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  1. They can ask all the money they want. I'm still buying Toyota as it's a much better vehicle.
  2. $225 for this sweetheart at Land Run. (Guns shown for scale only.)
  3. SOLD XL, never worn, brand new condition. (Got too many coats...) Black, soft shell. Will bring to Land Run where I'd prefer to sell this FTF. Don't want to ship as cost gets stupid. But if'n ya really want me to ship it'll be about $22 extra in shipping. $50 for the jacket. As usual, the first "I'll take it" wins.
  4. Pat, That was waaaaaaaaay more better than anything that idiot could do. Don't be serving up credit where is ain't due.
  5. I've seen it several times and very much enjoy it. Even though some scenes depart from reality it was well acted, entertaining and I thought JB did an outstanding Wild Bill. I'm sure I'll see it again. If you want to talk weird westerns, check out Bone Tomahawk.
  6. Amen. Walt was the best. A true gentleman and cowboy. Gone way too early. And he could flat run a Marlin.
  7. S&W Performance Center 2000 Schofield. I bought this used but possibly not fired. Well, I shot it. Ran about 200 rounds of Black Hills 45 Schofield 180 and 230 grain ammo through it. Fun gun, just not gonna make it a CAS gun idea anymore. Excellent condition. This is not one of the "presentation pack" Schofields that came with a fancy case, just the plastic S&W blue plastic case. Gun will be sent through my FFL to your FFL. SASS members preferred due to ridiculous rate of scammers we've had on-line lately. Thanks for looking. Feel free to PM me with questions but the sale must be replied to in the thread with an "I'll take it". $1750 shipped.
  8. I'd probably sell my place. For $1 billion. And I'd throw in the crap in the garage. With the drought in the Midwest affecting small farmers over the last 2 or 3 years I can see foreign money being very attractive to these farmers and landowners who are going to go bankerupt otherwise.
  9. .44 Special is a favorite of mine for reloading and shooting, either smokeless or BP, Cowboy Action or Keith loads. I'd LOVE a pair of Vaqueros for Cowboy in .44. I've hundreds of BP .44 specials and hundreds more .44 smokeless that need to be shot and although I have open tops I occasionally use in .44 I'd prefer Rugers. I use FFFg and 200s, Trailboss, Unique and Power Pistol in .44 Special with 180s, 200s, and 240s. All great loads. My one rifle match in .44 is a Longhunter '66 carbine that is a hoot to shoot!
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