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  1. We have 5 Fast Eddie SKB’s, myself , my son and my daughter have all won National and World Championships using them. Hands down the best Smith and not to mention a great friend. Slick
  2. Howdy Folks, Just wanted to pass along some very important information. This year our annual match “Hell Fire “ has been moved from September to November 15, 16 & 17. November in North Louisiana is absolutely perfect shooting weather, not cold but very mild and pleasant. This years theme is called “Smoke in the Pines” with heavy hearts I say that we have lost two of our friends this year and they both where black powder shooters. Loosing Judge Em All Duncan and Beaver John this year was a very hard pill to swallow and they will forever be missed but definitely remain in our hearts. So we wanted to dedicate the match to the both of them as a black powder tribute to two of the finest cowboys that has ever played the game. In our usual way, Hellfire will be a shooters match with fun fast stages... great food...:awards and a laid back family atmosphere. Please feel free to go to our website for all the match information at www.jacksonholeregulators.com We Hope to see you at Hell Fire 19 “Smoke in the pines” Slick and the JHR crew.
  3. I have 12g once fired AA hulls for sale. $35 per 500 shipped via usps. I’ll sell them until I run out . Slick
  4. My son has out grown his 20x black gold size 7 3/8 so I had to order a new one. He only used this as a dress hat and is in excellent condition. Comes from a non smoking environment and will be shipped in a Resistol factory box. $150 plus shipping, cost $399 plus tax new.
  5. I have 6 pre 1900 and early 1900 pockets pistols. I have not shot any of these pocket pistols but they appear in working order but are being sold AS IS. $125 each or $425 for the remaining 4, price includes insured shipping to you. I’m pricing these so cheap it will make your head spin !! Don’t pass up a piece of history and a super great deal for a side match pocket pistol. (1) Harrington & Richardson Arms. 32 S&W. 4” barrel , grips are excellent condition. October 8, 1895. Pat. Date (2) Forehand Arms Co. December.7,1886 Pat. Date. 3” barrel , 32 S&W with excellent grips. SPF - (3) Iver Johnson Arms. December 26,1888 pat. Date. 3” barrel, 32 S&W. Small chip in bottom of grip. (4) U.S. Revolver Co. No pat. Date, 3” barrel, 32 S&W, small chip in bottom of grip, front blade missing. (5) Harrington & Richardson, Pat. Date October 8, 1887, 3” barrel, 38 S&W, excellent grips, nickel is worn. SPF - (6) Harrington & Richardson “YoungAmerica Double Action” 2” barrel, 32. S &W. Excellent grips.
  6. We design and make all of our own parts we sell. We offer a couple things for sell from other cowboys shooters such as the Bogus Deal 12g shot shell gauge and the Stainless steel one piece firing pin. Everything else is ours and we have several vendors who sell our parts for us such as Long Hunter, Taylor & Co, Rusty Wood Trading Post in Canada, Made Dog Guns and Gear in Australia, Klassic laser works, just to name a few.
  7. Slick Magic Guns(Slick Mercantile) was the first to actually build a solid one piece marlin trigger and get it approved by the ROC. SMG was also the very first to build the solid one piece extractor without the removable flat spring. Hope this is what you were asking, if not then please accept my apologies.
  8. slickmagicguns.com will have 13lb hammer springs, superlight ejector rod springs and competition trigger return springs sold as a set by mid week. You can purchase them individually now. All cowboy made and cowboy owed business.
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