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  1. Just give’em to me, I’ll take care of ‘em fer ya
  2. The problem is any “DQ” money collected for Widder will be taken by Tennessee Williams.
  3. @Larsen E. Pettifogger, SASS #32933 Mr. Pettifogger you’re a good man to not only fix the issue but to also show him what was going on.
  4. Got mine yesterday, very nice, and worth the wait.
  5. I was at LGS and bought 1K of CCI SPP for $79. I’m thinking that will be the new normal price for awhile.
  6. I’ll throw another one in the mix Buckaroo Hatters
  7. Thanks for remembering. Today is one of the days that I ask myself why I lived and the guy right next to me didn’t. Too many of those kind of days.
  8. I love House, we’ve been binge watching the entire series.
  9. CLK , did you get my PM?

    1. Cold Lake Kid, SASS # 51474

      Cold Lake Kid, SASS # 51474

      Sorry, I just found it and responded:

      Terry Gable, 105 Gracewood Crescent, Ottawa, Ontario, K1T 0J5


      Terry Gable

      AKA: The Cold Lake Kid


  10. Way to go Pat! July 4th will be here before you know it.
  11. I have a V-Bob in 9mm and love it. I’ve also got Springfield and a Ruger SR1911, the V-Bob is by far my favorite. The Valor line has no MIM parts and even though they don’t make the Valor line anymore the parts are readily available.
  12. Widder - I’m hurt that you don’t remember me. I was at TN State the last time you took on Redknee, I was on @Tennessee williams posse. I guess I’ll have to make a bigger impression on you this year
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