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  1. I think it is up to the individual how he wears his belt
  2. The wood has shrunk so the butt stock screw has bottomed out (as said here) so add a washer. The looser the stock is the more likely for it to crack or a chip may come off the upper corners
  3. The Bear Creek ones look like truncated cone and not round nose flat point but thanks anyway
  4. Glad you like the rifle. Chey-Cast does not do moly coat
  5. WTB- 40 Cal, lead bullets, moly coated, RNFP, 180 gr
  6. The clips? ( En Blocs) I have are originals and I have too many
  7. Soaked in whatever your mix and dryed in the oven but not good beef. Use antelope and deer
  8. I read the article but do not know why it is better than the .308.
  9. 3 for $1. I have a bunch of them
  10. Always wear boots. You never know when you may have to fork a horse.
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