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  1. I just received my order of these from them. Yes the have the plunger, spring and pin and are the wide spur. a great deal for sure!
  2. I just Ordered two of them from Midway I received them within three days. Great customer service
  3. OK we can all agree that there are a lot of options to grow our sport. Yes there are some limiting factors. Like how much it costs where the regional and national and world shoots are held and a lot of other things. I think that it is correct in saying that it is every participants responsibility to help grow our sport. I think it is important that every club reach out to their local community and find some effective way of spreading the news and creating interest in what we do. One of the things that our SASS club the Briggsdale County shootist’s in Briggsdale Colorado focus heavily on is youth shooting participation and actively reaches out to a variety of youth programs. They do anything and everything possible to bring youth shooters into the game which brings their families into the game. They do not charge a fee to the youth shooters at the monthly or annual shoots. They are huge supporters of the 4H western heritage group - project and have hosted the state competition twice in the last four years. I am a coach in this program and anytime I ask for any type of help their answer is always yes no matter what it is if I ask for a spoonful they give me a bucket full with a huge smile on their face. The 4H Western heritage program is a great opportunity for SASS to support and nurture for a variety of reasons. The youth participants are already shooting cowboy action. Yes there are slight modifications between 4H rules and SASS rules. The other awesome part of this youth program is that it teaches the way of life and real Old west history. The program focuses on westward expansion history from 1860 to 1900. If you don’t know anything about this program I would encourage you to do a search on the Internet and I think everyone will be amazed at what they find. If you know anything about 4H you already know that this is one of the worlds largest youth develop programs. This youth program is shooting sports friendly. They offer 22 pistol and rifle air rifle and pistol ,archery ,shotgun sports ,muzzleloading ,Western heritage and outdoor skills. 4-H shooting sports is one of the largest youth shooting Projects in the country. This is a group that needs every Sass club’s support if you don’t have Western heritage in your area please help to get it started. if you have questions just shoot me a PM I would love to talk to you. Oak Creek Martin
  4. I agree with what Phantom said. Something we need to remember Is that to the new participants of this game the people that they shoot with now will become the ones that they remember. Yes even Phantom! So let’s remember to act the way that our heroes of this game acted and leave A good memory for those who are just starting now.
  5. I would like to get his contact information please. Do you know if he does The Baikals?
  6. The widdersoft stroke is one of the most amazing rifles out there. I have a golden boy that he worked on and it is absolutely the smoothest. if you don’t have one you should get one. They’re not just for kids. Every adult cowboy action shooter that I let shoot it can’t believe how fast you can run it.
  7. I will have to look through some boxes. I should have a bag of about 350 once-fired nickel 357 mixed head stamps
  8. The Sportsmens warehouse in Thorton Colorado had two of them on the rack yesterday 24 inch barrels gorgeous stocks $1099 each on clearance.
  9. I totally agree. Remember keep it simple! Simple is smart, smart is smooth, smooth is fast and fast -well hell that’s just fun!
  10. Just because it hasn’t killed you yet,doesn’t mean that it won’t kill you.not hoping that it does but if it does please pass my contact info onto your windows hopefully I can pick up a great deal on some used SASS gear!
  11. Some days I check the wire just to see what Phantom is up to!
  12. +1 for wolf gun springs. 14/30 in new model vaqueros. Fires ever brand of primers I have tried.
  13. Go to Starline. The best brass avail!able
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