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  1. I have backups for my backups, three pair of Vaquero, three 73's and three SKB's. I even have three rigs. You never know. Mostly they are used as loaners when new shooters need time to acquire everything they need.
  2. Winchesters are smoother right out the box than a Uberti is right out the box but aren't in the same league as a tuned Uberti from anywhere. Winchesters may have prettier wood and bluing but your rifle is a work tool to do a job, that's what it's used for not to win a beauty competition. On the range no one will really notice how spit and polished your rifle is but everyone will notice how well it shoots.
  3. I assume you want a 3rd generation short stroked rifle. Must list this request in the Classifieds not here as stated.
  4. Mr. Dakota, I have been in every gun shop in Richmond and two gun shows in the last three weeks and not a large pistol primer to be had. I will keep an eye out for you.
  5. A RWS pellet gun took care of my squirrel problem. 170 or 22 cal.
  6. Guess this old Virginia boy is going to have to come on down and check things out. Check is in the mail.
  7. Northern VA. is where Va. sends all its problem children. I'm from VA.
  8. Don't forget the SASS membership. Call main office in the morning if the move is final.
  9. I would tell everyone I will be attending the Southeast Regional this year for the first time but if they know I'm coming they will post extra security at the Alabama State line. Went to my first state match nine months after my first ever match.
  10. Forgot about that one for a moment. big guy
  11. So you take off to the next location during the stage and almost fall over a spectators dog who just slipped off it's leash and ran into you and you don't get a reshoot because it wasn't a range officer, spotter, etc.. Please sit down, take a few deep breaths and think about it for a moment. Just saying.
  12. A rifle is dropped when you have to pick it up off the ground and nock the dirt off the barrel. It is prop failure when you have to pick the rack up and knock the dirt off it also.
  13. Try Taylor's & Co. You might have to buy a new gate to get the screw
  14. No, can't restage. If the scenario didn't say you can restage then SASS default rule takes precedence which means pistols have to be re-holstered before next firearm is fired. This should always be brought up when the instructions are read. Don't ever pass up a chance to ask questions before you shoot to avoid mistakes.
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