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  1. Now I have even more motivation to sell my 3rd set of ROAs. Beautiful pistols.
  2. Pictures of carrier after 50 rounds of .38 special. 125 grain bullet 1.1 cc of 3F APP
  3. Too bad your not coming to Gunsmoke next month, I have a case left to sell.
  4. I use AAs once-fired for my BP loads. 1.9cc 777 and 1 oz. wad and 7 1/2 shot. Don't care if I see a small buckle. I do a size check on all match shells with the double barrel that I plan to use. I rarely have shuck issues. I chalk that up to operator error if I do. ymmv.
  5. I’m not a main match CC, but I vote for Stirrup Trouble.
  6. That would be a good venue if you are looking for somewhere other than Kansas.
  7. I prefer shoot 6 or more. All but one of my possible Saturday shoots are 5 to 6 hours of drive time. As Assassin said, “5 stages border on why even go.”
  8. The original Pet Cemetery. That movie was creepy.
  9. +1 to Evil's class. Lots of good discussions on how to help lower your times and improve your gunfighter skills.
  10. Tucker McNeely

    97 woes

    GW, I have a parts Norinco I’ll bring to Gunsmoke. The magazine tube is buggered and I could never get it as slick as my other 97’s. So I stopped messing with it. Other than that, it shoots fine. Maybe it will have what you need if you can’t get yours fixed for cheaper than parts gun.
  11. Silver Creek Jack, please buy this to keep me out of debt.
  12. I took pictures of the big cardboard box. Not the little 100 ct blue boxes.
  13. I went with CC, Prairie Dog and Kid Rich's advice to annealing. Give it a shot. You won't regret it.
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