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  1. https://redeyereloading.com/shop/38-special-mix-1000ct/ Check them out for brass. TM
  2. I will take the magazine. Just let me know how you want to proceed. I have a PF9 that I have turned into my truck gun and it stays there for emergency use. An extra mag would be great. TM
  3. I will take them if you are giving them away. LOL TM
  4. You can just go in jeans and a long sleeve henley shirt and be fine until you can start adding to them. Welcome to the sport. Nice alias, I have read all the Sackett books by A'mour. I have most of his books and enjoyed reading them. TM
  5. check out the SASS Merchant link, there are a number of items there that you are looking for. TM
  6. That is very true, I have seen that a number of times and have even handed my screwknife to them to use when they didn't have one handy. See ya Saturday. TM
  7. Abilene, you really gonna go down that path? I will start keeping an eye on you until I see a jam. LOL Texas Maverick
  8. Sorry to hear that. What about just ordering the brass from the link above? Any extra for it? TM
  9. This is what I usually get. They have gone up $2 a box but still a good round for the money. https://www.defenderammunition.com/collections/rifle-products/products/45-70 Sometimes I have to wait because they are out of it but they usually get it in on a regular basis. It is trapdoor safe as well. TM
  10. I have started looking for factory loads costing around a dollar each. This gives me good brass after shooting the factory load. I have a couple hundred rounds now and will begin reloading once I start shooting it again. Starline brass for .43 each is also a good price. You just have to order 250 of them. TM
  11. Here are some options for you. https://www.laxammo.com/lax-ammunition-factory-new-45-70-govt-300-gr-rnfp-100-rds-w-ammo-can-detail https://www.starlinebrass.com/45-70-govt-brass TM
  12. Just be careful, I thought ammo required a hazard material shipping permit. Don't want to see anyone in jail or fined for this. TM
  13. It will also come with the rubber pan that goes with it. TM
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