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Land Run swap meet

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A  pocketful of cash!!!


looking for:

Dillon 550 45ACP caliber conversion (would consider D750)

45 ACP brass

45 ACP bullets 


might be tempted by????????:)


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26 minutes ago, Marshal Eli Taylor said:

Hoss, you need to contact Elwood James, he belongs to the OKC club and also makes great coated bullles for 45ACP.  I will be shooting them in that match.  

I’m not a huge fan of the coated bullets. But will check them out. Thanks! 

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If any interest I might tote these along.

USFA Rodeo 7 1/2" 45 Colt, unfired. $1,300


Coyote Cap #41 93/97 $750







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$225 for this sweetheart at Land Run. (Guns shown for scale only.)






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I have an extra XL650 that I am going to sell.  Parts and extras listed in attachment.  I will bring this to Land Run ONLY IF someone wants this.  Otherwise I am not hauling all of this to OKC.  But, I am shooting Wild Bunch and leaving on Tuesday.  I would like $1500 that is 80% of new price.  But, make me a resonable offer and you can take it home.  


A couple of upgrades are a spent primer system with tubing and a roller bearing in place of the fixed station advance.  

Dillin Press and Parts.xlsx

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Already SOLD.


A bunch of wild rags. 7 silk, 2 cotton. Would like to sell the lot as one. $75 at Land Run. Most worn 1-2 times. I have too many.  :D



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I’m bringing a pair of NMV 5 1/2” 357’s stainless steel.These are bone stock. Only shot in 3-4 matches. Looking for $1800.

Also a Marlin Cowboy Comp in 45 Colt.  $1300 for it. A pair of Schofields in 38 special with 7” bbls. $1700.


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If anyone is interested I may bring the following to Land Run.


The top is an M1 Garand. It has been refinished by CMP with new barrel and Stock. Asking $1250. I have another that is the same if there is interest.

Second is Springfield 1903. I could not find the armor card for muzzle and Throat. But this one should be good. Also, Bolt has number engraved that does not match Serial. $950

Third is Remington 03-A3. Muzzle is 1.0 and Throat is 1.5 $1050

Last in this picture in 1903 - Bore is not very good- probably used in parades and solutes $850




Stoeger 12ga. Stock cut down for Daughter years ago. As I no longer need am selling. I do have an extra stock for stoeger I bought a few years ago. $625.


If interested in any  just let me know and I will bring. And I can supply more pictures just PM your e-mail with request.


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If someone wants I will bring them. 

JM Marlin 38/357. 24” barrel very clean. Lightly smoothed

$1300.  Pics on request


MDL 12 trap. 12ga. 1954 duck bill. Very very nice.  $1200.  Does need a better recoil pad.   Also have an Anton stock for it.  $200. Pics on request.

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Colt “New Army” in .41 Colt with 40” custom made gun belt and Slim Jim pistol pocket. Comes with box of 34 rounds - .41 cal. cartridges  400.00 OBO 

1890 Winchester pump action gallery gun in .22 Long. - 300 rounds of CCI .22 L ammo - 900.00 OBO

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#1  XL Wahmaker Vest for sale

Brown herringbone pattern wool

New never worn (tried on by me only)

Paid $69.99 from Wild West Mercantile

Would like to get $50 delivered to LRgpnmzMMwSfCAwlJf1pFFbw.jpg


#2 Boilerplate Jackson 36" waist uncut inseam (approx. 36")

Light weight navy blue denim, makes good summer wear.

Lightly used, in good condition

Would like $15 delivered to LR



Thanks Asa Smith SASS #40835







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1 hour ago, Crusty Knees said:


Sgt. Eli,

Do you have any milled brass carrier blocks for large caliber?

I'm sorry Crusty, I do not have any large caliber.

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I forgot to put this one in the other day.

1873 Cimarron Saddle Rifle (Checkered .357/.38SP, 18" Octagon Barrel

Cimarron list $1654.71. I will be asking $1450

This rifle is new and has not had any work done on it.


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1872 open tops.  45 Colt.  They have wolff springs and the hammer spurs have been turned down.  $850 for the pair.  I’ll be at the north campsite tomorrow afternoon if you want them before the swap meet. Cash, check or Venmo.  


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I’ll have a 20” octagon barrel JM Marlin that’s been short stroked by Spur. This rifle is mint, super smooth and ready to go. $1800. I’ll be at LR Tuesday so I’ll try to post a pic.

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