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  1. It was such a good time and posse 13.5 was awesome. We had a good time, had fast shooters, clean shooters and everyone pitched in. @Tennessee williams and @Sedalia Dave did an excellent job running the posse. And of course folks like @Widder, SASS #59054 and @Mean Mary 45913 kept everyone shooting straight. Thanks to all of the hard working pards of the Wartrace Regulators for putting on another quality match!
  2. I’m using the @Warden Callaway tubes also, they do work I went a different route with mine, I bought some of @Lady Pearl bags. Her small bags are a perfect size for 10 balls, 10 wads and 10 tubes of pre-measured powder. When I need to recharge the cylinders I grab a bag and I don’t have to fiddle around with big containers of stuff. When done the empty tubes go back into the bag, keeps the gun cart neat and clean. I usually have an extra bag, just in case, 5 stages-6 bags go in the cart.
  3. I had the loading lever latch fall off during a match, now I carry a pipe cleaner with me. The wire is thin enough to get a good tight twist and the cover prevents metal to metal contact. It’s only a temporary fix, but it saved my bacon and I even gave one to another shooter who was having the same issue as you.
  4. I looked at this and wondered if it would work on brass shells.
  5. @Joe West will you be going to the SE Regionals by any chance? I’m interested in them, but for that much money I’d like to see them and hold them.
  6. That was always my golden rule…NO CAMERAS ON LIBERTY PERIOD
  7. Sounds like the voice of been there done that.
  8. Sounds good, I’ll do the PP, would you PM me your email address for it.
  9. I wish all I found was a possum or some chicken feet, someone (not naming names) left me something of a much lewder nature. @Slater , @Tennessee williams, @posse 13.5
  10. What category are you shootin’ at the Regionals? If it’s not Frontiersman I hope you heal quick
  11. I’ll take #7 and #8. Let me know what size box you think that they’ll fit in so I can get you the right amount of $$
  12. FJ - my gun meets all your wants except one, it’s not the Champion model. TS
  13. Congrats, couldn’t happen to a better Pard!
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