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  1. Keep in mind it is also not only gun control they are pushing but the whole Covid issue as well. Never trusted Fauci and his professional opinion. They have tried to destroy us. They have played with the data in everything they were involved in. Omitting key information for the liberal cause is their game. TM
  2. Check with Scarlett and see what her Cleanshot load is. She also has the powder available. TM
  3. yeah, Alpo definitely has too much free time on his hands. Looks like around 80% of the posts here are from Alpo visiting the Twilight Zone. LOL TM
  4. It was too windy and the sun was too bright. So the sun was in my eyes and the wind blew dust in them as well and that is my story and I am sticking to it as to why I had misses. LOL TM
  5. I think they failed Geography in school. TM
  6. Which one is the positive? LOL Did you have to change categories? Happy Birthday TM
  7. Fedex seems to have lost their minds lately. I sent a shotgun to Ken Griner for tuning. So for some reason it went from TX to NM via PA and IL. Not really sure how they figured that route out but it took over 2 weeks to get it to him. TM
  8. IslandGirl, Dusty is a great guy to work with. I have sent him invitations for the past 2 years to get him into the US to shoot at our matches here in Texas. He usually stays 3 o4 months and shoots with us. Better take care of her Dusty. LOL Texas Maverick from Green Mountain Regulators. TM
  9. i thought you were stooped over while you walked last night. Now I know why. LOL TM
  10. No apology necessary. I found it on my FB page and just thought it was a great picture. No idea on it was done or if it is a fake. TM
  11. Mongo, I was told Boogie doesn't keep his web page up to date on his inventory and to always call him to verify if it is indeed out of stock. So far he has always had what I wanted but I did have to order direct from him. He does respond very quickly to emails and texts as well. TM
  12. I bought a used 73 from a shooter out of Florida that was a Codymatic. Had some ejection problems and ended up sending it to Shotgun Boogie for a complete overhaul and never looked back. It runs smooth and is faster than I ever will be. Might want to check with Boogie about an upgrade as well and compare the two. TM
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