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  1. If you need $100 bad enough to sell this way and contribute to the anti propaganda you must be broke already.
  2. Horse-long , cold winter. Tastes like Moose and/or Buffalo
  3. Drill it out with a reverse cutting drill bit. Sometimes this will bring the screw out.
  4. I like Shipping Wars as they have some hot ladies driving
  5. Like the full page photo of someone shooting a stage
  6. Do not ask a Reverse Mortgage broker for advice If you get a RM you are screwing your heirs out of the value of the house
  7. I always use an oxbow stirrup and my boot goes in up to the heel. If you ride correctly standing with only the front part of your foot in the stirrup it would be tiring. Tying yourself to the saddle will get you hurt sooner or later
  8. Cattle guards are very effective at keeping livestock where they belong. I do have one horse who will jump any cg just because he can. ( Appy)
  9. I have a Savage model 25 22 RF rifle needing a firing pin. I would buy a complete junker rifle if it had a firing pin
  10. Looks like a barrel liner or just the camera angle?
  11. Ruger Super Blackhawk, 44 mag, 3 screw, fired 18 times, like new, no cylinder ring, I thing from the 60s as near as I can tell. 7 1/2 ".$1200 plus shipping.
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