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  1. Hello Smokie

    Hope all is well.

    Haven't heard from you in a while, wondering how things are going?

    Hear rumors and always like to go straight to the person involved.

    We have had a routine of going to Branson for your annual shoot, have enjoyed it over the years.

    Greatly appreciated the work you put into them and have been going off and on since 2001.

    Are you aware of plans for this year?

    Thanks for any and all news

    Asa Smith



    1. Smokie, SASS # 6061

      Smokie, SASS # 6061

      Hello Asa, great to hear from you.  I’m not involved with Branson anymore.  I guess 20 years is enough.  I don’t shoot cowboy anymore but shoot a lot of shotgun sports here in Dallas.  Rumors probably are true.  Hopefully things are good up your way.

    2. Asa Smith

      Asa Smith

      Best of luck!

      Hope we meet again down the road someday.

      Take care Asa

    3. Smokie, SASS # 6061

      Smokie, SASS # 6061

      Thanks you too 

  2. Major You will love the 5 1/2" barrels. The best balanced(in my opinion) of all the lengths, and the only other length, beside the 7 1/2", believed to be sent from the factory according to Bruce McDowell. 44 Russian is a good choice, although I have loved my 45's for the last 15 years! Good luck, hold out for what you want, you won't be disappointed! BTT Asa See ya next weekend!
  3. Had a fantastic time at the Free State Rangers Spring Roundup in Parker Kansas this weekend... Fun, well written stages! Loved "breaking in" the new outhouse. This is what Cowboy Action Shooting should be!! THANK YOU BEANS HANEY AND CORNBREAD JONES FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK!!!!
  4. Hello July

    Sorry for the slow response.

    I only get on here in the am and pm.

    I will mark them SPF


    Cell phone # (best way to get ahold of me):



    Send me your info and I will get them ready to ship!

    I do PayPal F&F or any way that works for you, I have had good luck with Cowboys.


    Asa Smith

  5. Howdy, here's my info.


    Roger Dorner

    5029 Mattis Rd

    St louis Mo. 63128


    Thanks RRR  Ps let me know were to send payment. Is a check O.K.


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Red Rider Rudy

      Red Rider Rudy

      Sorry being late sending payment. How much was total?


      Thanks Roger

    3. Asa Smith

      Asa Smith

      I believe it was $48 total (if I am incorrect let me know)

      I am new to selling in big groups so I deleted the part of the post after you bought them.

      I was asking $40 for the group plus $8 shipping.

      When you get them please let me know and if your are satisfied with the deal, if you are not I will make it right.

      Thanks Asa

    4. Red Rider Rudy

      Red Rider Rudy

      I have them, I'm happy with the deal!


      Thanks Roger Payment is in the mail.


  6. DHD

    Is there plans for a Classic Cowboy dinner during winter range?

    I am coming to WR for the first time this year, hoping to get together for dinner with the other CC's!


  7. Alias: Insanity Jane (on the right) SASS# 60540 Powder Creek Cowboys, Lenexa, Kansas Since 2004
  8. Alias: Asa Smith (on the left) SASS# 40835 Powder Creek Cowboys, Lenexa, Kansas Since 2000
  9. Claude,

    I volunteered to take care of the grounds of the POP 2018 match and am looking for help emptying trash, filling water jugs, ect... will be asking around.

    Something to think on, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    My e-mail is : bkreinke@sbcglobal.net and my phone # is: 913-660-5618

    Hope the weather clears up soon, I need to shoot something!


  10. Hello Claude

    It was good shooting with you Saturday!

    Hope I didn't come on to strong given' you crape.

    Lookin' forward to next time!


    (at least I am)^_^

    1. Claude Dirtbank, #104201

      Claude Dirtbank, #104201

      Hey Asa,

      Not a problem here. It's always great shooting with you guys. Hope to see you at the shooting clinic Saturday.


  11. DC Check Gunbroker. Item #606949538 Wholesalehunter (would put in the link but i think thats against the rules) $437 @ 4 available Great price, I have no connection with seller, just passing on the info. Asa
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