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  1. Got it. I'm on a posse where I know almost nobody - have I done something wrong?
  2. Some eejit newscaster interpreted a chant of "F&&k Biden as Let's Go Brandon" at some event.
  3. Got mine from High Cotton Kitty - bonded littermates.
  4. Please save my spot until/unless the gubmint extends the tax deadline again.
  5. Basic "brine": 1 cup sugar (or equivalent), 2/3 cup vinegar (I use ACV), 1 tsp salt - heat until sugar dissolves. No need to boil. Then add seasonings while mixture is still hot. For dill, use dill seed (obviously). For bread & butter, use whole allspice, clove, little bit of stick cinnamon (I like more clove than cinnamon). Basically, it's like Justin Wilson's Cajun cooking: use what you like and what you got. Slice your cukes (and onion) into the cooled mixture, put in fridge in glass container (Mason jar), and let rest 12 hours.
  6. Such very sad news. Wishing you & yours comfort and peace.
  7. We were all up at Baby Girl's & there was a bunch in the den watching a ball game & another bunch of us sitting around the dining room table drinking likker & swapping lies. One of the kids came in from the den & said "Pirates." I found it gratifying that everybody at the table, young and old, responded "Yaaaarrrrgh."
  8. Yes. This IS how you get another cat.
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