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  1. There is one on gun broker with navy grips, 5 1/2" barrel in 45 Colt. Copy and paste item number in search: 881147427 FYI Asa
  2. There is one on our classified ads. Scroll to the last row of ads. https://www.powdercreekcowboys.com/classifieds/ Asa
  3. Bailey PM with Info sent. Thanks, i will mark them sold! Asa
  4. PM sent w/info. Asa
  5. I would like to say THANKS to all who said good things about me! Thank You High Plains Hud for the nomination, you are the more deserving man! I have loved this sport from the first time I tried it back in 2001. It was partially the guns and the fun of playing like a kid, but it was/is mostly about the people. Guys like you-all who love the game and the history. Men that define character, who enjoy the game as much as, (and maybe more than), the competition. I've been shooting Classic Cowboy since before it was a category! Anyone who has seen me shoot knows, I would not be here if it was the real deal! High Plains Hud would have beat me to the draw years ago! Boss Shamrock is a stellar choice for CCG! Congratulations! Again, Thank you to all you Classics!! Asa Smith
  6. I have 2 1 pair of canvas pants for sale. Both are in good condition, have been washed a few times but still have a bunch of life left in them. Bought these used and have never worn them myself. 1) Wahmaker brand, tan color, marked 34" waist, hemmed at 30". SPF 2)Frontier Classic brand, tan color, marked 38" waist (fit more like a 36"), hemmed at 29". SPF Would like $15 each, plus $5 shipping USPS envelope priority to the lower 48. PM with info. First "I'll take it" posted here has it. Thanks Asa Wahmaker: SPF Frontier Classics: still available...can get better pics if you want.
  7. I'm in for the Classic Cowboy dinner. Looking forward to this years CC showdown. Thanks for putting the effort into this Major. Asa
  8. Wanted to give a shout out to the Cowboys that made the shoot this weekend such a great one! It was a great shoot, at a great range, with a bunch of great cowboys. Thank you Monco, Silver Creek Jack, Chisholm Kid and all the other who made it happen...
  9. Such kind words! Wish you was coming to the CC showdown at Parker this year. Hope we get a repeat of Chapman one of these years. That was a GREAT time. Asa
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