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  1. What Yusta said. This is the route I went. PM me phone # if you want a call. Don’t ask Stanley.
  2. I blame J Bar and Noz for showing me what a great time one can have as a Frontiersman. Can’t thank them enough.
  3. I ordered a new rifle from my lgs. He knows that I’m working nights right now. When it came in, I walked in filled out the 4473 and check then walked out the door and went to work. NE background check is n/a if you have a ccw. I feel for people that are held down by restrictive gun laws.
  4. Shoot your cap guns all you want. It’s your game too. If you come back to the posse when you are done getting things taken care of, I will never get upset or annoyed with a c&b shooter. It is the folks that just flat disappear from any duties. Just talk with your posse marshal, communication goes a long way.
  5. Very nice work. I nominate this post as a sticky.
  6. I could be wrong but I doubt it was a mystic deity that decided the Frontiersman category. As I posted earlier, a group of shooters developed and petitioned to have Frontiersman created as a category of their creation. I was not in that group, but I like playing the Frontiersman category. C&B pistols make me giggle and can make me upset all in the same stage. If we switch to hammer guns that is okay, but not what I signed up for when I joined the category. If we are discussing untouchable changes, don’t alienate your base by changes to the rules to allow guns that were not allowed in their category of choosing when they started shooting that category. I assimilated to the Frontiersman rules. There can be changes, I don’t think changes to the category requirements is a good move.
  7. Please don’t get that started again. Not giving trophy or like on this idea. Sorry buddy. This is not a cut. The group that created Frontiersman created the same as the FCGFs did a few years ago. They built it. We weren’t there. I play Frontiersman by their rules and I love the category more than the others. Leave Frontiersman alone!
  8. Okay.  I'll try to call you.

    I have been trying to each Jim, but he's always gone.

    I haven't had much free time lately.



  9. As previously stated by the c&b masters ( PD, J-Bar and Noz), get a Ted Cash wrench and use with your multi-tip screwdriver handles. I put the TC nipple bit in with my brownells screwdriver case. Goes with me every time I shoot.
  10. Depending on how much I like shooting the 5 1/2's vs the 7 1/2's, I may want to send my 7 1/2's to you at some point. I love the contrast. Please bring to landrun. I'll be interested in seeing it in person. Good work, imho.
  11. Sry no go for him at this time. He is focused on a left handed AR. He has been building his house for a decade. No telling how long he will be working on this left handed AR.
  12. I have a buddy (non-cas) that may be interested. I'll talk with him tomorrow. Trying to talk him out of a pietta 1851 when he is more concerned about accuracy vs period correct.
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