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  1. It was kinda a work-down from 45-70. Some older books had Unique loads for 45-70. 14. 2 Unique for 45-70 is a fairly common load, I have an old Lyman book that shows it. And I’ve shot a bunch of them! I kinda worked down from there when I got the 45-60.
  2. I use a 305 Grn bullet with 12.0 Unique in my Uberti-Win 76. Works well
  3. They steer easily as long as you don’t load the front up too much. the parking brake is a weak spot. One range I shoot at has more slope than most. I’ve found rather than rely on the brake that came with the cart I carry a bungee cord. Catch a hook in a Sahel spoke, stretch it to handle. Works perfectly. I have the 5 gun model. After a wooden cart and wearing out/breaking 2 Rugged Gear carts, I think this is the best. I don’t see how you would wear it out or break it. (Short of running it over with your truck!!!)
  4. I recently picked up a nice B92 in 357. Mostly because I just wanted a 92. This rifle was built in the 80s I think, so no goofy tang safety. Thinking I might use it for pistol caliber long range, so looking for a tang sight for it. Prefer a Marbles. anybody have one in a drawer somewhere?
  5. I drink a bottle of Gatorade before. Arch in the morning. Then a bottle of water per stage. Usually an electrolyte additive to one bottle. Also have electrolyte pills. if more than one person looks at you with concern and asks if you are ok you should probably really listen to them. Especially us “more experienced” (old!) shooters need to listen. Our judgment can be affected by the heat as well. We may not br capable of making a good decision on our own status. remember, it’s ok to just sit a stage out!
  6. I enjoy collecting & shooting pocket pistols. I reload for them, .32SW, .38SW, 38 Colt. I use APP in all of them For the 48s I generally just use same 105 grn bullets as I use in my 357/38 Rugers. At the distances we shoot pocket pistols it really doesn’t matter! it’s kinda neat thinking about where these old pistols have been!
  7. Lexol is good stuff for sure. But don’t overlook Balistol. It’s not only for gun cleaning. Works well on leather, wood, just about anything!
  8. Cleaning up reloading bench. Found a few things I don’t need. All prices are plus shipping. RCBS 12G shotshell die set $125 AimShot laser bore sight $50 2 45 Schofield cartridge boxes. $20 First “I’ll take it” gets it!
  9. I have the 5 gun model. I’ve found that if you put a box full of stuff on the front shelf they are hard to steer. But with minimal weight on the front really no problem.
  10. In no particular order the SKB smiths I know are: Johnny Meadows Doc Noper Shotgun Boogie Fast Eddie Lefty Wheeler I’m sure there are others, but these are generally considered the go-to guys.
  11. I know I can make it out of 45-70, but hoping to find some more 40-65 cases. let me know what you have!
  12. Summertime shooting in S Texas is not for the faint of heart! With I left the range today my truck thermometer read 108. I don’t know that it’s super-accurate, but I was sho-nuff hot! Fortunately we got done shooting at 1140, so beat the afternoon heat. I drink a bottle of Gatorade before match, and a bottle of water every stage. Gotta stay hydrated!!! I love this game, and am going to keep shooting, but I’ll be glad when fall arrives.
  13. I’d pay $110 for Federals. I have had about a 1.5% failure to fire with Remingtons. Pretty consistently. To the point I only use them for monthly matches in my Cody Dixon rifles. For annuals I use Federals.
  14. I’ll try to get together with you at some point, or maybe one of my Pards will be where you are and grab a brick for me. You need to come to George West for the Texas Riviera Pistoleros annual match in December.
  15. Tell, I’ll take a 1000. Will you be at THSS in July?
  16. One of these I think. Probably a later model. Nickled. Supposedly the IJs with the owl on grips facing the shooter are safe to shoot with smokeless. I would not trust that as the grips could have been swapped out! the IJs were $3 dollar guns in the day, while the Smith & Wessons were $8. The SW are just much better made. But, I have a couplebof IJs and have shot them a lot. One of them has a bobbed barrel, about 1.5” long, no front sight. It works well. I’ve even won a PP side match or 2 with it!
  17. I would not go less than 20” as I once had a 20” shotgun that had the rib cone loose at the end. Gunsmith was able to cut 1.75” off, and made a good repair. Had it been shorter likely would have been unable to repair and kept legal.
  18. I have a similar bench without drawers. I put it in a clothes closet with bifold doors. Used driving above. When needed the room for other purposes took press off Mount, closed the doors.
  19. I have a D750, a D550 and a Lee Classic Turret. The Dillons are very good presses. But if I could only have one, for loading multiple calibers, it would be the Lee Classic Turret. The most likely part to break is the plastic square Rachet. If you buy a couple of extras at .50¢ each you will never need one. do not confuse the Classic Turret with the Value turret. The value is pretty flimsy.
  20. You won’t go wrong with an SKB. Fast Eddie Johnny Meadows Doc Noper Shotgun Boogie there are others, but these are all excellent smiths. if you don’t like it, you can sell it easily, probably at a profit!
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