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  1. One with my Trapdoor and the second years later with my 40-70. Not corral shoots. If you know someone in an area where buff may escape your hunt will be in the open but still no challenge.
  2. I have one off of a Marlin. Rifle says 1894. It is a new model. Buttstock is checkered, rubber recoil pad ( Marlin), sling swivel not original. very small chip off of the wood where it meets the receiver.
  3. We made a drag out of an old large steel wheel (rear) from an old tractor. 3 blades welded underneath. 1 blade or 2 will just go up and down with the terrain. With 3, 2 are riding and 1 does the scraping
  4. Send me an email so we can communicate please
  5. That guy should do something with his gun safe to prevent this kind of damage
  6. I have to get to UPS to get shipping costs. My email is Lremt@midrivers.com. I have 2 2nd Colts, 4 Win lever guns and my bro in law gave me a Marlin in older 38-40 but I will load lead for all of those
  7. 1 box left I only have one box left
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