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  1. A few days after my dad died, we invited his fishing buddy (Jim)to meet us at dad's house to give him some of the lures they made together for their fishing trips. It was a little workbench made of a section of bowling alley maple with a large fluorescent light overhead. He kept the light unplugged as it made a loud hum, and used a small desk lamp for tasks. Shortcake and I were sorting things and heard Jim walk in the back door. We hollered that we were in the basement. As he started down the stairs, the unplugged overhead light came on (it was around 2pm). We just stared at the light in silence. Jim stopped on the stairs. I told him to come down and look at this light. He replied he could see just fine from where he was. The light then flickered and went off. Nobody was really scared, just startled from something so unexpected. We figured dad was saying hi to us and his old fishing buddy.
  2. Yes I do. Even have some of the first ammo he bought for it, stamped 1951. Now our youngest (27) son is hooked on it. Older son likes the Glock/AR world. This one loves his Browning Hi-Power from the 70's and the carbine.
  3. And computers are programmed by humans. There's your trust issue.
  4. When we moved to rural Missouri, Shortcake had this notion of having chickens running around the yard, following her to the mail box, getting fresh eggs, etc. I told her if she got chickens, I was getting a horse. So she talked with folks that had chickens, and I chatted with horse owners. We both found out there is a lot of work, everyday work and maintenance to keep these animals safe and healthy. With us traveling often, it just wasn't going to work out (then you need to find reliable folks to tend to your animals in your absence). It is definitely a labor of love. Not trying to discourage future chicken or horse owners, but there is much more to ownership than meets the eye. Just do your homework and make a decision you both can live with. We decided on a 1969 Schwinn Tandem bicycle instead! Good luck!
  5. Yes, I don't work at Walmart either. But the other lines were 4 to 5 people deep with full carts and full strollers. Self checkout was empty. Do the math. The funny part was the other stuff (spray paint, etc) didn't trigger the warning. The car wax did. At a grocery store today (that also does not employ me) I was at the self checkout and asked the lady monitoring the machines why the car wax would trigger a warning. She said it happens all the time. Bar code numbers for items can be entered erroneously, with a digit or two off. If the incorrect number is that of a restricted item, it will pop up when scanned. She said there was a messed up number before Mother's Day, and floral arrangements were inadvertently flagged as tobacco items, with the warning screen popping up. A quick phone call to the data entry folks cleared it up.
  6. Taking advantage of some warm weather, I visited the local Walmart for a few items: Soldering rod White spray paint Brake cleaner Turtle Wax Ceramic Spray I'm at the self checkout scanning my goods. Scan-beep-in the bag. Scan the Turtle Wax and no beep. Screen says, "Verify the buyer is 18 or older." A Walmart monitor came by, scanned her "I'm a supervisor and this is ok" card, and I got my stuff. I asked about the age to buy car wax. She said she had no idea. So, what government list am I on because I wanted to wax the RV?
  7. I'm in Tyrel's camp. Been using the pink 3/4 oz Claybusters for going on 4 years with no issues. I use them for BP and smokeless.
  8. Don't widen the plate. https://www.sperrybaseballlife.com/stay-at-17-inches/
  9. @Nostrum Damus SASS #110702One of the best posts ever! A classic weaving of reality, opinion and humor all into one. You win the Wire today. Congratulations!
  10. This^^^ If you drive home from the match with a smile, that means you did it right.
  11. Thank you Pat and Clay. I just added a more recent post about subscribing to alerts that should get out much faster. Hope the new post helps.
  12. I subscribe to the ODMP/NoParole alerts. I don 't know how the page is set up, but it seems that subscribing to the page will get you alerts in a more timely manner. (thanks to Clay Mosby for the info). Here is a link that will get you "No Parole" alerts sent directly to your email in box for your consideration. https://www.odmp.org/noparole Hopefully this helps keep the bad guys in rooms with striped sunlight. Appreciate all my fellow SASS folks and their efforts. Thank you. LDD
  13. There is a link for you to email it
  14. Cop killer wants to get out. Help stop it. https://www.odmp.org/noparole/prepare/364
  15. Last Saturday I was introducing a neighbor to shot shell reloading. My trusty old MEC 650 had a part break off and brought our lesson to a halt. Went online Saturday afternoon and ordered 2 replacements. They arrived in the mail Monday afternoon. Awesome Customer service.
  16. Bordertown last year was 3 days, 4 per day, and we loved it! We just didn’t feel rushed or too tired at the end of the day. Plenty of time to shop with vendors and wander the streets of Tombstone. But we’re not spring chickens anymore and we are retired. So the three day spread just felt right. I know that younger folks will have issues getting an extra day off work, and I get that. Been there. It won’t work for every match, but it sure was a good fit down there. Our thanks to the match director. And another vote for “waves”.
  17. Slater did one for our Buckaroos. You can work the lever with a finger.
  18. Let's eat Grandma! Or Let's eat, Grandma! Commas save lives.
  19. Still waiting to see the aspirin engraving done by @Three Foot Johnson.
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