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  1. The hummimg birds are going through my sugar water like Grant through Richmond.
  2. I trained with.one in ITR in.the Marine Corps. IMHO, it was too heavy. I liked the Thompson.but it was heavy too I loved my TE 1911 in.a.shoulder holster. I still love my 1911.but it's a Les Baer
  3. I lost the pin that secured the cylinder pin.on one of my Pietta .38.Lightning revolvers during the.last stage of.the Idaho State SASS Championship. I still.won! :-) I need help.in.obtaing the.part. Does anyone.know where I can obtain Pietta parts?
  4. The 2022 SASS Idaho Championship was held last week in Boise The Oregon Trail Rough Riders put on a well run, fun and challenging match We shot in the Idaho Fish and Games Black Rock shooting range It's an incredible facility with long range, bullseye, shotgun and a general area along with a dedicated cowboy a ton range It is run by the Oregon Trail Rough Riders on.a contract with the IDF&G Yhe.match was well run, fun and challenging. There are six separate shooting scenarii that sure keep you on your toes. I shot the primary stages as a Gunfighter and finished the match as an El Rey. The OTRR crew were incredibly supportive of this elderly pistolero. I recommend other senior shooter enter their matched and definitely enter the 2023 Championship. The.other shooters were very friendly and extremely interesting The buckaroo were so cute, such good shots and were great little ladies and gentlemen An attractive gal in her 80s was an impressive competitor. A highlight of the group was a lady mustang bird colonel who was the EOT BWestern Wold Champion. Her shooting outfits were beautiful beyond belief. We were served delicious home made lunches every day with lots of cool beverages Water was available at every stage. We won impressive belt buckles and hanging medals. the buckaroos and buckarettes had the opportunity to fire the two cannons that opened each days exciting events. I chose to shoot as an El Rey insteD as a Gunfighter to encourage other elderly ladies and gentlemen to co tinue to compete. I Ioved it. It revitalized me!!! :-) Needless to say
  5. We wear "Packers" in Idaho and Montana. I buy mine from White's in Spokane, Washington. There are also manufacturers in.Montana. My riding boots are from Halls. I had them refurbished once when they were still around. This Friday and Saturday, I became the Idaho El Rey champion. That pretty well dates me. :-)
  6. You have a Marine so you don't need anything else.
  7. My Senior DI was the boot that couldn't tell the sex of the flea. I loved watching him catch H---. I watched that movie over and over! :-)
  8. All is well in Idaho. Our election primary this month features candidates from the right versus the far right against the extreme right wings. Idaho is in no danger of slacking off from supporting the 2nd Amendment. Idaho has numerous NRA, CFDA, SASS and other matches in May. We will have matches through the fall when we'll concentrate on elk and other hunting. MudMarine El Rey 54686 Idaho T :-)
  9. I have loaded brass hulls using a dipper, 8 gauge nitro, fiber and overshot wads and 7-1/2 lead shot, glued with Duco Cement for 60 years of happy blasts of fire and smoke from wart hog black powder charges. I currently get my components from Buffalo Arms.
  10. My great, great, great, great, great grandfather CONRAD, fought against the dirty, rotten rebel rabble for the king as a member of Butler's Rangers. He had to flee to Sillsville, Ontario.
  11. Just a bunch of damned kids. I was too old to be a member!
  12. I am a firm believer in honoring great pards and pardettes by continuing their work. Therefore, I vote to continuing the thread under its current name.
  13. I was away from the wire for a while. What happened to AllieMo? My kitty cats and I came back to the wire to find her referred to her in the past tense. Mud Marine, Kitty and Max would like to know.
  14. The 1911 was my TO weapon. We were taught to shoot one handed. Trivia, as a boy horseman, we carried our revolver in a cross draw holster. You use the method you were taught :-)
  15. Those of us former Marine Cryptologic Analysts and NRA bullseye competitors shoot one handed that'show we were trained and the NRA rules require it. I shoot one handed because I have a revolver in each hand while shooting as a Gunfighter. :-)
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