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  1. Skip the wads and use Big Lube Bullets, they’ve got the lube already on’em. Faster to load, easier to use, and they provide plenty of lube. Here’s a link of where to get them. Whyte Leatherworks, you have to call to place an order. Why are you trying to cut down on the powder? I don’t think you’re going to see a big difference with recoil in a rifle, remember it’s BP not smokeless the pressure curve is different.
  2. Want to let you know that I’ve got the copywrite on “Big Bucks”. If you use it you’ll owe me $0.01
  3. This is why Match Directors get paid the big bucks
  4. I originally was Tequila Chase, since Charlie is my first name I thought folks would just call me Chase, but they didn’t. When Tequila Shooter became available I changed to that, most call me Tequila, which I’ve grown to like. I’m thinking of changing again to either “Next Shooter” or “The Next Shooter”, thought it would be funny for the TO and scorekeeper. Figure it’d go like the SASS version of Abbot and Costello’s Who’s on First when it was my turn.
  5. Anyone that’s shot with me knows that a blind, one armed, one legged cowboy/cowgirl could out shoot me, speed is not my thing. I realize that we all are in this sport with different definitions of fun, a friend of mine told me that their version is to go as fast as possible and win, ok I get it. Does their version affect my version, no, I’m happy to see them do well and cheer them on when they achieve their goal. Also, I shoot with someone that’s on oxygen, has a motorized cart to get from stage to stage and seldom helps with posse duties, another that needs help getting on and off the stage (so we carry and stage their guns). Are they competitive with regard to time with the top shooters, well no, but they’re still wearing a smile at the end of the day, what more can you ask for. That said, if any Cowboy/Cowgirl needs an accommodation to shoot safely it should be considered. One caveat to my way of thinking are the shooters, and yes I said shooters because they aren’t displaying the “Cowboy Spirit”, that claim a need for special consideration to try to gain an unfair advantage. Winners don’t cheat. Creeker, Widder, Michigan Slim, and anyone else that have a need for brace, a shoe, or a helping hand then I say be safe, have fun and shoot. If I beat you well then your really slow and if you are faster than me congrats and I’m glad to have you come out and be on my posse.
  6. My bullet must have gone down the barrel too. But on mine the bullet was in the chamber, so the only thing on the carrier was the case. I still don’t know if the spotters called that one a miss
  7. Plus one to @Sedalia Dave if you can’t wait for the Polish Capper you can use a Ted Cash snail capper. I’ve got both but prefer the Polish Capper. I’d recommend Slixx nipples, then you can use Remington #10 or CCI 10, 11 or 11 magnums. And don’t forget to use anti-sieze on the nipple threads.
  8. From what I remember reading it was part of the software program. Kind of like the Calendar at the top of the page that isn’t used.
  9. Ace, the first thing I’d do if you haven’t already is to take the bolt out, take out the extractor and clean everything really well, most times it’s the dirt that causes us the most problems.
  10. No, it was the inertia from me trying to close the lever that set off the firing pin.
  11. And that’s why a good gunsmith charges so much, a lot of fitting, assembly, try it, disassemble, re-fit, repeat. A pard asked me to take a look at his SxS because he couldn’t shuck the shells. When I got it to the shop and looked at it the chamber looked like someone took a Dremel to it and gouged it. That one simple repair took 10 hours of sanding and honing to get them smoothed out again.
  12. I bought the rifle used a few years ago and didn’t know it was factory short stroked until this happened. I imagine if I ever wanted to change the lever I’d have to change the toggles too.
  13. It sounds like you’re refinishing it not just renewing it. Just to let you know that the color will probably be darker and Resolene will make it darker yet. Most finish coats will darken the leather the only one that I’ve personally used that didn’t was SaddleLaq. Here’s a video that may help
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