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  1. Merry Christmas and Good Luck on the surgery!
  2. Irish Pat and Oklahoma Dee pretty much said it! Slick and his family put on a great shoot! This was a great social event and we got to shoot world class stages. Food was also great and weather was not bad at all!
  3. I have an iron framed Henry in 45 lc  Call or email 225-324-2100 or rtucker@eatel.net

  4. Ok, I am challenging everyone that the boys from Louisiana are cooking something that is only cooked in Louisiana or in another world at Comin AtCha 2017. I may cook a pig in the Cajun microwave or an alligator and turtle sauce picante or a chicken and sausage jambalaya or a sure nuf alligator border chili. I challenge everyone else to try to top this at the parking lot wars. Ought to be on television. I do grow my own pigs and alligators.
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