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  1. Not sure there's any difference between any of these anymore.
  2. 8 years of the last president bashing law enforcement at every opportunity certainly did not help.
  3. And in the next generation you are going to have grandparents taking their grandkids to Starbucks for coffee. Everything comes full circle (even bellbottoms)… eventually there will be a hardware store where the Starbucks used to be and all those grandkids are gonna go to the hardware store and look around and scratch their heads and ask what is all this stuff for?
  5. Perfect. This will be my next T-shirt. BUT, you forgot something about climatechangeglobalwarming denier.
  6. Federal Flite Control 00 8 pellet 12 gauge buck. Probably the best accuracy and controlled/tightest pattern 00 buck available for a shotgun. Glock 20 or Glock 21 are both good problem solvers.
  7. I'm not going to argue that he is idiot because he is an idiot. He is a lying, deceitful idiot.
  8. Take down! BAM! Looks to me, an objective civilian, that she had it coming. Backup officer was merely protecting primary officer. Does not appear to be any racial motive involved either. Officers merely did what they had to do to control the overly aggressive and verbally abusive and physically threatening antagonist/criminally behaving moron. I say let's vote that backup officer into the US Senate. The title of this thread is misleading. The title of this thread could easily read "Officer protects Officer during violent physical attack on another Officer.
  9. Am I rethinking an AR? No, not at all. At least not specifically. But I AM thinking about firearms in general. Lots of them.
  10. Fact checking Joe Biden? Here's a fact: Everything out of his mouth is a lie. I firmly believe he is a habitual and chronic liar. I have unfortunately known a guy like that. Worked with him in the same department for 20 years so I know the signs. If Biden is awake he's going to lie. Period.
  11. The guys over on the glock website will tell you that looked like an early .40 caliber KABOOM.
  12. Any sexier? Just too much?
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