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  1. I’ve only been in the game 2 1/2 years. But from my experiences my two favorite are The return of the Buffalo at Briggsdale county shootists. And He’ll on wheels, with Border Vigilantes’s . Two great clubs, Two great shoots that draw all the great people from near and far!
  2. Because it’s fun. Sometimes you have to do things differently than the same old 10 pistol 20 rifle 2+ shotgun. very simple very easy just use common sense five in your first pistol four in your second pistol count to nine simple math. we should all be able to do it. Oh yeah Phantom you don’t need to chime in I took care of it. Ha Ha.
  3. What a weekend! The crew at Briggsdale pulled it off again. What an amazing weekend. Perfect weather ,perfect stages, awesome food. Everything that you would ask for for a weekend of unlimited fun. More side matches than you could possibly shoot in a day and a half’s time. The prizes were over the top and plentiful. The only hitch I heard of was a broken printer in the scoring shack. Everything ran flawlessly. We should’ve all been arrested for having that much fun! Thanks to the crew at Briggsdale for a great weekend !
  4. Is it tomorrow yet? 1 more day and fun begins. Been a long 364 days. Packing the van now! Can’t wait!
  5. The 4H Western heritage program is a awesome opportunity for SASS to recruit the next generation of cowboy action shooters. The main thing you need to remember is that western Heritage along with any other 4H project is designed for youth development. What that means is we use the project As a tool to help develop youth in their actions thoughts and preparedness for the real adult world that they will soon face.And Sass it’s all about the shooting the camaraderie and fellowship. Those things are also very important and Western heritage. But again it’s about taking a young child and helping them to grow into a prepared adult with integrity morals and good work ethic. I hear a lot of discussions at Sass events about the next generation of shooters. Who’s going to take over when we are no longer around to carry on the sport. This is one of the best opportunities out there for SASS members to keep their sport alive. I have been coaching the program in Colorado for five years. We have had unbelievable support from all of the SASS clubs. They are more than willing to do anything that is needed to help this project. I know you will find lots of support where you are at. I have sent you a PM please respond and I will help you in anyway that I can. Thank you for your help in this project and the 4-H program. Oak Creek Martin
  6. There’s still plenty of time to get ready. Don’t worry about online registration. You can register the day of the shoot. Don’t miss it it’s one of the best. See y’all there !
  7. A big thanks to all. Miss audacity is very impressed by the warm welcome that she has received. Again thank you all Oak Creek Martin.
  8. So according to that. The grip may be extended for length. It may not extend in depth past the front or rear of the grip frame. To me it looks like a length adjustment is appropriate !
  9. Well I say that if you find a real live Bigfoot and you act on your impulse to try and milk it you probably should be beaten to death in the woods by a hairy beast. Please no trail cam videos of this please! ( I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit! )
  10. Well there’s a guy that can’t afford to shoot SASS. We all can see where all his money and time go to. And where the hell do you put the gun cart?
  11. Ok I know this is a loaded question but is Bigfoot real? I would love to believe so but when you put all the physical evidence on a scale it just doesn’t weigh out. This is 2019 and by know there are very few places in the world that are not inhabited or at least visited by man on a regular basis. By now we should have some kind of real evidence of there existence. A dead body, a live one or at least some video that is not all grainy and distorted. I mean come on there are millions of hunters in the woods through out the year and no one has killed one. What about the trail cameras that are used in hunting and in research all over the world. And still no real evidence. You can’t tell me that if they were real that it’s just a government cover up to conceal there existence. I say show me a real live or dead one or give up on the fantasy. Oh yeah I don’t by the whole they bury there dead crap that those Bigfoot show whack jobs claim. What about road kills. Ok so now you can start the jokes and debates. Shooter ready ? Beep!!!!!!!! thanks Oak Creek Martin
  12. Great question. What brand of derringer are you referring to? Many of the derringers do have very small grips I would like to know the answer to this question myself. where is Palewolf when you need him? He will know
  13. Welcome to the game. If you read the rules on clothing it’s pretty simple. Shoot in the clothes that you have that meet the rules. Spend your money on leather guns and other needed accessories first. I don’t shoot cap and ball but I have a lot of friends that do. I have heard them comment on having a stuck cap being a problem shooting gun fighter. Have fun and welcome
  14. Try Cheycast Bullets out of Cheyenne Wo. They are the best in product and service! Oak Creek Martin
  15. Welcome to Miss Audacity. New shooter from Colorado. She just signed up yesterday. Looking forward to shooting with my little sister. Oak Creek Martin
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