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  1. Each year the rebate started the first week of May and lasted through I believe August and was announced several months prior. Don't think it will happen.
  2. I have bought two different pairs of 45 Vaquero's in the last six weeks. Maybe you just need to look a little harder Two local gun shops had at least one each today. + 1 for what Mr. El said.
  3. I'm right handed and left eye dominate. I close my left eye and shoot all my guns that way. No problem shooting gunfighter but I'm not wright and have never claimed to be either.
  4. Don't use the nut cages if there is any gravel
  5. Mr. Creeker, you are spot on. Come east and you can find us. www.cavaliercowboys.org
  6. I have used quick Oatmeal. It is finer in size.
  7. Order was placed this afternoon.
  8. I just sent him some work on Thursday. He's only on Face Book right now.
  9. Have to agree with Mr. Waxahachie Kid. In 30 + years of going to gun shows on a regular basis, I have only found a really good deal there that I still have fingers left to count them on. Last year I did find and bought an SKB 150 for 750.00. Used it today at a local match.
  10. I guess that's why there are still some open spots
  11. At the gun shows around here the guy next store venders prices are through the roof. The larger always there venders are just slightly higher on what they have.
  12. Had an old friend that stopped shooting SASS a couple years ago do a little gunsmithing job for me. Went by today to pick up guns and he sold me 9 thousand Winchester large pistol primers cheap. Damn!
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