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  1. I have an extra XL650 that I am going to sell. Parts and extras listed in attachment. I will bring this to Land Run ONLY IF someone wants this. Otherwise I am not hauling all of this to OKC. But, I am shooting Wild Bunch and leaving on Tuesday. I would like $1500 that is 80% of new price. But, make me a resonable offer and you can take it home. A couple of upgrades are a spent primer system with tubing and a roller bearing in place of the fixed station advance. Dillin Press and Parts.xlsx
  2. I have some extra brass and I may have an extra set of dies. I will check.
  3. What do you have in the way of 45ACP? LP brass?
  4. Also, per the rules you must post prices when you post guns so I would delete until such time as you are ready to sell.
  5. Also, how about the black? They look like Rugers are they NMV?
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