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  1. I got mine after being punched in the head at Carlos and Charlie’s.
  2. If you decide to shoot .45c long term with black (and I can’t see why you wouldn’t want to) you should look into annealing your brass. I found a huge difference in the amount of blowback after I started annealing. My ‘73 would get so dirty after a 5 stage match that I’d have to take it apart and clean right down to the toggles. Now I’ll run 20 stages before I even think of opening it up unless I need to clean the carrier sides.
  3. If you want one slicked up Longhunter has the CZ and Stoeger, I don’t know what their inventory is like but you can always call’em.
  4. This was my first SE Regional, Ambush at Cavern Cove and it won’t be my last. It looked like everyone had a good time and the range was terrific. We had a little rain on Saturday, but with most of the stages were covered so it wasn’t too wet for the shooters. A big thanks to all who worked so hard to make this shoot so successful, yes even you @Buck D. Law, SASS #62183 .
  5. I think you got a P on that stage
  6. Made it to Parnell’s. Now a quick reconnoiter to the range so I know where I’m going tomorrow.
  7. On my cartridge pistols I hone the chambers, not required just helps them come out easier at the ULT. I use Flex-Hones from Brownells.
  8. Can’t speak for all loading machines of course but if you use a substitutes like APP then there is no issue using a powder measure. I load on a Dillon and even they say “no problem” with it. But I do like J-Bar’s method with real BP.
  9. Uberti is the manufacturer. Uberti and Pietta are the two main Italian companies that make the guns we use. Both companies make good guns. The lever handle is not an issue, both ‘73’s and ‘66’s use a similar lever. Like Griff said you should look it over in person if possible. If the gun is in good working order and the wood is not cracked or broken then $800.00 is a good price. Do you know what caliber it is? A lot of CAS shooters prefer .38 but they make ‘66’s in other calibers as well.
  10. @Ambush Andy here is a video that I posted a couple of months ago loading brass hulls with a MEC sizemaster. Brass SG Loading
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