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  1. No sir, it’s a 1911. Llama Extra is what’s written on the slide.
  2. I just marked it SPF for you. I’ll send a PM with payment info.
  3. I have a few personal guns from my collection I’d like to sell . All prices include insured UPS shipping to your FFL of choice and they must accept from a private seller. Please refer to the number of gun and a simple “I’ll take it” gets it. These are all great guns and very reasonably priced. (1) SPF (2) Sold PF to Cowrustler (3) Military 1911 in 9mm Largo. This pistol has seen a lot of history change in its time. It’s not cosmetically pretty but it’s solid and shoots reliably. I bought this pistol years and years ago from a old gentleman. He had taken it apart and couldn’t get it back together. I bought it completely disassembled in a brown paper lunch sack. Every part was in the bag and it’s hasn't missed a beat ever since. Was $400 , NOW $375 (4) SOLD
  4. Slick McClade has won the Chaps


    Two Ponies

  5. I sent a PM and still haven’t received a reply??
  6. Congrats to both. What a match Matt Black shot, averaged less than 13sec per stage. That’s just simple perfection and hours up on hours of dedicated practice. congrats again. Slick
  7. I’m looking to buy a pair of stock Ruger vaquero Stainless 5 1/2” .357 barrels or I’ll even consider a stock pair of .357!pistols with 5 1/2” barrels. Slick
  8. I’ll try to send pictures





  9. Brownells has primers and powder today only for a .1 cent hazmat and free shipping. Just thought I’d pass along the info. Your pal, Slick McClade
  10. I’ll take the first pic black shirt and the second pic red shirt. Should fit Lily Bleu Slick. please PM me your address and I’ll get the funds headed your way.
  11. Yes sir, some of the factory sights vary in length from front to back depending on the importer. Some factory blades might require a little filing so it will fit in the Conoe shaped cut out of the brass sight. Just as extra precaution I always use a little JB weld quick set on the top side of the factory blade before tapping the brass sight down. Didn’t even hurt once it’s tapped down to take a tooth pick and run a small bead along the underside between the brass and factory sight. Slick
  12. Have you looked at the brass carbine front sight at slickmagicguns.com?
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