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  1. Got the gold Mike!  Thanks, I hope the stock was what you wanted.

    1. Mudflat Mike, SASS #20904

      Mudflat Mike, SASS #20904

      It's just what I was looking for, thax again!

  2. I have a Farmingdale Shiloh Sharps in this caliber. I shoot the 300 grain and 450 gr cast lead with gas checks that my 1886 50-100 Winchester shoots as well as the 630 gr. 5744 loads are the most fun but watching someone shoot the 630 with 140 grains of 1f black powder is a hoot! Had a guy shoot the 100 yard target at Bayou Blast a couple of years ago, knocked the whole target stand down. Shooting the lighter bullets is actually fun!
  3. it does not fit my receiver, therefore, I can not send you those pictures. I have added some other pictures. Thanks
  4. I cracked my buttstock and got this one off of ebay. I did not know that there are two different styles of buttstocks. This one does not fit my receiver. Look closely at the receiver inletting to see if it fits your receiver. There are no signs of cracks in the wrist. There is discoloration near the butt. See pictures
  5. These are consecutive serial number guns. Have been smoothed but nothing else. I have the plastic boxes. They have been used but not abused. I have two Stainless Super Blackhawk Hammers that have not been fitted that will go with this set. I will be at T-Bones' Comin At Cha in a few weeks for a FTF. Thanks for looking!
  6. Are you going to Blanco for the TSRA match? If you are I might like to meet you to purchase this weapon. Thanks
  7. Pat, you know you will kill the value
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