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  1. Guns Unlimited if near the Omaha, NE area. They usually have a pallet of them.
  2. This is the best place for BP info. Duh
  3. I have 24 1lb bottles of American Pioneer Powder in FFFG available for sale. $15/ea. Let me know if you want me to bring them along.
  4. My M12 is a 1946 model a 30” barrel w/a full choke. I put in the 6 round follower and magazine tube spring. The 30” barrel makes it soo easy to point and shoot. I have no plans to cut it shorter. But I also have 3 97’s w/20” barrels.
  5. Tucker McNeely

    Cell Phone

    Bring it over to the trailer this weekend. I speak android and iPhone. I’ll help you out.
  6. Kudos. You’ll have to see if he’ll let the event be posted on the website.
  7. Too bad the weather will be fine. The snow storm was last weekend.
  8. I have a buddy looking for one of these. I’ll get in touch with him.
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