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  1. I tried those after shooting a plainsman match. Yes it cleaned the bore. About as well as a bore snake with a shot of Balistol
  2. Trick is on diamonds is to hold your pistols at an angle like a gangsta from the hood. Then the bullets will perceive them as squares
  3. Hoss


    And you are 100% entitled to your opinion! I don’t avoid clubs with down range movement stages, just not my favorite. I do prefer when there is downrange that requires rifle to be left behind to have a table with an angled marker to restage on, as opposed to vertically.
  4. Hoss


    berms are a good thng, for lots of reasons. That being said I dont care all that much for downrange movement. seems like somebody always forgets to prpoerly stage their rifle, or when done turns around and has gun pointed uprange. in my opinion many (not all or even most) stages with downrange mvemen seem contrived and more trouble than they are worth.
  5. I was giving it serious consideration. I have an original 74 trapdoor carbine. Good shooter. I use it in plainsman matches. Kinda thinking I want to try Cody Dixon single shot, but I don’t want to shoot my original that much. Now I’m going to be looking for another H&R trapdoor!
  6. I prefer belt with 5 double loops. rare that more than 4 SG per stage, but with 10 I have enough to get me thru most anything, plus, if (when!!!) I forget to replenish can get thru 2nd stage.
  7. Mine is 45-60. I cut down 45-70 brass. Then found some 45-60 brass. I shoot a 305 grn bullet with 12.0 Unique. Seems to work well for me.
  8. I have a nylon bore brush about 6” long. I scrub out my chambers every stage. I wipe my my shotgun shells down with a bit of ballistol on a rag. Not a heavy coating, just a quick wipe to knock any dust/dirt off.
  9. I have a pair of tall sticks that use seated in a directors chair, or can use them standing. I also have a shorter set that work on a bench. some guys shoot prone, others sitting on grng (both using sticks) Shooting prone is probably best, but unless they have a cherry-picker to help get me up, I'm not shooting prone!
  10. 170 violations are the hardest to call. Usually close, and brief. I’ve only seen a couple called, and one that was called I think wa really a prop failure. Ive called one. Fairly new shooter, shot 5 out of pistol cocked again and pulled trigger CLICK. cocked again, I said that’s all in that gun, pull the trigger and holster. Shooter turned around to face me, with cocked (but empty) pistol pointed at my gut, and said Huh??? SDQ.
  11. TO held the line and did not allow a score. I don’t necessarily think allowing a shooter to shoot for no score in this situation is a terrible thing. I’ve never done it, but I’m not totally against it.
  12. At a match today, shooter came to line with hammer back on rifle. I was a counter. I brought it to TO attention. He told shooter SDQ. Shooter said not by SASS rules. I assured him it was. He and TO gas a discussion, then shooter shot the stage. I assumed they had discussed rules and then TO allowed shooter to shoot. After hecshot TO said no score, SDQ. Shooter got made and said if it’s SDQ I’m going home. Packed his gear and left. This shooter had many years experience. He should know the basic rules. I hate to come off as a “harda$$, but if we don’t enforce the rules of the game it’s just not right. At my home club, where I am range safety office I always mention hammer back is an SDQ, and we enforce the rule. Some rules are harder to call than others. Breaking the 170 is usually so brief, and just barely that you ask yourself did he or didn’t he? If you have to think about it, then shooter should get benefit if the doubt. But on the really obvious ones, hammer back, dropped gun, failure to clear guns etc. we should and must enforce the rules.
  13. 10.0 Unique in my HiWall with 260 grn bullet works well. Wind will have a pretty big effect on the bullet. I’ve shot mine out to 500 meters, but if it’s windy, it’s tough. Good sights are a must. If you are shooting a H&R Buffalo Classic you can’t mount a tang sight as no steel tang. While you could mount them on wood, they won’t be as stable. The 38-55 is a good target load, but has it’s limitations, primarily due to wind. The heavier the bullet the better, mine can handle a 310. I tried 335 but the would not stabilize. Sounded like a bee going downrange!
  14. Most of the matches I’ve been to whomever the MD gets to running a particular side match makes the rules and shooting sequences. As long as it’s the same for everybody it’s fair. Many just write top score on a board, change it when somebody beats it. I prefer recording all scores. That way, if leader somehow MDQs later during the side matches, you can go to the next person in line. I also prefer, as time allows, letting a shooter try 3 times, keep his best score.
  15. 535 grn bullet, 25 grns 5744. 200 yds.
  16. Just “Waller” it out some with the 3/8 bit!!!!
  17. check for a burr in the frame channel the hammer rides in
  18. We call it Cody Dixon down here in Texas. A hoot to shoot. I use a Win 94 in 38-55
  19. without applying a protractor, those holsters look to be pushing the 30 degree rule.
  20. I would not stop a shooter because the timer missed a shot. But if it was obviously malfunctioning then I likely would between guns. And yes, look at timer before/as you cover the mic.
  21. Capt bill, I agree that at a monthly with 15 shooters you may get less than ideal TOs. but if a newer shooter is willing to try, then more expereinced shooters should be encouraging. thats how good TOs are made. If they make a mistake, maybe tell them later about it. I dont mind constructive critisim of my TOing. What I dont like is having a shooter complain about "silly" things. too much delay, not enough delay, too close, not close enough, too loud, not loud enough, etc.
  22. there is a lot to do when TOing. its an art as much as a science! With the exception of # 1, may not be in order 1) safely assit shooter with empahsis on SAFETY! 2) assess shooter before stage for shotgun shells, and if they appear "ready" 3) dont ask if they understand the scenario (newer shoters will tell it to you) rather say "when shooter ready give starting line" 4) instructions are gennerally to be on shooters strong side, over his shoulder. I try to also take into account which way shooter will be moving. I dont want to be in his way, so if other shoulder is better, thats where i'll position myself. 5) count the shots! 6) as shooter puts long guns down check for clear actions 7) make sure spotters are identified, ready and attentive 8) know your shooter if at all possible. some are hard of hearing and require a tap when beeper goes off. some need more coaching than others. some want no coaching at all. 9) watch the timer to make sure it is recording shots. 10) after last shot put finger over mic so it does not pick up shots from adjacent stages 11) show to shooter and call time 11) poll spotters. never "argue" for a miss. if a spotter claimes he saw and edger than confirm if you know. if you dont know, dont say anythong, just ask the spotters what THEY saw. 12) assess misses/penalties. Be fair. call what they did. if you are not sure, then no call. if you are sure, make the call. 13) pass info to scorekeeper 14) make sure stage is ready for next shooter 15) NEXT SHOOTER! there may be and probably are other things that TO has to be aware of. its a demanding position. TO should not have to also pick up brass, reset shotgun targets etc. 5-6 shooters really ought to be max.
  23. Hoss

    Sharps Questions

    lots more options with 45-70 Yes, Shiloh & C Sharps are 2 different companies. Somebody had a C Sharps for sale on the SASS wire not long ago. I dont recall if it sold or not. You might want to check it out
  24. Hoss

    WTC. Equipment

    That’s my thought too. Heck of a nice guy. I would hate for him to have a problem down the trail.
  25. Hoss

    WTC. Equipment

    My drawing definitely not to scale. But for argument sake, yes ammo at or below belly button
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