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  1. Majority of shooters wear a separate shotgun belt. You should go to a match first then shooters can let you try out the options.
  2. Murphy"s Custom Gun Leather is a top of the line rig. I have several.
  3. That's funny, I thought everything you used were hand- me- downs.
  4. You could sell the parts but they have been welded together.
  5. I have two pair on my vaquero's, one set on plows the other on Bisley's. You can defiantly tell the difference. I like them and with Altamont's prices being about half as much as Eagle gunfighter grips price, if you don't like them you haven't lost much.
  6. Then why don't you do it. Buy a bandoleer and practice until you can do it like everyone else did. I guess you are just looking for some kind of short cut so you don't have to practice.
  7. The Cavalier Range is just east of Charlottesville off I- 64. We shoot the first Sunday of each month and the second Wednesday of each month year round. The Rivinna Rangers in Charlottesville shoot the second Saturday March through Dec.
  8. You should of stopped on by and shot with us on Sunday at the Cavalier Cowboys. Taylors is a Cowboy Candy Store.
  9. If you seat bullet till it slightly compresses APP or Blackmz then I hope your teeth's fillings are in tight. No need for a filler, just load like smokeless but to meet the smoke factor.
  10. Never heard of a TTN 97. TTN is a hammered double barrel
  11. Hello Mr. Chantilly Glad you're back but sorry about your problem. Don't ever send a tricked out Vaquero back to Ruger either. They will send it back with factory parts installed. The broken stock problem is typical to that gun. Hopefully Mr. Yul will straighten it out
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