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  1. I tried the Winchester #11s for one stage. They fragment bad and lock up pistol. the slix nipples are stating they are rated for #11 CCI. I did a little milling with a stone set and drill. Just a little at a time. If the CCI #11 fits the nipple easily using the capper and stays on, I’d think you are golden. I’ll experiment again next weekend at PoP in Lenexa. Could be a train wreck, could be another option to this wonderful mess we’re in for shooting components.
  2. Please post round count for Wild Bunch and Warm Up matches. Thx, Tucker
  3. How many copper ducks does it take to make a roll of copper duck tape?
  4. The writing in that magazine is precious. They even have FDR holding a rifle with a statement of being a gun collector. I’ll keep reading. Good post.
  5. What is the round count for the warm up match?
  6. http://guntoters.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Percussion-Caps-and-Nipples2.pdf Mako’s chart shows the #11s are shorter than #10s.
  7. I use gold leaf paint from the craft store and a layer of clear nail polish for my pistols. I’m sure that would work for my rifle as well. im not sure a piece of tape at the end of your rifle is what your looking for or will it be durable enough. Take a look at exterior modifications in the handbook and make sure the tape would be in compliance. Don’t want you to get a dq in a state or larger shoot.
  8. I tried some Win 11s last weekend. Didn’t work on my slix nippled ROA. I’ll try again to see if it was a fluke. Once I did a little hammer work, I was able to get CCI 11s working. can’t wait for rem 10s to come back.
  9. Recapping on the clock — unless your going for that elusive clean match award, I’d pass. You have to index the cylinder to the right spot, decap, find your capper, recap, seat, index back to the firing position, take aim, and, for the love of God, hit the target. Pretty tall order in five seconds minus margin to make it all worthwhile. As PD posted, use the thread protector to help you keep straight which chamber you don’t use. Never can tell when a nipple starts not working. All you do now is move the protector to the bad nipple and use your spare. +1 to the instru
  10. +1 to all of the above. Cornbread and Beans have put some really nice work into the range. All the stages are getting under cover one by one. Getting a couple of stage redesigns to boot. The sh!tter is genius. Can’t wait to see what the crew comes up to replace the parlor. Job well done. Thanks to Cornbread and Beans for all of your hard work. I’m already sad I can’t make it to the fall shoot. Thanks for a great weekend posse #2.
  11. I’ve had good luck with shootsteel.com.
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