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  1. That's because he would accidently take a few extra out before he could slow that rifle down.
  2. I wonder what Marshall Dillon's count was? I guess just about every western TV star didn't have a spot anywhere on their arms or shoulders left without scaring as they usually got hit there every third episode or so.
  3. Maybe they just went to pick up some takeout since you forgot to feed them.
  4. I have six and get to pick them up at matches from him in person.
  5. Use one person to do all the sign in's so everyone is not touching the same clipboard and pen. Place two eight foot tables together for loading and limit only three at the loading table at a time. Have individual timers for each TO or wipe the timer off with disinfecting wipes when passed. Do not use spotting sticks. Have individual brass retrieval tools or wipe when passed. If you can't find hand sanitizer then make some out of 151 rum with about 20% aloe vera gel added to thicken (sold for sunburn alongside suntan lotions at store). Social distancing is what you have been trying to get the spotters to do for years now instead of bunching up. Outlaw's always wore scarves over their faces so maybe have an outlaw only shoot requiring all to wear a scarf in that way. Just Saying
  6. But it would never make minimum smoke factor.
  7. Title says it all. I need some serious work done to a TTN I bought this year. Recommendations please.
  8. Here is a Cadbury Cream Egg to you. Happy Easter
  9. I am starting to get all the things done that my wife bitches about I don't get done because I'm always shooting.
  10. All but one club in my area sends the stages out about five days before the match. Never at annuals. I prefer seeing the stages. If you don't send them out than things are still equal except for the stage writer who then has an advantage.
  11. What sanitizer did you use to make the wood look so good.
  12. In a manner of speaking, a primer is just another projectile seated at the other end of a cartridge. Just doesn't have an opening to travel through but a stop, which re-seats it. If the other end could be the igniter of course.
  13. I tested magnum and non-magnum small pistols primers many years ago and I got a constant 20 fps faster average with the magnums. In our game that's nothing. In my mind ( which is a scary place) I just feel I will get a more reliable ignition using magnums so I use them whether I really do get a more reliable ignition or not. As far as nocking a squib bullet out, some say yes and some say it just pushes the bullet further up the barrel making it harder to remove in some cases. So , my final answer after all this reply is that I didn't answer one thing that you asked. I guess that means I can be a politician.
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