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    Colorado, camping, Jeeps, the Old West, ghost towns, US History, the US Constitution, big band music of the '40s, red meat, whiskey, coffee and flapjacks.

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  1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahauaha!!!!!! Love it!!!!
  2. A most excellent western. The Tom Harte character is a favorite of mine.
  3. I use cash much more than plastic so I get a lot of change throughout the year. I usually get two or three Mercury dimes and one or two silver quarters every year. I also make a habit of asking the bank teller for half dollars whenever I'm in the bank lobby. I always get halves that other people bring in and change for bills. 5 silver halves a year average doing so is not uncommon.
  4. Don't you know? Haven't you heard? Strong father figures are sexist, racist, homophobic, misogynistic, and don't let kids eat Pop Tarts.
  5. I'll stick to Sgt. Rock and The Haunted Tank over Superheroes anyday.
  6. Almost circles back to straight hetero woman loving man, somehow.
  7. There are at least two different "drop two" mods available. Early Coyote Cap mod allows the two drop AND use of the mag tube. My Norinco (?) is set up this way and I love it although it is not as fast as the mod that I've seen on Chiappa '87s I believe the Chinese guns and Italian '87s can both can be set up either way. Just be aware of the difference and nuance involved with loading and know what you want before you buy.
  8. Another thread that needs an AWESOME button to hit for both of you.
  9. I am hoping to be out by 60. Staying longer actually pays less pension. That and I have no desire to waste any more time at that place.
  10. If only my company would offer early retirement... I'd JUMP on that. Alas, they would rather make crap up and fire long term employees.
  11. I've tried to send emails from management at my place of hell, uh, I mean employment directly to spam but sadly, that does not work. I'd NEVER think about wanting to contact them.
  12. I recently saw a 44-40 Uberti '73 lever action with the barrel stamped Uberti, USA INC, Lakeville, CT. I am not familiar with that stamp. Is this an older Navy Arms rifle? Something different? No Navy Arms stamp or any other importer stamp I could find on it. Thanks for any helpful insight.
  13. Towing is one thing. Stopping is quite another, especially in hills and mountains. Downhill control. Brakes, low gears, trailer brakes, exhaust brake if running a so equipped diesel... very important to keep in mind. Even in towing smaller campers behind an SUV or 1/2 ton you will benefit greatly by using a simple brake controller with a trailer axle brake.
  14. Bravo! Well deserved! A hearty congratulations!
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