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  1. For the record, you would be El Patron Gunfighter. Shooting Senior Gunfighter would be stepping down in catagory.
  2. I have always enjoyed the creativeness of the Steampunk mindset. With that in mind and the passing of Sean Connery this weekend, last night I watched The League of Extradentary Gentlemen in his honor.
  3. Have no problem if someone wants to dress that way. Shot with several last week at the Southeast Regional and I returned home with no visible after effects.
  4. The website is not updated. Go by what SASS posts.
  5. I have used ESP's, Electronic Shooting Protection brand for many years. Mine are the lower grade digital. Work great
  6. I can't view it either. My wife, which is computer savvy, set here for an hour last night and couldn't get it to load. Need help.
  7. What Mr. Garrison said. I am also right handed and left eye doninant. I can't hit squat with out my left eye being closed.
  8. I had Lassiter relieve the cylinder tolerance so they don't bind with BP when he did the action job.
  9. What Mr. Creeker just said. This is SASS not Bullseye.
  10. Was in Taylors Friday and they had a lot of Uberti 73's.
  11. I have backups for my backups, three pair of Vaquero, three 73's and three SKB's. I even have three rigs. You never know. Mostly they are used as loaners when new shooters need time to acquire everything they need.
  12. Winchesters are smoother right out the box than a Uberti is right out the box but aren't in the same league as a tuned Uberti from anywhere. Winchesters may have prettier wood and bluing but your rifle is a work tool to do a job, that's what it's used for not to win a beauty competition. On the range no one will really notice how spit and polished your rifle is but everyone will notice how well it shoots.
  13. I assume you want a 3rd generation short stroked rifle. Must list this request in the Classifieds not here as stated.
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