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  1. You can leave the loading table with your rifle cocked. But if you self declare before you are no longer touching the rifle, then you can point it down range to verify no round in the chamber by pulling the trigger. No boom = no call. If a round is in the chamber (boom),then stage SDQ. If you release the rifle, then SDQ for breaking the traveling rule with a cocked firearm (see SG ruling also, both long guns) + MDQ for progressive safety penalty for unsafe gun handling by not having control of a cocked firearm. Other than that, things are fine.
  2. Yes please exercise the right to refuse them to shoot and endanger someone at the shoot. Act like you are holding a firearm and/or have ammo or equipment that is safe.
  3. JWH, you should be able to have your way with this one if pressed.
  4. Thanks much for the direct link. That worked like a charm.
  5. I should get a spot even if the website crashed.
  6. I’m still holding out for the order I put in on October 2020 at my lgs for two cases of Federal SPPs.
  7. About time…you going to start shooting the c&b pistols you keep teasing me about?
  8. If you load your ammo to whatever you choose and get a "no misses but not clean" ruling from your spotters at the end of the stage, then you make enough smoke. Don't make this harder than it is.
  9. No wad required with .457 ball. The CCI #10 is 0.161 ID the CCI #11 is 0.166 ID. That’s why the 10s seemed tighter. Keep the shoulder of the hammer that meets up with hammer channel of the frame free of fouling to let the hammer face seat the spent cap so you don’t get cap jams.
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