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  1. GW , you run with a rough crowd buddy. +1 for putting out a heads up for other cowpersons in search of hard to find 32s.
  2. Thank you, sir. They are fine pistols. The barrels are too long for my holsters. The old army is so reliable I don’t three sets. Looking to sell to fund another addition to my collection.
  3. You probably couldn’t get your check book out fast enough. Congrats!
  4. Can Lucas Gun Oil be mixed with water and used like Ballistol and water? How does this work on APP if you can?
  5. I am honored to have been personally awarded one of his train wreck pins. Congrats Tombstone!
  6. Congrats to both! I’m glad I planted the bug in Mattie’s ear when she started shooting. She started w/ 45s shooting duelist. I mentioned she was halfway there. I take no credit for her shooting. I can’t shoot that good. Great Job Mattie
  7. Here is my brother, Badger McNeely, shooting his Walkers at Ambush at Caverns Cove a few years ago.
  8. Enjoy what you have now. If the bug bites you, you will find reason to procure more guns.
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