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    Colorado, camping, Jeeps, the Old West, ghost towns, US History, the US Constitution, big band music of the '40s, red meat, whiskey, coffee and flapjacks.

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  1. I once shot 22 BP 12 gauge loads on one stage. There was lots of laughing but no heat issues.
  2. I was thinking a very, very, very, very, very bad idea.
  3. Who? The VP or the WH press sec? Oh wait... They are tied for first place in stupid.
  4. I do anymore. I mean yes, always. I like my job but when I see ANY of the managers I get annoyed long before they open their mouths. (I put that very politely.) Traffic. How people "drive" their shopping carts at the grocery store. I could go on, but that would only pre annoy me and I've only had 1 coffee so far this morning. Now, the picture in the first post. Marissa Tomei (sp?) from a 90's movie, I believe. Her voice was beyond annoying in the movie (although a super funny flick) but she was and still is super beautiful, so that's NOT annoying.
  5. I never played baseball but occasionally enjoy watching. I think I missed out on enjoying playing baseball but I was busy with other sports. Field of Dreams connected something within me to baseball, as corny as it sounds. I'll definitely watch the Netflix show. Thanks for the heads up, J-Bar.
  6. Land Run is getting close. Anyone bringing anything interesting to the swap meet?
  7. My folks live in a very red county in northern Minnesota and they love it. The North Woods, the wildlife, the scenery, the peace and quiet and the sane people.
  8. Remember the Raiders of the Lost Ark scene?
  9. I have 3 rifles in 44-40 but none is a Codymatic. Yet. Codymatic is worth it.
  10. Didn't obama/holder ship a bunch to Mexico (cartels) at one point under the guise of a program called Fast and Furious?
  11. Hahaha! Yes! Definitely yes! But for cowboy guns. Well, yes also.
  12. And some of those same "smart" people in the 1970s said that the next ice age was going to end the world within 10 years. Oops..
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