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  1. Drive through Putnam often on the way to LaSalle to visit friends. Trying to get out of Illinois now. Looking at "pension friendly" states.
  2. Tomorrow in Springfield, House Committee Amendment 1 to Senate Bill 1966 is going to committee for public hearing. This bill will cause monumental financial and civil rights issues for Illinois FOID card holders. Attached is a link to file a Witness Slip opposing this bill to the Judiciary Committee. It essentially is an electronic appearance by you to the committee in opposition. Yes, it is a numbers game. We lost it with the Dealer Licensing Bill because the Mom's Demand Action folks beat us badly in the Witness Slip contest. Forward this to any and all friends, family, neighbors. Yes, even those out of Illinois can file these. This is a very critical time for Illinois gun owners, and we need to act quickly and decisively. Thank you Witness Slip Witness Slip Dashboard for the Illinois General Assembly
  3. I felt the idea of the elimination of the electoral college was quite relevant.
  4. I saw a joke on another site that said the term "Cell Number" on an Illinois politicians business card has a whole new meaning.
  5. https://mailchi.mp/ef5480c72399/the-equality-act-is-a-religious-liberty-wrecking-ball?e=fc8c4afabe
  6. C'mon guys! Life does not have to be this hard. When the NRA, ISRA and other gun groups leave the company of an anti-second amendment legislator, you need to be heading for the door as well!!! Because now it looks like you support this legislation. Bad move. Very bad move. http://www.gunssavelife.com/kathleen-willis-we-worked-very-hard-together-with-gun-advocates-in-sb1966-ha1-her-racist-150-foid-card-bill/
  7. After a match yesterday, a plastic bumper cover came loose. Needed a bit of duct tape for the hour or so ride home. No worries, a Flying J was coming up. I was in full cowboy mode; hat, scarf, sleeve garters, suspenders, period shirt, vaquero pants, SASS badge and boots. The nice lady who rang up my purchase had black hair with corn row weaves that were dyed blonde. A multi-colored tattoo that went from her left arm up her neck to her jaw. Neon green and orange nail polish. Ear, eyebrow, nostril multiple piercings with neon colored pins. And she stared at me with that, "What's up with these clothes" look on her face. Thought that was kinda funny. Told her about SASS. She said she didn't like guns. I wished her a good day and left. Chuckling all the way back to the van. I love the reactions to the cowboy wardrobe. Another fun part of the game.
  8. You got that right. Years ago I helped out a friend by umpiring a ladies softball game. Let's just say it was a vocabulary building experience.
  9. And the hits just keep on comin'!!!! http://secondcitycop.blogspot.com/2019/05/great-statistic.html
  10. Or if you start paying in pennies so she has to count them all out.
  11. When my hair was a lot darker, and I could get up in the morning without creaking like an old hinge, I used to hunt pheasants. Always had a Springer Spaniel on hand to do the dirty work. Had to say goodbye to the last one, Penny, in 2004. I was done and did not want to go through that again. About three years later, my vet called me. Asked if I felt I was ready for another dog. I asked why, did he buy another boat? Well, he was always into a boat or two. He said he had a mutt (half German Shepard/half Golden Retriever) that needed a home. The couple he was with were moving and could not take him. They had been trying to give him away for weeks. He was 18 months old. He was destined for the Dog Pound, and would not live 10 days after that. What could I do? We picked up Percy and he just turned 13 (around 92 for you and me) and he has been with us ever since. We know time is not on his side, but he has become an ambassador for the neighborhood. He get treats from the UPS guy, USPS lady, Fed Ex, Waste Management, and assorted neighbors. We are giving him the best life we can in his twilight years. So his diet is not exactly "veterinarian approved." He does get a cheeseburger and fries on his birthday. As long as he is not in pain, we bring him along when we can. And that's exactly what you did. You gave your friend the best life you could, knowing that there would be that one day when you would wake up without him. I read an article about where was the best place to bury such a good and loyal friend. The best place to bury a friend like this, is in the heart of his master. And Taz is already there. LDD
  12. 1.42 with a Carty/Spur Marlin.
