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  1. Remove the stock and use Zip strip and steel wool. Then refinish
  2. Shipped today. Sorry I am late getting these off. Trk # 9505 5110 2132 0329 3217 38
  3. Still trying to empty my pm box so I can respond to all who have enquired.
  4. Yes, I am still interested but I cannot get my pms deleted so could you call me at 406-350-2278
  5. Evidently my inbox is full again so I can't get pms but I am trying to empty it E
  6. OK. I am trying to clean out my pms again so it will take a day or two.

  7. I have had a lot of activety on this listing and I hope I responded to all who enquired. I know I did respond to some who did not get back to me so I don't know where we are at with those requests. If I missed someone let me know. I still have a lot of mags left. Thanks to you who bought. GR
  8. I have on my list Berretta for 9mm, 40 mm, 1 compact and a 92 Ext
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