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  1. Don't care if my liver is hanging by a thread Don't care if my doctor says I oughta be dead When my ugly old car won't make this hill I'll write a suicide note on a hundred-dollar bill
  2. Did 30 years (some of it, hard time) in the insurance business & remain deadset against anything that impugns the principles of tort liability & indemnity. The guilty party (and/or his insurer) should pay. Everybody occasionally messes up on their job but not retightening lug nuts is gross negligence.
  3. David Crosby sez if you remember the 60's, you weren't there.
  4. They did, if they dared Dad's pecan tree. He could hit a squirrel with a slingshot from his bedroom window.
  5. Save me n Petey a spot back yonder in the shade.
  6. I thought we were one of them.
  7. They are spinning in their graves, as is my Dad.
  8. Don't assume so. I've been fired twice - once for being three weeks from being vested in the profit-sharing plan. The second was trying to cut off my eligibility for my pension (the new idiot CEO actually sent out a memo to the department heads telling them to consider getting rid of their older employees).
  9. Forget taxes. Biden's Keystone pipeline kill will keep us dependent on foreign oil for the foreseeable future. Not to mention the impact of the lost jobs.
  10. Well, durn. What's the one that doesn't? Didn't mean that small. But not the big, heavy ones, either.
  11. Scorekeeper speaks on PractiScore: PS does not show categories on the posse listing. Category is helpful for ID when you don't know everybody. devices: I'm probably in the minority here, but I prefer a smaller tablet 5/7, 5/8. Helps for quicker entry & when you're juggling a lot of stuff.
  12. Sometimes you fly so high you can't find a place to land Got money in the bank And a drink in your hand When the love gets low Someone's gonna lose 'Cause our love is driftin'
  13. Sez who? I'm seeing a lot of it these days.
  14. Oh, we'll be at Black Gold. KY State just comes too close to the end of tax season. He'll be working 10-12hrs 7/7 right up until the 15th.
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