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  1. I wore Levis all my life. Now the Chinese ones have smaller loops so it is difficult to get a 1 1/2" belt threaded thru the loops
  2. And as this has been said trailer brakes are a must
  3. I bought a Milwaukee 1/2" drill 2 years ago. I needed to drill 1 1/2" holes in RR ties for a fence project. This is 2 miles from the buildings so I had to haul my generator also cross country. I was being very careful to drill a little and then back out to get the chips out of the hole. The chuck is held in the drill by an 1/8" set screw. On the second hole the chuck twisted off. Back to town to Ace-50 miles. They do not have a return policy for Milwaukee so they had to send it to the big city for a fix. In the meantime I bought a DeWalt which worked fine and better than a Milwaukee. The Milwaukee will lay in the corner and gather dust until I am gone and my kids can sell it to someone who does not know what he is getting.
  4. Grass Range


    We have wildfires too in the timber but Montanas economy is based on ag so we need grass to grow
  5. Different accounts about the weapon Jake Harris used for a crutch. Some say a sawed-off shotgun or a long barreled shotgun or a Winchester rifle.
  6. I have a cap with the guy riding the bucking horse and I was the model
  7. Grass Range


    Good moisture as it makes the grass grow in the spring
  8. A ball on the bumper is asking for trouble. Use a receiver hitch.
  9. 3/4 ton x cab so you have a longer wheel base which is a definite advantage. V8 engine. The best way to go is to get a goose neck trailer and have the ball installed in the pickup bed. This makes the whole system easier to handle. I have been towing horse and stock trailers all my life. I usually leave the horses loose in the trailer and you can tell when they move but it is not a problem as cattle always move around.
  10. Grass Range


    Ok. Yes winter is long and now we are really getting the snow. Repeater is down half the time so is the computer and half of the tv stations.
  11. Grass Range


    What is the difference between "messages and notifications" ?
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