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  1. Thanks for the tip. I was hoping to find a used one but if all else fails I’ll buy new.
  2. I’m looking for a roller handle for a Dillion 650. Anyone have an extra laying around you’d like to sell ?
  3. Looking for a 9mm conversion for a Dillion square deal reloader. Dig around folks and see if ya have one . Many Thanks, Slick
  4. I’ll probably take it but I’d like to see some pics first please. If you want to PM me I’ll give you my email. also might have some 44 mag brass. Slick
  5. I’ll take the rifle as advertised. Please send me a PM with info for payment.
  6. Looking for a good used lever action in 357 preferably with no action work. I’d prefer a Rossi or marlin , not interested in a 73 for the application it’s needed for. I’d even settle for an 44-40 if I can’t find a 357. Thanks Everyone!!
  7. Here two pair of Ruger XR3 (Blackhawk or Old model Vaquero) grips made by Bearpaw grips. They are very nice looking grips with awesome grain/figure. They are the straight gunfighter style grip. No repairs or issues at all. $155 shipped for the pair.
  8. Those guns look familiar. Very nice pair of single actions . Slick
  9. Do you have a pic of the ivory grips ? What about a factory letter ?
  10. Same here , I send packages daily and they are taking forever to arrive and the tracking isn’t getting updated either !!
  11. “I’ll take it” if you agree to my PM. Merry Christmas
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