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  1. If I hadn't just bought a new rifle and had not just sent a set of pistols off to be slicked up, those puppies would be mine.
  2. Thumlers Tumbler B. When I bought mine, FA didn't make one and the Rebel 17 didn't exist. I wash 250 brass at a time. If I had to buy another I would get the Rebel 17
  3. Since Altamont makes the grips for Ruger, then why not just buy a checkered pair from them.
  4. I'm in the Fast Eddie crowd. 2- 200's & 1-100.
  5. I do not practice. I just shoot. No need for artificial bullets.
  6. The answer to your OP is your shotgun chambers are just not honed and polished enough. Had this issue also so I re-honed and polished some more. Problem gone.
  7. You are correct except for one item, these other officers from non affiliated clubs I see regularly at affiliated club events else ware every other month or so. One club has re-affiliated itself do to lack of attendance for leaving.
  8. It has been said multiple times here on the wire, if you don't like something then vote with your feet. Don't go to their shoot. That is exactly what I do. I will not shoot at a club that is not affiliated. What I do instead is contact them periodically and try to get them to change their position.
  9. The proper way is to first contact your Territorial Governor.
  10. 50 bucks is worth being listed so new shooters can find you and you can shoot the match any way you want.
  11. I have shot once a month with a certain gentleman for the last 10 years. For those 10 years he has always been the first person to volunteer to spot. The problem is he get's the call wrong 50% of the time. Now I just say thanks, but I need you to post scores or thanks , but I need you to work the unloading table. No problem and his feelings are not hurt and guess what, next match he will still be the first person to volunteer to spot.
  12. Sorry Mr. Boomstick, I forgot to add the smiley face to my post not realizing others don't know we are Pards. .
  13. Heck, I'll pay for your next years membership if you stop posting for that year.
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