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  1. I plan on making sure everybody learns some Kansas History! Asa
  2. Dave Add Insanity and I to the list. I am sure all the Classics will make sure we get Stirrup tucked in early!! Congrats SturrupTrouble! Looking forward to WR 2020! A dryer warmer one I'm sure!!! Asa
  3. The TR gun and some of the blued guns next to it had the "Black Powder" frames. Didn't know they made those. Thought Uberti and Colt were the only ones making those. Interesting...
  4. Thank you Jackrabbit Joe. We have a deal as per our conversation. Thanks Asa
  5. I have not made the plans yet but did last year and am going to try again this year. Are you going to be there? Asa
  6. Thanks Drifter You coming to Classic Cowboy showdown in Iowa?
  7. All good info. This the second year we are going. Flagstaff had 39 inches of snow last year while we were in Phoenix, thankfully it melted enough to not be an issue on the way back. Hoping for better weather this year, got the "Hail yes!" pin last year! Thanks
  8. Those both sound good... thanks for the info. I think the Goodnight ranch is around there also...
  9. Been there that!!! The Ford they have is way to modern....
  10. Coming from the Kansas City area and looking to see things along the way, coming and going. Would like to see Cowboy/Western history gems along the way. What advise do you have? Asa
  11. I have been using my open tops. I drilled out the flash holes on the 45 spl. brass, but still some are not making it out the barrel, the ones that do are very weak and will not even punch through the target. Using Federal match large magnum pistol primers. May try my Ruger and see if it works better.
  12. Has anyone tried using these? I bought some, thought it would be fun to plink with in the basement when I get bored this winter... I got the 45 caliber ones and enlarged the flash holes in some 45 spl. brass. They have not provided the best results. What has been your experience? Asa
  13. Hendo Missouri bullet is a great company. Just give them a call. The folks there are very easy to get along with and would be very helpful. Great bullets, been using them for many years. Good luck Asa Smith
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