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  1. It will also come with the rubber pan that goes with it. TM
  2. I am PM'ing you. I was wrong when I said Hornady. It is a Lyman Turbo 1200 Auto Flo like the one in this link. Pictures are of actual tumbler. https://www.grafs.com/catalog/product/productId/10456 Thanks Texas Maverick
  3. What are you looking for? Wet, vibrate or sonic? I might let my Hornady vibrate go since I just got a Frankford Arsenal wet tumbler. TM
  4. I have this pistol and a matching Savage bolt action rifle. I have not had the chance to shoot the pistol but have heard it is a tack driver. I love the rifle so hopefully the pistol will be just as nice a shooter. This is a good price for this as well. TM
  5. You are probably right. I just checked out the website and mine from Klassic looks just like the Black Traditional one. TM
  6. I agree with Jackrabbit Joe. I bought mine from them at Texas State last year. They are great folks to deal with. Texas Maverick
  7. No problem, just figured since I had 3 I could possibly part with 1. TM
  8. I have a Suede Black in XL that I might consider selling if this size will fit you. I have two others, one smooth leather and one in a pattern leather like alligator that are XXL but they aren't for sale. What are you looking to spend and I will let you know if I am willing to part with it. I can send pictures if this is something you want to pursue. Thanks Texas Maverick
  9. No problem, he is fast on the draw for sure and then I see them on the merchant site for sale later. TM
  10. TC, I am sure JB will sell them to you if you really want them. LOL TM
  11. Start out like a lot of the rest of us have. Blue jeans, a henley long sleeve shirt and boots. This is all legal SASS attire and he probably has jeans, the shirt from BPS is around $15 and then a pair of boots either used or new and he is set to go. TM
  12. check with John Barleycorn or Jason Widmer. They usually have NMV for sale. John is on the Sass Merchant Corner with his items. Search for Boomstick Arms for Jason. TM
  13. This is a good deal for someone. I paid $400 for my NIB and only got one pair of grips. You can't go wrong with Bond Derringers. TM
  14. This is a great gun at a great price. I have its brother in the 38/357 that is still NIB and I know I wouldn't sell mine for less that a grand but it isn't for sale. Someone will get a great gun. TM
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