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  1. You CAN wear a short sleeve shirt just make sure it’s covered by a long sleeve one, same with shorts. As far as dealing with heat it all starts with you. Wearing full battle rattle in the desert you learn fast. Hydrate not just the day of but a couple of days before. Good hydration tip: mix 50/50 Gatorade and water. For the day of: a wet cooling cloth around your neck and top of your head and continue to hydrate. We used to say if you’re not peeing your not drinking enough.
  2. I anneal my .45C every time and I’ve never had a problem. I think as long as you don’t overheat the brass it doesn’t hurt it, like I said 2 years now and haven’t had an issue.
  3. At least to me on the body right of the spare tire it looks like a strip of LED lights are frenched in.
  4. My deepest condolences. You were blessed to have had been lucky enough to have had such good friends and I’m sure it’s like losing a brother. May God grant you and Eddie’s family peace during this time of grief.
  5. I’m a bit (read that as a big one) of a wise a$$ I probably would’ve said what’s the price if you take the nitrogen out?
  6. If I only put one round in each barrel, and could make it a .45C could I use this as my main match rifle? Guess it would be hard to start the stage with rifle at port arms or at the ready
  7. Welcome Cowboy! Your Marlin in .30-.30 is too stout for this game, most (if not all) the Marlins you’ll see are the 1894. There are less expensive ways of getting into the game, don’t buy new race ready guns, buy used. Many times you can find a good buy right here in the classifieds. Also if you’re adventurous you can get cap and ball guns their cheaper than suppository pistols. Many of us have homemade gun carts from old baby strollers and for clothes either used or modify some from Goodwill or Salvation Army. Anyway you slice it you’ll have fun once you get out there.
  8. If you have a lightweight long sleeve shirt how much more cooling would there be if it were short sleeved? IMHO not all that much. And I also agree with @Attica Jack #23953
  9. Pat I’d be like you! And Kid I don’t know how you did it. Twenty-three years of military service taught me a few things: 1. You LEAD PEOPLE, you manage assets 2. You lead from the front 3. Set the standard and live up to that standard 4. Be firm but be fair. If you’re treatment is consistent to everyone then they know what to expect 5. Set the example or be the example Now back to our originally scheduled program.
  10. @Widder, SASS #59054 only the owner/manager. Other customers can ask the manager but it’s up to them.
  11. Here in MS we have 2 types (levels) of CCW, standard and enhanced. The enhanced requires an 8 hour course and shooting qualification. With the enhanced it’s legal to carry anywhere the police are including into a courthouse (just not in the courtroom), an airport up to the TSA screening, any restaurant or bar. If the business displays “no gun” signage it is still legal to carry into the business but you must leave if asked. No permit required for open carry.
  12. If you think about it yes and no. If you have 2 extra cylinders you’d have your first 2 stages covered so you’d need spare cylinders for every stage, too expensive for me anyway. Practice loading and find what works best for you, I can load both guns in the time it takes for 2-3 average shooter to finish the stage. YMMV
  13. I agree I hate when I have to bend over in my corset Never mind
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