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  1. GunBroker only shows one being bid on right now. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/897082230 TM
  2. I ended up buying a set from 2 different bids on GunBroker. No one else had any. TM
  3. I see no one pointed you in the right direction. Please go to the merchant site and post there. https://forums.sassnet.com/index.php?/forum/36-sass-merchant-corner/ TM
  4. I only have a 1 pound canister of Clay dot or I would swap with you. Can I get your recipe using Clay dot? I have been doing a lot of research and have even talked with Alliant Powder trying to come up with a good recipe for 7/8's load. I finally found one but need Rem 209 primers instead of the Win 209 I have. Good luck this weekend. Texas Maverick
  5. What made you decide to stay with the SKB if you don't mind me asking. I am looking at upgrading from my Stoeger in the future and both the Daly and the SKB are on the list of ones to look at. Thanks TM
  6. Yeah, I would love to have it but then my wife would be in the same position TXBelle is in. Her late husband doesn't need it anymore. TM
  7. I just bought a Henry off of Gun Broker and then sent it off for tuning. I get it back tomorrow and looking forward to shooting it this weekend. You can find them for around $450 and up and the tuning was a little over $100. TM
  8. I second this recommendation. I bought this one and have no regrets for getting it. Texas Maverick
  9. They have a lot of different grips to choose from. I would say they should have whatever you are looking for. You can also email them and ask questions. TM
  10. check out Arizona Gun Grips on eBay. I have bought from them for several guns and have never had any issues with any of them. https://www.ebay.com/usr/arizonacustomgrips?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2754 TM
  11. Check with John Barleycorn on the Sass Merchant site. TM
  12. It is only 1 NMV. I will let you know if I will sell it out right and give you the first option if I do if you are still interested in only one. TM
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