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  1. Guns Save Life, NRA-ILA, and the ISRA have planned a mini I-GOLD (Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day) at the capitol. Mom's Demand Action and similar types will be there also. The legislature is voting on a ton of anti-gun stuff, so click on the link and try to be there! We need all the folks we can to turn out. Looking for positive dialogs with legislators, not shouting matches. There will be media all over the place. Don't need to feed the anti-gun media machine unflattering images. Thank you. LDD http://www.gunssavelife.com/details-inside-mini-igold-tuesday-october-29th-in-springfield/
  2. Common sense has totally left us. I hope this guy turns this around and gets his job back. And sues the crap out of them. https://www.mvtimes.com/2019/10/11/crossing-guard-relieved-duty-guns-seized/?fbclid=IwAR0tWBDHwLAb4OQ0fL5ll1XtRZB89aygzBDipVsJBi2GH8G0ATeLEvjvjyU
  3. Attached for your perusal, is the October issue. The column, written by yours truly, is nestled onto Page 6, as usual. But with a twist. I was critical of my former employer, the Illinois State Police. Nothing earth shattering, just my observation. A former command officer (in the rear with the gear) wrote back as he was offended. Not all admin command are dolts. Some are truly concerned for the welfare of "road dawgs." And some are more concerned with their next promotion. I'll let you draw your own conclusions. His "I'm offended" letter and my rebuttal are both there. GunNews_Nov2019web.pdf
  4. Good one Oh boy. Somewhere out in SASS Wire land, is a bleary-eyed moderator who has been up all night watching this thread with coffee breath, finger on the "lock" button.
  5. The good doctor prescribed a belt that holds 12. Doc Noper, that is. The most I have used on a "shotgun only" stage is 8. But if you are moving, shells can fall out. And under the timer you can fumble a reload. Nice to go to the belt and find a few more you can grab.
  6. Did you try the "shall not be infringed" part on her? That's usually good for one to three sutures.
  7. Fair is fair, and when I find something positive in the Windy City it deserves mention. Went to Chicago to see two of our sons. One is in marketing, the other, fresh out of the USAF landed a spot doing improv on stage at Second City. The boys could not wait to take me to this bar. "It's all cowboy stuff dad, you'll love it." Thought I was being set up. But how right they were. Carol's Bar is an oasis on Chicago's North Side. Good food too. Prices very reasonable for a big city. The band was the Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash. They were very good. They had a plastic gasoline jug on stage with a big opening for tips. Written on the jug was "Gas Money." Could not believe I was in Chicago listening to a steel guitar. From Wikipedia: Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash are an Americana/alternative country band led by singer and songwriter Mark Stuart. The band formed in San Diego, California in 1995. They received permission to use Johnny Cash's name by Cash himself and were then personally invited to record songs for their first CD Walk Alone at Cash's home in Hendersonville, Tennessee. The Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash have opened for Merle Haggard, and Willie Nelson at his annual 4th of July concert, and shared the stage with such notables as Buck Owens, John Hiatt, Lucinda Williams, George Jones, and Steve Earle. Their music has recently found more exposure on the HBO hit television series True Blood and Joan of Arcadia, and their four albums have all spent time at the top of the worldwide Americana charts. Second City show was very funny and sold out!
  8. Yes indeed. There is something very satisfying about getting money for damaged guns from the City of Chicago and using for an NRA Youth Program. Lemonade out of lemons. http://www.gunssavelife.com/chicago-gun-buyback-guns-save-life-nets-2420-for-nra-youth-shooting-programs/
  9. Yep. That's what I saw, only for a long division problem. More needless work to get the same result. Not unlike going to the hardware store to buy nails one at a time, instead of getting a pound or two.
  10. So so sad! We had a ton of car trouble getting to Land Run. Once there, Phil made sure we had everything we needed. Great guy. I just don't have the words right now. Lawdog and Shortcake.
