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  1. You can set it up so every time someone posts a new item for sale in the classifieds, you get a notification. That seems to be the case.
  2. I put my brass 73 carriers in with a batch of brass every so often.
  3. Buy both, problem solved, next question.
  4. This + we usually allow to clean up the racks with shotgun.
  5. This has been discussed many times. It doesn't matter what the sequence is, target placement. plate rack plates etc., simultaneous discharging of pistols by a gunfighter is not allowed. Penalty.
  6. Are we seeing the start of a mass exodus, NO. Just an adjustment.
  7. Different Gunsmiths do the mechanical triggers differently. I have personally seen three different ones.
  8. 200E has a barrel selector switch in the trigger. You could switch barrels that way and try again.
  9. I didn't know you could buy a bottle of Blackmz without lumps. Never been a problem to break up.
  10. For the record, you would be El Patron Gunfighter. Shooting Senior Gunfighter would be stepping down in catagory.
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