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  1. Slix nipples and CCI 10’s are not the best mix.
  2. Take a look into annealing your 38’s. I asked a few questions from the Soot Lord masters here in the wire and gave it a shot. I run 38 special at >1.4” OAL to work in “MY” 73’s. 125gr or 158gr TCFP will work fine. I use Mo Bullet #2. A heavy crimp and annealed brass will work just fine in your rifle w/ minimal blowback. Keep looking for APP, it will show up.
  3. Major Art Tillery has an article in the chronicles about brass shotshell reloading. Lots of great info if you’re venturing into that fun. Look it up in the chronicles.
  4. What’s the thought on 3D printed guns and the advancement of said technology? Looks as if there is a significant problem if the intend to control “assault weapons” in the US if anyone can just print a new one after confiscation.
  5. I have never been to a LGS that didn’t have one. An inertia Bullet puller should be easy to find.
  6. That coat is the bomb. I wish I could try it on. If it would fit, I’d drop 6 bills + Ali’s wrath to own that coat.
  7. The list is moving. Now I’m #93 on the waiting list.
  8. Oh thank god these sold. I had $1600 burning a hole in my pocket that I have ear marked for another ‘73 and BSS.
  9. I agree You’d really have to be serious about this rifle. Rick is a little nuts. But not in a red flag way.
  10. https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2017/11/01/10mm-40sw-ranger-point-precision-1040ss/ You guys got me thinking. I found this. Pretty neat.
  11. Thx Goody. I’ll have him get in touch w/ Cody.
  12. Because it’s his money and he wants to. Next question Mr. Lumpy?
  13. I have a friend at work that asked if I knew of a 10mm lever gun. Who can make such a beast?
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