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  1. Plastic hat covers will get you a laugh here
  2. What I mean is I now wear a baseball cap so I can wear the muffs and the earplugs. I will try one of the behind the head models listed here In my grave I would not wear that hat
  3. Four of my favorites. Top one copied after one Elmer Keith had made, Micarta grip, not whatever is used now. Second one down is kind of a bowie with stag handle, Third one is my favorite skinning knife with a Hippopotamus handlem Fourth is one I made fashioned after the "Nesmuk" knife sold by Sears a long time ago
  4. Those pointed bullets in a tube magazine?
  5. Thanks that does not ssound like what I would want. I wear a baseball cap so I can get my muffs on
  6. Use a chain saw and a stump grinder
  7. At one time I saw a muff set that came around the back of your head instead of over the top so you could wear them with a hat. Anyone know if such a pair of muffs being made now?
  8. I generally use the vaquero style as their is no buckle. Just leave them on one pair of boots. I sent a stamped set to a CAS member a couple years ago I think to Florida at no charge but never got a reply
  9. Find another one so you have a matched pair
  10. Yes, that is how I measured it. Also, it looks like someone has drilled 2 additional holes in the top strap probably for a scope mount
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