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  1. Another good example why the only person to speak or give commands to the shooter is the TO.
  2. I was playing 45 Cowboy specials the other day loading in the top, much easier than full length 45 Colt. Do you have some 38 shorts or can you cut some 38 specials down?
  3. I’ll go to dinner, but I’m keeping a close eye on the major so I get a good seat this time.
  4. Yes it holds 10 38 special, I’ve had 11 in it for that one weird stage that let you load the 11 round before starting the string.
  5. I’ll have my TTN backup at Kansas shoot also if needed.
  6. Looking forward to having a great weekend. The team puts in a great amount of work to make sure we have a good time. Fuel costs be damned, I’m coming. The campfire is always a good time.
  7. Nice range! Only 9 hrs away. Might have to put this one in the queue.
  8. Don’t you live somewhere close to powder valley? I heard last year they were selling 1k/wk to local shooters. It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen stuff that I want available on their website.
  9. I have an Uberti 1873 carbine in .357/.38. Codymatic from cowboy shooter supply. I used it for a season. Runs well. I just wanted a different configuration. If interested let me know and I’ll send pics to your email. Let me know know more about your 45Colt.
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