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  1. Here is an auction for two pair of the faux ivory if interested. I just saw them when scanning what was available and remember you looking for black ones. https://www.proxibid.com/Firearms-Military-Artifacts/Firearms/Colt-2nd-Gen-SAA-grips/lotInformation/52495624 TM
  2. Sent you a PM on a place to possible get some men's clothes. TM
  3. Ok, I talked with Bob, aka Suntan Kid last night and here is what he has for sale. Dillon 550 with the strong mount and roller handle and setup with 45LC dies. He also has a few thousand empty 45 cases that he has saved over 20+ years of shooting SASS to go with the press. He wants a face to face sale because he doesn't want to try and ship it. He lives in Sarasota, FL and wants $495 for everything. If you have any other questions please call him at 941-955-8060. Texas Maverick
  4. I will take #3 - 45-70 items. Will send a PM Thanks Texas Maverick
  5. You bought a good rig. I love my leather from Nick at Tombstone. He does a great job. TM
  6. PM'd back. They are yours. Info in PM. Thanks TM
  7. Russ, I need your contact info for shipping them to you. I also sent you a PM but haven't heard back yet. Thanks TM
  8. Your very welcome. Lucchese make the best boots and you should get a lot of years wear out of them. Please message me your address and I will get them ready to ship. I see you live in Westminster. I used to live them a long time ago and then we moved to Parker/Elizabeth area. Our daughter just moved from Lakewood and is now in St. Petersburg, FL but wants to go back to the Denver area. We are now just north of Austin and loving it. I can shoot every weekend if I desire. I usually keep it to two weekends right now. Thanks TM
  9. You can either log into your account at Paypal.com and send money or I can send an invoice to your email address. Let me know which way you would like to proceed. Thanks TM
  10. Ok, the Black Cherry have been sold to Russ the Red and the Black ones to Shadowcaster. Once I receive funds they will go out on Monday. Thanks TM
  11. Shadowcaster, they are yours. I will get them boxed up and ready to go our on Monday. I will send you my paypal account if that is how you want to pay. I will try to get a shipping cost and let you know so we both are in agreement. Thanks TM
  12. To give more insight to the boots. I have gained weight over the years and now wear an 11 EE. But the main problem I have is my ankles don't bend enough anymore for me to get my foot into a boot any longer. I have had to go with Tecovas with the zipper on the side and a pair of Ariat that lace up. The size of these boots are pretty normal. However, that being said they are worn and broke in so should be a little wider than when new. The boots are in very good shape after getting them refurbished. Thanks TM
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