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  1. Interesting about the hats. Flat brim but all you see in western movies look like tacos. American History Channel is the worst.
  2. Their are 2 books on Tom Horn. Different slant in each. Interesting to read both. I have around 500 books on the old West. Some I have read more than once. If I had a list I would share it. Several on the Battle of the Little Big Horn but I will buy no more on this subject as there is no new info so it is all guesswork. None of what I have is fiction.
  3. For sale are these deeply carved stirrup fenders. Leathers are attached. Ready to put on your saddle and put the stirrups on. These are expertly hand carved; not roll stamped as on the cheaper leather items. 26 inches overall with the actual fender 20 inches. $100 plus shipping.
  4. Thanks Deacon. Now if I could save this so I could watch it every AM
  5. I am not contradicting you but I use neatsfoot oil on leather and linseed oil on wood
  6. The Cowboys and Indians mag usually does not portray the real thing. However, my picture is in one issue.
  7. Big Timber not Big Sky
  8. yep. The hyd fluid in one of mine looked like chocolate milk and the system quit working. Change of filter and fluid fixed it. Air goes to the top of the system so when that happens I open whatever valve is highest.
  9. I sent pics to your email on 4/16
  10. I have more than one so I would sell one. Very good condition, matching numbers, rifle marked 1903. $400 + shipping. Can send pics
  11. I think you should sell it to me
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