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  1. Man, what a deal at this price. Surprised it hasn’t sold yet !
  2. Thank you for all the great comments buuut it wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for all of you. We really appreciate the support from our extended cowboy families. Like I always say “ Without you, there is NO us”, see you next year. Slick
  3. Lol, ok. i just cleaned out my box, try it again.
  4. I’m looking for a Ruger Vaquero Sheriffs model chambered in 45- Colt. Just thought I’d see if anyone had one laying around they might want to part with . Slick
  5. I have 4 3/4” replacement barrels that I’ll swap you even. I’ll send the info for our gunsmith to swap them out but you’ll have to cover his cost and shipping to him. It’s just a offer if your interested ! Slick
  6. I so wish I could be there for your match.  Our dog Rooster had surgery on his ACL this week and will be boarded for two weeks while I travel and when I get back he needs much rehab/attention from me for a successful recovery.  I am going to shoot Bordertown next week and will be spreading Judge at several of his favorite spots there.  I have shotgun shells loaded to memorialize him at the range.


    I will have more shells made for you to use at your shoot. I will ship those to you around the first week of November.   Judge told me to take him and spread him at all of our favorite shooting spots and new ones that I mind find.  Love to you and family!

    1. Slick McClade

      Slick McClade

      Sure gonna miss you and how I wish I was going to Tombstone. Please have safe travels and enjoy the last ride with Wally and share him freely. I know he’s smiling a big ol’ grin for sure. 
      love ya 

  7. Please send a list to me also . Always interested in cowboy stuff
  8. Sounds great! They were both great people and friends to many. Hope to see you soon.
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