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  2. I cannot find the EL PATRON category shooting scores at EOT. Does anyone know where I may find them?
  3. Cowboy Fast Draw has gone to aan inexpensive newspaper type format. I have found that quite a few of the clubs where I competed have kept shooting but have left SASS. I was our club's rep but had heart issues and must have missed something because we were dropped. Sadly, there has been little demand to rejoin. As a Life Member, I still travel but have to have special knowledge of clubs because they are no longer listed in the Chronicle. Another point is I donated to several SASS entities but, outside of Founders Ranch, I have been ignored for over a decade. I fear for the future.
  4. I became a Life Member, a Founders Ranch member, a Museum member, a Hall of Fame Member, etc. etc. I NEVER received anything except some excellent Founders Ranch benefits. Years ago, I got a sloppy Joe sandwich at the club ranch house. The board meetings, dinners, etc. that were promised never materialized. I have occasionally asked what happened but haven't complained because I enjoy the shooting.
  5. I enjoy the various shapes. Round targets are great for NRA bullseye competition and a potpourri of shapes are part of the FUN of cowboy action shooting matches. I wouldn't shoot warthog loads of Holy Black in my ten gauge double and .45 Colt revolvers and rifle if I believed that high speed competitive shooting was at all important in cowboy action matches.
  6. I have not done business with the companies that dropped NRA discounts. Now Walmart is on my list of undesirable businesses. I live in rural Farthest North Idaho and have experienced no discernible impact from ceasing to do business with the Dick's, Panera's Met Life, etc. entities.
  7. Walmart obviously doesn't need my business and they no longer get it. Sayonara!!!
  8. I often leave Farthest North Idaho to spend Christmas and late winter with my youngest son in the Twin Cities. I'd like to shoot my BP firearms as an El Patron in Minnesota. Are any clubs open in December, January through March?
  9. Welcome to the 10 gauge fraternity. The BP smoke and flames are memorable and are incredibly fun!!!
  10. Where may I find the 2019 EOT Grand Patron (El Paron) Results
  11. How may I get the results for the 2019 EOT?
  12. I have a lot of fun as a Grand or El Patron. Luckily, my local clubs allow me to circumvent the ridiculously, absurd rule that precludes shooting Gunfighter in ancient shooter categories. That rule is a last remnant of Gun Control sickness. I shoot wart hog loads of Holy Black and have one H--- of a time doing that. M<y double ten is a hoot but I'd really like to be able to shoot my 8 gauge 4-1/4". After all, I'm not shooting migratory wildfowl so why are we restricted to tens? I look forward to competing in a new over 85 Category. I hope to qualify for 100 Plus, possibly "Survivor". I shoot NRA Bullseye and enjoy 25 yard rapid fire matches. I shoot comparable distances with rifle and pistol on my home range and at my local SASS club. Geez, lets just have fun.
  13. Mud Marine 54686 Life 1999 Original Club in Darien, Wisconsin Retired back to Idaho Border Marauders, Eastport, ID Rocky Mountain Rangers, Noxon, MT Founders Ranch Gold Hall of Fame, Museum, etc. TG RO II
  14. My plan is to shoot with RMR and in SK, AB, BC and help with the CAS matches we have for our Boy Scouts, Sea Scouts, Venturers and Explorers in the Inland Northwest Council in Idaho and Washington. Introducing kids to NRA Bullseye, CAS etc. keeps me 'young'. :-)
  15. Thanks. You pards and pardettes sure made me welcome. I intend to shoot with you all in 2019.
  16. Coffee "Instant Human". Bear sign using sour dough - no one can stay grumpy. :-)
  17. Mud Marine Eastport, Idaho Quite awhile ago :-) Started as an Elder Statesman Currently a Grand Patron Black powder gunfighter
  18. Mud Marine 54686 Eastport, Idaho 15 years Black Powder Gunfighter Currently El Patron
  19. I cannot find Goldenspikerange.com

    Do you have a better address?

    Semper Fidelis;

    Mud Marine

    MOS 2533, 2572 & 8654

    1956 onward!!!!!



      That the correct web sight.It also is listed in Black Powder cartridge news in the back for upcoming matches.

      Denney Wilcox runs  things he retired from Browning last year.





      Send me your snail mail address and i will send you a copy of the application.

  20. I shoot black powder .45 Colt in SASS and .45 Colt wax in CFDA but have used old model .44 Rugers. I always use .44 S&W Special; cartridges in them rather than .44 Remington Magnum ammunition. in them. I hunt elk and deer with a S & W .44 Magnum revolver using heavy handloads loads of .44 Remingon Magnum but plink and play using .44 S & W Special ammunition.

    1. Space Cowboy, #106127

      Space Cowboy, #106127

      I had my first match this weekend, and used the magnums for my rifle. They did what they were supposed to when I did what I was supposed to  :-)  I have some practicing to do  ;-)

  21. I like the new dates.


    2017, I saked to shoot Grand Patron or Grand Patron Gunfighter. The ladies changed me to Gunfighter.


    It still seems absurdly silly to restrict someone as old as Me from shooiting my way, especially in Grand Patron!!!.:-(


    It is not as if here is a massive amount of octogenarian competitors!!!   :-)

    1. Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217

      Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217

      I'm with you. I've brought up changing age-based categories to allow all shooting styles several times. It is an argument that has been answered by some ridiculous comments. Alas, I give up.


      So sorry!



  22. AHOY, Young Lady:


    Anything new on Crand Patron Gunfighter????


    I stayed home from EOT in 2017.


    Geez, after 80, who cares what style we shoot!!!   :-)


    Mud Marine

  23. Whatever happened to Grand Patron being allowed to shoot "Gunfighter" style. I applied for EOT but finally gave up. My problem is I have used that style since I was a small boy. I sincerely doubt that I would be safe trying to switch pistols. I also have no idea why Grand Patrons were not allowed to shoot any style. Gee, isin't enough that we are still alive?   :-0

    1. Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217

      Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217

      Dear Muddy,


      I've brought this up and got thrashed every time. Some of the thrashers have poor reading comprehension.


      I give up. Just shoot GF with the kids. ;)





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