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  1. I have Lighting Bills 500 hulls with plenary left if anyone still needs some.
  2. That’s a great deal , can’t believe it’s lasted this long !!
  3. All mine are once fired , let me get a count this weekend and I’ll let you know.
  4. I can tell you that we built this pair of pistols. We used only match grade shilen barrel blanks, turning them down to octagonal. All the edges have been beveled and rounded , solid brass front sights added and short stroked. The wood grips are custom made by Joe Perkins and perfectly hand fit to those guns. $4000 is a great deal !!
  5. SOLD PF. I have two pair of really nice custom made Giraffe Bone grips. These are a thinner gunfighter style much like the wood ones Eagle Grips make. These are a super nice set and the hairlines you see are only the grain structure and are NOT cracks, these are solid grips. The color are a nice creamy Carmel and look like aged Ivory. $325 shipped for Both pair.
  6. To be very honest when I started any match went only 3 deep. At that time when you placed in the top three the awards really meant something and you were proud to be in that select group. Now with our “everyone should get an award” world we live in, it has actually taken away the true feeling of having won when almost everyone that shows up gets an award. I would rather go back to that time and give much nicer awards 3 deep.
  7. Wow, $600 for 5k. Guess it’s better than none .
  8. I’ll take all the trail boss and the Federal 209 primers pending my PM I sent.
  9. World Champion Buckle vs Bingo Champion Buckle I’m truly at a loss for words
  10. I’ll take the 1911 if your in agreement to my PM. please let me know
  11. Also check with Scarlett Darling , she has a Widdermatic carbine that will be coming up for sell . Not sure of cost but it would definitely be a excellent rifle to have . Slick
  12. Awesome !!! This idea has already been a discussion topic among many shooters that fall into this group. Thank you to all involved in making this happen, especially Misty & SASS for being willing to make this a possibility. Slick
  13. Thanks everyone, the match was absolutely great. Kudos to everyone involved putting it on.
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