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  1. I’ll have the following for sale FTF at TN State: 1. NIB a pair of Cimarron Model P in .38/.357; $800.00 for the pair 2. Creedmoor model limited edition Sharps rifle in .45-70 with case. This is a numbered limited run Chiappa rifle, $1,000.00 3. Custom Palma rifle with heavy barrel in .308. Rifle comes with brass, bullets and reloading dies. This is a competition rifle, extremely accurate, was used to shoot targets out to 1,000 yards.
  2. It was perfect for us BP shooters with winds that kept the targets visible. Thank you @Shooting Iron Miller for making it such a fun shoot.
  3. Both @Ol Number4 and @Sedalia Dave reasons why if you’re doing BPCR for accuracy at range you need to cast your own. That’s not saying that commercial suppliers are making an inferior bullet, but as Dave pointed out it’s a cost vs quantity issue. Even casting my own with a one cavity mold and pouring with a ladle I still get weight variances which is why I have @La Sombra weigh each and every round. And as Ol Number 4 said any lube that comes out of the barrel is wasted and has the potential to effect accuracy. IMHO and YMMV
  4. First off it couldn’t be that many years ago, you’re too young. Anyway, in today’s, shall we say polite society, I’m surprised we can even say “nipple” in public.
  5. UPDATE Much to my surprise I didn’t have any spare nipples, so I was two nipples short I got some new nipples (they were bright and shiny and looked just a little perky) and this new coppery stuff to keep my nipples from freezing in place. So I coated my nipples in copper and twisted them in until they were all the way down. I guess the next step will be to make sure fire will go through them. BTW if you read this and think dirty thoughts you may not be a Frontiersman.
  6. Last weekend I shot 10 stages with my ROA’s and they ran flawlessly. When I got home I got them out to clean them and one nipple on each cylinder was stuck. As is my normal practice I use anti-seize on every nipple whenever I put them on. The other five on each cylinder came out without issue and all still showed the anti-seize on them. I tried every trick I knew on the other two, soaked them with Kroil, froze them, heated them, and still the two nipples just laughed at me. As you can imagine I don’t liked getting laughed at, so out came the big guns. I had to drill them then use a left handed extractor but that taught them and they gave up the fight. I finished up by getting the correct size tap and chased out all the threads. Next I’ll throw the cylinders and nipples in the ultrasonic cleaner and get them nice and clean again just so I can put antiseize back on them and put them together. Hopefully the other nipples learned a lesson and won’t try to fight me the next time.
  7. Ok, let’s start with a little understanding of brass. Brass gets work hardened, what that means is every time you expand or contract brass it gets a little more brittle, or more correctly it loses some ductility. When it gets hard and then suddenly expands it can split or crack. Now how does this affect brass cartridges? Every time you bell the case, every time you crimp the case you are working it and making it harder. What annealing does is re-soften the brass, nothing more, nothing less. You can over anneal, or more correctly, you can overheat the brass when you anneal, if you overheat it the brass the brass will lose all its ductility. Once this happens the brass is ruined and you can never get that ductility back. As far as how often you anneal you can’t do it too often, but there’ll be a diminishing return. Think of it this way with one reloading the brass doesn’t lose much ductility (some but not much), after 5 reloads the brass has lost more. How often you anneal is up to you, as some say they find annealing therapeutic and do it before each reload, others wait until they’ve reloaded the brass a few times. The bottleneck vs. straight wall argument: The thickness of the brass at the end of a bottleneck case is much thinner than a straight wall case. This allows the brass to be able to expand enough to seal the case in the chamber when fired, where a straight wall case with its thicker brass won’t expand as much. With the thinner brass the effect of work hardening will show much sooner than with the thicker brass, keep in mind that the thin brass of the bottleneck case when annealed will get up to temperature sooner than straight walled cases. Can/should straight wall cases be annealed? Of course you can, but will it have a benefit? That will depend on a couple things. As said earlier, if .45C cases are not annealed they won’t expand enough to seal the chamber which will allow blow back into the action. If you are over-belling your cases and then crimping you’ll be causing more hardening and will reach the point where the case can split sooner, so annealing will extend the life of the case. Many shooter will get many reloads from their cases without annealing, and if they are shooting smokeless powder won’t have the blow back fouling of black powder or black powder substitutes, so they choose not to anneal. My primary calibers are .45C and .45-70, in both I’m using black powder, so I anneal them. Since I don’t want to keep track of when a particular case was annealed I anneal every case every time it gets cleaned. And since I’m annealing so much I bought an annealing machine that is easy to use and can adjust to the various cases.
  8. Bud - I sent you an email to your Yahoo address



  9. Another good'n. Thankfully it’s not the set of Rust!
  10. With gas prices the way they are this might be the only way to get around for less than $100 per tankful. is that a Democrat pulling the car?
  11. I have not heard back. If you want to send payment via bank check to Robert Glenn

                                                                                                                                          1831 Nadine Rd Apt. 106

                                                                                                                                           Wesley Chapel Fl 33544 


    It will be yours...BTW it also have sliXshot nipples installed

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