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  1. Don't forget a good reloaders book like the Lee's Modern Reloading manual.
  2. Peggy makes nice things. I you can always count on her items being top notch. I have one of her small tote bags and love. it. Texas Maverick
  3. Pit Bull, Sorry, I didn't mean to take this out from under you. Texas Maverick
  4. Abilene, I will take it. Let me know how you want the gold dust. If you have Paypal that is the easiest, otherwise, can send a check or money order for the unit. I will be working Sunday and offline so you can email me direct at Texas.Maverick@outlook.com and I can get it on my phone. Thanks Texas Maverick
  5. Hoss, love the Texas hospitality. We are one of a kind down here.
  6. Smoky, Hold off sending the book. I just looked at my books and that is the same one I already have. It was behind my others and I didn't see it at first. Need to let someone else have the book since it is a good one. Thanks
  7. Thanks, now I have to go find something else to put on here.
  8. Smoky, I could use the book. Texas Maverick
  9. Since I have not heard anything from you does that mean you are not interested in anything other than a Winchester?
  10. Does it need to be Winchester or can it be Cimarron 1897? I have a new one that has been slicked up and only 4 rounds through it to test it out. Let me know if you want pictures. I would let it go for $550 plus shipping. I have over $700 in it. thanks
  11. JR, it went into the mail today.
  12. Will send to JR. Need address to send it. Thanks TM
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