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  1. Cabela's in KCK had several yesterday. 1 Uberti and 3 originals, all Rifle versions. Picked up one of the originals and it appears to be in good shape, action was tight, marking on stock appeared good, had some blue on the barrel, but was mostly a grey gun. Know very little about these guns and have no idea of barrel condition. They were asking $1250, may be high, again, I know little about these guns. Just thought I would throw it out there. Asa
  2. Hello July

    Sorry for the slow response.

    I only get on here in the am and pm.

    I will mark them SPF


    Cell phone # (best way to get ahold of me):



    Send me your info and I will get them ready to ship!

    I do PayPal F&F or any way that works for you, I have had good luck with Cowboys.


    Asa Smith

  3. SPF Thanks for looking... Asa Smith
  4. If anyone is interested in these items, and are going to Land Run next week, let me/us know and we can deliver them. All offers considered... Thanks Asa/Insanity
  5. Thanks for all who responded! Looks like 5.5 gr. is the winner... I was leaning in that direction, it is the starting point on the Hodgdon website. Thank you Chert Rock Chuck for the info on open tops. I had similar issues with light loads with Titegroup (primers not reseating and locking guns). Dantankerous, thanks for the input on temp and altitude, those had effected my Titegroup ammo as well. BTY Dantankerous, is there another way to shoot pistols other than one handed? Again, Thank you to all... Asa Smith
  6. I have depleted my supply of Titegroup and am switching over to Trail boss, (the powder I have been using in my wife's 38's). I have been loading 6.3 grs. of Titegroup with a 200 gr. coated bullet for years and like that load. I shoot open tops and try to keep the pressure down due to the thin metal on the cylinder, not so much to reduce recoil. What load would equal that? Thanks for any/all responses, Asa Smith
  7. There is one on gun broker with navy grips, 5 1/2" barrel in 45 Colt. Copy and paste item number in search: 881147427 FYI Asa
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