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  1. You’re good to go. Load them,shoot them,laugh your ass off while you’re doing it. That’s one heck of a fine. Congratulations
  2. The short stroke is only part of it. The trigger job is extremely important. Once we got ours done I’d let some adults at the monthly match shoot it and they all bought golden boys from winter. It’s amazing
  3. Yes a Henery all the way every day. But buy it from Widder with his custom action job and you will be amazed how mutch faster and smoother it is compared to a factory Henery. Enjoy watching the boy shoot!
  4. And as I was reading this I thought oh too bad I didn’t see this earlier. I could’ve told Water Boy about it. Don’t have to SlowPoke can tell him. Cheycast are the best bullets around. Great product by great great people!
  5. That’s when they are scheduled. It all depends on whether of course. Looks like it could be a good possibility. The best thing to do is go to their website and contact Trigger Happy Ted.
  6. I am up for any thing as long as it’s stand and deliver. The more movement the better. It nice to have to run run once in a while. the more shotgun targets the better
  7. Read the article. Pretty much what I assumed you would need to do worked on it last night 45 minutes and it was done works awesome. Got to make sure you get the cut on the trigger deep enough or you can turn a double trigger into a single trigger and or both barrels at one pull of front trigger
  8. Is it possible to switch the triggers on a Stoeger coach gun. They come set up from the factory for left-hand shooters. I’ve heard people talk about doing it. Looks like he would have to do some grinding on the inside of the trigger to make them clear.
  9. Just measured my bushings Slim and a three-quarter ounce b be bushing measures .529. And a 7/8 ounce of number nine shot bushing measures .553. Sorry I don’t have any for sale but I thought I’d give you the measurements. You might also check eBay
  10. Does anyone know if Wes Flowers tuned revolvers are marked in any way?
  11. Hello Griz if you have pictures of the complete score sheet please post them,just dying to see how all my my friends from Colorado did

    Thanks Oak Creek Martin

    1. Grizzly Dave

      Grizzly Dave

      if you have facebook, this will take you to the first page and you can scroll thru




    2. Grizzly Dave

      Grizzly Dave

      or maybe not.  not my pics, just saw someone else post them.

  12. Morning Larsen, if you dont sell the rugers in 32 mag at winter range please contact me. Thank You Oak Creek Martin

  13. Hello C.W. Knight-

    I noticed the you responded to the wts for the colt frontier scout 22 lr.

    I have a colt frontier scout duo tone 22 lr it is very clean nice bluing shot very little. I am going to list on the wire i thought I might see if you are still looking for one/

    The duo tone is the aluminum - steel version of the frontier scout. fewer of the were made than the all steel model.

    Let me know if you are interested, I am asking $425.00 plus shipping to your ffl from my ffl


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