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  1. I’ll take the first pic black shirt and the second pic red shirt. Should fit Lily Bleu Slick. please PM me your address and I’ll get the funds headed your way.
  2. Yes sir, some of the factory sights vary in length from front to back depending on the importer. Some factory blades might require a little filing so it will fit in the Conoe shaped cut out of the brass sight. Just as extra precaution I always use a little JB weld quick set on the top side of the factory blade before tapping the brass sight down. Didn’t even hurt once it’s tapped down to take a tooth pick and run a small bead along the underside between the brass and factory sight. Slick
  3. Have you looked at the brass carbine front sight at slickmagicguns.com?
  4. This is my method I use. A couple months or so before heading to WR and EOT I run wide open usually keeping everything between 11-16 sec. It kinda helps my mind and muscle memory get into that speed rhythm of doing things . Then the week or so before leaving I’ll throttle back and shoot smooth and solid. I’m now considering myself as one of the older guys in the game and probably can’t keep up with the teenage - 25yr olds. But in my mind I’m still 20, so I’m gonna scare the heck out of them as long as I can. I did finish 6th overall winning Wrangler at WR and yes in shot the match “CLEAN”. Semi old fat man, Slick
  5. Congrats to ya on your win!!! Always a pleasure getting to see you.
  6. Great shooting and a fine young man to boot.
  7. They fit good, not a hand fit but still good.
  8. I’ve purchased several pair from eBay for less than $100.
  9. In my past experience the flat portion of the TC bullet seems to get stuck on the side of the chamber entrance. The RNFP seems to be a little more forgiving as the rounded edges seems to help deflect the bullet and causes it not to “stick” near as bad. Like I said this has been my experience and I prefer the RNFP design. Every little thing to help aid in the marlins running smoother I open to trying. Hope my odd way of reasoning helps you understand. Slick
  10. Just my advise from years of experience and tuning literally 100’s of Marlins. Stay away from the truncated cone style Bullets in the marlins. RNFP will run much smoother and consistently in the marlin rifles. I use a Hightec coated bullet from bangandclangllc.com and have had excellent results. Slick
  11. I know it not guns buuut...... I’ll have several very nice men’s and ladies winter coats I’m bringing to sale.(all $50 and under , most sold for $150 plus new) Doing some closet cleaning Slick
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