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  1. I am a United Empire Loyalist. That's a descendant of a Tory. My Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather fought with Colonel John Butler's Rangers. His son was a drummer boy with the King's Royal Regiment of New York. Other relatives were Patriots and a few were on the Mayflower. After almost 300 years, most of us American mongrels are a really mixed up lot!!! .
  2. .44 S & W Special snubbie in an Idaho Leather holster and 2 Uncle Mike reloads in a belt pouch. I even carried a S&W .44 Rem Magnum in the jungle along with my personal 1911A1. My revolvers never jam.
  3. ???????????????? El Patron National Champion ???????????????
  4. My grandchildren, my Scouts, my children and I LOVE snow. There's angel making, snowmen, sledding, skiing, snowshoeing, etc.
  5. Lefties are not celebrated for their sense of humour!
  6. I have a "replica "original" Henry. It is a bear to reload on the clock. Lots of pards also dump on the Henry Big Boys but really have no clue about them. The Big Boys can be reloaded well with a little practice. I have been using Big Boys in .357, .44 Rem. Magnum and .45 Colt for years. I have won long distance pistol caliber lever rifle side matches with the .44. . My main match rifle since the turn of the century has been the .45 Colt Big Boy with success using wart hog loads of Holy Black. Although I am a handgun elk and deer hunter, I do have some rifles including the .35 Remington caliber Marlin that I purchased as a teenager. As a member of an "Idaho Heritage Ranch"family, I have enjoyed shooting just about all of the "famous" lever action rifles as well as shotguns primarily in 8 gauge and, of course semi auto and double 10 gauge Magnums. For CAS, I use .45 Colt BP in my revolvers and in my Big Boy and BP 10 magnums in my cut down double. Since, I have been lucky enough to own and to shoot lots of different guns, the ones that I use in SASS ARE THE ONES THAT WORK FOR ME!!! As an aside, I bought the .35 because all of my contemporaries just blindly went for .30-30s. I looked at the ballistics and chose a different drum, the .35 Remington!!! :-) Even more aside, I built and raced Buick straight 8 engines. That was when my contemporaries waxed eloquent over Chevvies. Well, one of my engines won the drag race championship. ANYONE, can tag along with a popular rumour about anything without a shred of fact!!! :-)
  7. ANOTHER "...and I've heard...". I have quite a collection of belt buckles. Now, of course, that's no longer a big deal since lots of times when I show up, I'm told "do you want the trophy anyway or would you like to shoot?" There's a lot to be said about outliving your competitors!!!
  8. Why not? The Henry Big Boy is just as easy to run fast with a little smoothing as any other lever action rifle. There's no magic in a 19th Century weapon that has it superseding a late 20th Century model.
  9. I have read about the pards that denigrate the Henry Big Boy. They know not whereof they speak. They always quote some anonymous source that does not like Henrys. Well, here is a public source that thinks that they are great. After decades and many thousands of wart hog loads of Holy Black, I can safely say that no other rifle can take he abuse, remain super accurate and be totally reliable. Generally, the haters just don't like the shiny brass and the misconception that they are true descendents of B. Tyler Henry's original .44 rim fire design. GET A LIFE!!!
  10. I will take the snow anytime. My Winter Range experiences have been great props, fun shooting, real long distance, horrible mud and rain. I LOVE IDAHO!!!
  11. I have little trouble with a reload using my Henry. The secret is to know your weapons.
  12. My eldest son is in Florida. He says the sledding, skiing and iceboating sucks. I LOVE IDAHO!!!
  13. What's the big deal with scratching your furniture? Do you actually believe that stuff is yours? Whose house do you thinj=k it is? You are there to serve your cat!
  14. I was searching for clubs to enter an NRA postal pistol tournament when I found the "Pink Pistols" of San Francisco. They were fighting the SF's latest gun control proposals.
  15. When does "old" start? I'm not ready. Perhaps when I have run out of age categories.
  16. The NRA is effective partially because they don't get into cases where they'd lose and create a negative precedent.
  17. I have .22, .38 S&W Spl and .45 Colt barrels for my Bond. A dozen years ago or so, I let a kid use it in .22 at EOT. He won!!! :-) I shoot it using black powder in ,45 Colt. It's sturdy, accurate, comfortable and an all around excellent gun. I have ancient Sharps 4 shot derringers. They are much smaller but are not something to count upon. I enjoy shooting it in warthog loads of Holy black. If I cared about winning, I would use .22 shorts or even CB caps, I have a holster from Idaho Leather which I always have on my gun belt. However, I rarely carry my derringer because it's a pain to have to take it out and show it's empty at the loading and unloading tables. I can't remember ever needing to draw it from its holster at a side match.
  18. Mud Marine 54686 Life 1999 Original Club in Darien, Wisconsin Retired back to Idaho Border Marauders, Eastport, ID Rocky Mountain Rangers, Noxon, MT Founders Ranch Gold Hall of Fame, Museum, etc. TG RO II
  19. Ithaca 10 gauge 3-1/2" Magnum with load in the chamber,, S&W .44 Rem Magnum on head of bed with 6, C. Sharps .50-140 3-1/4" on window side of bed. I live alone in Farthest North Idaho on the British Columbia border in grizzley, black bear, wolf and cougar so no curious grandchildren.
  20. I have been a Benefactor Member of the NRA for over 60 years. I have also worked with the other groups. I appreciate them all but ONLY the NRA has been effective over the decades. Many of the others are noisy and vociferous. However, as an early life member of three state R&Ps, I can tell you that only the NRA has been constantly on my side and that of the rest of us. tHE
  21. hall of Fame, Museum, Founders Ranch, Life Member, TG, RO I & 2, CFDA 35. CFDA Life 15, CFDA Range Officer, Posse, GAF, GAF marksmanship, Blah Blah, etc. now another pin???? Geeez, I'm still waiting for the meetings, dinners, etc. SASS promised me! Another pin but no chuck?
  22. I think that I will stay in SASS even if I don't get a pin!!! I think that seven or eight pins might be a bit over the top!!!
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