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  1. It's a shirt. How hard can this be? Just make sure it has long sleeves and play accordingly.
  2. Sue, did you just quote yourself? Not sure I've seen that done before. Lol
  3. PMags are great mags. Reliable, quality. Good price on these.
  4. Much like Rooster I'd love a Henry 1860 in 44 Special. I'd really really really like it in the "iron frame" look too, not brass. A Henry in color case is sweeter than peach cobbler. So far, impossible to locate. I did find a '66 carbine in 44 Special after looking for several years. Such a sweet shooter. My Broken Trail gun. Patience must be a virtue.
  5. I'm a Marlin guy but the more I see the Henry rifles, the more I like them. Not for shooting CAS, but just as an all around darn nice gun.
  6. With factory 45-70 currently priced at over $4 per round ya better be reloading if ya want to shoot and still eat.
  7. In my state my CCW # goes on the 4473 instead of a call to NICS. Out the door in less than 10 minutes with the gun for the entire transaction. That's the way it should be everywhere.
  8. Rye, Kinda like when we see a Henry Big Boy in a western movie set in the late 1800s, huh?
  9. Every time I remember seeing him he's either working or smiling. Usually both. Darn good fella.
  10. Exactly. I know several people who cannot get the yearly influenza shot just due to how they respond to it. Every time they have had it they get quite ill. Just based on how they react to that vaccination has already determined how they're no way in hell going to try a coronavirus vaccination. They'll take their chance with cv19.
  11. Yup. I Am Legend, 28 Days Later or World War Z. No amount of jogging will prepare one for the zombies in those depictions. I much prefer the Walking Dead stumble-walkers.
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