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  1. I was hoping to get some data from someone on the wire. I will call Hodgdon and talk to one of their texts. Thanks for your help
  2. With that being said does anybody have any load data for the low noise low recoil 20 gauge shot shell something at 980 FPS or close to?
  3. I was under the assumption that the WAA light powder is what was used in the 20 gauge low noise low recoil 980 FPS factory shells. The powder is not discontinued it is just not available for retail purchase anymore. I have 10 pounds of WAA light and would like to use it for my grandsons 20 gauge.
  4. I am looking for load data for 20 gauge. using Winchester AA hulls and Winchester WAA light powder. Trying to re-create the low noise low recoil 980 fps load. I can’t seem to find any thing on the web other than 12 ga or a load using some other powder. Thanks OCM
  5. Load data 38 special ram shot true blue. looking for load data for cowboy action loads 38 special using ram shot true blue powder 125 grain lead bullet federal primer. Ram shots data says 5.6 to 5.8. Looking for real cowboy data.
  6. Looks like gun broker has a couple right now $$1600-$1700. Looks like it would be an excellent gun if you want to shoot slow and put an a$$ whooping on shotgun knocked down targets.
  7. Ballistic products chedite 209 primers. $64.00 per 1000. Limit of 5000.
  8. Brownell’s federal 209 primers in stock$ 74.99 per 1000 limit 2000. FYI
  9. Congratulations to these two young ladies. A pair of fine young women from a great family. Always a pleasure to shoot with both of you and your family!
  10. Congratulations my friend. Well deserved win I know you’ve been working very hard!
  11. Brownell’s Has Chad 209 primers in stock now.
  12. I would wholeheartedly recommend that you purchase a Bond Derringer. They are the strongest and most well-built derringers that have ever been made throughout history. And their customer service is the best. With the ability to change to different barrel lengths and calibers you can do anything you want with the bond. I love my Texas defender in 357. I shoot 38 spec
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