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  1. SPF I have a factory stock SKB 200 12g, this shotgun was ONLY used as a bird gun. It’s still factory with no modifications and is extremely tight. Overall shotgun is super nice with normal light wood dings but not cracks, bluing is nice and the nickel engraved receiver is awesome. This one is nice and ready for your favorite cowboy gunsmith to turn her into your new favorite shotgun. I’ll be at Comin At Cha Friday night for a Saturday shoot through if anyone wants to pick up in person. $1350 shipped to your FFL Of choice.
  2. This was one of my back up BW guns. Most definitely BW legal and one of the best in my humble opinion .
  3. Its been fixed to not have the marlin jam, completely polished internally, action work, angle feed modification to carrier, changed all the springs, sights and added lever wrap. Basically rebuilt the entire rifle for a race ready competition gun.
  4. Well sir Goody, that’s actually my sofa in my gun room . Soooo momma ain’t gonna say Nuttin . I can always expect a witty comment from you my friend .
  5. SPF Up for sale is a super clean Cowboy comp. Marlin with 20” octagon barrel. Rifle has had a full widdermatic action by me and is match ready. Rifle is super smooth and clean, functions flawlessly, these rifles are getting very hard to find. This is a true Widdermatic set up by me and is one marked and numbered on the bolt. The color case is absolutely amazing on this rifle. $1300 shipped to your FFL of choice.
  6. Well you would just have to see my gun room, it was more like “stumbled across” maybe “ran” was a little excessive. LOL
  7. It actually keeps a lot of the muzzle flip down because of the little extra weight. These are also match grade Shilen Barrel‘s and they’re extremely accurate, not to mention they’re very cool looking
  8. I see that you’re still a comedian, that may be a little hard to do under 2K ! Hey Buddy, I sent you a PM.
  9. Well I did a little more scratching around in the gun room after church. I managed to find a pair of old model stainless vaqueros chambered in 45 Colt, one is a 5 1/2” and the other is a 7 1/2”. Both of these revolvers have been deep cut with relief engraving, this is NOT your normal “cowboy” engraving that most have. This is truly hand cut with relief backgrounds. Both revolvers are “100%” engraved from the tip of the muzzle to the backstrap. Both appear to be unturned and unfired. Some special cowboy can be the envy of the Range with this awesome pair of six shooters. I’m selling this pair of pistols for what the engraving cost alone, so don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind pair of rugers. $1500 each shipped to your FFL of choice.
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