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  1. You are definitely gun poor. Very nice collection. I see a few I would love to have but my wife said they are not in the budget right now. Good luck selling them. TM
  2. You should be used to that though. They are always right and we are always wrong. If you don't believe me just ask them. TM
  3. Well said and I believe there are a number of us in the same corral as you. The older we get the more we compensate just to stay in the game. TM
  4. Yep, I think it is it the only one he has or he has a bunch of them. LOL
  5. That sounds like the same area I hunted many years ago. In fact we could see the border at some of the places we hunted. I hunted with Gene Kindred from Tucson. He was a school teacher there. I met him when I ran field trials with NASTRA. I had bird dogs back then and it was a very tiring hunt for sure.
  6. Got ya all beat. Here is just a sample of my t-shirts given to me from my wife and daughter. I also have hats. TM
  7. They are beautiful birds and I only found them around the Tucson, AZ area. Live in the steep hill sides. TM
  8. I did the same. Told them I didn't do business with the new bank handling their credit cards. I haven't been back since. TM
  9. Do you get Mearns quail as well? I have hunted both in AZ when I lived in Las Vegas. they both are pretty birds as well as the Chukars that live in the area. TM
  10. You might want to check with your local or state laws. When I worked at FedEx as a consultant they had the same rules about not having a firearm in your vehicle on their property. They were told this wasn't allowed and people could have them in the vehicles as long as they kept them locked up until they left the property.. Just a thought that might be the same there. TM
  11. Yeah, I just tried shooting duelist for the past month but my arthritis isn't going to let me do it. I had to go back to two hands. Oh well, at least I still shoot and enjoy my CAS matches. TM
  12. If you look real close they are blind and deaf.
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