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  1. She is not a poacher or idiot. Read the article What would the charge be?
  2. I learned something new here. I did not know the 87 was made in 16 gauge.
  3. Not the correct headstamp I want the correct headstamp regardless of cost. Thanks
  4. Grass Range


    Possibly having a barrel cut in 40-82 calibre. Not finding brass with proper headstamp. Any sources?
  5. I drink Coors Light as it is made from Montana barley the last I heard.
  6. Not long ago I hit the internet and found 2 1/2" immediately for my 87. $15 a box. Now I can't find the invoice.
  7. Partial box of .256 factory ammo loaded 1 box once fired brass 2 boxes new factory brass $200
  8. I think I missed one of your replies. I will take the 2 smaller Hadleys
  9. I would buy the 2 smaller ones providing the tread size is 10-40 so it will fit my C Sharps site
  10. I have the site I just want the Hadley eyepiece. Which has to have the rotating disc so one can change aperture size.
  11. I see 2 in your pics with the rotating discs but the overall diameter of the site looks to be quite different. Can you give me an estimate of that measurement?
  12. Hadley eyepiece for a C Sharps tang site. I want the one with the rotating disc in the eyepiece.
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