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  1. i love mine enough I bought a second one as backup. Can't go wrong with them. Just watch Deuce Stevens utube to learn how to feed them the most efficient way. Texas Maverick
  2. Just going by the date on the knife - 1836 to 1986 would be 150 years
  3. isn't that the 150 year Centennial, not 100?
  4. It might be a cold winter at winter range, Just saying. LOL
  5. package on stage


    tracking # 9505 5103 5251 9221 2401 35

    1. Texas Maverick
    2. Texas Maverick

      Texas Maverick



      Received shirt. Looks great.





  6. I was there as well in April. Maybe we can meet this next year at least. TM
  7. Thanks, I was hoping that was the case. Looking forward to receiving the shirt. We need to hook up and shoot together sometime. Do you ever get up this way? Thanks TM
  8. I will take #16. Need paypal info to complete gold sale. Is that a spot on the front of the shirt or is it the way the lighting is hitting it? Thanks TM
  9. I will take #16. Need paypal info to complete gold sale. Thanks TM
  10. I will take D. I also have 35 to 36 inch sleeves. I live outside of Austin, TX so it is warm here most of the time. Let me know where to send the gold or if you take PayPal I can do that as well. Send me a friend or family invoice so we don't pay their fee. My id is dale_mc@msn.com. thanks. TM
  11. Are any of them running large for an XL? I wear a 2XL but can wear XL in some shirts. I am interested in A, D & F. I see F is a 2XL but then you say it is very large. Thanks TM
  12. The link above for knights leather is actually Tombstone leather and is a great place to go for all your leather needs. Nick will take care of you. I love my rig and it will last longer than I do. Texas Maverick
  13. Just a suggestion. I wear long sleeve henleys that I already owned and they work great for me. Might check to see if he already owns some or he can get them at Goodwill pretty cheap. Texas Maverick
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