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  1. About 3 months ago those were in stock on Advance Armaments website. Might want to check there.
  2. Wasn't the 1873 SAA or Winchester also made for shooting people? Hmmm. The 1860 Henry debued for shooting people. Hmmm. Exactly which military uses the AR15 again? Hmmm. The OP mentions the word wisdom in reference to the current administration. Bwaaaaahahahahahaha! Thar ain't none there. NFAing non serial numbered accessories cannot be done. Banning them can. Get ready for INFRINGEMENT.
  3. Get an advisor. Not advice from a message board.
  4. Under Biden, emerging Asian market (Chinese) funds might be a good bet.
  5. A friend who doesn't pay any attention to current events or politics and certainly not firearms related issues in conjunction with the above has a son who just turned 21 and they decided to buy a Glock 19. They have not been able to find ammunition to even shoot it once now for 4 months. (Apparently the dealer sold him the gun before they discussed ammunition availability…). He recently contacted me and asked how come there is no ammo to be found. I asked him if his head had been buried in the sand for the last year and I don't think he liked that. I told him where he could find some ammo
  6. Another thing I have noticed, revolvers are out selling semis probably 3 to 1 locally. My guess people preparing for upcoming semi bans.
  7. Yes you did. Wranglers in my area are still available at prices around $199 to $249. One local dealer selling Wranglers for $195 cash. Ammo availability however...
  8. Or is my part of the world still sane? A local FFL has a Ruger Redhawk in .357 for sale. The 8 shot model, stainless, 6" barrel. Nice gun. Been for sale for months. Priced at about $900. NO takers. On GB right now an auction bidding is seeing the same gun currently at almost $1900! Whaaaaaaaaat? I thought maybe a discontinued model. Nope, still on Ruger's website with an msrp at just over $1000. A modern, currently produced non collectable revolver going for close to 2K online? WOW! And I thought ammo was expensive!
  9. The media urges...? Without Trump to bash the media is needing to drum up more controversy with who they see as the enemy. Yup. Gun owning Americans.
  10. Yes. From what I've read, Rangers had some personal discression in their choice of sidearm early on in the 1900s. Pre 1900 they brought whatever guns they owned to the job with them. Of course, Hamer could probably do whatever he wanted by that point in his career and certainly had whatever flexibility he needed in pursuing B&C.
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