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  1. I wouldn't ever want to open up and fiddle with the innards of a laptop, except to replace the hard drive. I know where my comfort level ends! But years back when I retired I built myself a tower PC. Extra quiet fans, cause I hate the whirring noises my old PC had,, even though I cleaned it out regularly. At least I can get my hands in there. And when a part starts to die, like a powder supply, hard drive, or DVD drive, the offending parts can be readily replaced. I built it with 16GB RAM and Windows 10 pro. After the 2nd Hard Drive began to die I switched to a SSD. Fortunately, ev
  2. Do the White Dots have to be blacked out in the Modern Category?
  3. Thank you everyone. That tells me what I need to know! have a Happy New Year!
  4. I'd like to install some lower hammers on my Ruger Vaqueros, (O.M.), as I sometimes use them duelist. I haven't really settled on a shooting style, sometimes I shoot with a two-hand grip, sometimes duelist, and maybe in the future, when I'm feeling brave, I might try gunfighter. I heard about Super Blackhawk Hammers. But a pard has a pair of Bisley Hammers and Triggers that he'd let me have. Questions: Can Bisley Hammers and Triggers be put into a Vaquero without replacing the Grip Frame? Is the Bisley Hammer Spur too low to be used on a plow handle Vaquero with a two-han
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