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  1. You might be surprised on what restaurants have that sign. We have a couple here in the Austin area that have the sign posted back in the bar area but not out front. Which isn't legally posting the sign. One in particular we like to go to for breakfast and never even noticed the sign because we never went into the back area where the bar is. I only noticed it one day when going to the restroom which was also in the back. Needless to say I continue to carry because I only do concealed carry and they don't know I have one on me plus their sign is illegally posted so no one even knows that they have it under most situations. TM
  2. Our Outback here in the Austin, TX area don't have the firearm restriction. I was just there on Wednesday with my wife and daughter and was carrying as I always do. No issues. So maybe it is by area, city, state, etc or the management of that restaurant. TM
  3. From the home page scroll down to the Best Seller section then select Shop All. Then when that page opens scroll to the bottom and go to Page 2 and you will find it there. TM
  4. No problem, just helping out a fellow pard that needed some guidance. I just bought a Lee Load All and getting ready to try to load some of the APP I bought from you at Land Run and see how well it goes. Not sure how many grains or which bushing yet but will get there eventually. LOL TM
  5. I had my left done in 2008 and my right done in 2018. The main thing is to do your physical therapy. It is critical to your full recovery in a timely manner. Yes, it will be uncomfortable and even hurt at times but it is worth it in the long run. You should be ready to get back in the saddle in a few months. TM
  6. sorry but it is 30.06 concealed carry, 30.07 open carry and 51% they sell more than 50% liquor. Those 3 signs control how we can carry or not into a business. These signs need to be viewable when entering the door. TM
  7. there is a Henry like this in 410 over on the classified section. TM
  8. She was probably promoted to assistant manager. that seems to be the way they handle these issues now a days. TM
  9. https://bulletsbyscarlett.live-website.com/shop/Captain-Baylors-Big-Bad-Book-Of-Cowboy-Action-Shooting-Autographed-p601997316 TM
  10. We didn't have cows but did have horses in Parker, CO. We had heated water bowls in each stall for the horses. This way they had water year round. They work great. When it got to a certain temp the heating unit would come on and keep the water line and bowl above freezing. That along with good hay and grain and a place to get in out of the wind kept them happy. TM
  11. I have 2 of Kens CZ tuned shotguns and they are both great firearms. He makes his own new replacement springs and does a great job on them. Can't go wrong with him. TM
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