  13. This is why you don't clean around your reloading area unless you are ALONE. That No 8 shot makes a racket in a vacuum cleaner. But that racket is easily drowned out by the wife's laughter.
  14. Congrats JWH! Maybe time for a different cover story? https://store.truewestmagazine.com/tw-home-page/collectible-issues/2004/true-west-magazine-collector-issue-august-2004/
  15. Betting there will be AT LEAST 1 2-1-2 sweep somewhere??
  16. Pre-K, B-western category?
  17. Congratulations! Hope to see you two in Iowa!
  18. It is done. Prayers for you too Dad, for being strong for the little guy.
  19. We all have one. So what is the best prank you pulled (not heard of, you actually planned and pulled off) on a deserving target that caused no harm, except a bit of embarrassment? Mine was in high school. True story. I worked at a chain grocery store in the late 70's as a clean-up boy in the meat department. Wanting more hours (at around $3.25/hour) I sacked groceries on other nights. There was a particular obnoxious sacker I worked with. "Joe" has seen it all, done it all, and had it all figured out before he graduated high school. You could hear the cashiers and other sackers eye's rolling when Joe went off on a story that made him the greatest. It was December 1978. Meat Department hours were pretty much set, but I could pickup a lot of hours up front sacking groceries. So I put in for all available hours, and got quite a bit. One was on a very busy, snowy Saturday. Joe came in full of p#$$ and vinegar of how he was gonna cleanup playing Santa Clause for $30 per half half hour. He went on for hours of what he was going to earn, how much per day, ad nauseam. You could practically hear the other sackers and cashiers groaning. Finally, he went to lunch. Back then, the store had a pay phone up front along side a little cork board. Joe put a 3x5 card on there advertising his Santa services. So I got my own 3x5 card out, advertising MY Santa service for only $20-cutting Joe by $10. And the contact number on the card to call was the number of the pay phone right next to it. Everybody was dying for Joe to get back. Joe came back and freaked out seeing his competition. He wanted to rip up the card. Nope, store policy was only ads in poor taste would be taken down. He was fuming. Joe then thought he had the perfect plan. He would call the other "Santa" and send him to fake addresses. So he got a pocket full of dimes and dialed the number. He would always get a busy signal (since he was dialing the number of the phone he was using) and slam down the receiver. He probably did this a dozen times, getting the busy signal. He was losing it. Convinced the new "Santa" was costing him a fortune. Everyone around him (including store managers) were dying with suppressed laughter. After about an hour of this he discovered the number he was calling was the pay phone he was using. Everyone busted out laughing. Joe didn't talk to any of us for a week, and his silence was welcomed by all. Ok, whadaya got?
  20. Yes we did! And we had plenty of shooters offering all kinds of help. That was so nice. Texas Jack Daniels, Memphis Raines, Sgt Duroc, Lefty Lyn to name a few. There were many others I can't remember their names, but won't forget their kindness. Truly the Cowboy Way is alive and well in Oklahoma. "Gun a Do It" was a great help to us on the range. He represented your club very well. We plan on coming back next year. Without the tow trucks.
  21. We don't take chances. Even though the optometrist said our prescription lenses are shatter resistant and protect our eyes, we wear shooting glasses that fit OVER our regular glasses. I think we got them from Midway. We may look odd, but eyes are not known for healing well. Or quickly.
  22. Good luck with that. Remember Tom Hanks line in "A League of Their Own?" "There is no crying in baseball!" Shortcake's adaptation is "There is no budget at Work N Ranch."
  23. Should have stopped by Posse 19. There were some black powder shotgun loads you could hear AND feel. It was really cool.
  24. Yep. Tryin to get by with just primers.
  25. Slowaz IS a solid pard. Can't wait to meet up with him. Shortcake's Irish eyes are smilin already!
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