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  1. Me too. Never lived there permanently but spent much time there in a tent.
  2. A hearty CONGRATULATIONS to Asa and Boss! Well earned! Winter Range... coming right up!
  3. Thank you, all. Looks to be some good advice here.
  4. Kinda looks like we are already divided.
  5. Probably not far from the truth, using United Nations forces. Interestingly enough, I know at least one firearms instructor who has mentioned this before. Perhaps 10 years ago. When he paints metal silhouette targets he has been known to paint the head blue mimicking UN forces helmets.
  6. No reason not to give it a try. Thank you, I'll take you up on the offer. PM on the way.
  7. Interesting you say that, Pat. I just watched a video on the Work Sharp system. The advertising video sure makes that look like a wonder tool. Think I will stick with real world experience from people who have tried it. Thank you for the insight. I will look into the Lansky you mention.
  8. Looking for thoughts and opinions on a knife sharpener. I have too many knives that need a new edge. Kitchen and otherwise. Electrical? Manual pull through? Thanks for any help.
  9. Not going to happen. While some Americans have already happily given up their rights and others will due to sheer ignorance and laziness, plenty of Americans will fight to maintain those rights. There are plenty of Americans who know America as founded and as fought for and died for is worth still fighting for and leftist socialism is worth stopping at any price. If the leftists were to win the 2020 election they will not govern as they desire, disarming us and turning us into a 3rd world socialist nation that today's democrats seem to want. Plenty of real Americans left to fight for this country.
  10. WT funny whatever???? Loved it. Will be shopping for this tomorrow.
  11. The Bill of Rights does not guarantee citizens any particular right given from the government as much as it does restrict the government from infringing upon the citizens' rights inherent to it before the Constitution was written; rights given by Almighty deity. But because today's democrats are godless heathen they do not understand nor accept that reality. Joe Biden is insanely wrong on everything that comes out of his mouth. But please, keep it up Joe.
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