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  1. I have been using one for years. I’ve used 90gr-158gr 38’s and currently running 160gr-165gr 45C. There should be little black plastic shems that come with the machine. These are for putting in front of the ramp so it will flip shorter nose bullets. Also if it’s dropping two bullets you’ll need to take the plastic dropped tube out if the tool head and adjust the little “bb’s” inside the tube for the shorter bullets. This will allow it to drop only one bullet instead of two. They are VERY aggravating to set up but once you do, they work pretty good . Not always 100% but good enough to keep using it 😁. Hope the above makes sense and helps. Slick
  2. I agree and the way these are done they are pressed in. It’s not truly adjustable but it’s the rules and not sure they’ll change it.
  3. As is, they are not allowed in: Duelist Gunfighter Classic Frontier Cartridge BUUUUUUUT, Pietta is looking at possibly changing the front sight design to be legal in ALL SASS categories.
  4. They are pin style hammers and short stroked.
  5. I’ll vote for Jax T. MCC said it all, Jax T has always been an upstanding person and cowboy. I mentioned about shooting Classic with my wife and was able to buy all my guns from him at a super price. He’s always welcoming each and every-time I see him. Jax T truly exemplifies the meaning “Classic Cowboy”.
  6. These are the 1st of the series. We will have a few series and each will add Various changes and additions to make them unique.
  7. Yes, they have been improved with better springs and internal parts. I personally have the prototype pair and have ran thousands of rounds with no issues. But as with any product, there will probably be a some over the next few years that slip past quality control. It just happens when operating on such a large scale.
  8. MSRP will be out shortly, Pietta is currently still working on it. I just wanted to put out the information to get everybody thinking on them.
  9. Yours look very nice . They are similar, the new custom shop guns on the Competition line will also have widened rear sights, brass front sight, beveled cylinder.. muzzle.. and ejector rod housing , longer cut cylinder stop leads, slim gunfighter grips and factory tuning with short stroke.
  10. Ladies vote Miss Alotta Steel, she has been shooting CCG for exactly 1 yr. She always dresses the part fully going above and beyond. She has put in countless hours of practice to start becoming one of the top respected CCG’s in the game. Her sweet attitude and disposition towards everyone she meets exemplifies what a Classic Cowgirl should be. Slick
  11. Good morning, in reference to your question, I have submitted clarification to the committee. But what I do know on the pistol is the sight notch is cut straight all the way across the width of the barrel. The brass sight is machine pressed in the sight notch which will allow it to NOT be adjustable. Since these are not in Full production this can be changed if the powers that be seem to agree it’s needed.
  12. Wanted to drop a line and let everyone know about the New “Competition Line” of match pistols coming out. I’ve been working hand in hand with Pietta for a few years to bring an “out of the box” pair of match guns featuring octagon barrels, brass front sights, widen rear sight notch, gunfighter grips, Low wide hammers, completely beveled edges, fully turned and short stroked. These will be a one stop shop match ready gun for SASS and the Single Action world. These are the 1st in a series of many different models to come in the near future . The below model should be out around mid to late summer and will be offered in the two popular calibers of 38/357 & 45Colt. I will have more information including MSRP to come as it’s provided to me from Pietta. I will have exclusive rights to the distribution of the “Competition Series Line”, so fill free to contact me via PM if interested. Here’s to many fun filled matches, so in the meantime keep your powder dry. (Please feel free to share ) Slick
  13. My wife shoots Classic with a Rock Island Armory hammered double. Very well made shotgun and weighs 3lbs less than my TTN. According to Snake Oil George(40yr master machinist) the internals of the RIA are superior quality and very well made. The hammers are positioned well, much like the TTN. The wood is very nice and comes with factory cut checkering. Snake oil does make a new release lever that’s a little longer than the factory which works very well and makes a perfect addition. Best part is cost is around $500. Slick.
  14. Myself and Miss Alotta Steel will be there Friday afternoon. Slick
  15. Hey Deuce, I’ll take this colt off of your hands. P.m. or text me your information.
  16. Yep, I had these custom built for me to shoot Classic Cowboy in 2016. I won both the National and World Classic Cowboy championships that year with them. They are new model plow handle grips, short stroked with a Bisley trigger & hammer and topped off with match grade shilen octagonal barrels, brass sights and complete bevel package on the edges. If I could have remembered who I sold them to I would have bought them back before building another set . Someone will be getting a really nice pair of shooting irons !!!! Slick
  17. You can always add a rubber recoil pad to yours and cover it with a leather butt cover. That’s about cheap as you can get.
  18. Hello All and Happy Weekend, I’m looking for a screw knife sheath for my holster rig that’s Tan in color. I want the one that fits onto the side of your right hoster, not the belt. Slick
  19. BTT w/Lower Price. open to trades for 1911’s, Colts, Snub Nose Revolvers ……..
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