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  1. That one is marked 54 like the other long belts, sorry I didn't get that one marked.
  2. I have two complete sets of leather one is all tan with a strong side, right, holster and a cross draw. The other is a black and mahagany both holsters are straight draw. Both sets are fancy if you consider stamping fancy. Both sets are someone on the large side, I wear a 50" pants. Both are $275 shipped. I also have leather and holsters that I purchased for my grandson when he started shooting. One set is two belts and one holster and look like a fast draw rig, the belts are marked 32 and the second one is 34 which I assume is the size as Eli wears a 32 pants and both fit h
  3. Good for you, when I called about mine I was told they no longer cover any electrical item.
  4. The primer alarm is an electronic piece and not covered under free replacement. You might want to update that. I found out hard way.
  5. This is new but like I said I have had it for a while, this is the only blemish. The other markings are changes in color in the wood. hile. The only blemish is a scratch on top near the tang. See pictures.
  6. I have one I got from Taylors some years back when my grandson started shooting. Never did cut it down so if you want that I have $175 in it.
  7. If I knew the belt sizes I would consider this for my grandson.
  8. If you find any more please let me know, I can use some for BAMM. Thanks
  9. how about info on these? I am interested in the Schofield, what barrel length?
  10. Well, looks like you let Harper get some of the good stuff so I will take 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12. Needs to go to zip 65536. I am out of here for several days starting on Thursday so let me know shipping so I can get some $$ headed your way. Marshal Eli Taylor
  11. I replied to the post but thought I will send you a note also.  I will take the suspenders.  Thanks.  

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