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  1. Here in Oklahoma smothered in Gravy and smashed taters, green beans !!!
  2. So if the batteries in these products are Lithium Ion ( rechargeable) what about a run a way cell when they catch fire and the plastic burns the piece of equipment up which produces smoke ( plastic is a hydro carbon ) pollutants enter the atmosphere plus if you are cutting your grass now we have a grass fire and with the big winds now catches neighborhoods on fire , wonder if they thought of that ??
  3. In a pinch use lard , The hogmeat grease tastes good because of the curing and smoking process in which it was prepared , without the flavor it is just plain ol' lard .
  4. A little known fact from the movie : J W Pepper: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clifton_James Just thought I would share
  5. Your title reminded me of The Rat Patrol from the 60's
  6. Use a bullet puller on one round remove contents then use a light to see if the primer has one or two holes , sounds like ww2 surplus ammo to me
  7. So how do you spend a typical day while being Retired ???
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