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  1. @Chicago kidd today's news said to expect this to go on until May-June. Down here they've already cancelled the rest of the school year. @Utah Bob Love your profile pic. Have you tried to shoot with it on yet? At one time I had to qualify on an M16 with one on.
  2. Today I started my first attempt at refinishing gun wood. I wanted to do my SG stock, but I decided that I better walk before I run, so I'm starting out with a pistol set. These grips are from a pair of Pietta El Malos that are my main match guns. I changed the grips a while back to stag because I wanted a little more grip in the grip and I just liked the look. So here's what we're starting with As you can see there are some surface scratches Here's what we'll be using First coat of stripper After 2 hours The stripper took off most of the finish. After scraping the stripper and finish off I hit it again with more stripper using the green scotchbrite. When I finished with the scotchbrite I applied more stripper with the brush. I'll wait a couple of more hours take some more pics and update this post as we go along.
  3. Ok came up with another question, I re-read Longshot Logan's directions and he recommended Formby's Tung Oil. Minwax now makes Formbys and from what I've read the formula is different. There are a number of pure Tung Oils available from places like Rockler and Amazon. Would it be better to use a pure Tung Oil instead of the Minwax version?
  4. Plus you get that nice buttery smell
  5. I'm using APP only because I'm too lazy to lube bullets. Now all I have to do is figure out is how to get that cool fire out the front like real BP.
  6. The picture made it look bigger than that. Smaller must be even harder. Please tell me it's for decoration only and you're not going to fly it.
  7. Hope you're feeling better soon. And that's some intricate work. I could never do that without getting frustrated or accidentally breaking it.
  8. I learned something new today by watching that video, the earth really isn't flat
  9. Cat, that sounds reasonable but do you have a junk stock or know where I can find one?
  10. If anyone is interested I've come to a decision. I'm going to hold off on the SG for now, I don't want to start on something that big with my lack of experience just yet, I guess I'm not as brave as @Hendo . I've got a a couple of Uberti pistols with plain grips, I think that would be a better starting spot. I'll post some pics on a new post to show before during and after, wish me luck.
  11. Tools are to a man as what shoes are to a woman My thoughts on tools have changed over the years. I still have and use a set of Craftsman tools that I bought in 1977, they came with a lifetime warranty, nowadays if it's got a 10 year warranty that's close enough to lifetime.
  12. @Garrison Joe, SASS #60708 thanks for the honesty. I thought it would be harder than just stripping and re-coating the wood. Since I don't have any of the stuff you listed, including an extra stock, vice, or patience I might have to re-think this.
  13. One more question for the experts. I do have checkering and some of you have recommended a checkering tool to touch up after stripping. I've never done any checkering at all. I looked at Brownells and was overwhelmed with choices, what would you recommend for a complete novice with no skills?
  14. @Hendo thanks for the link. You're making it hard for me not to refinish my SG.
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