  11. After many years of avoiding math as a student, and later as a substitute teacher, my luck ran out today. Math teacher/baseball coach had to take the team to the State playoffs. So I was "it." No problem. 5th grade math and science. Had a good outline to follow. But what was coming? Long division. Common Core Long Division. I had the teacher's book with all the answers. Good. Kids doing problems on the white dry erase board. Looked odd, but ok. But they were getting the right answers. Except one kid. It was an easy division problem. three digit number divided by two. Should be a three digit answer. Student kept getting the second digit wrong. Then I asked, "How did you calculate the 8 for the next number?" I was showed a series of mathematical gymnastics that made me think I had truly traveled into a parallel dimension of time and space. By now a group had formed around our table. I said, "Let me try it my way." So I did the problem in the way of public school mathematics in the 60's and 70's. Bingo! Right answer and in record time. The kids were amazed and kept asking how did I do that so fast. "Old school math," I replied. So why did we ditch old school math for this crap????
  12. Starting to take a shine to this wet tumbling (pun intended). Used 2 ounces of brass juice, pinch of Lemi Shine and a drop of blue Dawn. No pins. 3 hour tumble. This was 223 brass I found that was fired around 1985. It was in a paper sack in dad's basement.
  13. Apparently hanging a red tag on the trigger guard with an explanation is against company policy? I was PO'ed just reading about it. Good thing they don't work on cars.
  14. What he said+100. I like to keep frozen peas or kernel corn on hand as it contours a knee/ankle/elbow/shoulder quite well.
  15. Good rest is just as important as a good run. Give the body time to rebuild. Some good sleep will keep you in the game. You got this.
  16. Spent the evening with a very productive meeting with some strong Second Amendment folks. John Boch, Illinois Director of Guns Save Life; John Weber, new NRA/ILA Lobbyist/Illinois State Director; and Scotty Bryant, President of the Illinois Federation of Outdoor Resources. John Weber also represents the states of Connecticut and North Carolina, but spend 80% of his time in Illinois (go figure). He has a full plate, but is quite willing to go the extra mile for gun owners. He's only 33, but has a really good grasp of Illinois politics and all of the players. I really liked his enthusiasm. The Illinois Federation for Outdoor Resources is an umbrella group that covers hunters, fishing, trapping, firearms, snowmoblies, ATV, bicycles, watercraft, etc. Scotty Bryant made it clear that political attacks on ANY outdoor activity, got their attention. He also emphasized the need for all of these outdoor sport groups to come together to fight Second Amendment issues that affect all of us. Scotty walks the walk, too. He went to a meeting and told many Chicago legislators, that they needed to clean up their mess. Within 24 hours he received anonymous death threats. Yep, you read that right. Scotty's group is www.if-or.org. Now is the time for ALL Illinois outdoor folks to come together. Let's go! Your TEAM SASS folks are out there working for you! Photo: John Boch, Lawdog, and John Weber.
  17. Looks like a good time. Can't wait to get there!
  18. I use SNS as they are close and I can drive over to pick them up. That being said I have used SNS, Scarlet and Chey-cast. All quality bullets, but Scarlett does give the best hugs!
  19. Those are really cool stages. She did a lot of work putting that together, and it sounds like it was very much appreciated. That's a tough act to follow.
  20. It just got stupid. Too stupid. It used to be there would be one or two political hacks, but they would farm them into an office somewhere. Then they started promoting them and putting them in charge of patrol. Soon you are being asked if you really had to hit that guy to arrest him, by a supervisor that had golf clubs in his trunk, and takes out his handcuffs for his nephew to play with. That and political correctness made it hard to get up for work. When I found out I could retire a year and a half earlier than I calculated, I signed those papers on the spot. Not one milli-second of regret. Had some common sense, kick ass bosses when I started. The ones when I left couldn't run a bake sale.
  21. The important thing is you and your son enjoy shooting together. And Dad helps out when he can. So let the gaming begin!!!
  22. If you wipe down a straw cowboy hat with Pledge, it gives you a bit of rain barrier so you can get under better cover.
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