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  1. In my experience with my OMVs and switching to SBH hammers is a must if you want to shoot one handed. Thin grips from eagle or altamont help also.
  2. Powder Creek Cowboys put out a tutorial on their website. http://www.powdercreekcowboys.com/home.html
  3. Thank you for the update. I sent opposition request to my senators.
  4. Yea off season for us. Especially this weekend. This is the time to work on practicing your transitions.
  5. I was given some Lucas gun oil recently. I really like that stuff. I also agree with the other replies.
  6. Jed, don’t put too much into making sure you have all the CC accoutrements to shoot monthly matches while you are getting your feet wet. State level matches and above will require the CC requirements. If your going to cut your teeth at PCC or Parker, then come shoot and talk to the other CCs.
  7. No problem Glad to see your getting APP
  8. Marshal, if your are coming to Land Run again this year I have a case to sell. $15/bottle.
  9. I have APP that I can bring to land run in April if friend can wait that long. I have a case available. $15/bottle. That’s what I paid. $ 180 for the case.
  10. Too bad you said you didn’t want ruger old armies in trade.
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