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  1. She’s a beauty alright, just wish I wasn’t on a cash diet
  2. Nothing too interesting an Uberti NMA short barrel in stainless and a .31 caliber 5 shot pocket pistol.
  3. Congrats to Rowdy Bob, and I’ve never seen a bigger trophy in CAS.
  4. Folks I saw this rifle first hand at Comin’ at Cha this week and it is one beautiful gun! You also won’t find a more honest pard to deal with than SD.
  5. I guess we all have our own comfort level, I don’t like trying to remove caps, I’m always worried about an AD. I still think it’s best to either go from the ULT directly back to the line or being escorted back to the LT.
  6. You must have the “Luck of the Irish”
  7. See that’s what I love an open discussion and to get different perspectives
  8. You bring out a good point if it’s easy enough to take the cylinders out then a designated (by the TO) person could bring the cylinders to the LT. Then the shooter could load the rifle and put the cylinders back in. Of course only the shooter knows how difficult it is to remove their cylinders and it may not be practical for everyone.
  9. I had a ‘73 have an OBD last year, it put a chunk of brass into the palm of my hand and I was thankful that’s all it did. The internals of the ‘60 Henry, ‘66 Yellowboy and ‘73 are pretty much the same so an OBD can happen with any of them and as others have said it all has to do with the timing of your finger and the trigger.
  10. I’m still going with @Tennessee Tombstone on this one, it sounds reasonable to me to have the shooter go back to the LT with someone if the shooter can’t go directly from the ULT back to start the stage.
  11. I’ve got an Uberti NMA stainless steel sheriff’s model, never fired. Also a Pietta 1863 5 shot percussion pocket pistol.
  12. You’re right, and it’s a good habit to get into. The first time as I noted was completely my fault and that’s why I called the penalty on myself. The questionable scenario really only applies to folks shooting Frontiersman since other pistols can be unloaded safely at the ULT. So, Mr. Blade how do you handle the situation if it ever comes up?
  13. I agree on the “2 person rule” when the shooter goes from the ULT to the LT. IMHO the guns are safer in the holsters, and the shooter is remaining in control of their weapon. I’m pretty sure that this situation doesn’t happen very often but it does raise a question when it happens.
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