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  1. Chris LeDoux had a song titled 'Copenhagen'. Guess what they threw at the stage when he sang that song. I saw it happen twice in concerts.
  2. How about, "The Redcoats are coming?"
  3. I second, third and fourth the Bob Swagger novels. Quite excellent.
  4. Anything by Skeeter Skelten J. Todd Scott's books High White Sun, The Far Empty and This Side of Night are good. Jack London classics are always great. Longmire, Jack Reacher and of course all of Louis L'Amour's westerns.
  5. Planning on it. I hated missing this year's match.
  6. The killing of Pat Garrett is just as fascinating as some of the uncertainty surrounding the possible killing of Billy the Kid. Old West history does not disappoint.
  7. Although it might have to be titled Old Guns now the premise would make an excellent story.
  8. I found myself on a highway behind an 18 wheeler, both of us getting ready to take an exit when one of his trailer tires blew out. Uh, I mean exploded. At least that's what it seemed like. In my Jeep I felt the shock wave and had at least one piece of tire shrapnel hit my vehicle. The day I gave up riding a motorcycle was the day I came up behind a city work truck. I was preparing to pass (we were going 55 mph-ish) when a stop sign blew out of the back of the truck and flipped airborne end over end coming right at me. As it neared me a crosswind caught it and barely steered it away
  9. Funny how the article mentions the movie(s) Young Guns as having depicted Billy the Kid. Seems I remember in Young Guns 2 Billy was not dead; had not been killed by Pat Garrett. The movie gave credence to the idea Brushy Bill Roberts was Billy. In fact, we never saw Pat kill Billy in the movie. Hmmm. So much for getting Old West history from a movie.
  10. While I understand and agree, there might otta be another catch to the sale under your sales agreement... sell it to someone who still appreciates, loves and respects this country. Too many "Americans" don't anymore while plenty of non Americans do.
  11. I have seen this first hand. 100% crap from my sampling of one. Beautiful gun but would not, could not make through one cylinder, 5 shots without jamming. Glad that gun was not mine.
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