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  1. I use reclaimed shot so it is a dukes mixture. LOL TM
  2. I will give it a try. Thanks TM
  3. Here is what my current tweaking looks like for all 3 sets of hulls, STS, Grey AA and Red AA with a 7/8 oz wad. Still just a small pinhole in the crimp on the AA's. TM
  4. I would like to try what you have as well as the ones Hoss is bringing me. Thanks TM
  5. Guess I will need to do some experimenting to get a decent load from my Clay Dot loads then. Thanks TM
  6. I shoot 7/8 oz shot and wads in my STS. Might get some 1 oz and give it a try to see how that works. Sounds like I need a 1 oz bushing though. Thanks for the tip. TM
  7. I love my MEC 9000E except for the pain in the butt having to adjust between STS and AA. I haven't found that sweet spot (if there is one) that will allow me to switch without having to adjust. Right now I am only doing STS since I like them better than the AA but I know in the future I will need to make the switchover since I am not purchasing any new STS shells and I have about 5k AA hulls bagged up. TM
  8. What is interesting is that you can ship ammo but not primers nor powder without a hazmat certification. Doesn't make any sense to me. TM
  9. I hear you. My backup is by Boomstick and will be upgraded but not to the degree of my soon to be primary Boogie one will be. Boogie said it would take 4 weeks so hopefully will have it before all my major matches and WK said it would shave off 3 or 4 seconds off my time. LOL Glad you at least have a plan going for you that won't hold you back. I am thinking of talking with Wheeler this weekend at BB and see what he might be able to do with my backup to make it better after I get my primary one back. See ya at BB. TM TM
  10. Sorry you are having to go through all this. I think I did see where you have a backup but it isn't as good as your primary. I hope you get something that will be good enough for you going forward until you get your primary rifle issues resolved. I just sent my primary off to Boogie for a complete tuneup but can't afford to do the same for my backup so will just have to make it do when I need to shoot the backup and take my lumps because we all know the two rifles will be as different as night and day. TM
  11. Ask him to replace it with one of his new ones and then send the new rifle in for a repair part. TM
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