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  1. The Chinese do make barbed wire. Supposedly galvanized but it will rust in a few years unlike the original stuff that would not rust unless it was under the dirt.
  2. Marshall- The Bear skull measures 9" front to back and the pig 12". I have string around the pig skull as the lower jaw will drop down otherwise. I will get to the PO today to ship.
  3. Ok, I will get them boxed and get shipping cost from the PO. do you want to see a photo first? Like I said I will have to go out of town to get a camera battery unless the hardware store has one. I can take pics of individual items with my digital camera if requested.. Bear with me as I did this on a moments idea.
  4. I have typed up a partial list so if I can get it on this site all could view it or if you want it sent personally I will try that. I have typed the list in Word but am trying to get it emailed to each of you from there. Not having much luck. List of Western collectibles.docx
  5. Ok, thanks for the interest. I will get lists and photos to both of you. This will take a little time as my lists are in pencil and do not scan legibly. I started to take the pics and my digital quit. I have a newer camera but no such batteries in this town. I will get this info to all who asked.
  6. Selling my collection of mostly western stuff to include saddle bags, saddles, horsehair headstalls with bits, chaps, scabbards, Indian collectibles, ask for list, prices and photos. $50 and up Partial List: List of Western collectibles: #1 Original military McClellen cavalry saddle barely used with original horsehair cinch $1000 #2 Original military McClellen cavalry saddle barely used with old Whipcord? Cinch $1000 #3 Old Crow Indian handmade saddle $1500 #4 Old ladies side saddle-good condition $500 #5 Kids saddle-good $150 #6 Original side saddle completely rebuilt and recovered by local saddle maker-hand carved leather $1500 #7 Mexican saddle-never ridden $500 #8 Used western saddle with rawhide covered fork $300 #9 Old A-fork saddle, I think the cantle is broken with old saddle blanket $200 #10 2- local Antelope head mounts $100 each #11 3- local Mule Deer horn mounts $50 each #12 Black Bear skull $25 #13 Feral Texas- Pig skull $25 #14 Trail model snow- shoes, good $100 #15 Black Bear rug, good $300 #16 Buggy wheel. 36” good, 100 #17 Old Montana saddle $50 #18 US Army work team bridles (2) $150 each #19 Old saddle bags, good, $100 #20 Longhorn horns on plaque, 7’, $500 #21 Old set of Longhorn horns, curved, $500 #21 Longhorn skull with horns, $500 #22 Saddle scabbard , carbine, $100 #23 Well used, (by me a long time ago) shotgun chaps, small, $100 #24 Large mounted Mountain Goat rug, old, good,7” horns, $300
  7. For Sale- Lyman borescope/borecam . New in box. $200 shipped
  8. No Alfalfa on the open range. Native Blue Joint is the best grass
  9. Charge more for the print version. I assume all members do not have computers or other ways to read the Chronicle electronically. I like to read who won what where but the comments about how the weather was at a match are meaningless.
  10. Question. Just mailed a handgun to an FFL holder in another state. UPS cost was $108. I have an FFL so a friend of mine had a handgun he bought shipped to me-cost by UPS was $12. Anyone with experience with handgun shipping costs that I could compare? I think the local UPS made a mistake.
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