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  1. Stories like this make me sick. it's a horrible feeling and I know how she feels. I have had a couple of items vanish with my alias printed on them. Hoping they got kicked behind prop, or fell into a hard to reach/see area. Waiting for that anonymous package to appear at my door, but as time passes hope fades and turns to disappointment. Hope your luck turns out better than mine, Scarlett.
  2. So very sorry to hear this! Powerful prayers headed your way.
  3. "Are you alone in the hot tub again?" The beginning of a great country song!
  4. A family owned grocery store in town has a pharmacy. A few days ago Shortcake and I were shopping when I got a text message from the pharmacy-you have a prescription ready. Cool. We were already there. Walked up to the pharmacy counter. Two ladies working, the pharmacist and an assistant. Adjusting my cowboy hat, I announced, "I just got a text that this pharmacy was looking for a handsome cowboy." (Shortcake groans. I can HEAR her eyes rolling) Pharmacist says, YES WE ARE! DID YA BRING ONE WITH YA? Much, much laughter all around, entirely at my expense. I quietly returned to my cart and let Shortcake handle the transaction. As soon as they all got up from the floor.
  5. Since moving out of Illinois, my old publisher would like someone to write a monthly column about SASS/CAS around Illinois clubs and their matches. You do not have to write about every match, just keep the theme on our sport. General topics about reloading, range safety, etc can also be used. People always ask what they can do to promote the sport, well here it is. Your own article every month about SASS/CAS along with all the pictures you want to send in. Column should be around 400-600 words in length, a little less with pictures or other illustrations. This magazine goes all over Illinois, and into surrounding states. PM me if you are interested, and I will give you contact information for the publisher. I did it for two years and had a blast. Thanks for your time. LDD
  6. You captured the rowdy cowgirl in purple quite well in your video!
  7. Our deepest sympathy and prayers heading your way. Lawdog and Shortcake
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