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  1. I saw one at a gun show 2 weeks ago. $850.00 Seems to be an average price for DA revolvers anymore.
  2. Still have not had time to watch the first season... Good one, I hear.
  3. So this doesn't hijack Abilene Slim's thread... Regarding Smith and Wesson revolvers I know the older or pre (safety) lock revolvers are generally thought of as higher quality and highly sought after by Smith and Wesson revolver aficionados or just by folks who want nothing to do with what's now known as the Clinton safety on a S&W revolver. Unsightly thing, that safety keyhole on the side of the gun, IMO. On other websites I have read reports where the safety lock fails and actually locks up the gun making it unusable. I have also seen a couple of videos demonstrating this failure. I have no idea how widespread or rampant this problem has been but it certainly something that would concern me greatly were I to want to carry a newer Smith and Wesson revolver for personal protection. Have any of you here actually had a problem with the safety lock failing, causing the gun to become inoperable? Lots of newer Smith and Wessons are very aesthetically pleasing and balanced quite well. I'd love to get 1 or 2 but the lock failure issue so far has scared me away from them. I recently had several new revolvers side-by-side including a Smith and Wesson 686 Plus that I absolutely loved except for the safety lock. Needless to say its counterpart from Ruger is the one that came home with me. A lot of 1911 shooters also have a similar issue with Colt's series 80 internal safety mechanism. I'm wondering if the Smith's safety is generally much ado about nothing like most people's experience with the series 80 from Colt?
  4. Doggone it! This thing makes me want to get another Tahoe just to get this vault!!!!
  5. Interestingly enough, mine is in 45 Colt. As far as I know the 1917 was made for 45 ACP using half moon clips but at some point in its life it must have gone back to the factory and was altered to accept the 45 Colt.
  6. I suddenly like and respect the state of Missouri much more. And I'm sure that California, Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey suddenly do not. I will err on the side of constitutionalism and logic every time. Oh wait, I mean I will think like an adult when it comes to this stuff every time unlike California, Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey every time. It must be difficult being a 5 year old in a grown up's body for most of those people who run those state governments invariably running those states into the ground... I hope to see more US Constitution/BoR friendly States acting like grown ups in the near future as well.
  7. Dantankerous


    Revolver loaded or empty?
  8. Sounds like this shooter needs to find a new hobby. Anything but firearms.
  9. I'm going to answer this 7 years from now so you can be sure the statute of limitations has expired on the egregious transgression against the universe you have made. But don't worry...it will still be a no call at that point in the future.
  10. English ain't all that difficult...
  11. I have a 1917 but you cannot have the grips from mine. A fantastic revolver! I agree, check eBay. Amazing what you can find on that site.
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