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  1. Hoss

    sharps rifle

    I’ve got some 335 grn .380 cast Bullets. Did not work in my HiWall with 1/18 twist. Might work in yours with faster twist. Pm me your address and I’ll send them to you to try out.
  2. and thanks to you and all who are wiling to step up as MD's TO"s, club officers etc!
  3. My wife shoots a pair of these in 38SP, work very well for her. they smaller grip frame helps a lot. i load a 105 grn bullet with 3.2 Bullseye
  4. My favorite miss story I was shooting Cody Dixon with a 45-70. last rifle target was a chicken hung on chains. shot stage clean, 1 counter said a miss. I asked her what i missed, she said the chicken. I looked at the chicken and it was still dancing at the end of the chains. I pointed that out to her and she still thought i missed it. Fortunately the other 2 counters had it right.
  5. RING.com I have one front and back door. front door hard-wired to doorbell. Back door is a mounted on a wall. I have to bring it in and recharge it once a month or so. they work very well.. My phone chimes when its set off. about $200 each, and its $3.00/month for cloud storage
  6. I like to have 2 indicators for a miss. No ding and see dirt fly behind the target, no target movement. If I see dirt fly I try to look at the angle for an edger possibility. I onlu need 1 indicator for a hit. A ding, target moves, or no dirt flying. If Im not 100% sure then it’s a hit. Its tougher on round count stages, especially when you can’t see the shooter. Then it’s mostly listen for clangs and watch for dirt.
  7. I have an AWA lightning in 44-40 that works flawlessly. that being said, I know parts are scarce if I do have a problem. I was pretty lucky, paid $500 for mine about 4 years ago.
  8. You need a Remington derringer to complete the look!
  9. Thanks all, I was 99&44/100 it Was a no call situation.
  10. Scenario is Shotgun - rifle -pistols. Shooter shoots shotgun, rifle, 1st pistol. Stages 1st pistol on table, draws 2nd finished stage. Returns 2nd pistol to leather. So far so good. Shooter goes to retrieve long guns, forgets to reholster 1st pistol. He gets long guns, sees other pistol on table, retrieved it and goes on to ULT. WTC? some said P, a couple thought MSV. After discussion, no call. I was in the no call camp.
  11. On the flip side, Jimmy Spurs is QUICK! I got my pistols from him in < a week. And I might add, excellent work. My revolvers are slicker than snot on a doorknob!
  12. I had a gunsmith hold onto some pocket pistols for over a year. I finally just told him to ship them back. One came back with a broken firing pin. I fully understand that things like that happen, but he should have at least told me. In your case, way too long, unless he told you up front it may be that long. And naming a state does not name the ‘smith. I’m guessing every state in the union has several
  13. Likewise TB! Enjoyed meeting you as well.
  14. Hats off to the Texican Rangers. They did a great job in putting on this match. Very well done. I had a great time. And congrats to overall champion Rusty Remington. Well done cowboy!
  15. I shift with a guy once, he said he was doing some “experimenting” with his BP ammo. Added a little motor oil to get more smoke. Not sure if he was kidding or not.
  16. light loads can be a hazard as well. one foggy morning I saw a bullet leave the gun, hit the target,bounce off target, hit the ground, bounce off the ground and come directly back at the shooter/TO. barely missed them. load was not sufficient to deform or fragment the bullet at all. I suspect if I had looked for the bullet I could have used it again!
  17. I have a 10G and enjoy shooting it every one in a while. I shoot fairly mild BP loads. The long barrels generally have the sound way out from under the rood of a covered stage. While I dont want to make it louder, I also dont think we will ever see suppressed or silenced CAS guns. At least I hope not!
  18. CAS. like Little League, Church work parties, pretty much any volunteer activity or game, 20% of members are going to do 80% of the work. at my home club, I try to be in the 20%, although I'm not much of a steel toter. At clubs that I shoot at often, but are too far for making work details I try, at least a couple of times a year, to make a donation to pay for lunch or refreshments or materials for the work party. As far as working at a match, I'm going to count, run the timer, shag brass or whatever. occasionally, especially in the Texas summer, I need to sit out a stage, when that happens I try to at least work the ULT. or sit where I can count. I have zero problem with shooters who its all they can do to just shoot. but those that hide out at their cart and do nothing kinda irk me. I recently shot at a match with a very good young shooter. He did not d a lick of posse work. I mean ZERO. Spent his time checking his ammo, checking his guns, getting in the "zone". Had I been PM, I think on the last stage I likely would have told the brass pickers to leave his brass on the ground.
  19. Given the Handi Rifle is legal, would have to think this one is as well. Wesson did make a break breach model in the late 1850s I think.
  20. looking forward to meeting you this week at Comancheria Days. We are on the same posse!
  21. I gotcha. I was not thinking silencers/suppressors as hard to imagine them at a CAS match!
  22. Pardon my ignorance, but what is the HPA? (I assume not the Harry Potter Alliance or Hot Piece of...... )
  23. RULES SAY: Revolver Requirements Original single action revolvers manufactured prior to 1899, ~ 380 ACP was introduced in 1908 . and not a common revolver cartridge. Of course the 9mm was introduced in 1902 and it is SASS legal, as is the 45 ACP (introduced in 1905)
  24. Hoss

    Sharps Rifles.

    I made a deal on a Shiloh Sharps, but if the right Stevens 441/2 fell in my lap, who knows!!
  25. Hoss

    Sharps Rifles.

    My Uberti HiWall 38-55 has a 18-1 twist. Won’t stabilize a 335 grn bullet. Sounds like a bee buzzing. I did find a 310 that works well. I really like the 38-55, fun rifle to shoot without getting beat up. Mine is very accurate unless it’s windy.
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