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  1. Does anyone know if Wes Flowers tuned revolvers are marked in any way?
  2. On a shotgun your eye is the rear sight. If you keep your cheek down on the stock put the front bead on the target you’ll hit every time!
  3. If you take a piece of leather and lay it on a bench smooth side up place your rifle Butt down on a piece of leather and trace around it with a pen. Then cut the leather piece out on the line. Then apply contact adhesive to the metal butt plate and the smooth side of the leather put in place with pressure and smooth out with a round smooth object to make sure that the glue has adhered. This leaves the rough side of the leather out which is what comes in contact with your shoulder. Works great I have been using the same one on my 73 for three years never slips
  4. Personally I think I’d have a talk with the match director in the parking lot. Sounds like a small minded man with a big ego. What a schmuck call!
  5. Looking to purchase barrel for Benelli nova 12 gauge. Looking for a 18 1/2 barrel. Thanks
  6. I don’t worry as much whether they are left or right handed I try to concentrate more on which direction they are going to move towards. As they lay down a rifle or shotgun I check to see that it’s open and empty and then move with them. My big struggle is having ROs that like to crowd you and get in your way. Haven’t knocked one over yet but I’m sure it will happen one of these days. There’s a couple of people at one of the clubs That I shoot at they get way too close.
  7. I would suggest that you pick up a Henry youth rifle and send it to Widder to have his soft stroke action and Trigger work done. This will make a rifle that your child will enjoy greatly in shooting.
  8. Can you expound on what you are trying to accomplish?
  9. I have personally tried on this coat and it is amazing. Craftsmanship is exquisite. I am 6 foot tall 210 pounds and wear extra-large Cowboy Shirts and it fit very comfortably. This is an absolute steal at $550. And she is the sweetest lady. Hope that she will come shoot with us again soon. Oak Creek Martin.
  10. Try cheycast bullets out of Cheyenne Wy. I have been loading there coated Bullets for 3 years and love them. Great people to deal with good prices quick shipping.
  11. Well I just ran into my own quality control issue on Winchester AA light shells. Was shooting the other day at a match tried to shuck the hulls out of the shotgun and they wouldn’t come out very easily. As I picked up the hulls off the unloading table I started seeing smeared ink all over the hulls , I then started going through the box of shells in my cart and they were all covered in a sticky gooey ink mess. Pulled out my can of ballistol and a rag and cleaned up enough shellsto finish the match. Now I’m sitting down and cleaning 15 boxes. Way to go Winchester somebody’s paying attention on that factory production line,NOT!
  12. Hello Griz if you have pictures of the complete score sheet please post them,just dying to see how all my my friends from Colorado did

    Thanks Oak Creek Martin

    1. Grizzly Dave

      Grizzly Dave

      if you have facebook, this will take you to the first page and you can scroll thru




    2. Grizzly Dave

      Grizzly Dave

      or maybe not.  not my pics, just saw someone else post them.

  13. Morning Larsen, if you dont sell the rugers in 32 mag at winter range please contact me. Thank You Oak Creek Martin

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