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  1. Check with your county to see if they have specific laws for BP storage.
  2. Sing it with me, "Indiana wants me but I can not go there" that's because that's the date I moved my two day annual match too the Gunfight at the Double-C here in VA. Would love to but can't
  3. No problem that would effect participating in the match. Any law passed would not take effect until much later. I just won't mention that I can load an 11th round in my 73 if there is a rifle bonus
  4. Same here so when I didn't receive it I called.
  5. I've never loaded a round nose for CAS. I guess my rifle has to like TC's.
  6. Hello Everyone, Major B.S. Walker here. The Cavalier Cowboys would like to invite you to our 6th annual two day championship extravaganza, The Gunfight at the Double-C. Located just west of Richmond VA. our match is always one to enjoy and remember. Onsite camping and host hotel special rates. Registration information and complete details can be found on our website. Food, Fun Family. https://www.cavaliercowboys.org/
  7. Yep, just replace trigger spring.
  8. But they are not exempt from SASS guns must shoot a caliber common to the period.
  9. Mr. Turkey, not necessarily in that order I presume. My goal for 2020 is to improve all aspects of my game and my life.
  10. Blazer Brass 45 ACP have small pistol primers and the Federal Range load do also. I bought 6 boxes of each to break in my new Springfield. Now I have 600 cases as a starting point for loading.
  11. Here at Cavalier we have our first shoot on Sunday the 5th. We shoot outdoors but the weather guess is mostly sunny, winds 5 to 7 mph and a high of 50. WE will have a fire barrel going and small heaters on the end of each loading table so the next shooters hands are warm and nimble when they go to stage.
  12. Mr. Tyrel nailed it. Not legal for CAS but can be used for Wild Bunch.
  13. Simple answer, just get a pair of everything and see for yourself.
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