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  1. Hoss

    Hopkins & Allen XL3

    Probably going to be out of time if it does not lock up tight. 75-100 or so a S&W lemon squeezer a much better choice.
  2. I looked hard at electronic locks when I bought my 2nd safe. Was pretty sure I wanted another dial. I went to safe store, guy told me he could do either one, same price. He also told me he has had to break into and replace elec. locks, but never a Dial. I went with dial. He set combo to whatever #s I wanted.
  3. Hoss


    As a TO if I saw the edger I will mention it. Then I allow spotter to point it out. Then I ask spotters for their call. as a spotter, if another spotter calls an edger I will look at target and usually agree. I never allow my call to be changed from hit to miss.
  4. One can move while opening, shucking, reloading shotgun. Just have to stop when action is closed with live rounds. Takes a little thought and practice. But does save time. i also try to “side step” a step or two when appropriate when re-holstering and then drawing my 2nd pistol.
  5. case feeder is not all that hard. andjust the nuts so that the feeder is about 1/4" taller than bullet. then mark it with a sharpie so you can get it back if needed. again, its kind of fidly, but once you get it right it works well. I think the Lee case feeder with the coallator is superior to the Dillon case feeder, and waaaaaay cheaper! it just works well. for 38 sp I could load about 80 in the tubes, and abnother 20 in the colator, so could do 100 rounds then relaod primer tray and cases at same time.
  6. I started on a loadmaster. They are good presses. Can be finicky. I moved to a D 650 after a squib/OOB incident. Not sure it was the LM fault, but I decided I wanted a powder check die. the Dillon is a better press, but it cost 3X as much. I found it interesting that they sell a replacement parts kit that has 20 some pieces of the parts most likely to break (yes they will replace them for free, but you have to wait on the mail). I don’t think the LM has 20 parts total!! long story short, both are capable of making excellent ammo. Both have pluses and minuses. Once you get the LM figured out it’s fine. I actually had less trouble getting the LM set up than I did the Dillon.
  7. I wish I could find a Roughneck in 38/357 I’ve seen 9mm and 45 Colt. I wonder if that’s the only calibers offered? (I know I can buy additional barrels)
  8. I always figured some of these odd rules have more to do with what guns/equipment the rule-writer had rather than what may have been historically accurate. But I ain’t complaining. I love the game!
  9. Abilene, I get a fine classic sight picture for every shot while shooting 5 rounds in <2 seconds with my pocket pistols. I’m sure adjustable sights would be a huge help! yea, I don’t know why the no adjustable sights allowed either.
  10. the 2nd pistol has adjustable sights. not PP legal
  11. I have 13 of them! Kind of addicting! I’ve paid 100 to 425. The cheaper ones like Iver Johnsons are ok, but not very robust. The S&W new departures are good. Or any S&W. My best is a “perfected model” has a latch on top and one on the side. I also have H&Rs and a Merwin Hulbert. The MH is a fine gun, just not as fast. My Colt Lightning has a 41/4” barrel so not legal. And while it functions fine the mechanism is to delicate to hold up to the rough treatment of pocket pistol matches. the MH has a funny story. I saw it at a gun show, drooled all over it but he was asking $750, which was more than I would pay. I looked at it every month, and he finally dropped the price to 650, then 600, then 575. I was starting to be tempted. I asked him what was his best price, he said “make an offer”. I offered $300, he said “SOLD”! I think he was tired of hauling it around. I saw the same model at Collectors Firearms in Houston for $1800. (They are notoriously high) mine is in better shape. moral of the story, watch your local gun shows. They turn up frequently, and deals are out there. I only shoot BP or subs (usually APP) in mine.
  12. I’ve used hot glue sticks, elmers. Both would occasionally not hold. Tried waterglass and it works very well. You can buy a lifetime supply on amazon for a few bucks. Get a glass eye dropper to apply.
  13. Hoss

    WTC breaking the 170

    An armed society is a polite society!
  14. Hoss

    WTC breaking the 170

    Yes, I saw the gun break the 170. Closer to 185 or so. And while I knew there were most likely folks on the other side of the wall, I could not actually see them. Going forward, with time to think about it, should have been the MDQ. As it was I called SDQ, shooter called MDQ on himself. To his credit he did stay and do posse chores the rest of the match. while 170 violations occur, they are rarely called as its usually very brief, and barely. As a TO of counter you say “did he or didn’t he”? If you are not sure BOD kicks in. Probably the hardest penalty to call in our game.
  15. Hoss

    WTC breaking the 170

    Saw a stage that had a fence across the front, with an opening in the middle to shoot from. Table set in opening to stage long guns. Shooter shot long gun, staged it, properly pulled his cross draw. A counter had moved up and was leaning in the fence. He started squalling “he swept me”. TO said no, you moved into his 170. Which I thought was the correct call. Moral of the story, have to be aware of everything going on around you! I remember an old cowboy tell me that cows will do stupid things, expect it. I think the same could be said of cowboys!!! Brain fades, heat, trying to get a good position to count from, and yes, plain ole stupidity can get us all.
  16. Hoss

    WTC breaking the 170

    Yea, kinda blew my mind too. Some people just don’t think.
  17. Hoss

    WTC breaking the 170

    I’m in agreement with the sweeping. Trust me, I lost sleep over this. It could have been a horrible tragedy. It’s funny how these things go. Happens so fast, then it’s like in slow motion trying to make the situation safe. I’m definitely going to address it at our next match. as for common firing line/loading/unloading tables, more common in these parts than not. Of the 11 clubs I shoot at (some more than others!) 9 of them have mostly common lines. The one that doesn’t actually presents the most problems. Maybe we are just not used to it. One stage has unloading table perpendicular to firing line, pointed into a berm. All good. Until the ULT officer walked around the table, facing me as I cleared my guns!!! (Yes I stopped and told him to get away!!!)
  18. Hoss

    WTC breaking the 170

    I agree 100% with you. My question is does the wall in a building effect the sweeping. (No question, the wall will not stop a bullet (but a dentist will).... nod to Lonseome Dove) does the wall matter? Given that most ranges have a common firing line with loading/unloading tables adjacent, most any gun that breaks the 180 is sweeping somebody, whether shooter can see them or not.
  19. I’m TO. Shooter clearly and no doubt breaks 170 (Broke 180 for that matter!) with loaded gun. (WB match was a 1911 so cocked with round in chamber) I stopped shooter, gave him the SDQ. I was pretty shook up. (In fact gave up TOing for a while) got to thinking about the situation later, realized that while we were in a building, the loading table was just a few feet over, and the shooters there were most likely swept. (Allthough I could not see them). My question, should this have been a MDQ for sweeping? While shooter could not see the table because of wall, the wall certainly would not have stopped the bullet had he had a ND. FWIW shooter elected to MDQ himself and did not shoot the rest of the match. this could have been a tragedy. We must all remember that muzzle control must be foremost in our mind.
  20. I set mine up on my iPhone, shot spitballs into fireplace. (Occasionally at my wife...) until I got it figured out.
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