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  1. Got your PM! I must have fouled up something trying to send mine. So, I replied to the one you sent. Let me know if you get it please? I don't know if I've done right or not. CK
  2. That is amazing! Thank you. I'll send you a PM.
  3. I broke open the piggy back a few months ago and bought a used "race ready" Uberti '73. Short-stroked, etc. It runs flawlessly, the problem is me. The trigger is curved a bit more than normal, rounded off nicely at the bottom so you don't spear your finger, and set so that it is back almost to the very rear of the trigger guard. It breaks crisp. Maybe the former owner had big hands. Anyway, I'd like to have the trigger a lot further forward in the trigger guard, sorta like my Marlin with a Phantom Trigger. I've been watching videos and looking online, and I see the Slix Trigger and the Shotgun Boogie Trigger. Of course, the Slix Trigger just uses my own sear, while the SB is a complete replacement. Any opinions from users of either of them? Is there another brand of trigger replacement that I've missed?
  4. Thank you everyone for your input. She is quite happy with her Colt Cobra. She does not want to compete/participate in SASS, (or anything else), except for occasionally dressing as a schoolmarm, (which she was), kinda look for a Saturday night thing, or watching at the range on rare occasions. The other ladies have tried to get her interested. I found a store that has the EZ in stock, and we're headed over there tomorrow to take a look. Thank yu, CK
  5. My wife is wanting to get a concealed carry permit. She is an excellent shot, and can hit anything with a single-action. (1911, Cobra in Single Action mode, a Ruger Blackhawk.... No she doesn't want to deal with the old-type single action army mechanism of unloading and loading). The problem is her arthritic hands. Although her revolver is fine, the concealed course requires her to reload many times. For her, opening the cylinder on her Colt Cobra is a two-handed chore. Racking the slide on my Springfield XD-S or my S&W are impossible for her. I'd like to just take her to the gun store and let her try bunches of guns to see what she slides can operate. But, everybody is just about out of stock on everything! Do y'all have a specific recommendation that we can call around and ask if they have one X in stock? These endless trips to find basically nothing on the shelves is wearing. Thanks, CK
  6. My thanks to you Phantom! The timer came in this morning's mail. Unpacked it, stuck a battery in it, and even read the instructions. With about 2 one-half hour sessions I was able to get down to the occasional 2 seconds to first shot with a SxS. 4.8 seconds to the third shot. I gots a long, long way to go to make a 4 shot 5 second run. But, I'm just beginning this journey. With a '97? Bwaaaahaaahaaha! I was able to consistently get the first shot off in about 4 seconds! I'm a probably years away from a 5 second - 4 shot run. But what the heck, everybody needs a hobby. I'm trying to better myself, and thank you for giving me some time targets to shoot for. CK
  7. Thank you! This is most helpful. Thank you!
  8. There were many helpful answers to my shotshell reloading question, to which I thank you. Here is another one. I've seen comments about practicing with a timer, so I just ordered one. It will get here soon. What are good (not great), time targets to strive for? Such as from holster to first shot with a pistol or a rifle? What is a decent (not world championship), time for a 10 shot rifle string? Pistols? Shotgun? You probably know other things to practice with a timer that I don't even know to ask about. Suggestions? Keep in mind that I'm old and decrepit! But, I want to get better. I've been watching the Long Hunter Videos on UTube and he's inspired me to try. Thank you, CK
  9. Thank y'all for your suggestions. I got some mullin' over to do. CK
  10. I bought a bunch of shotshell reloading stuff that I have set up now, and I'm ready to make some Cowboy Shotshells: It seemed like a good buy for $200 from a friend who doesn't shoot anymore. MEC 600 Jr for 12 ga with a 302 118 charge bar MEC Super-Sizer 12 ga 8 lbs of Hodgdon Clays 1K Winchester 209 Primers 2 Buckets of Remington STS Green Hulls 4 bags of 1-1/8 oz Claybuster Wads. 2 Bags of Overshot cards Hodgdon Load Data for those components runs from 16.2gr to 18.4 gr. What's a good starting load? I don't care to tear up my shoulder again.
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