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  1. @Eyesa Horg I couldn’t find what you’re talking about, can ya tell me where it was?
  2. I’m still the only one from Mississippi and I have all my own teeth.
  3. For SG I just rinse, using fiber wads so no plastic snake. No for rifle and pistol, I just use hot water and soap on a patch.
  4. I’m with Warden on this one. Water for bores, hot soapy water for the rest. Rifle and pistols get bronze brushed then dry patch, end with either BB or Ballistol (depending on time of year). SG is just rinse, dry and lube the barrels. I’ve tried the mixes they work well, the only thing I didn’t like on shooting day was the Murphy’s left the guns feeling slippery to me. YMMV
  5. I’ve noticed that since the software update that my notifications (little bell at the top of the screen) very seldom notifies me of any posts that I’m tagged in, replies to my posts, or reactions. I haven’t heard anyone else say anything about it, I still get email notifications just not on website screen.
  6. It’s been interesting to see what folks have tried. I don’t think I’d ever do it, but it could be funny to see. I wouldn’t think magnesium would be wise at all I’ve seen fires started from tracer rounds before. The other stuff like glitter and chalk I wouldn’t want to be around when it went off. As far as the feathers and confetti goes, I already use fiber wads and I can’t see them when they break up so I’d guess that paper and feathers wouldn’t hold up that well, at least with BP.
  7. It was kind of started on another thread, but was suggested to start a new thread. So, what have you put into SG shells for effect either mixed into the shot or as a stand alone and how did it work? I’ve heard glitter - not so good results, couldn’t really see it; and feathers - not sure how they hold up.
  8. Woke up this morning it was 60, supposed to be 70 today upper 70’s to low 80’s tomorrow. Enjoy your snow
  9. I’ll be your huckleberry, what have you put in? I’ve thought about glitter but heard that you really can’t see it. How do the feathers hold up?
  10. Looking at both I think I’d go with the cap rake. I’m guessing the size and placement of the pin is critical. Holiday Inn Express here I come
  11. @Santee do you do all your own research or do you have others that help out? Asking for a friend.
  12. I like the reloading process of brass shells. Of course it takes longer than plastic hulls and plastic wads, but, I get into a zone and it’s relaxing. I work out in my shop, alone, no music, no noise and just focus on what I’m doing. I have a routine that I follow, it works for me and as long as I follow it I know that each shell is done right.
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