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  1. Flooring blade for a circular saw works in my table saw
  2. Cattle need water. Horses can eat snow and get by all winter
  3. Too many for barns. They go to the coulees so they are out of the wind.
  4. Use a product called Shoe Stretch as it will not stain your leather. Do not use water.
  5. Still trying to load 32-40 and I need an expander ball. Dies are RCBS but other makes may fit the stem. If you have the entire stem with a .320 ball I will buy it
  6. I have 2 US McCllelan saddles I would sell. Used only once each. Original not repros. $1500 each
  7. I have an Olympic AR. Would not shoot point of aim so I had to shim the scope. Talked to a rep at Olympic who was coming to my are to see a relative. I asked him to stop and look at my rifle . He would not. Case closed.
  8. Do not use a file or stone. Use a chamber iron to swage the metal back into place. And then do not dry fire again
  9. He probably starved to death trying to get food into his mouth through all those whiskers
  10. Thanks all. I never thought there would be any available but have some ordered
  11. Thanks all. Yes, I could cast them and have all the molds and Magma sizer but not the time. And now it is below zero and will be for a while so outdoor casting would be tough
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