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  1. I guess the ARC doesn't need blood as bad as they say they do? Their politics might have cost someone their life.
  2. Oops! I see it now. Thanks. Being a collector of Carson City Morgan silver dollars Carson City, NV is where my mind 1st went.
  3. Pretty much anything 12 gauge. ARs are always fun. Black powder .44s from open tops. Thompson 1928 Cannot pick just one!
  4. Exactly. Good advice. An organization to which I belong recently had a very large banquet involving lots of raffled firearms. Not a single one of those firearms was given away at the raffle but would be transferred from the the event supporting FFL to the buyer or transferred to the buyers FFL at their convenience, at a later date. Everything above water and obviously legal and no strings attached and no Gray areas. That said I don't see why you could not have an FFL on site to do the transfer if that is an option.
  5. And if I remember correctly, a summary execution of the "dissidents" by Gatling gun AFTER all had been disarmed.
  6. https://www.trex-arms.com/2019/09/14/What’s-At-Stake-With-Red-Flag-Laws/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=sendy&utm_campaign=Red_Flag
  7. Look into PSA or Aero Precision. Smith and Wesson, Ruger or Springfield Armory. DPMS, Windham Arms. All good ARs within that price range. Does not need to be .223/5.56 either although very popular. If you run across 223 Wylde, that works too. It is a slightly altered chamber size to better accommodate both calibers with better accuracy from both. marketed as a hunting chambering. 300 Blackout caliber is gaining a lot of popularity as well. It is a .30 caliber and probably better suited for medium sized game. Think hogs, deer...
  8. Curious again... Pat, in California is a CCW'r restricted to carrying only one gun at a time?
  9. You have to register your CCW piece (s) with the state? I presume qualify with each as well? Curious... how common is this? I am guessing other states have this as well. Nothing like that in my state so we have decent flexibility if we suffer from gunaholic syndrome. The G45 is an excellent gun. Carry will probably depend on body type. I can appendix carry a G45 but only if I don't ever need to bend over to tie my shoes. G19 is better, I find. For "deeper" CCW the Shield is awesome. Totally and comfortably disappears under everything and anything. Give it a serious chance... I think you'll like it. The small, thin newer Glocks are also all great choices. Lots of options for CCW. Have fun shopping! On edit, the Sig P238 is also a winner, in my book. Smaller yet than the Shield and .380 caliber but very, very concealable. Light weight and thin. Single action similar to a 1911 action too, if you like 1911s. All the above mention are reliable firearms. Very accurate if the shooter does his part.
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