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  1. Cheyenne, This was an interesting question, but I think this thread has been hijacked and flown to another destination.
  2. I'm not understanding your response. The majority of folks and TGs I've seen post on the Wire in previous threads seem to be leaning towards making it ok to walk with a cocked loaded rifle from LT to staging position. I just opined that this would make for very inconsistent rules. I can't vote on this and "decide which path to take". Only SASS members and ultimately TGs can vote on this. I'm on the outside looking in right now, until I send in my membership application. I was just thinking that a rule ought to be a rule from beginning to end. But, whatever y'all decide. I'll play the game however it's written.
  3. The TG of a club I've begun to shoot at asked how we wanted him to vote. I haven't joined up yet, but I've been lurking here and have questions. He wanted to know if the penalty for moving from the loading table to the shooting line with the hammer back on a loaded rifle, without a round in the action, should be made a no call. I understand that presently it is a SDQ to move with a cocked loaded rifle. OK, I get that and the question. But, if that passes, moving from the loading table to the shooting line with an empty double-barreled shotgun that closes while you're walking is a SDQ, and that's not even loaded. Wouldn't that make for very inconsistent rules? Moving with a cocked, loaded gun is ok, but moving with a cocked UNloaded gun gets you DQ'd? I'm just learning and puzzling this thing through. Thanks, CK
  4. My strictly unasked for opinion is that if the obstruction was deemed enough of a safety hazard to warrant removing or fixing it after this shooter fell, then yes a reshoot is in order, regardless if someone(s) successfully negotiated it before him. No rule change needed, just apply common sense.
  5. Thank you all for your replies. I went ahead an shot 6 stages with the Marlin, using APP. I can report now that is went off without a hitch! I hit every rifle target. Pistols, well, not so much. That plume of smoke after each shot is disconcerting. But, I got used to it and by the last couple of stages I think I was doing pretty well. I kinda like this stuff. I'm going to clean the guns this afternoon and see how it goes. Thanks, CK
  6. I got a bottle of APP and was wondering if a Marlin in .38, Micro-Groove would be able to handle it ok? I mean would it gunk it up the rifle too much to function properly through a match?
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