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  1. There are always two sides to a break up, and it's usually best just to walk away. Don't know if it's true, but we probably all have had thoughts like this. But didn't take it further. Happy Valentines Day.
  2. Not a fan of the Road Service (AAA, Good Sam, etc) cards. If you have one that has worked for you, excellent. I can't tell you how many times I sat behind a disabled motorist, who called AAA or something similar, waiting on their arrival which never took less that 45-50 minutes. Not out in the sticks, just on roads between towns. One night I stopped for a disabled vehicle on the top of a hill. Clear, summer night, wee hours. Female motorist, alone, ( no cell phones then) asked us to call the 800 number on her magic tow truck card. We did and they said they would be right there
  3. Man Attacks Cop In Front Of Gun Range, Gets Shot By 3 Citizens - The Police Tribune Man Attacks Cop In Front Of Gun Range, Gets Shot By 3 Citizens - The Pol... Las Vegas, NV – A Las Vegas police officer was “violently attacked” with a screwdriver on Wednesday before her p...
  4. No problems from LEO. Just don't draw unnecessary attention to yourself (No Cheech and Chong road type antics). Most of your road issues around Chicago are from idiots who are suspended, revoked, warrants on file, etc; and haven't get the memo to quit driving. Little or no bail/bond is a big help there also.
  5. Among many, many blessings, Shortcake and I would have to say that seeing our kids grow up, become young men, husbands and fathers, and now with grandchildren is a blessing we cherish everyday. I had to meet some parents at their homes or at the ER when I was on the job, and tell them the worst possible news. That changes you. I still think about them and pray for them. Probably why our boys get embarrassed when we give them big hugs when we see them, to this day. (they are all much taller) Because that is a gift I refuse to take for granted for even a secon
  6. Just another SASS Rite of Passage. Like a DQ only in cyberspace.
  7. I do miss reading some of the more colorful names of arrestees on booking summaries. So who are his parents? Siblings? The jokes just write themselves.
  8. There is a lot of good stuff on this thread. Doc Shapiro and Lunger Dan make some real good points. Without rehashing their posts, I began thinking why and when I started looking at CAS. I caught a blurb about it on some shooting sports show, and that was it. Just filed away on a list of things to check out. And that was all the exposure I got. I am not a marketing guy, and not looking for that job. Movie westerns are a rarity these days. But western TV shows, like Yellowstone or Longmire, although not on network TV, have good followings that are growing. No, not sugges
  9. Depends weather, wardrobe, location.
  10. We will be near J-Bar and company in Bolivar, Mo. A house with outbuildings on 5x the land we have in Illinois and $3200 less in property taxes. Got a trailer? Missouri has a PERMANENT trailer plate. $58.50 one time fee. Plus we will be in Polk County, Missouri's 7th Congressional district. The second most conservative congressional district in the US. The last Democrat to win in these parts was Lyndon Johnson in 1964. You can actually talk about guns in public without dirty looks or eyerolls. We looked for two years in many states, good advice from Utah Bob about taking y
  11. Yes. Sorry OLG. Sneaky D (I mean Smoken D) beat me to it. That's another story right there. Already chatted with Cha Ching about local services. Pretty excited to get there.
  12. With our move to Missouri coming soon, I wrote a farewell column to Gun News. Since the paper focuses on Illinois gun rights, living in another state and writing about Illinois issues seemed insincere. Don't have any skin in that game any more. Anyway, enjoy the article. Page 6. Thanks, LDD GunNews_Feb2021draft.pdf
  13. The irony in this "defund" movement is that since 1964 the same areas of poverty and high crime that the Civil Rights Act of that year was supposed to fix, has not happened. Despite dozens of programs and millions of tax dollars, these areas have remained pretty much the same. But they keep re-electing the same party. And keep reaping the same results. So how are the police the problem? And if so, how does defunding them cure the problem?
  14. Was his hand on the Bible when he said it?
  15. Bought a jacket from these folks. Had a factory defect. Emailed them and they said they would send it back to the manufacturer. But they also said they would have the replacement sent to them, instead of directly to me so they could check it and make sure it was defect free. It would have been easy for them to step back and let it go from factory to me. Taking that extra step for a customer was very much appreciated. Thank you Melissa at Wild West Mercantile for great customer service!
  16. To replace the low beam bulbs on a Subaru Outback the dealer wants $400 in labor to remove the front bumper to access the bulbs. Fortunately YouTube had a way to do it at home going through the wheel wells. Repairing the gate latch on my prized 94 F-150. Got my SAE sockets ready to go. Bad idea. All the little bolts to remove the access panel were 10mm. I figure those were "Friday" jobs where they wanted to go home at noon. The 10mm bolts were close and the 3/16 were still in the stock room in another building. I have a family member who is a reti
  17. Box everything and label what room it is for. Kitchen, Garage, Shop. Contents if you want. Tools, Blender, Circular Saw, etc.. Writing "Glass" on a box is supposed to be more effective for movers to handle carefully than "Fragile." Guns, live ammo, primers and powder, and any propane tanks for your grill, you take in your own vehicles. For kitchen/bathroom cleaners, use a moving box designed to hold double rows of glassware. Clothes on hangers. Lay two bunches on a fitted sheet facing each other. Bring up the corners and tie the bundl
  18. Joint Security Area. Panmunjom, Korean DMZ. Youngest spent a year at Osan, and got this on the way home.
  19. Yes they will. They will make something a "health/safety" issue, so people will go along to be safe. How many politicians have signed on with the Bloomberg groups to market gun violence as a public health/safety issue? Now who would be against public health or safety? And that's where their strategy is.
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