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  1. It's probably easier not to drink when you don't have a job you don't like to go to every day. I foresee me drinking much less when I retire.
  2. Tequila Chase, you make excellent points. To wit, I have several friends who have missed out on a tremendous amount of their family life over the decades because they always claim they "have" to work. They "have" to pick up that overtime... Any and every excuse to justify more time spent at work and less time with the family for the wrong reasons. Now these guys are all close to 60 years old and they lament that they did not get to see their kids grow up or are missing out on their grand kids' early years. All because they still use the excuse they "have" to work when indeed not a one of them has ever needed the extra money. You should see their heads spin when I ask them who's going to spend all their money for them when they're gone.
  3. Lately "rich" and "poor" have been used as labels to promote societal wealth-envy continuing to stir up radical politics. And by lately I mean this started in January, 2009. Plenty of ways to define rich. Unfortunately too many people use the word monetarily to define what they don't have, can't have or want unobtainably. I agree with the above sentiment that just living in this country makes us richer individually than most if not all of the rest of the world. We tend to take these blessings for granted today and too many people have lost track of what opportunity, freedom and individual accountibility mean and can do for the individual. I would not want to live anywhere else in the world. I will never have a bank account like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet do but that's not what is important to me. There are plenty of things much more important than monetary valuation in this world.
  4. Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! I live in the Wichita area and my cowboy travels take me to Chapman, Lenexa, and South into Oklahoma for monthlies. Lots and lots of great cowboy folks 'round these parts. Look forward to meeting you.
  5. Yup. I worked with 3 different people who all played the bankruptcy game to the hilt. Don't get me started on that as I don't have enough blood pressure medication to thwart my head exploding.
  6. I can think of too many occasions where your non dominant or off hand can be doing, needs to be doing something other than racking the slide on an empty chamber Glock to make that practice workable at the moment you need a handgun for self defense. Always carry chambered. Always carry in a holster that allows for total trigger guard coverage. Always keep your finger off the trigger until you're gun is on target and you're ready to shoot. Always reholster slowly and deliberately to avoid doing something stupid and dangerous while putting your gun away.
  7. I'd be curious as to just how a priest and a stripper met.
  8. Kinda how I feel about the Lee Child and Stephen Hunter books. I'll certainly check out Elmore Leonard. Thanks for the suggestion! I've been needing to discover another western author.
  9. And this judge would be wrong. Emotions evoking subjectivity never trump Constitutional freedom.
  10. I have a friend who always complains he never has enough money. He makes good money, works long hours for it, has no debt, is healthy, never spends frivolously, etc... he is truely better off than probably 95% of the world's population. He is never happy. He makes the sad mistake of not living in reality. He is constantly trying to compare what he doesn't have to what people who are billionaires do have. He will eventually work himself to death, bitter he does not have more, his entire life wasted on the faulty idea of what wealth means to him.
  11. I call that a decent shopping day! I'm ashamed to admit that I was not part of that effort. I shall do better.
  12. Well, it IS history and most people today have difficulty spelling the word let alone studying history... Someone however, will eventually do exactly what you mention, I have no doubt. Probably get a trainload of support too.
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