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  1. Asa Smith


    I had a great time! Looking forward to the next one!
  2. Asa Smith


    I Shot the Kansas State Black Powder match this weekend. It rained on Saturday, didn't take the time to clean my guns (ie. lazy) just sprayed the outside with Remoil that evening. I have "antiqued" (removed most of the bluing from) my pistols and Shotgun so wasn't worried about them but my new Winchester had me a little concerned. Shot them again Sunday and still did not have the energy to clean them last night, just dried the water in the magazine tube (they were still wet from Saturday). This morning I feared for the worst. The pistols and shotgun had a very little rust on the outside (adds to the look) so no worries. Disassembled all of them and all were perfect! Cleaned the powder residue out of the barrels and cylinders, using mixture of Murphy's oil soap, Hydrogen peroxide, and alcohol, it came out cleaner, easier than I would have expected when using smokeless! My Winchester still looks new! I had used APP with the rifle and pistol rounds. This stuff was easier to clean than I ever expected, way easier than smokeless! My fears of BP are gone! Just may win me over to the dark side! (I know APP is a sub, so don't be a hater) My 2 cents Asa Smith PS should have mentioned that my Winchester is chambered in 44-40, my first gun in that caliber, thought it was (and it is) the perfect caliber for black...
  3. Shot black powder in the pouring down rain on Saturday, in the sunshine Yesterday... Had a FANTASTIC time!!!!! Thanks Free State Rangers for a great shoot! *****Cornbread and Beans and company put on a great one...***** Asa Smith
  4. WOW Where was this post a year ago? Just shot another 2 day, 10 stage match this weekend with mine. I have learned to keep my thumb on top of the tang to help close the action. Kept thinking it would get better the more I shot it, has slightly, but was still stiff. Read this post after disassembling and cleaning this morning, thought I would check mine and see if it had this issue, 5 minutes and I have a new rifle!! Winchester had this gun in their service department for 2 months last spring for this and a timing issue, neither were fixed. I found the link on timing a 73 and fixed the timing issue last year, now the stiff closing is fixed! Feels like new rifle!! Thanks you El Cubano and Levi Asa
  5. If you are still looking and can't find it used, here is a good deal on a starter set. https://www.hamiltondrygoods.com/special/
  6. Had a great time shooting with you Jake! Posse 3 was a fun, hard working group, made things run smooth. I agree, it was a great weekend with a great group of cowboys! Train ride was fantastic! Hope to shoot with you down the road soon. Asa
  7. Perfect choreography with the rifles! Slim, you may have had a better outcome if you would have brought your pistols! Just sayin'
  8. This promises to be a fun shoot, great range, perfect for shooting cowboy....a great follow up to Chapman and lead in to POP and EOT. Last day for official registration, but sure Beans will still add you to the list. Asa
  9. Major placed 5th in the category shooting' his Henry, (got the scarf slide), didn't slow him down much...that is a true Cowboy!
  10. Had a GREAT time! The train ride was awesome, what it may have lacked in glamour, it more than made up in history and camaraderie! Well done Major! Great shooting' with all! Jax, nice meeting/shooting with you, admire you accepting the Henry challenge, and shooting open tops and 87 t'boot! Get them things runnin' for next year.... Asa
  11. Only 1 week left to get your entries in! Deadline is May 6th....
  12. Had a good crowd testing the range today! Had a great time, come join the fun!
  13. Cornbread has the range looking FANTASTIC! Perfect range for a black powder SHOWDOWN...
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