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  1. IROC Z Wearing untied or unlaced high tops. Leggings. Square headlight Jeep Wrangler Red Dawn. WOLVERINES!!!! Freddy Krueger Jason Voorhees Michael Meyers
  2. Boom Boxes Big Hair (men AND women) The Breakfast Club MTV Satelite TV Sony Walkmans We also saw the end of the national 55 mph speed limit and the drinking age increase from 18 to 21, if memory serves. Affordable college tuition!
  3. As I have never had one of these in my hands before today I have to ask. At a local shop, saw one. 8 shot, well built, great sights, stainless... decent DA trigger pull but pulling back the hammer for SA was stiff and quite difficult. No way a young or weaker shooter would be able to cock the hammer. I thought way too much hammer spring for a .22. Is this normal? My new 44 mag SBH has a stiff hammer, but I'm surprised this .22 feels like a 44. Does this lighten up? Do these normally require a lighter spring? As there was not another one to compare this one to I have no idea if this is normal or not. Thoughts? Thanks!
  4. Not bullets, loaded cowboy ammo.
  5. While I agree that locally 44 Special is durn near impossible to find especially in a LRN cowboy bullet, Georgia Arms has great 44 Special ammo. Perfect for CAS! And priced quite nicely too, unless you shoot 5K rounds/year. I've used a lot of their 44 Special and been quite happy with it.
  6. ¿Mi Español? Así así. Puedo preguntar por los baños.
  7. I have a pair of Cimarron Open Tops in 44 Special and absolutely love shooting them. No downside at all that I can see to that. I love 45 Colt as well. 44-40 is also fantastic. They're all great! I shoot smokeless and black powder 44 Special and have never noticed any problems with either. I occasionly shoot an 1866 carbine also in 44 Special either smokeless or black powder and it is also always an absolute hoot. As far as I can see no drawbacks at all whether you're shooting an old model P, Ruger, or anything else in 44 Special. Elmer Keith and Skeeter Skelton once upon a time did some pretty great work developing some fantastic 44 Special loads. Those ain't for CAS but does show what the 44 Special os is capable of.
  8. Anyone here have any experience with Airstream campers? Quality? Longevity? Routine maintenance? Other mechanical or other issues? I personally know quite a few people who have had terrible experiences with brand new campers ie: roof, door and all windows leaking, floor problems, interior fixtures coming loose on the first trip, slide out malfunctions, etc. I do not know anyone however who has or does own an Airstream. As they are constructed quite a bit differently than most other campers my interest is piqued thinking the design might lend itself to not suffering the same maladies as I have much too often heard about today's modern bumper-pull non Airstream type campers. Thanks for any helpful insight into Airstreams!
  9. The supposition is that people pay attention enough to know that they're being charged a convenience fee on a plastic transaction. I'm going to guess that most people do not nor do they care about any plastic convenience fee anymore.
  10. Tongue might be delicious but there just ain't no reason to eat tongue with the vast availability of meat from the rest of the critter. Thinking beef critters here.
  11. Anything from Burger King. But seriously... Mountain oysters Tripe Brains Liver Clamato beer
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