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    Loading Table Officer

    Absolutely a first time shooter is assigned an experienced shooter to monitor him from gun cart to loading table, then loading table to firing line. Turned over to TO. Then when done escorted to ULT, cleared and taken back to guncart. Remind them to breath ! Usually they have a big silly looking grin on their face! We stay with them for as many stages (or matches) as needed until they are comfortable with the procedure
  2. I must have missed that. But I bet thee are others wide enough
  3. Try a cinch Latigo. 6’ long. Plenty heavy. https://www.statelinetack.com/item/oxbow-latigo-cinch-strap/E031207/?srccode=GPSLT&gclid=CjwKCAjwwab7BRBAEiwAapqpTJRI9EJAaAcUVHXChE4JIK3uP7ZdvU9osrqUxELrNxCPWzTs5rTEFxoCstUQAvD_BwE
  4. Just use sand paper to rough up the leather
  5. Just curious, how many of you shoot at clubs that have a LTO? I know what the rules say, but at least where I shoot LTOs are rarely seen. At most somebody may say “check my pistol” but that’s about it. One club used to insist on dedicated LTO, and only one person loading at a time. They seem to have relaxed that policy over the last couple of years. For the record, Every club I shoot at requires a ULT. often the previous shooter stays to clear the next shooter. I’m curious if this is a regional thing or pretty much everywhere?
  6. You are correct. But I can tell you that in the parts of the country I shoot at LTOs are scarce. I dong know if that’s regional to S Texas or not. One club I shoot at used to insist on an LTO, only one person loading at a time. They seem to have relaxed that policy tho. And I’m not saying an LTO is a bad thing, I’m just talking g how it is where I shoot. Some shooters will ask another to “check my pistols” but that’s about it. I do try to look at everybody’s rifle hammer while at the table to make sure they are down.
  7. That’s the call! Never mind phantom and I. We would argue over what day of the week it is!
  8. As others have said, shotgun belt is better location. You doing want to be reaching way back for a bullet for a reload!
  9. Ok phantom, Please answer this question and this question only: shooter comes to line from loading table with revolver loaded with 5 Rounds. Opens the gate. (No cylinder movement) empty chamber under the gate. Is there a penalty?
  10. To be clear, I don’t get my kicks issuing penalties. Just answering a what if call. And I think it’s easy to determine the cylinder position in this case. Just ask the shooter if he rotated it.
  11. So far (at least) I haven’t gone On you. (Yet .) I think it’s relevant if he turned the cylinder or not. In the OP, it said he opened gate, inserted round in Empty chamber.no mention of rotating cylinder. If he had 5 loaded, and pistol was properly indexed, then the empty chamber would be under the hammer. So unless he rotated the cylinder it had a live round under hammer. Clearly a rule violation. I’m not sure how I can be much clearer.
  12. Only time I‘ve ever needed a backup rifle is when I did not bring it with me. Has happened twice! Now I always bring one, sometimes leave it in truck, but generally try to shoot it at least one stage. I don’t have pistol backups. I shoot Rugers. Dang near indestructible! my shotgun is a Baikal also built like a tank. And my traveling Pard shoots the exact same shotgun, so we could just use the others if either of ours fails.
  13. I kinda think the position of the empty chamber is relevant. But I know arguing with you is like arguing with a stump.
  14. I read the OP exactly as posted. But, I’ll try to make it so simple even a caveman could understand it. if shooter opened gate, manipulated cylinder to put empty chamber in gate, no call. if shooter opened gate, empty chamber was in way of gate, (without moving cylinder) it’s a SDQ.
  15. 3-4 are plenty. Need one for rifle reload, 1 for the occasional high primer or dropped where you can’t reach it round at LT. 2 more because you forgot to replace them when used! my first belt had about 20. Took 2 matches for me to realize I did not want to lug all that around with me all day! For the same reason I put my pistols in cart holsters between stages.
  16. If that’s what he did, no call. But OP does not say anything about rotating the cylinder. Just says opened gated and dropped one in empty chamber opens the loading gate, drops a round in the open chamber and shoots 6
  17. Not talking about firing the shot, talking about moving with round under hammer Safe Conditions During a Course of Fire – Revolvers Revolvers are considered SAFE for movement (in hand, while holstering, or while moving through a stage) and SAFE to leave the shooter’s hand in the following conditions ONLY: - Hammer fully down on an empty chamber. - Hammer fully down on an expended round. A revolver may not be originally staged in this condition, but may be restaged in this condition.
  18. Well, as the OP reads, unless he teleported from the loading table To the stage, he moved with gun with live round under hammer.
  19. On the rare pistol reload, I shoot one, open the gate, drop one in the empty cylinder, close the gate and shoot 5. In the OP, if all he did was open the gate after drawing, and there was an empty cylinder there, then he had a live round under hammer. SDQ
  20. Ok cowboys, time to pony up. $30,000 sounds like a huge, unmanageable amount. But, if 1000 of us would pony up the cost of a match, say 30.00, the goal would be met. You’ll never miss the money! my check Will be in the mail tomorrow.
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