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  1. Lucky you didn’t get a MDQ for sweeping with loaded gun! I tried a 97 for a while. I loaded them backwards. Sideways. Dropped. Pumped before pulling trigger ejecting live round, went back to SXS so now all I do is fumble the shells around when loading!
  2. I’d agree 100% that it needs to be ruled on and settled.
  3. That’s # 52 of the 97 ways a 97 will break your heart!
  4. 6 shots fired. 6 targets down. Nothing to call except “ Next shooter”
  5. I do have some brass 10 G that run $8 each, but yes the magtech 12 g are around $1 each
  6. Thanks Rooster!
  7. We’ve raised $265 so far. Come on Cowboys, pony up and help out!
  8. Yup, that’s him. Tom has called and made a police report. Doubtful he will get any money back. But maybe can scare the skunk and he won’t scam anybody else.
  9. I did order a “Polish Capper” from the guy in Poland who makes them. It came in a heavy envelope fairly covered with Polish postal stamps. Kind of interesting looking. I think it took a week to get the me.
  10. I’ll let him know JB. I’m hopeful we can raise the funding to get him a pair of pistols.
  11. Correct. ive never been burned on SASSWIRE, but I’d be very wary of dealing with a total stranger on FB. But if they have a SASS Alias/#, I feel pretty comfortable. Chances are I’ll know them, or know somebody that knows Them.
  12. A new shooter at our club, (has shot a couple of matches with borrowed guns) recently posted a WTB ad on a SASS FB page. Some sorry sack of cow dung just happened to have the odor if vaqueros Tom was Looking for. He bought them. Sent omg via papacy friends or Family. Waited anxiously for his pistols to arrive. Of course they didn’t. He contacted seller, seller said prices had gone up, he needed another $700. Fortunately Tom figured out he was being scammed. miral if the story. Only buy from genuine businesses, or SASS members that you know, or at a minimum know somebody who knows them. Don’t use PayPal F&F as there is no recourse. (Of course, PayPal didn’t do guns anyway) my opinion. now for the positive side. After the match we passed the hat, raised almost $200. We are going to try to raise the money to help him get guns. if you know anybody with a pair of vaqueros in 38 at a reasonable price, let me know. If you would like to help Tom out with the cost PM me. thanks ! Did I mention he is a Desert a storm vet, who then put in several years as a corrections officer, and is now on disability?
  13. There is value in having a National postal service that will deliver a letter across the country for a minimal charge. I’d be ok with every other day home delivery. At work, we now email the majority of our invoices to our customers.
  14. I recently sent a pair of Bo d derringer grips in a photo nailed cardboard envelope. sTexas to East Louisiana. Mailed on Saturday, arrived Monday. Got .98¢! Really hard to beat that. But that truly is the exception. Usually USPS is slow. Cheap but slow. I think if we just turned over the whole kit & Caboodle to FedEx or UPS and let them run it we would be better off.
  15. I’ll take the Colt 22. Maybe we can get together at a match soon. Let me know.
  16. Lots of DA legal pocket pistols. I do have a Colt Lightning. But the barrel is 4&1/4” so not PP legal, unless I want to lop off 1/4”! Also, other than style points, the lightning is not going to win any speed PP matches. Plus they are way to delicate to take that kind of pounding.
  17. Welcome Slapshot! You’ll find 99% of sass shooters to be very friendly & helpful. what part of Magnolia State are you from? Do you do offshore Gulf of Mexico work or inland marine?
  18. I was at a perpendicular ULT at a match a while back. It was a smallish table, really only room for one person. The UTO solved that problem by walking around to the other side of the table! I told him he couldn’t stand there. He moved. I finished unloading, put my guns away, come back for posse chores and he was back on the other side of the table. Shooters just happily unloading while looking at him. He Even brought a stool! Some people have ZERO sense!
  19. Hoss

    SDQs & MDQs

    Another post on the site got me to thinking about SDQs or even MDQs. I’m curious what the most common SDQ is? In 9+ years of shooting I’ve had 3 SDQs 1) tripped and fell while carrying shotgun. Dropped gun 2) moved with loaded shotgun. 3) failed to clear a pistol at ULT.
  20. Yes, that’s an easier call to make as the shotgun is sitting there. The .003 second maybe/probably broke the 170 are harder.
  21. I have no doubt it’s been called, I’ve just never seen it called. I’ve warned many shooters that they were 169&1/2. Most of the time 170 violations are VERY brief. Usually think did he or didn’t he????? BOD comes into play. (But as PWB says, “no doubt, no benefit!” you have TOed many more shooters than I. How many 170 violations have you called? (I’ve called maybe 3, several warnings) to clarify, these were not vertical 170 violation calls.
  22. While the rule is there, I’ve never seen a vertical 170 violation called. i saw a guy once not have a intertial trigger reset, he banged the buttstock on the shelf to reset. I told him to not do that again, he asked why, I told him it broke the 170 vertically, and in my opinion was unsafe. He did not agree. He was a bit miffed at me. I don’t regularly shoot with him, and in fact haven’t seen him in years. Had he done it again with me timing I would have SDQed him.
  23. Hoss


    Funny to read this post today. I was thinking earlier today about my Remington Derringer and maybe selling it. I have the derringer, 2 sets of grips (one may be ivory, I’m not sure) and a handful of the .41 brass that you put a 22 blank into for a primer. I usually would put a pinch of APP in to make some authentic smoke!) they are kinda fun to shoot, but a pain to load for! You are never going to win a derringer speed side match with it, I think the hammer spring came from a 58 Buick! But again, kinda neat to own and shoot every once in a while. I kinda gave my eye on another project, so might let this one go. I’ll get some pics together and send to you.
  24. I set of Texas Star Rosewood grips. $30 plus shipping. first “I’ll take them” gets them
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