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  1. Oy vey! I know in old times they reloaded with hand tools. But, I'm an old wimp. If I had to reload a thousand rounds of match ammo that way, I'd probably never reload again.
  2. Not really sure how I feel about this, as I'm stove up and don't feel competent enough to shoot at a big match yet. But, a major match, where the stages have not been published ahead of time, so that everyone coming can see them before receiving their shooter's packet (not being published seems to be pretty usual). But, a couple of the local clubs have access to the stages and shoot them in their monthly match, so those local shooters have the chance to practice them. Those local clubs are not trying to hide anything, they'll even post, "come shoot with us, we're goi
  3. I wouldn't ever want to open up and fiddle with the innards of a laptop, except to replace the hard drive. I know where my comfort level ends! But years back when I retired I built myself a tower PC. Extra quiet fans, cause I hate the whirring noises my old PC had,, even though I cleaned it out regularly. At least I can get my hands in there. And when a part starts to die, like a powder supply, hard drive, or DVD drive, the offending parts can be readily replaced. I built it with 16GB RAM and Windows 10 pro. After the 2nd Hard Drive began to die I switched to a SSD. Fortunately, ev
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