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  1. No. That way, in traffic, you're wasting a lane. Use all the lanes before the end, then alternate merge to keep traffic moving.
  2. I still don't get why people don't understand there is way more to posse assignment than just who wants to shoot with whom.
  3. Agree totally. But we can recognize quality when we see it.
  4. And yet there are our friends and compatriots Andy, Paul & Steve who did what they were sent to do.
  5. When the boys were little I dubbed them Running Mouth and Buck Nekkid.
  6. I was a huge fan of her dignity, grace, and humor and was thrilled beyond measure to actually get a glimpse of her at the diamond jubilee procession on the Thames. BabyGirl was, in 2012, grand poobah of Olympic Broadcasting and living in London with her boys, both scouts. She was Akela. The troop was co-ed. She insisted that the troop participate (she's not even my Queen but this is IMPORTANT) and we wound up down front at St Katherine's Wharf to watch the flotilla (the food was elegant). I personally stood two little girls on a chair so they could see over the fence when Her Majesty, Charles & Camilla, and Will & Kate passed by. I wish His Majesty all the very best. Through it all he has been the dutiful son & in training since he was four years old.
  7. As I was TRYING to say: We insured lumber yards. One of our dealers also had rental properties, which led to one of the worst workers compensation cases we ever paid. Employee went into the crawlspace of a tenant's house & got bit by a brown recluse. We paid for multiple surgeries to remove necrotic tissue. It would have been cheaper if the guy had lost his arm (which was a distinct possibility). These little suckers are nothing to joke about.
  8. If they jump at me they're gone.
  9. The only problem with shooting new places is they just might wind up on your "must shoot" list & pretty soon you're going to have to start picking & choosing.
  10. No, seriously...y'all watching the Little League World Series?
  11. Yeah. Head wounds bleed. Will never forget the day (for some reason I had locked the back door) Petey knocked on it & when I opened the door he was standing there with blood running down his face. He'd done a stupid at work & it taught me I was never gonna know what I was gonna get.
  12. Tell her she can sit at the cool kids' table.
  13. I wish I could ask my Dad what he thought. He'd be right.
  14. Petey has always enjoyed this match. I never got to go until Jack B Nimble retired from CAS. We hated to miss this year but figured we might ought to keep our covid at home. Save our spot - we will be back.
  15. Just wait 'til you've got raccoons living in yer attic.
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