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  1. Glad to see you are ok. That was my only concern since I hadn't seen you on here lately. TM
  2. Just wondering if John Barleycorn is ok since he usually jumps on these within minutes of being posted. Just concerned about a fellow cowboy. Texas Maverick
  3. Personally knowing El Catorce I would say he will charge you for his effort in your new alias. Probably cost you a rifle. LOL TM
  4. Wish you had put this on early or responded to my post looking for a reloader. Have already bought a new MEC 9000E. TM
  5. I agree but couldn't justify the $3k for a new one and couldn't find a used one. I do like your shell and wad hoppers though. Need to check them out on the link on the box I guess. Thanks Dale
  6. thanks for the info. I am tied up tomorrow and can't get to the post office so I put a personal check into the mailbox today. No problem waiting for it to clear before sending. TM
  7. Thanks for the info. A day late or I would have been interested. I ended up with a new Mec 9000E so it will replace my Sizemaster easier. TM
  8. Do you have the name of the person that made them? Thanks TM
  9. I am assuming that they will draw down to a 44-46? Thanks TM
  10. I will take them. I am at a match right now but send me your info and I will get your payment in the mail. Texas Maverick
  11. I looked at them but didn't find much out there for sale at this time so just didn't list it. I would really like the Spolar but not ready to dump $3k for it. I only need one for my CAS shooting and it would be a big overkill. TM
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