys are better than me! To quote Mr. Eastwood "A man has to know his limitations"
  11. I turned down orders 3 times to be stationed in CA, so I've never had to live there. That said I've seen other states that Californians have migrated to and they tried to change things to the way CA does it. Of course I'm not saying all Californians are bad by any means, but some of them I just don't understand, how can you wreck a state then move to another state and think that if you do the same things you'll get a different outcome.
  12. I would never want to shoot an 1860, I'd burn my hand using BP
  13. It was well done, immersive and fun to be able to look around. Especially like the end showing the range.
  14. Just so I understand, the rifle not last because the the timer may not pick up the last shot? Is this because of the rifle barrel being further away from the timer itself? And pistols don't have this issue because the barrels are shorter?
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